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My Mother Caught Me

My mother has just caught me playing with myself while looking at porn on the internet, I am on late’s at work this week and decided to checkout the internet while my wife was at work.
I had my 37 year old cock in my hand while watching, Granny in Stockings Toys and Fucks; thinking how much she looks like my mother, different hairstyle but same colour and her body looked similarly too. I started to think more about my mother as the granny got her tits out and pulled her skirt off revealing white knickers under her black teddy.
I sat at the computer with my headphones on because the speakers were bust, watching her remove her knickers and lovingly play with her pussy lips on the couch. I played with my cock rubbing my pre cum in to the head of it while watching her fetch herself off with her finger, her dark hairy bush glistening with her juice.
The granny started to fill her pussy with a pink vibrator and I wondered if my mother had one, she has been widowed eight years now and just turned sixty. She has just retired from work and is finding it lonely now trying to fill her days in. I kept watching as some man started to suck and lick the granny’s clit before she climbed on top and sunk down on to his long shaft.
The excitement of thinking that it could be my mother made my cock extra big and hard and when the granny turned around to face the camera I just about came as she started to ride his cock again . He lifted her up with each stroke, his cock filling her hairy slit and her tits bouncing up and down.
I knew I was going to come soon and pulled my trousers and boxers down my legs, my whole hand now wet with pre cum. I whizzed nearer the end of the video, her stocking clad legs now stretched wide apart while he suck her wet pussy again.
My hand stroking and twisting my cock as he enters her again, then shit, I turn my head quick as a hand grips my arm, my mother was standing next to me also breathing heavy
I jump up trying to cover me cock, my headphones yanked off my head
“What do you want?” I said
“I tried phoning you and knocking on the door but there was no answer so I let myself in”
“How long have you been here”
“Ten minutes or so”
“What, just standing and watching”
“Yes, I was going to leave you to it and go, but I started to watch and saw how big both your cock were”
“I don’t think your wife is looking after your needs” while looking at my cock
The video was still playing on the computer with no sound, he had just pulled out of her pussy and now milking his cock of what little cum he had across her lips.
“He didn’t have much did he,” my mother said
I turned to the screen watching her rub her long wet hairy pussy of his cum, the moment gone now for my wank. My mother still seemed to be breathing heavy as the video started again and fixed her eyes back to the screen, I started to pull my trousers back up
“She’s really sexy, can we watch it from the start”
I sat down while my mother pulled up another chair and we watched the screen, my cock started stirring again in my trousers and I moved about on my seat. My mother did not look any easier either, twitching about on her seat.
We were up to the pink vibrator again, the screen full of her stretched stocking legs and hairy pussy as she feed the vibrator in to her hole. My mother placed her hand on my thigh as she gasped, making up for us having no sound, the next bit pushed my mother over the top, she watched as the woman licked and sucked on his cock.
Her hand moving ever closer to my cock
“Mam you can’t do this”
“It’s no different to what you were going to do by yourself, I can always tell your wife what I caught you watching, older women just like your mam,” she said
“That’s blackmail,” I said
I let my mother’s hand find my cock, her soft hand squeezing my hard cock. I give her a hand slipping my trousers down before I exploded inside them. My mother wanked my cock in time with the video and when he started to thrust in to her mouth, I started to lift off the seat in to my mother’s hand.
My mother bent down into my lap taking my cock in her mouth, frantically sucking on my cock and playing with my balls with her hand. I pulled her hair away from her face to get a better view and slid my hand up the back of her blouse, feeling her bra and unclipping it on the first attempt.
Her moans were muffles while sucking my cock, a froth of pre cum making a wet sloppy sucking noise. The video played and he sucked hard on her clit, fuck I was about to come.
Thrusting and tensing my groin in to my mothers face, she pulled off after the first of her sons hot creamy cum hit her throat. Her face just inches from my cock watched as it came squirting out of the purple head of my cock and on to her fingers that were still wrapped around my mighty shaft.
Milking the last of her son’s cum out of my cock, she grabbed a tissue and cleaned the mess up then stood up, reaching around her back, she fastened her bra and her hard nipples stuck out from the front of her blouse.
“I think we can help each other out, you better come to my house tomorrow morning, if not, I would hate to think your wife every found out about this”
Then my mother was gone.
The next morning I let myself in to my mother’s house that is just down the road from the wife’s and my house
“Any one in” I shouted
“Up here”
She was already upstairs, half-excited and half-reluctant because it was my mother I went up the stairs. There she was in her bed under the covers, her lap top open on the bedside table
“I’ve tried to find that video from yesterday, will you help”
I sat on the bed and found it straight away, my mother got out from the other side and paraded herself in front of me
“I tried to look the same,” she said
My mother stood in front of me, all five feet six and a size ten wearing a black skirt and red jumper that she started to pull off her head to reveal a black bra.
“I didn’t have a skirt like hers with poppers all the way up”
She undid the skirt and let it drop to the floor, now standing in black hold up stockings and white lacy knickers. My mother rubbed the crotch of her knickers while feeling the cup of her bra with her other hand, I could see the outline of her hairy lips as the material tighten over her pussy.
She lifted both her tits out and let them rest on her bra before removing her knickers slowly, letting me have a good view from where I sat on the bed. My mother had shapely stocking covered legs with a dark thick line of hair up her crack that thinned out in to a perfect natural triangle.
The laptop played the video but was now well in front of where my mother was in copying it, she sat on the edge of the dressing table with her legs apart slipping her hand over her fanny. One of her fingers finding its way between her lips and showing how pink her fanny was inside.
I sat on the bed with an erection ready to burst, watching my mother play with her self and listening to the sound of the video, the granny making sounds of being well fucked by her pink vibrator.
My mother came to the bed pulling my tee shirt over my head, her nipples hard, willing to be sucked. I couldn’t hold back and took one in my mouth and she pulls my head in to her bosom while I grab hold of her bum.
After some time she pulled her tits away from my face and sank to her knees, pulling at my trousers and boxers, I helped her by lifting my bum off the bed as she stripped me.
Grabbing hold with one hand, she caught my cock as it sprang upright out of my boxers, her warm soft hand encircling it while still pulling my shorts and boxers off my feet.
My big purple head stuck out from her finger and thumb as she lowered her mouth towards it, my mother was going to suck her sons cock. Twisting and turning her hand, she slid back and forth with her mouth making a sloppy noise.
I felt like coming there and then as my hand pulled her head further on to my cock, my mother moaned with a mouthful of cock louder and louder, then she pulled off
“Don’t come yet”
She held my cock, looking at it before lowering her head again, this time her tongue worked over the bulging head of it. Licking all the way around the base before moving to the tip, then she filled my slit with her probing tongue.
Knowing I could not stand much more she pulled off and climbed on to the bed.
“You taste just like your father”
She lay just above where I sat, her stocking foot rubbing against my leg and she parted her legs wide, she had a nice looking fanny, and her lips were long but nothing hanging out from them. My mother began to rub her hand over her hairy fanny, long slow strokes making her lips part over her finger. Her fingers fetching her juice to the outside world and smearing her pussy lips so they glistened.
She reached under the pillow pulling out a vibrator and began licking and sucking the end, I sat dumbstruck watching my mother begin to fill her fanny up with it. Her fingers stretching her lips wide apart as she feeds it in with her other hand, the vibrator had a clit tickler on it and she concentrated on her clit, her breathing now heavy.
I sat watching, wanting my mother so badly, my cock hard as a rock looking skywards, I ran my hand over her stocking leg feeling her pale flesh hanging over her stocking top. My mother began moaning as her clit buzzed away and I moved in between her legs kissing her bare leg and smelling her warm aroma from her fanny. She lay her hand on my head pulling me closer, now just millimetres from the buzzing vibrator I licked my mother hairy fanny. She moved the vibrator to one side and I felt her pull me in closer to her.
I licked her wet lip, the very same lips that I squeezed out from 37 years ago, I was licking my mother’s fanny and I wanted more. The vibrator slid past my face as my mother pulled it out leaving her fanny lips wide open. I eagerly filled her hole with my tongue, pushing my face tight against her hairy bush, darting my tongue as far in as I could and feeling the inside of my mothers fanny.
She moaned and bucked about on the bed lifting and pushing herself into my face, nipping my tongue with her fanny muscles, she began panting and pulled me in tight to her. She was now shrieking
“Fuck yes, make me come”
Unable to move and suck on her clit, my tongue probed deeper, licking her inside walls until I fetched my mother to her climax, her fanny squashed tight into my face as she held on to me, lifting herself upright off the bed. Panting heavily she spoke
“Fuck how I miss coming like that, your just like your father”
I lifted from my mother’s fanny and she kissed my forehead
“Thank you”
She cuddled in to me kissing my neck and on to my face
“Kiss Me,” she said
We kissed, tenderly at first then her mouth opened, her tongue pushed inside my mouth and we couldn’t stop, loud sloppy kisses as our tongues entwined with each other. It was easy to see that my mother had not had a man in eight years, kissing me like it was going out of fashion.
I felt her hand around my cock, sliding her encircled fingers along the full length, with her other hand on the back of my head we kept together, kissing as she lowered herself back on to the bed. Now laying on top of my mother, I could feel her trying to entering my cock in to her hairy fanny.
I pushed and she gasped, I was now back inside my mother after 37 years, her warm wet lips wrapped around my cock as I slipped further in to her. She lifted her stocking covered legs over my legs, tying us together as I started to thrust in to her.
My mother broke off from kissing and began panting
“That’s it fuck me”
I was deep inside my mother’s fanny, fucking her with the biggest and hardest cock I have ever had in my life, I slid my arms under hers and grabbed on to her shoulders, burying my head in to her neck. We began to perspire, a wet sticky sweat between our body’s as I pounded in to her.
I was about to come and I couldn’t pull out, I was trapped, I was going to fill my mothers fanny with cum if I wasn’t careful. She moaned aloud
“I’m coming, keep going”
I couldn’t hold back, I give a grunt when I came, the pressure that had built up in my balls was finally released deep inside my mother, she give out a scream, tensed up and her fanny muscles gripped tight around my cock making my cock twitch harder with every pump and squirt of cum.

My mother grunted with every twitch of my cock, a good ten mighty squirts already filling her fanny up and I was still pumping in to her. Finally our orgasms began to subside and she release the pressure of her legs holding me tight in to her, we started to regain our breathing back to normal then we heard the video still playing, the old granny getting fucked hard and moaning out aloud.
“I hope her orgasm is as good as mine,” My mother said
I lifted on to my arms, realising I had just fucked my mother and just had the best orgasm ever, she lifted her head to kiss me, her face all sweaty and we kissed madly again. I could feel our warm wet love making juice starting to run down my balls and my mother smiled.
I arose on to my knees between my mothers legs, her fanny lips still open and leaking our juice, my mothers fanny was beautiful to look at, all of her was nice to look, she was fit and sexy for being sixty. She ran her hand over her fanny, smearing our cum in to her hair.
We lay together in bed touching each other after she paused the laptop from playing the video clip, eventually she climbed out of bed holding her hand over her fanny and went to the toilet. When she came back, I was sitting on the edge of the bed, her tits still hanging over her bra and looking sexy.
She stood at the bedside cabinet looking at the laptop, hovering the curser over the other clips on show. I stood behind her, rubbing her shoulder while watching the screen and started to get a raging erection again which I pushed up her back.
I reached past her with my other hand, moving the curser and clicked on the granny video to start again, where the granny was being fucked from behind. My mother give a little moan while watching and started to push herself back in to me.
She was now bent over in front of me resting her hand on the bedside cabinet, her face inches from the screen,. I felt her hand come from between her legs, grabbing and entering my cock, I penetrated my mother hairy fanny with ease.
Now gently fucking her, I unclipped her bra, noticing 34b on the label. I slid my hands around to her front, taking a tit in each hand, her nipples hard as stone rubbing between my fingers.
Her hand was playing with my balls as I slipped in and out of her, wanting to give my mother a good fucking, I held her waist while using the full length of my cock. The video changed to where the granny was getting her fanny licked, my mother moaned with her.
I kept thrusting away in to her wet sloppy fanny, harder and harder making a slapping noise between us. I watched what little I could of the video, seeing my mothers head just about filled the screen, He was now fucking the granny I think.
My mother let out a shriek,
“I’m coming”
Panting fast she dropped her head, the screen showing the man milking the last of his come on to the granny’s fanny.
Her fanny contracted with her orgasm, making my cock squirt deep inside her, not like the pressure before but I managed to leave a good amount of my cum inside my mothers fanny. Both panting hard I pulled out followed by a stream of love juice running down to her stocking
My mother stood still, still breathing hard
“Fuck, its been so long without a man, I’m exhausted”
She collapsed on to the bed,
“Come down here with me”
I sat next to her, looking at her perfect body, her tits small but firm
“Down here so I can kiss and cuddle you”
I bent down to kiss my mother while running my hand over her body, starting on her stocking legs and working up. Her legs parted as my hand rubbed over her hairy fanny, my finger found her crack, it was moist and warm. I slipped my finger in between her lips, feeling our love juice that was sticky and thick.
She kept kiss me while I finger fucked her love hole, making wet sloppy noises then I saw the time on the bedside clock and broke free from her
“I have to go to work”
My mother lay on the bed while I dressed, how I wanted to fuck her again, she must have seen me looking at her
“Would you like to come around tomorrow and see me again”
I nodded as I left the bedroom to go to work.

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