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Sharing my hubby's cock....

We were newly married and my close friend Monica was accompanying us for a few days as is the custom. Monica was just a year younger to me and we were very close friends right from the school days.We used to share almost everything between us and no thing was secret. She was not yet married and was working in a private firm.
Just after marriage the days are all full of joy as two unknown people come together to know each other and to share everything intimately between them. Our flat in Mumbai was a small flat and in a good locality. Hubby used to go to work and return in the evening. That left lot of time for us in the house. I was very happy with my hubby as he was a strong man-well built, muscular, and very virile.He had a nice cock which used to get hard and stiff even without any provocation. Hubbby wanted to have sex all the time when free.As soon as back from Office--he used to pull me to him and embrace me with a long kiss.Initially he was feeling a bit shy to caress me in presence of Monica but within a few days he became more and more bold and didnot feel any hesitation in embracing me, kissing me on lips and putting his hands on my boobs. Monica too became accustomed to this. Initially she too was feeling shy to be present when we were caressing each other. I can imagine what she could be feeling when we were deep in embrace with our tongues exploring each other's mouths.
After Hubby used to go to Office she used to ask me as to what we had done during the night. She was very keen to listen all the minute details of our love making.
Monica---Vanita, how big is your hubby's cock? How do you take care of it? Does your hubby play with your boobs...??
Me--- Hubby has a big cock and it gets stiff and hard in no time -even before me touching it. It poke me when he pulls me to him.The devil is pulsating up and down and always eager to go in. Hubby loves my boobs. He plays with them, fondles them and sucks my nipples. It is great pleasure. I love it when he holds me with all f***e under him and it feels so nice when my boobs are almost crushed under his weight.
Monica---Can you accommodate the cock in you? How does it feel when the cock goes in and out...?

Me---You have to experience how it feels when he plays with my boobs and nipples. When he holds me under him and pounds me in and out with the hard stiff cock--I am in heavens.. Do you want to see his cock Monica?
Monica--I feel shy..
Next day when hubby returned from Office, as soon as I opened the door, he pulled me towards him and started kissing me with our tongues going in each others mouths. His hands started playing with my boobs.Today he was more excited. His cock was already very hard and stiff and poking me.Monica was just sitting on the coach. Hubby just pulled me and we both sat on the same coach where Monica was sitting. Hubby was now excited and so was I. He started removing buttons of my blouse one by one and soon pulled my boobs out. He started fondling my boobs with both his hands. Monica was looking at all this. She too was getting heated up.Hubby took my right hand and placed it on his cock. I could feel the cock was just pulsating in the pants. It wanted to get out.I asked Monica---Do you want to see the cock...? Monica was shy and didnot answer. I just pulled down the zip of the pant and pulled out the stiff hard cock.It sprang out like a big snake. I just pulled Monica.s hand and kept it on my hubby's cock. Initially she was feeling shy but soon she became more bold and started holding the cock in her hand more and more firmly.It was so wonderful. Hubby was fondling both my boobs and had fully exposed them and pulled them out of my blouse. He suddenly pulled one of Monica's hands and kept it on my boobs.I was in heaven. Monica's one hand was playing with my boobs and her other hand fondling Hubby's cock. The whole scene was so hot and exciting I was totally wet. I slowly touched Monica's boobs. I could feel the nipples had already hardened.I slowly removed all the buttons of her blouse and pulled her boobs out...They were lovely virgin boobs....her nipples had also become very stiff.
My hubby sway Monica's boobs now totally exposed and he too pushed his hand and started fondling her boobs...We both had started fondling her boobs. Now me and Monica were fondling hubby's cock and also we were playing with Monica's boobs.The whole thing got so exciting that Hubby could not take it for long and withing just few minutes his cock gave out thick white cream all spurting high up in the air. Monica was watching keenly the cock spurt high up in the air.
After this incident there were no inhibitions left in all three of us and we were totally free in company of each other, My hubby used to pull Monica to him as he was doing to me. He used to play with her boobs and we often used to sl**p in the same bed and share my hubby's cock. That time in our lives was the most enjoyable time ,,,

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