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Hardonis Academy p-9

New Student=s Second Day Part 6
By Victor Lavay & J.F.

Sandra was tense as the older pair moved in on her, not relaxing but not resisting as they closed in. "W... what do you want me to do?" she asked nervously, watching them. Jenny didn’t use words to answer. As her lips touched Sandra's cute little tits, she took her new s****r's hand and guided it to her own full boobies. Then she began to lick. The young girl cupped the large mounds in her small hands, delighting in the wonderful feeling even as her own sensitive nipples were licked. She moaned and arched up, her hands gripping Jenny's boobs and caressing them.

Mike smiled and watched his dirty girl friend sucking on the k**'s tits for a few minutes, his hands resting on the new student's legs. Then slowly, very slowly, he pushed them open. She did not resist. The new student let her legs be spread, flushing even more at the blatant exposure of her damp slit, her pussy getting even wetter for the teenage boy to see, as the older girl worked on her nipples.

Jenny sure was good at what she was doing...she would lick all around Sandra's puffy lil tits then flick her tongue over the girl's nipples a few times before sucking ...sucking hard, then moving away to nibbled playfully on the near by skin ignoring the p*****n nipples for a few seconds, before returning to them. Sandra moaned loudly, quivering under Jenny's activity, aware of how close Mike's face was to her young slit, spread naked beneath them.

"You sure do have a sweet pussy all jucie and pink." Mike was saying as he moved his face closer and closer "It looks baby soft and has not a hair on it" for some reason his words were making Jenny suck all the more intently on Sandra's tits. The young girl shivered, she could feel his breath on her clit as he spoke. Then he pushed his face against her pussy, rubbing his cheeks over her smooth little mound and giving her lower lips a kiss. She gasped again, clutching at the bedclothes and spreading her legs as wide as they could go.

Mike kissed the young girl's cunnie more f***efully, slipping his tongue into her slit. She moaned loudly, one hand going to Mike's head, lifting her slit to his mouth as her other hand kept fondling Jenny's tits. The dirty blond teen stopped her sucking of her new lil s****r for a moment to watch her boy friend work his tongue up and down in slow long licks. She shivered, knowing how good it felt when he did that to her hot wet slit.

Aroused, and suddenly bold, Sandra remembered the brief demonstration in one of her classes during the day. She pulled Jenny's head down to kiss the older girl, lips pressing together before her tongue pushed into Jenny's mouth. Surprised, the older teen held still for a moment, letting the bold p*****n have her way. But soon she was kissing right back, thrusting her tongue into Sandra's mouth passionately. Of course that was not the only place that the young girl was having a tongue thrust into her. After licking up and down her slit many times, Mike started pushing his tongue into her tiny pink cunt hole.

Sandra rubbed her tongue against Jenny's, and then moaned loudly into the kiss as she felt Mike's tongue inside her. "Oh yes!," she groaned, muffled by the older girl's mouth, feeling an other orgasm already rising fast. Mike licked her little hole teasingly, pushing the tip of his tongue into her inexperienced cunnie. Then felling her body respond, he used his fingers to pull her young pussy lips apart, so he could push his tongue deeper into the k**s cute cunnie.

His skills, no doubt from the school, had a very powerful effect on the inexperienced young girl. She was soon yelping out a quick orgasm, her hips jumping as she shook through the wave of pleasure. After one more kiss on her twitching cunt, Mike moved his body up fully onto the bed, taking hold of Sandra's legs, he pushed his throbbing hard cock towards her hairless dripping wet pussy. Jenny, realizing what Mike was about to do, glared at him "You bastard, I wanted to eat her cunnie next" she protested. Sandra hardly noticed what was going on, she bucked and moaned, writhing, before the orgasm started to ebb.

The young girl’s hips lifted eagerly to Mike's member despite her apprehension about being sexually taken again... this would be her second time. She waited to see what Mike would say to Jenny before verbally agreeing, however. Mike gave a smile, Sandra's cunt juice glistening all over his face. "Shut up and kiss me you slut." he said to Jenny. Then with out waiting, he pressed forward... thrusting his big teen age cock head into the tight new student's open slit.

Sandra squealed. The sudden penetration made her sore, but in a good way, and she writhed under it until her tightness adapted a bit. Biting her lip, she slowly eased back down, her legs lifting to hook over his waist. After the first hard thrust, Mike gave a few short ones to work his shaft into the tiny body that lay beneath him. Jenny meanwhile tossed one leg over Sandra's head so she could straddle her lil s****r's face, and leaned forward to kiss Mike.

This was a moment that Sandra had been waiting for, looking forward to. A curiosity about girls, about sex with them, had been on her mind all day. The fact that she could still see Mike's cum in the slit lowering towards her face made it even better. Her mouth opened willingly, the first taste of the girl's wetness even distracted her from the cock sinking deeper into her little pussy.

Jenny licked at Mike's face, tasting her young roommate’s pussy flavour, then she started kissing him wildly..."Fuck my lil s****r," she gasped "fucker her with your great big cock." Sandra rocked with each thrust between her legs, gasping and whimpering into Jenny's slit as his big member pressed deeper into her little body. Her small fingers clung to the bedclothes, her legs tight around his waist. After a few minutes of fucking, she felt comfortable enough to experiment with pushing her tongue into Jenny's pussy.

Jenny pushed her cunt towards the new student's licking tongue, trying not to smother her, but needing the stimulation, needing to cum again. Mike was in no hurry to cum this time... so he fucked the k**'s pussy slow and deep, trying not to let Jenny's kissing get him overly excited. Sandra sensed Jenny's need, licking her faster and harder, her inexperience made up for with natural talent and a strong desire to please. She tongued the girl's clit, and then pushed her tongue deep inside.

Her movements made more erratic by the strong thrusts Mike was making into her small body. Jenny gasped, "yes yes, my baby-s****r is eating my cunnie" and she pressed her self harder onto Sandra's face, "Fuck her Mike, FUCK her hard." she demanded. and this time the boy was willing to give in and let his lust carry him.

Sandra's small body was rocked hard, the girl shaking with each hard thrust. She felt her inner muscles clenching around him without her control, another orgasm already there as she couldn't resist his hard cock, trying to match his fucking with her mouth and tongue on her “big s****r’s” sloppy wet cunt. Mike was gasping now and slamming his shaft deep into the young girl's pussy, as he wildly French kissed his dirty blond girl friend...he was getting very close to cumming.

Sandra yelped through another orgasm, trying to keep licking at new roommate's slit, her long legs pulling the boy deeper inside her as she shuddered and writhed. As he started to cum, Mike broke the kiss...and his hands found Jenny's tits, he squeezed and pinched her nipples hard very hard, making her scream loud, he loved that sound.

A flood of teenage cum exploded in Sandra's young body filling her tight cunt to over the dirty blond slut who was ridding her face screamed. “Fill my little s****rs with your goo.”

“God this k**’s a tight fuck.” Mike gasped as he shot load after load into her small body. Sandra screamed loudly, feeling him filling her cunnie, as her orgasm continued to grip her young body. Her nipples deliciously painful, as Jenny reached down to tweak them, inflicting just a small amount of the tittie tweaking she was experiencing.

The three students came and came, gripping each other tightly as their bodies spasumed. The room was filled with the gasps and heavy breathing as everyone involved in the little threesome slowly came down from the high orgasm. Sandra just rolled slowly between them, overcome with the wash of pleasure through her young body, moaning softly as she felt cum between her thighs, hands reaching out to stroke her two lovers as she tried to recover.

Jenny curled up beside Sandra, pressing her naked body to that of her new roommate, "You were great baby, you were sooo hot." she purred. Mike stagger over to the other bed, to Sandra's bed, and sprawl out on it, his cock leaking some last globs of cum onto the girl’s sheets.

Thats as far as Iv got.
Not sure when I will have time for the next part.
If you have ideas for what you want to happen - let me know.

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