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Springtime Holiday in the Rocky Mountains

I just returned from a 7 day holiday in Denver and Estes Park, Colorado. Beautiful scenery but pretty funky weather. Afternoons were pleasantly warm with the direct sunshine but then it would just as well cloud up, get cold, and snow a foot or two.....We drove all the way out there and back again. All in all it was about 2000 miles, with all the side trips and so forth.

One of my girl friends and I made the trip together. We drove out there and back again. She is a very sexy 30 year old blond with a body that makes your crotch ache just looking at her. God, she wears these tight-fitting jeans that show off her ass so well. Just a fucking incredible ass!

We stayed at a nice modern cabin along a stream in the mountains at about 7500 feet elevation. It had a hot tub out on the deck and we used it all times of the day and night. Nude, of course. We often spotted the husband of a couple that were renting across the stream, peeking through the blinds at us and then we'd flash our tits at him.

One afternoon I sat on the edge of the spa while Tina, my girlfriend, sucked my pussy for all to see. I came hard and sprayed her face with my cum. She laughed and used her fingers to wipe my cum off her face and into her mouth. I almost fell off the edge of the tub when I came, I shook so violently. Maybe thin air increases the intensity of your orgasms?

We hiked some in Rocky Mountain National Park. The trail around Bear Lake was open and there were several very nice looking hard-bodied young studs who were looking us over as we passed one another on the trail. Still, it was snowy and rather cold outside and I didn't really feel like flirting that much in that situation.

One night Tina and I brought a couple of guys back to our cabin from a bar in Estes Park. I'd make them in their late 20's or early 30's. Everyone got some wine and got naked and into the hot tub. We ended up fucking each other in a big pile in the middle of the floor by this fireplace. One of these studs had a cock like a baseball bat. I swear his beautiful cock was a foot long and 2-3 inches across. His cockhead was like an apple. His balls were bigger than hen's eggs. His cock bobbed to the top of the water in the hot tub. It looked like a buoy bouncing around at the surface.

I reached over and grabbed his cock under water. I ran my hand along its length, up and back down his huge length. I couldn't even get my hand all the way around his massive girth. What a marvelous erection this stud had! I was beginning to get anxious to try it out for size.

When we climbed out of the tub and headed inside to finally get it on, his cock stood fully erect and it was huge. I knew that I'd never be able to get much of it into my mouth so I just laid down on my back, pulled my feet back behind my head, fully exposing myself to him, and held on for all I was worth as he slid that enormous cock into my poor pussy. Slowly at first, and then faster and deeper, he pounded me hard with that fucking telephone pole between his legs.

Tina and her man approached us. Tina laid down so that our heads were side by side and her man knelt down and stuck his cock into our faces. We both tongued and sucked his cock while my guy rammed his massive dick in and out of me.

"Oh, I'm going to cum already," I remember saying aloud as I began to shake in my orgasm. Man, that big thick cock had me cumming like never before. I was shaking hard, almost convulsing in my orgasm. I know I must have been screaming as I came over and over again. I think that everyone got excited after that because Tina's stud began to cum all over our faces and then my guy withdrew his massive pole from inside me and began spewing an enormous load all over my body. Tina had been fingering herself frantically and she began to cum too. She really squirts big time when she cums and an arc of her cum spewed forth and out onto the carpeting. Everyone was moaning and groaning loudly and their cum was flying through the air. It was fantastic!

After we stopped huffing and puffing in a big pile on the floor, we refilled our wine glasses and went back into the hot tub to clean up a little bit. I know for a fact that my lover, while stroking my clit, brought me to at least three more orgasms while we sat in the spa.

Eventually we swapped partners and I got laid twice by the other guy before the two of them drove back to town early in the morning. He brought me to orgasm each time but ultimately it was rather forgettable as he was not a very good lover and I was glad to see them go when they finally did.

My pussy was sore for at least a day after that guy fucked me with his huge cock. It was a good thing that I had a hot tub to soak my sore pussy in afterwards......

Some other time I will tell you about what happened in Denver and on the road in Nebraska.

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