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My wifes new friend

Me and my wife used to talk about having another man join us. Me im a black man brown skin my wife is a betufull white white woman with red hair. We would always talk about having sex with another man.I found that she would love to have sex with a large black man.It seemed that all we did was talk we were getting some work done on our house she said that she had a friend who could do it for a good price.We met on a friday afternoon we talked I said that it was a good offer but would have to talk to my wife.he said he could come back that night to talk to us both about it.Oh he was a very large black man about 6.6 and about 280 but not fat n Very big hands.When my wife got home i told her that he was comming back latter that night and this could be the time we had talked about,and to put something sexey on that showed her sexey body we would see what happens She said ok but dont count on it, but after our talks I knew that he was her type. she got dress up and was looking good sexey top that showed her nice tits and a shourt skirt that should her nice legs HE came by about 7;00 .we were talking about the job i could see that she liked what she saw and he was trying not to look at her tits. I said why dont i go get something to drink he offer to go but my wife said no i could go. i was pulling up in the driveway thinking hoping that something was going on when I came in. When I walked in I was very happy I saw her top on the floor in the hallway and could here his voice saying suck this big black dick white girl i walked in the living room to see my wife on her knees with his big black cock out of his pants.He said your wife is going to get fucked all night and suck dick all night and when she will be my sex slave.Now pour us a drink while this white women does what she is told,I said ok pour us a drink when i came back my wife had nothing ohe pulled her head back off his cock and told her she could have a drink. Then he told me that he had met my wife at her friends house and he had told her that he would love to fuck her and to have her friend to see if she would like to have sex with him,her friend did not tell her that she told my wife that he was only hve sex with her if he could be her Master. Now my wife had told me that she would love to have a black man that would take her and make her do what she was told. then he told me while i was gone my wife asked him if he had every had a white women,he sayed no and than she left the room and came back with no top on got on her knees and started to play with his cock and beg to suck it that was when u came back. I said if you think you can do that lets see,Ididnt get the words out my mouth and he told her to get her hot mouth back on his cock now she put down the drink backs on her knees and put his cock back in her mouth she was sucking his cock sooo dam good she put all 10 inchs off his cock deep in her mouth.then he told her to get up an ride his cock i could see she was wet she got up he put his fat head in and stopped he beg for it bitch she was begging for him to put it in he told he to turn around an face me and been over he stuck his big black dick in her ass she cryed out harder master harder he took it out graber my her head and shout his load in her mouth told her to lick it all up and said alright for the first time. I WILL BE BACK ON SATURDAY AND WANT U TO BE READY AND LOOKED AT ME AND SAID U TOO

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