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The Audition Part One

And so began my screening interview and my first adventure into the world of adult films. Once I got past all the legal bullshit the questions were kind of fun to answer.

Had I ever had gay sex before?

"Everyone in the room seemed gay and happy about what I was doing to them at the time."


There was a guest speaker for the monthly meeting of the Pleasant Town Trans-gender League. This guy was so full of shit it wasn't funny. He supposedly represented someone wanting to do a documentary on Transgenders. But I saw right through his scam. He was nothing more than an adult film maker trying to add some she males to his line up. The fact that he kept talking about doing some nude shots was a dead give away.

Nevertheless my curiosity got the better of me and I spoke with him after. Even though I was the only one to take him up on his offer I filled out the form and set up an appointment for my audition. He called it a screening interview, but I knew better.

Mike said he represented a company called "Wild Crescent Productions." Their logo was also a red flag. It was a drawing of a crescent moon with three belly dancers in various poses dancing around it. "Documentary my ass!"

The night before my audition I was scared shitless. I must have tried on every outfit I owned. Mike suggested I wear something "hot." For the first time since leaving Millingham, I really missed Gigi. I really could have used hir advice.

I decided to go with a short black dress that went well with my sexiest pair of black high heels. These fuckers were tough to walk in. But if it's "hot" they want then "hot" is what they'll get!

Before I left to go, there was one thing I needed to do. If this was really an adult film audition and not an interview I'd better prepare myself beforehand. They might want to test my staying power. That meant beating off before hand so I wouldn't explode too soon on camera.

I chose the printout I made of Gail down in Arizona, fisting herself. That was an awesome turn on. There was also my recent memory of fucking big fat Debbie at her place two weeks ago. It was hard to forget those giant tits rolling back and forth, my hands on her big round rump or the feel of my cock driving deep inside her large hairy box. Then just to really liven it up I imagined what Debbie's tit's would be like if she were pregnant and lactating (something I was NOT prepared to make happen anytime soon) But just the thought of her giant gazongas squirting milk,

"Oh yeah, that's the shit right there."

My shiny penis grew long and rock hard at that point. Soon I was throwing long gobs of seamen splashing into my toilet.

"Big! FAT! Debbie!" I grunted while squeezing myself.

Now I was ready. By the time they'd be filming me I could last a half hour even if they had both my favorite she males there, Billie Jean and Jilly Grrl sucking me off.

The directions were clear enough. Except that it took me through Pleasant Town's roughest looking neighborhood. Not exactly the place a guy wants to be alone and dressed like I was. It was hard not to imagine a headline in my paper back home that said, "Tucson Trans-gender found murdered in Pittsburgh Suburb." My folks would love to read that.

Thankfully the street their place was on didn't look too bad. I just needed to make my way carefully up the steps with these heels. From there it was on to a short hallway and up to their door.

After ringing the doorbell, I was greeted by a middle eastern looking man staring at me through a chained door. After showing him their business card he let me in. He was a very cute looking guy in his early twenty's. The man was slim with black curly hair and a very tight ass. His accent was quite understandable and very sexy sounding. He introduced himself as Dennis.

Being the horny bisexual that I am it was hard not to imagine fucking and getting fucked by a hot Arab twink like Dennis. From the way he was smiling at me he liked the way I looked as well.

("I'll audition for you anytime, cutie pie")

Dennis led me past all these rows of cardboard boxes filled with who knows what down another hallway to what must have been their main office. Inside were three Arab looking gals sitting behind a group of desks off to the side while Dennis directed me to another desk where a man Dennis called Nick was on
the phone arguing with someone.

Nick was middle aged and balding. He had black thinning hair a thick three day growth on his face and a large mustache. Nick clearly was used to a warmer climate. Not too many people around here wear long sleeves in this heat.

While I sat and waited I had a chance to glance around the room. From the looks of some of the posters on the wall my suspicions about the kind of film I'd be doing were confirmed. Mixed in between travel posters of Turkey were some scenes that were quite obviously from porn films. If I wasn't mistaken a
couple of the girls resembled the ones seated across from me.

"I told you," Nick yelled into the phone. "From now on we do things my way," And with that he slammed down the phone.

"Stupid bitch!" he muttered. "Everyone thinks they know how to make porn now."

Nick looked up from his desk and smiled. He obviously liked the way I looked. But for a second I felt a little like a slave grrl on display for . . . "Oh well, fuck it!"

"So Ms. Green, have ever done porn before?"

And so began my screening interview and my first adventure into the world of adult films. Once I got past all the legal bullshit the questions were kind of fun to answer. Yes I understood that any payment would be in the
form of royalties for an artistic performance in a documentary (there's that word again) and not payment for sexual activity.

Of course to be fair to them chances are whatever passes for cops in this town must have been by here more than once. And from the looks of everyone around here I'm sure homeland security's been by as well.

But once we cleared that hurdle it was all fun and games. Nick had to yell at the girls for chattering too much while he was trying to type in my answers.

What was my sexual preference?

"Human, over the age of consent, and younger than my mother."

Had I ever had gay sex before?

"Everyone in the room seemed gay and happy about what I was doing to them at the time."

Have I ever had oral sex?

"Um, would that be as the sucker or as the suckee?"

Had I ever had anal sex?

"Are you asking who was getting bent over?"

What about group sex?

"How large of a group are we talking about?"

Had I ever swallowed cum before?

"Man paste or girlie juice?"

That one really got the gals stirred up. They were all like, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ta ta ta ta la la."

It was real funny until Nick shouted at them to be quiet. At least that's what it looked like he said judging from the pissed off pouty looks they gave him.

"Duuh Ba! Gundee Gahtoodee!"

Describe your favorite sexual encounter.

"Shit! May as well ask me which testicle I prefer using. Let's see, I'll choose two if that's OK."

Nick nodded and smiled. As I went on he was obviously getting into my stories. He even forgot to scold the girls again as they were obviously eavesdropping and not working.

I described the big sendoff Jilly had given me the last time I was with hir. How I blew hir brains out and made hir cum so loud the neighbors upstairs came with us.

Then I recalled loosing my virginity to my first love Sky. That made the girls sigh. Nick didn't give a shit at that point. He was too busy typing.

-End of Part One.

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