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The Hydrant

Annette Vuygent turned forty-three about two months ago. She was Italian/Jewish/Irish mix and she would claim which ever ethnicity was convenient for whatever situation she was in. When she met her first husband who was Italian, she was Italian. When she met her second husband who was Jewish, she was Jewish attending Temple with him and the 'whole nine yards'.

Annette stood 5'11" tall and had DD's that hadn't really been affected by gravity in the thirty one years she had them. Everyone always assumed that she had work done but she hadn't. She flaunted wide accommodating hips that swayed just right when she walked and her ass could have been featured in an Apple Bottoms ad right next to the model in her twenties. Her face was long, but not too long. It was an oval shape with nice full lips. Her hair was long. It splashed down her back about three inches from her waist if she wore it down. Her waist was small especially considering the width of her lovely hips. Quite frankly she was a born temptress and she knew how to work it. Very few men could resist her and those that did found that she could be very persuasive. She was a woman that was used to getting what she wanted in life and that was usually sex or a component thereof.
She's lived on North Parsons Blvd. in Monaco, Florida for the last s*******n years. Parsons Blvd was much like any other street in any other suburb in America. Not many people living on her street knew anything of her nymphomaniac side. In fact the only people aware of it were probably those she had fucked and though she fucked plenty, she chose not to play too close to her own flagpole (home) most of the time. If she did fuck someone on her street she'd have some dirt on them which acted as her personal gag order. Annette usually didn't care who the source was, what their gender or sexual preference was. She wasn't preoccupied with race, build or even age for that matter. She only wanted to get off and retain control in any situation, even if she was fooling the other party into thinking that they had control. Luckily she didn't have any problems finding sex from men or women either. Things were slowing down as she got older, but men could pretty much be counted on for one thing if nothing else, and that was being horny.

The whole 'nympho' thing started when she was still in high school. Annette was a cheerleader and she was dating an all-star running back named Winton Pride. Winton was handsome, smart and expected to do big things and make everyone in the small town of Gloversville, NY proud. He was the favorite son and Annette's favorite man. They went out for about two years and f******n days. The f******nth day was the night of the Sadie Hawkins Dance. The tradition was for the girls to ask the boys out and of course Annette asked her Winton.

The dance was going well Annette had made her rounds and made small talk with some friends and gossiped with the closer ones. She saw three of her fellow cheerleaders standing in a group together so she went over to compare dresses and maybe take a few pictures. In the group were Tabitha, Nicole, and Michelle. She hung out with her friends for about thirty minutes or more. After a while she started to Miss Winton. She scanned the room for him and saw him standing near the refreshment table next to Coach Rande. Coach Rande was the offensive coordinator for the Varsity team plus he also taught Geometry. Tonight he was co-chaperoning the dance. She found her way over next to Winton just as Coach Rande walked away. Winton asked if she was having a good time and she smiled up at him and gave him a warm kiss on his lips. She answered yes with a twinkle in her eye. They chatted for about twenty more minutes, and after about four cups of punch Winton excused himself to go to the restroom.

About six songs played before Annette started to wonder what was keeping her all-star, so she went looking for him. The first place she looked was the closest restroom and then she slowly made her way around the school. She almost gave up after checking the cafeteria which she found empty. As she slowly walked back to the gymnasium she heard faint voices coming from the auditorium. She tried the closest door and it opened. She peeked into the darkness sliding in allowing the door to shut quietly behind her.

There was a little bit of light coming from the stage and she could see about seven or eight figures gathered at its center. She made her way closer not making a sound and as she neared the steps that led up to the stage she caught the smell of marijuana in the air. Now that she was closer she could recognize voices. They were all members of the football team. She knew because they were friends of her boyfriend Winton. From her crouched position she could hear Kevin Stokes clearly say:

"Put that shit in her mouth, and choke her with it."

Then she heard Dax Sears say:
"Let me in there. Fuck that I'mma get behind her."

Then she could hear grunting over and over. She also heard a slapping sound over, and over again. Then there was a female moan!

It was so difficult to see without any real light so Annette scrambled to get closer, sliding into the wings of the stage area. Now from her new vantage point she had a good view and could pick out each person and match voices to the figures. There was Dax Sears; a wide receiver. There was also Kevin Stokes; another wide receiver. Terry Plummer was a giant offensive lineman. Another voice sounded like Vince. She wasn't sure what Vince's last name was. There was one person standing in the shadows that she didn't recognize and two more that she did. The person on the floor in the center was Nicole Humphrey. She was on cheer squad with Annette and under her was Winton!

Winton was on his butt with his legs spread in a sitting position. He didn't have any pants on. Nicole was kneeling between his legs. She was bent over so far that her face was in Winton's lap which made her ass stick up in the air. Nicole was a beautiful bi-racial girl with long wavy hair. Her butterscotch complexion always got a lot of attention around school, but she was actually known to be a church girl. Her father was a preacher. Annette wondered if her daddy knew that she could suck cock like she was doing.

As Nicole bobbed her head up and down Winton grabbed hand fulls of her hair and guided her head up and down his stiff pink cock. This was the first time that Annette had seen his cock and it was nice. It must've been about seven inches long and it was smooth with a decent thickness to it.

Nicole's dress was pulled up so that her round ass was exposed and Dax was behind her pounding her pussy with a steady rhythm. Annette realized that the slapping noise was his hips hitting her pretty round ass over and over again. Nicole was moaning but the moans were muffled since her mouth was full of Winton's hard dick. Just then Nicole came up for air to scream a little as Dax started to pick up the pace. Nicole was really into it. She turned back toward Dax and grabbed his head pulling his face to her own and stuck her tongue in his mouth! Annette couldn't believe what she was seeing! Nicole was kissing a second boy right after she had Winton's meat in her mouth. Nicole turned back to Winton's hardness and just stared at him with this crazy look in her eyes. Then she spit in his cock.

At seeing this Annette found herself a bit disturbed at first. She felt angry betrayed and confused. She was watching her boyfriend do things that she and he had not yet done together, but it was also very hot at the same time. She felt so conflicted and fucking excited! Here was her cheer squad team mate taking on seven guys at once, and she wasn't doing bad!

What really caught Annette's attention (besides her boyfriend's cock in Nicole's mouth) during the whole thing as she watched intently from the wings were Kevin and Dax. They were both black and when Nicole was giving them head Annette noticed their cocks. They looked different than the white guys. They were the same but there was something more attractive about the dark tone. Annette watched as Nicole sucked Kevin's hard cock. It had to be about eight maybe eight and a half inches long, so big and thick. Of course Annette had seen a cock or two in pictures but never saw a dick in real life, neither hard or soft, so it was all amazing to her.

Kevin stood in front of Nicole kind of leaning back which pushed his cock further into her face. Nicole grabbed his hardness at the base. It looked like it practically filled up her hand as she held on to it. She slowly jerked her hand up and down on the shaft and tilted her head and paid attention to his balls. She made his left nut disappear in her mouth and slurped on it making extra loud sucking noises. Kevin seemed to really enjoy this and placed both of his hands on the back of her head and urged her to keep sucking his balls. Then Nicole switched and started slurping on his right nut. Kevin moaned loudly in appreciation with his head thrown back. The other guys all stood in a circle around the two and jerked themselves waiting their turns.

Nicole let the right nut fall out of her mouth. Kevin took his big black snake out of her hand and started slapping Nicole in the face with it. She seemed to love this. She started calling Kevin 'Daddy' and begging him to keep doing it. He continued slapping her lips, chin and cheeks with his meat and called her a 'dirty fuck slut'. She responded saying: 'I am your fuck slut Daddy'. Then Kevin commanded: "Stop talking an' suck my dick bitch!"
Now Nicole put her hands behind her back and f***ed as much dick into her mouth as she possibly could. She looked like she loved the cock he was shoving in her throat. Kevin held the back of her head and started skull fucking her at a fast pace. Annette could hear Nicole struggling for air as Kevin's cock blocked her throat, but Nicole didn't seem to care. It seemed as if the harder it was for her to breathe the more excited she became. Annette could hear the suction noises getting louder as Nicole's mouth got juicier, and Nicole was grunting with each thrust that Kevin delivered to her pretty face. Now saliva was hanging off of Nicole's chin in long thick strings but she was showing no signs of slowing. Kevin pinched Nicole's nose closed which gave her very little air, then Kevin ripped his dick out of her mouth and she gasped like she just finished running a mile. When he snatched his cock free Annette could see gooey strands of slimy thick throat cum sling through the air almost like slow motion. Now Kevin pumped his own hard dick with his hand almost teasing mocking Nicole in a mocking manner and it seemed as if she could hardly stand it. Kevin took his free hand and placed it on the top of Nicole's head and slowly guided his cock back into her wide open mouth. Nicole got back to the deep relentless sucking. She looked like a starving predator and Kevin's fuck stick was a fresh kill.

Annette could feel her panties getting more than wet. The moisture that collected between her legs was starting to become so noticeable she could feel it on her thighs and when she reached under her dress she couldn't believe what she felt. She was so wet that it was like she peed herself! The entire scene was a bit much for her to take in without exhibiting some sort of reaction. Vince must've agreed with her because he started to moan loudly as he pumped his prick. Nicole immediately heard him and turned toward him as if someone just rang a fucking chow-bell. Vince kept pumping his fist over his white cock and Nicole helped him along by putting her mouth around his swollen purple head and sucking it like a baby's pacifier. Annette heard Vince say: 'Aw shit.' Nicole instinctively raised up off his cock head and opened her pretty lips wide just as the first ribbon of spunk leaped from Vince's meat. His whole body bucked with each stream his dick was able to throw up in midair. Nicole made sure to catch it all with her body, face or directly in her mouth. The whole thing played out like a choreographed dance in slow motion or so it would seem in the recurring memory that Annette played over in her head. Vince sat down to re cooperate and everyone else continued the circle 'Jerk de Soleil'. Annette hardly realized she was knuckle deep in her own snatch, way beyond rubbing through her soaked panties. She didn't give a fuck either. She was going to get something out of this blatant betrayal before she dropped Winton like a hot potato.

Nicole turned her affections to Terry the big lineman. Terry was six foot four, and weighed about two hundred sixty pounds. He was a bear of a guy, but his penis was barely visible in the dim light the stage had to offer. Nicole guided him around until his back was to her, and planted her face between his ass cheeks. Terry's face wrinkled up and started turning red as he stroked his mini dick to a growing climax. Nicole had her face in his ass and was giving him the rim job of a lifetime. Once again Annette winced at the sight of this, not knowing how to digest what she was seeing. Then Nicole did one better and reached between Terry's tree stump thighs and stroked his small manhood so he could simply focus on the stimulation he was getting. It took about two minutes for Terry to start growling like some wild a****l. When the guttural sound started coming from his throat Annette thought something was wrong with him. It sounded almost as if he were in pain. Then the sound changed a bit and Annette realized he was about to cum. Nicole was still tonguing his asshole and massaging his ball sack when Terry spun around like some break dancer on crack. He leaned back and stroked himself to completion while Nicole did her wonderful nasty thing she did. This time she laid on the floor under Terry and caught his jizz with her tits. She squeezed and rubbed her tits and moaned like a bitch in the middle of her first fuck during heat. Annette was damn near drooling and started to realize that she was feeling attracted to Nicole and somehow wishing she were in the middle of the stage on the floor. She thought maybe she might try sucking Nicole's pussy after she kicked her ass. Nicole was rubbing Terry's cum into her tits like it was anti- wrinkle cream and would keep her tits smooth forever. Terry was spent as he grabbed at his Dickies on the floor and sat in the front row of the audience area breathing hard and rolling another joint to smoke.

Now Kevin was easing behind Nicole flipping her over so he could slide his shaft up inside her warm tight slit. She didn't put up any fight as she put her ass as high in the air as she could. She paused to spit on her own hand and reached back between her legs and rubbed it on the head of Kevin's big dick then she guided it in the hole and smiled briefly when it hit home. Kevin started fucking Nicole as if he were frustrated. The power of his thrusts wouldn't allow anyone to enjoy her hot mouth while they fucked. So he hogged her all to himself and hit her with blow after blow after blow. Nicole screamed and squirmed absorbing the punishment the best she could. Annette was looking straight into Nicole's pretty face. Nicole's eyes were tightly closed and every so often a smile caressed her lips and then her face would wrinkle up again.

Annette could feel her own climax building deep in her pelvis and she could tell it would be one of the most intense she'd ever had. Kind of like the one she thought she would have with Winton on prom night, when she was going to let him take her virginity. Now she lay on her back in the wings of the school auditorium watching her boyfriend and his football goons go through some circle jerk ritual. As she rubbed her swollen clit back and forth she separated from the pleasure momentarily and wondered how many times this had happened. She knew that this was far from the first time. Everything was too organic and fluid. It was almost memorized. These people were used to each other. They seemed to know what the other liked or didn't.

Her focus returned to the stage as Kevin was about to cum. His hips were moving locomotive speed as his dick pistoned in and out of Nicole like lightning. Annette thought his cock was beautiful all dark and shining with Nicole's nectar all over it. Then all at once he withdrew from her and he grabbed the front of his cock and squeezed it tight. Nothing came out at all. Nicole turned around and sat before him on her knees it almost looked like she was worshipping him like a demigod. Kevin released his tight grip on his cock and sprayed a huge load of semen right across Nicole's face. It was so thick and copious. Annette watched as the gel like fluid slowly slid down Nicole’s face past her cheeks and over her lips and ended up in a mess on the floor between her slightly parted knees.

Just then Annette heard the mystery guy that she didn't recognize pipe up from out of a shadow. She could hear his tormented moaning growing rapidly as if he hated cumming or something. The figure stepped forward and was ready to dump his filthy gift all over Nicole's pretty body as the rest of them had. Annette was shocked as she watched the football coach Mr. Rande step in front Of Nicole preparing to spill cum all over her cheer-leading team mate. Nicole accepted this gift without protest or complaint. Mr. Rande placed his short fat cock directly into Nicole's awaiting mouth and he grabbed the back of her head and pumped his hips three or four times before his body tensed releasing millions of spermatozoa into Nicole's throat.
"That's right you fucking slut take all of it. Ooh, drain my cock!", he threw his head back and growled, "aaah, you fucking bitch! Oh, you wonderful little bitch."

Then he took a step back and delivered the rest of his load on her plump buttery titties.

He took a step back and muttered, "She's all yours."

Winton stepped past Coach Rande and stood in front of Nicole. She lay back as if they were communicating with their minds. Winton dropped down and straddled Nicole's face and started to fuck her face like it was her pussy. He had his right hand full of her hair while his left arm supported his weight. Annette watched in disbelief as her boyfriend ground his pelvis into her friend's face. It seemed like he would be smothering Nicole but she didn't seem to mind at all as the encounter progressed. Winton's eyes were closed as he focused on the pleasure at hand. She could hear Winton saying something to Nicole over and over but wasn't able to make out the words clearly. Now his thrusts were coming faster and faster and his words became louder. Annette could hear Nicole gagging as Winton's cock filled her throat again and again. He was saying: 'You love this white cock don't you slut?' Annette didn't hear anything from Nicole. Winton looked as if he was about to explode any minute. His pace gave away his condition and soon he was tensing up squirting buttery jizz into Nicole's mouth. Then he did something shocking. Winton bent down and kissed Nicole deeply with his tongue ignoring her face full of cum! It was at this moment that Annette fell over the brink and succumbed to her own intense climax. The waves hit her hard like the tide of the Pacific against the boulders that guarded California's lovely coast. The orgasm was very intense and by the time she recovered in the shadows of the wings, the stage was empty.

Annette never spoke about that night to anyone including her two dead husbands or anyone else. She broke up with Winton two days before prom and never spoke to him, again. She also methodically fucked every member of the Gloversville Varsity football team before the end of that year, and of course after they had a 'knock down drag out', she fucked Nicole Humphrey too. They still keep in touch to this day and occasionally, yes they fuck. 'The slut' was born out of a broken heart and a sticky mess left on a dark stage in the Gloversville high school auditorium.


**(Author's note) Today she was what we street niggas referred to as a 'b**st', 'hot-wife', 'fuck slut'. Annette could take on thirty guys at once and leave them all with their nuts milked like cows at the Borden farm. She would walk out the next morning like it was nothing. More than a nymphomaniac, Annette was a self-centered, methodical, squirting freak bitch. Nothing mattered to her except her temporary state of so called pleasure. She'd fit in well here at xHamster, huh?**


Since the day she moved on North Parson's s*******n years ago she had the opportunity to witness many crazy things. One of the first was a house fire a few houses down from her home on the same side of the street. The house at the end of the block was a cute bungalow. It was eggshell white with navy trim. It was actually still on the market when Annette and her second late husband moved on North Parson's Blvd. A few months later it got snatched up. As she was checking her mail one day Annette noticed the Century 21 Rep pulling up the 'For Sale' sign. From that moment she was itching with anticipation. Her mind soared as she wondered if the buyer would be a single guy with a big fat cock to fill up her aching pussy. It had been so long since she had sex with the Postman she was fucking. Mysteriously his route had changed a month before. When she called his postal station to see what happened they claimed he was being tormented by a big dog on North Parsons so he switched routes with another carrier that didn't have the seniority he had. She found that peculiar because no one had a big dog in her cul de sac. No skin off her ass though. She sucked off the new post man his first day on the route. She planned to be taking his cock up her ass any day now. Can you say: Bow-wow-wow?

The cute bungalow at the end of the block was bought by a young attractive couple and Annette would grow to really dislike them soon after they settled in. They were newlyweds in their twenties. The woman was white, slim, about five foot six with blond hair, and a fucking dud in Annette's book. That frigid bitch didn't know what to do with a big fat nigga dick. Who did she think she was fooling? Annette thought to herself watching from her bay window at the front of her own house. The man was black, muscular, about six foot three, shaved bald and looked delicious. Annette watched him unloading the moving truck along with some men she assumed were his friends as she imagined him unloading his cum into her. She really considered herself to be the ultimate cum dumpster in her entire city. No one could suck cock the way she did. No one took a hard fucking as long as she could. She didn't know one chick that could gang bang thirty guys twice a month and still keep up the hectic fuck schedule she did. She just wanted to fall on her knees before this new Adonis and suck that Big Black Cock 'til it unloaded in her face like a shotgun. Annette stayed glued to the window watching for nearly two hours playing with her pussy and fantasizing. She was sure she would have this man before the end of the month and if she had to she'd fuck his little dud of a wife too. While at the window she induced herself to orgasm so many times there was a small puddle of her ejaculate at the spot where she stood. She finally gave her pussy a rest only because her legs felt weak.

The conflict started about the second week after they moved in. Annette was checking her mailbox, as she did about eight to ten times a day, when she noticed her favorite new neighbor watering the front flower bed in his yard. Annette sauntered over and asked if he could do her a huge favor. She began to unravel a tale of a lost ring which found its way into the drain in the kitchen. It seems that after finishing up the dishes the ring simply slipped off her finger and landed in the drain on the side with the garbage disposal. She had been trying for over forty minutes to get it out but had no luck. She went on to let him know just how much the ring meant to her because her late husband's grandmother was able to make it through the 'camps' in Germany during the second World War with the ring stuffed up her own ass. The ring actually belonged to her mother and was given to her on her wedding day when she married Annette's husband's grandfather. Sacrificing so much to retain the ring so she could keep it in the f****y and eventually pass it on to her own c***d, was in itself, enough sentimental currency to classify the ring as priceless, but besides the history the ring was valued at about eighteen thousand dollars and she had to get it out.

Her neighbor extended his hand and introduced his self as Moses. Annette gripped his big hand and fought off the urge to lick her juicy lips. She just smiled instead saying: 'so nice to meet you Moses. I'm Annette.' So Moses being a nice guy and wanting to be a good neighbor in a new neighborhood, was happy to come on over and see what he could do. She quickly ushered him into the house, straight into the kitchen and pointed him to the drain in which she claimed that the ring disappeared. Once she was sure that he was engrossed in his retrieval duties she slipped into her bedroom and changed into one of her fuck slut outfits complete with garter belts, hose, and pumps. She took some time to check her make up to be sure she was flawless and after spraying a little cologne she checked to be sure that her special ring was indeed in a safe place (she didn't really know this guy and He might try to steal some shit) in her bedroom, she re-entered the kitchen startling him nearly to death in her state of half dress. She asked one question: 'So you gonna let me suck that black meat or what?'

In that moment he remembered having a conversation with his wife about making the adjustment to this neighborhood and his doubts about making the transition to the suburbs and his new bride quickly reassured him dismissing his doubts.

"You really worry too much Babe.", he remembered her saying.

Moses was not only surprised, he wasn't sure of how to respond. He just froze looking Annette up and down half expecting people to jump out as part of some elaborate joke or something. Finally he mustered up:

"So this is how all the new guys on the block get welcomed?"

"Fuck no", Annette shot back, "this is something special, Daddy."

She moved closer to Moses and reached out and ran her finger nails down the front of his t-shirt to his waist band. Moses jumped slightly when she touched his chest.

"Just relax Daddy. Let me suck all the stress out for you. Then you can fuck me like the slut bitch I Am.", she said as she dropped to her knees.

In no time she had Moses' cock in her mouth doing the snake charmer thing (making his snake rise and dance around). Moses was half in shock. He was so nervous he really couldn't enjoy what was happening to him. He looked down still holding a flash light in one hand and a contorted wire clothes hanger in the other. He watched as Annette's head bobbed on his dick. She was sucking like she was dying from some disease and the cure was at the bottom of his nuts. He could feel the back of her throat with the head of his dick and was amazed when it kept sliding in beyond that point. Annette looked up at him with her big pretty eyes while her nose was buried in his tuft of pubic hair. He was speechless and Annette knew it. She pulled his cock from her throat.

"Yeah, that's magic baby. Now you see it", she shoved it back in her throat, "aahn ghow ghou ghon't", she grunted with her mouth full.

Moses dropped the cargo in his hands so he could touch this fantastic woman before him. He placed his hands lightly on her shoulders, but Annette was having none of that. She grabbed his right hand and put it on the top of her head, but never stopped her sucking rhythm. Unfortunately Moses was not a quick study or very intuitive, so he just let his hand rest on the top of her head. This irritated Annette. So she ever so slightly applied teeth around the base of his dick. Moses sucked in a quick breath through his clenched white teeth and made a fist full of Annette's hair. Annette let out a moan of approval and slowed her sucking to a creeping pace. Now she wanted Moses to watch her make love to his dick with her mouth. She went up and down on it slowly never taking her eyes off of his. She popped the head out of her mouth and slid her parted lips along the shaft letting her tongue slide along for the ride making sure he could see the pink organ bathing his shaft with her spit. Moses never had head like this before. In fact he had been married for almost eight months and could count the number of times his wife sucked his dick on one hand. This was amazing!

After she guided Moses to a dining room chair she seated herself on the floor and continued the assault on his saluting hard-on. She held his cock in her left hand and cupped his balls with her right and then she started a slow up and down motion with her left hand and bowed her head lower to lick his balls gently. This was driving Moses crazy he watched as his neighbor he had met only twenty minutes ago was exploring his body like Columbus. She sucked his balls into her mouth and sucked them gently while her right hand slid under his tee and played with his left nipple. This made Moses start to moan. Upon hearing that, Annette knew he was good and loosened up beyond the shock of having his new neighbor sucking his cock out of nowhere.

Now she slid his sweats down to his ankles then got up and straddled his left leg and kept stroking him with her left hand. She held on to the back of his neck with her right hand and started humping his leg like a bitch in heat would. As she ground her pubic bone against his thigh her excitement grew. As her excitement grew her left hand stroked faster and they were both moaning. Annette with her eyes closed and head back and Moses with his eyes on Annette still in disbelief. Annette was getting close to her destination. She could feel her climax knocking on the door. She released Moses' cock and put both arms around his neck and humped his leg at a furious pace. She was about to explode as her moans were transforming into screams.

Moses watched in amazement as Annette brought herself to climax on his leg! He could feel her hot pussy rubbing against him and it was so wet! He had his fingers interlocked behind her waist because he was afraid she was going to fall backwards, as far back as she was leaning. Annette's rhythm was changing so he knew something was happening but he had no idea of what. Annette was letting out short squeak-like grunts that coincided with her thrusts. Then she suddenly stood up off Moses' leg and turned toward the kitchen and screamed as a jet of ejaculate jumped from her dripping pussy shooting about four feet from the dining room to the tiled kitchen floor. Moses' jaw dropped.

"What the fuck was that?!" he exclaimed with his eyes wide.

"Nothing Baby, Mamma's just happy that's all.", she said with a grin the devil must've given her.

Annette got on all fours on the dining room floor putting her ass up making it a pretty, round, tanned target. Moses scooted right up to her ass and stuck his thick dick in her hard.

"Ooh yeah Daddy! Now F..F.. Fuck me damn it!", Annette screamed through clenched teeth.

She reached back and pulled and pushed Moses' thigh to show him the proper pace to adopt, and he did so seamlessly and she was pleased.

"Now hit it hard! Spare me nothing!"

"Huh?", Moses asked

"Got dammit! Fuck me HARD! Right now!", she screamed.

"Moses started to jackhammer the bitch that lived a few houses down from him just as his new wife of almost eight months was finishing up a garden salad she was going to serve him for lunch. Two thrusts later Annette squirted again, reaching back pushing Moses out of her so he could see what was about to happen. As he leaned back away from her hot liquid shot out of her pussy on his upper thighs. Moses was amazed.

"Keep fucking me dammit!", Annette screamed as she brought her ass close to him again for re-insertion. Moses obliged her quickly, loving the feeling of her drenched warm pussy hole. Where the fuck this bitch been all my damn life? he thought to himself as he started banging her again making her plump ass cheeks quake each time he slammed into her dripping pussy. Annette put on quite a show that was more liberation than it was Hollywood. Actually she was very authentic when she fucked someone. She might add a little something the first time, but Moses was getting ninety-five percent of the real Annette. Of course he didn't know that.

Annette squirted two more times as they fucked doggie style and after the second she spun around and commanded Moses to: ' fuck her face'. The thing was, she loved ending this way and since she was keeping track of the time she knew Moses' wife would start to wonder where the hell his black ass was, so she was ready to wrap up this first visit.

'Huh?', Moses replied looking puzzled.

"Stand up. Grab the back of my head and fuck my mouth just like you were just fucking me from behind! Get it?"

Moses nodded and shoved his black thickness into his neighbors' mouth. He had both of his hands full of her hair as he pumped his dick in and out of her lips furiously. The first time Annette gagged he stopped and she punched him high on his thigh. He understood immediately the sentiment and kept pumping. Through the process Annette gagged and fought the urge to vomit as Moses punished her face like a Black Bull should. He was amazed as the attractive woman that came on to him some twenty-some minutes ago with her makeup 'just so' transformed into the slut before him with throat cum sliding down her chin and chest and mascara decorating her cheeks interrupted by tear stains. It was incredible. He was amazed as Annette came three more times from sucking his dick.

"Moses could feel himself getting there and he closed his eyes and focused on the approaching nut. He wasn't pumping much anymore. Instead he moved Annette’s head to compensate his lack of thrust. He thought it felt good that way or maybe even better. When he felt himself cumming he grabbed the hair at the top of Annette's head with his left and stroked his dick with his right. The cum started spurting. The first couple of spurts were more than spurts they were huge ribbons of semen that decorated her face like a glazed doughnut. The next spurts went straight into her awaiting mouth as she stuck out her tongue as far as it would possibly go with her head back as to get every drop. She grabbed his cock and squeezed it from base to tip swallowing every drop. Then she looked up at Moses and made a kiss towards him in midair. Then she said:

"Now go home to wifey. We'll talk later.", with a smile on her cum stained face.

She slapped him on his ass as he pulled up his sweats. He was checking his clothing for residue and to his amazement he was presentable with the exception of the 'sex-funk' cologne he was now sporting. He left her house through the back door without a word, turned right and hopped fences of three yards to get to his own. Once there he grabbed the hose and wet himself. Then he strolled into the house and jumped right into the shower. As he passed his wife all she said was: "What happened to you, Babe?"

He replied with, "Shower."

She said, "Ooh yes, please! Hurry up though, lunch is ready."

Annette was smiling looking at her pathetic reflection in her bathroom mirror. She started to wash away the remnants of makeup, saliva and semen that was her face. After her face was clean she applied various crèmes to it and finished it off with an Avocado peel. While she waited for the peel to harden she went to the kitchen to retrieve the video tape she just recorded of her new Bull. She reached up into the top cabinet and tripped a release which opened a hidden door. She reached into the compartment and pulled a mini tape out. She went to the fridge and poured herself a lemon-aid. She always felt it was important to hydrate after one of her 'fluid sessions'. She grabbed her drink and the tape and headed to her f****y room. She slid the tape into the player and grabbed her remote. She pressed the 'rewind' button and heard the player begin to whine as it rewound the tape. She sat in her favorite overstuffed chair and sipped her lemon-aid.

She reviewed the tape and replayed her favorite parts over and over. Her favorite clip was when she told Moses that: 'he needed to put that Nigga Meat he had in his pants to work'. She giggled at the look on Moses' face over and over. He looked so shocked, so helpless in that moment. The power she felt was making her horny all over again. She looked down at her naked body admiring it. She spent about eight hours a week in the gym and it showed. She was hot as fuck and she knew it. So did mostly everyone else. She smiled to herself. It was times like this that she wished she had a dick to fuck herself.

She aimed the remote at the player and froze a frame with Moses' face in the shot. She grinned at his image on her big screen.

"You have no idea of what you've gotten yourself into handsome. No idea at all.", she said mockingly at the screen. She took another sip of her drink.

The next day the unexpected happened. Annette didn't hear from Moses at all. This was shocking to her. She'd been serving up pussy to all types of men for many years and she felt that she had men pretty much figured out. Face it, they were predictable. She would however get an occasional surprise and Moses was one of them. She must have checked her mailbox fifteen times so she could accidentally 'bump' into him in the street, but she never saw him. As a matter of fact she didn't see him for the next four weeks and this drove her insane...almost. When she did finally see him getting out of his car with his wife he walked straight to the front door of his house and didn't even glance in her direction as she waved toward the two, playing the friendly neighbor role. His wife on the other hand looked directly at Annette and the look told the whole fucking story. Moses told His God damn wife! Annette marched into her house and broke things, many things.

So over the next few weeks there was heavy tension in the cul de sac. Dirty looks were cast back and forth between the two women, mostly by Moses' wife and it continued until Moses took his wife to the Islands for a two week vacation, hoping that things would simmer down from a boil. Annette really didn't give a fuck. She hoped the bitch choked on her fucking tooth brush and died.

The blaze started in the evening two days before Moses and his wife were due to return. The fire department determined that it was an electrical fire that started due to a malfunction in a kitchen appliance. The most unfortunate part of the story was that after getting into a dispute with their insurance company over rates they let their home owner's policy lapse with the intention of acquiring coverage with another company. Moses' wife stressed to Moses that they should handle that bit of business before they went away on vacation, but he reassured her that everything would be fine. Imagine their surprise when they returned from Costa Rica and their home and all their belongings were destroyed. Rumor had it that they split up and put the land up for sale fairly cheap. About two months after the fire the lot was purchased for an undisclosed amount of money. The new owner had the burnt structure demolished. Neighbors say that they often times see Annette walking around the lot at night, but no one ever complains out loud, at least not loud enough for it to get back to her.


Then there was the Emerill Vast incident that happened about ten years after she moved to North Parsons. Emerill Vast was barricaded in his house when he shot the f****y dog and then himself. It was only a few months before the incident that Annette was checking her mailbox one night and she watched as Emerill pulled up to his house in an unfamiliar black Jaguar. Annette felt it was shocking when she saw him lean over and give the driver of the Jaguar a long sexy kiss good-bye and the driver wasn't his wife. She remembered his wife Tammy saying that she was going to Malaysia for about a month and how she really hated leaving her Emmy all alone there at home, but it was her job after all, and what could she do? Annette could remember telling Tammy that she shouldn't feel guilty about earning money to take care of the f****y.

She wondered what Tammy would think if she was there with her watching Emerill making out with some hot guy in front of their home. The guy was good looking. He looked like the Hispanic type. He had a wonderful hair cut and he definitely worked out. She thought she may have seen him at the gym she belonged to. It was hard for her to tell what was happening at the distance she stood, but she felt like 'Rico Suave' wanted to come in for some 'hide the sausage' action and Emerill was reluctant. After some heavy petting and spit swapping in the front seat of the Jag 'Rico' won out.

A month later Emerrill and Annette were fucking almost every Wednesday. Emerill didn't really agree with the idea until Annette produced some digital photos of him and 'Rico' taken through the window of his house that very night. She explained that she was trying to capture pictures of a rare Black Squirrel that happened to be in his yard. Imagine her surprise when she returned home and saw what she had actually captured. Emerill took one look at the photos and wanted to shit himself. He sat there on Annette's couch in her f****y room with a look of dismay on his face, and said: 'What the fuck do you want from me you bl**d sucking bitch?'

From that day on he and Annette fucked and sucked in every way she dared to dream. It was usually on Wednesdays, and Emerill hated every minute of it. It was bad enough that he had to have sex with his wife. Emerill thought of that as an arrangement. He'd fuck her about three times a month and he didn't have to work and her image would be up to par at her job. They attended the company functions together. She travelled the country a lot for work and he would pick up guys when she was away. It all worked out. Then Annette stepped in his life and nothing was the same again.

Annette felt that with her busy fuck schedule that Wednesdays would work out the best. She couldn't do it on Mondays because she got her hair done each and every Monday, and almost every other day of the week she was busy with other sexual acquisitions.

Right at that very moment she made him get down and suck her pussy just to show him who was 'boss'. She gave him precise instructions on when to stimulate what and just how to accomplish the best outcome. The one thing she failed to inform him was that she was a fierce squirter. Her personal distance record was about eleven feet, and she was able to do that while she rode a black guy from her gym in the reverse cowboy position. His fat dick was in her ass. Her feet were planted on his knees and when she came she squirted and it hit high on the wall across the room. If the wall hadn't been there she estimated it would have landed eleven feet away. From her to the wall was about nine feet ten inches. She figured it would have hit at least one foot two inches more if unobstructed. Go figure.

As Annette put the screws to Emerill his spirit started to wear down. Eventually he came to Annette and said he couldn't do it any longer. So she showed him into her f****y room again, invited him to take a seat, and proceeded to show him the collection of videos she had amassed of him and herself together over the last couple of months. That collection included a lot of footage of him cross-dressing, and her favorite was the twelve inch strap-on he took up the ass after she got him d***k one night.

"So you see Emmy baby, nothing stops 'til I say it does.", she said smiling with ice in her tone, "Otherwise I'll send the whole Goddamn collection to the wifey's fucking job! She can do a PowerPoint presentation to her fucking colleagues with it you pussy mother fucker!"

Emerill flinched as she spat the words at him. They were like hot darts penetrating his skin. He actually started to well up, but promised himself he wouldn't let one tear drop over his lower lid.

"How dare you come in my house and try to tell me what you're not going to do! Are you fucking crazy? Listen to me and don't you ever forget it you puny fucking pansy...I own your ass! Now get over here and eat my pussy, bitch!"

He complied right away and made sure Annette climaxed at least three times before he left. When Emerill left her house he was a completely a broken man.(and soaking wet)

His wife was baffled as to the changes in her 'Emy-Pooh'. He just wasn't himself and he was always tired. They hadn't had any private time in almost three months and they most certainly shared private time with one another at least three times a month. Now he seemed depressed. He definitely was not himself. She had approached him about it and he bit her head off, which was not like her 'Emy-Pooh' at all. After careful consideration she suggested that maybe he should see a ther****t.

About a week later after she went to work on a Wednesday morning neighbors reported that they saw Mr. Vast running back and forth in his front yard stark naked. By the time the authorities arrived Emerill had barricaded himself in his home and was threatening to shoot his wife's prize poodle named Kent. An hour later two shots rang out On North Parsons Blvd. The shots were about two minutes apart and witnesses swore they heard loud sobbing between the shots. The police didn't recover a note, just the lifeless bodies of Kent the poodle and Emerill. Emerill had dressed in some of his wife's finest lingerie for the occasion. They also found a peculiar message scribbled on the bedroom mirror but could not make heads nor tails of it and decided it wasn't pertinent to the investigation. The message said: 'Fuck you hydrant I'll see you in hell!'. Tammy said it meant nothing to her.

Tammy ended up selling the house for lower than market value. She said the pain was too much and the memories were very thick there. The only way she could move on to the next phase of her life was to make a new start in a new place. Annette gave her neighbor a big hug and said she understood completely. Then she gave Tammy a peck on the lips (strange), which seemed to last way too long. Tammy would tell a relative later that she almost swore she felt Annette's tongue on her lips, but felt her stress level could have had her a bit delusional.


Annette was living on Parsons for about four months when her second husband Steven died. Steven died of a massive heart attack- his third. He was older than his sweet wife by about twenty-six years so that made him fifty-two. He had his second heart attack two years before, but the doctor said that things were looking good as far as his weight and the tests that they ran on him. He was in pretty good shape, so it was baffling that his heart almost exploded in his chest at 2:47 pm that day. As his f****y doctor reviewed the tests and the report that the coroner issued after the autopsy he couldn't understand what happened at all. All he could guess is that something disturbed him so deeply within fifteen minutes of his death that his heart couldn't handle it.

Fifteen years from now the retiring Postmaster of the Shadow Hill station will tell a story at his surprise party after too much cognac about a crazy 'squirter bitch' he used to fuck with on his route about thirty-some years ago.

"Man this bitch was insatiable! I mean she couldn't get enuff ah me. I would go over to her house- and lay that pipe right!", he exclaimed talking way too loud. He laughed but those listening didn't find the story that funny.

"I'm tellin' you once a week she'd have a pitcher of dat homemade lemon aide waitin' fa me...then I'd lay dat pipe and BLOW! like ol' faithful this bitch would squirt like crazy when she came! I...I ...mean clear across the f..f..fuckin' room. The shit was a..a..amazing man! I had to s..switch routes 'cause the ho wouldn't leave me alone!", he slurred and 'crazy ,-came out like crrraaaaazzzzay...

"Okay, listen, I think you've had enough for tonight Greg. Why don't we get you home.", a co-worker replied trying to be accommodating but also trying to stop the old guy from embarrassing himself completely.

"Naw, I..I..I'm serious! I used to lay that pipe beby. Shit, her ol' man walked in on us one day and dropped dead! I swear to God!", he slurred loudly.

"Oh yeah? Dropped dead huh?", a guy nearby laughed, "Now that's some pipe layin' if I ever heard", he snickered.

"Ya, damn right...Haaa! The husband walked in and I was getting my dick sucked by the bitch and her fren was fucking her from bahind with a strap-on... they wus cheer leader bitches in schewl. Her fren was a hot black bitch from up north- she had a fat ass and a wet mouf!"

"Okay, boss. If you say so. Tell you wha-"

"Listen, don't fuckin' patronize me! Her friend was fuckin' her with a strap-on! The bitches name was-", he said cutting the co-worker off, "it was Nicole! Her fren was Nicole 'The Hole'! Yeah, and the chick I wus pipin' all the time wus Annette Vuygent. They called her 'Vuygent The Hydrant' cause the bitch squirts all over the fuckin' place man! Haaa-Haaa! Those were the good ol' days man...y'all ain't gettin' no action on the route these days!"
Go figure.


So being that her life is sometimes stranger than fiction, Annette was hardly surprised when she started seeing the strange k** from down the street standing outside Madeline's bedroom window jerking it two times a week. In fact she felt like the Universe was doing her a favor. This situation was right up her alley and she was in need of a young black stud. The things she could do with this k**!

She first noticed the k** one night when she was checking her mailbox. She was sure that somebody was outside her neighbor's house and being a good neighbor she slipped on her robe and sauntered out to check the mail. Just as she thought the black k** from the end of the cul de sac was camped outside of Maddy's window. She didn't think he saw her. Annette found this to be very interesting because she knew that Maddy had a boyfriend, which meant that Maddy was growing into a fabulous slut already! She wondered if her parents knew.

Once she saw this she paid close attention to the house across the street from her own house after the Sun went down and sure enough the k** would come back once maybe twice a week. The clincher was that he would stand outside the window and jerk off! Annette found this so interesting that she bought a nice pair of binoculars. They were powerful ones that took pictures. She actually got them for half price and only had to give the salesman some head in his back store room. Nothing she hadn't done before. She put on a show and sucked his small five inch cock. She didn't even squirt during the event. It was all pretty rudimentary for her. He came with a grunt and she left with a smile and some new ‘bi-nos’.

The next time the k** came to make a deposit Annette noticed two things. The first was that the k** had a humongous beautiful cock! It had to be ten inches long and the thickness of her wrist. As she watched him in her new binoculars her mouth was watering. He was handsome and hung! She loved fucking black guys so much. They were probably her favorite. Them and Italians. Both tended to have great cocks. And both had attitudes that she loved. They took no shit and liked to command their women least the good ones did.

The second thing she noticed was that the k** would talk to himself a lot. Seeing this made her feel kind of sorry for the k**. He was hot with a long thick cock! Why should he be so lonely that he had to talk to himself? She decided then and there that she would bring some light into his life. All she had to do is come out of the house while his horny ass was jerking off and the script would write its fucking self.

Sure enough a week later there he was at the window again. So she simply waited for him to 'reel out the monster' and she made her move to her mailbox wearing a silk robe and Chanel bedroom slippers- very chic indeed. The k** barely noticed. As a matter of fact he tried to hide by hugging the fucking wall! Like she couldn't see his goofy ass standing there against the bright yellow wall. She couldn't understand young people today. They listen to all that damn rap music talking about d**gs and sex and when you flaunt some top notch pussy at them they get all shy and shit! She thought to herself as she waited at her bay window for some movement across the street. She wore her special see through nightie for the occasion.

Within an hour her wishes came true as the loner k** arrived as she suspected he would, but there was something different this time. He had on a ski mask! Oh shit! This bastard has lost his mind or they're playing some sick ass sex game. This little bitch really is a fuck slut!

Just then she saw him disappear through the window slick as a fox! Wow! My pussy is wet. She thought.

"Oh shut up Hydrant! Your pussy is always fuckin' wet.", she said out loud to no one in particular as she exited her house and headed for the window at the house across the street from her own.

PART IV coming soon!

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