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Part I

By Stephen Pinto
VOLUME I: Outside Her Window

Author's Note:
The city of Monaco, Florida doesn't exist nor does any of the residents of North Parson's Boulevard. As far as Ponce de Leon the famous explorer visiting could he? It doesn't fucking exist. This is purely a work of fiction. Some characters are inspired by people I've known, but that's about it. Hope you enjoy my sick imagination as much as I do. Best regards.


Somewhere on the East Coast of Florida, South of St. Augustine, nestled in the city of Monaco is a suburb called Shadow Hill. Legend has it that the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon himself passed through this place on his journey to find the infamous "Fountain of Youth".

Supposedly Ponce de Leon stood in a clearing on the side of a hill next to a beautiful lake after watering his horses. That hill over looked an expansive forest. It was night during an almost full moon as a puffy cloud passed by bathing the hill and the lake in shadow. At that moment Ponce de Leon is noted as saying: 'sombra de la colina' or Shadow Hill. The name stuck ever since and so of course the lake is now Shadow Lake.

To the North West of Shadow Lake sits a normal looking cul de sac called North Parsons Boulevard, a collection of nice homes that may represent accomplishment in the pursuit of the American Dream for many, and some peculiar ass behavior for others. Some say that the residents on Parsons aren't quite like the rest of us. They're a bit different maybe even strange. I'm not one to formulate such strong opinions so I figured I'd tell the tale and let all of you all be the judge.

One thing is for certain...when in its developmental stages the contractors on the North Parsons project made sure to design things so that the homes on this street got their water from a well buried beneath soft rock directly below the cul de sac. That way the residents wouldn’t even have to worry about dealing with the city and their antagonizing politics. Although the surrounding communities get their water from the city North Parsons has always had its own natural water supply.

The North West side of the lake has an abundance of Turnaria Aphrodisiaca growing wild right there on the banks of the lake. Why the plants thrive there is a mystery. This is actually a mutated strain of the plant that is said to carry strange side effects if ingested. It is true that more than a few stray dogs that wander down to that side of the lake could be seen humping trees, traffic signs, and various things around the neighborhood! Of course the lake feeds the well water supply that's buried deep beneath the cul de sac. Could mean something...may mean nothing. Are these residents any different from the rest of us? I'm not sure. You form your own opinion. I do have my own. Get me d***k enough one night and maybe I'll share my theory. As for now just take it all in.

I feel xHamster is the perfect platform to tell the stories of the residents of North Parsons Blvd. This internet share community is open minded and probably would be the last to judge. So read on with anticipation! Hell, North Parsons ain't too bad at all. Who knows? One thing is for sure, you might make a new friend or two there.

- -S.P. [chuckling]

A Strange Pair

Chris had lived on North Parsons Blvd all of his life. His f****y was the first black f****y on the block. They loved it there. His father was a military veteran that worked for a small software company that merged with another company called Foogle back in '99 when Chris was only four. His father was a millionaire five years later because of the stock he owned in the company. His mom was a freelance writer and her work was often times featured in the Monaco Tribune.

They had made a good life for themselves and their son on a quiet dead-end street in Shadow Hill. Life was good. In their opinion life couldn't get any better.

As far as Chris was concerned life was not as good as it could be. He was having a bit of a tough time adjusting to adolescence. Of course that change is never easy for most of us but Chris found it especially hard. He was a very quiet k** and didn't have many friends. He usually found himself in the company of his pal Wolf Yzarc. wolF was always around Chris. Chris considered the boy to be his best friend. He felt that wolF was the only person that truly understood him. They had a lot in common, but wolF was sometimes everything that Chris was not. Like assertive, mean spirited, and fearless...


Chris became more agitated with each passing moment. The more he ignored wolF the more persistent wolF seemed to become, and even though wolF was standing across the room it seemed like he was right in Chris' ear. Chris was trying to block out his voice by turning the volume way up on his mp3 player but it seemed as if wolF's voice blended with Frank Ocean's as Ocean belted lyrics about his lost love on the ballad: 'American Wedding'.

This mother fuckas crazy! Chris thought to himself still trying to ignore wolF's rants. He closed his eyes and bobbed his head to the music. He tried to lose himself in it but wolF's voice came crashing in as always-

"Yesss, I am crazy remember? Lisssten Chrisss, she should be yoursss, and more than that Chrisss, she wantsss thisss. I have a sssixth sssenssse about thessse thingsss. Chrisss!... Chrisss, turn that Pusssy Boy music off and lisssten to your friend! I'm probably the only one you've got! Now turn off the musssic and get fuckin' focusssed .” wolF demanded.

Chris cringed a bit at hearing his name coming from wolF. His pronunciation always lingered too long on the 's' and kind of creeped him out. It was almost as if he were talking to a snake or something. Now Chris stood and paced back and forth from one end of his room to the other and he realized he was trembling. In fact his whole body was shaking. wolF still in his his his thoughts. He looked over at the boy in black standing in the corner, looking at the floor as he always did.

"I don't underssstand why you're going againssst the grain. I thought thisss isss what you wanted. I went through a lot to make thisss happen for you and now you're being your usssual weak minded ssself!” wolF hissed.

"Why don't you crawl back into the fuckin’ hole you crawled out of?", Chris shot back, "Did I ask you for any favors? No! I did not. Get the hell outta here and go corrupt someone else's life!” he exclaimed at the motionless boy in the corner.

Still she was phenomenal. All he needed was five minutes with her alone and she could be his forever. He closed his eyes and saw her pretty face, the creamy skin, the pretty smile... he started to drift, and then-

"Now what would be the fun in that? Pusssy boy.", wolF sneered in return.

He laughed an unnatural chuckle that seemed to echo through the headphones that Chris had plugged into his ears. It became too much and it was getting the better of him so Chris snatched the headphones out of his ears and threw the mp3 player across the room. Tiny pieces of plastic decorated the mid-air as the device exploded against the wall. Although the mp3 player landed just above his head wolF never flinched at all. wolF barely ever moved. He hardly ever moved and always seemed to talk.

"I take it that thisss resssponssse isss an indication that you finally acquiesssce? Ssso shall we go? Let'sss go get thisss done. Let's go get your girl. Chrisss, I promissse you, thisss isss what she wantsss, you can trussst me. I know a thing or two about bitchesss that you will never underssstand.” he announced with finality.

Chris' head snapped up upon hearing Maddy being referred to in such an indignant way. He glared at wolF, but the stare was never returned. It hardly ever was.

wolF tossed some clothes at Chris' feet. Chris looked at the folded shirt, pants and jacket confused. "What's this shit?"

wolF raised his head and shifted his lifeless eyes towards Chris, "Put that shit on and come on.” he croaked.

Chris' head started to ache right behind his eyes. He slowly rose to his feet and felt the ache becoming a throb. He reached back and grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled it over his head. He dropped the garment to the floor and stood blankly staring at the shirt and pants at his feet and suddenly had thoughts of Shadow Lake. He had no idea why an image of the boat dock there was so clear in his mind. As he unbuttoned his pants and undid his fly the image floated away. He glanced over at his own reflection in the mirror on his dresser. He looked at his shirtless torso and marveled at how his body was changing. At wolF's insistence he had been on a strict regimen of calisthenics and the exercise was working wonders for his arms and chest. He started moving and flexing his arms and watched as the tissue beneath the brown skin contorted and bulged. He bent down to untie his shoes.

"This is such bullshit. You! You ...always with the bullshit. I get tired of you, your damn games! Who the fuck names their damn k** wolF anyway?”.

The words bounced off the walls in Chris' room as he dropped his sneakers to the floor and somehow he knew that the fire was just turned on under the kettle and soon he'd be knee deep in hot water, and hopefully some good pussy. His head still ached. He went into his bathroom and downed a glass of water which, for some reason, always helped his headaches.


Chris grew up on North Parsons his whole life and knew most of its residents fairly well, at least the friendly ones. He even remembered when his neighbor Mr. Vast committed suicide. He was only nine years old and had been playing in the back yard when all the commotion started. Soon the police were parked all up and down the street along with Fire Rescue. The street was blocked off, and all residents were cautioned to stay inside their homes. Little Chris however was in his back yard behind the big privacy fence. Because there were a couple loose planks in their fence Chris could see straight into The Vast's back yard. When Mr. Vast went on his nude fit Chris caught part of the act in Mr. Vast's back yard. He remembered Mr. vast not having on any clothes and crying a lot as he walked back and forth with his prize poodle Kent on a leash. He was talking to himself saying the same thing over and over: 'Fuck her! Fuck you bitch!'. Sometimes when he said the words he emphasized them by striking himself in the head with the pistol he had in his hand. After about ten minutes he had bl**d running down his face. Chris stood in silence horrified. Mr. Vast never saw him looking through the hole in the fence. He couldn't understand what Mrs. Vast had done to make Mr. Vast so upset. She was always so nice to him. They were nice to each other.

It all ended in tragedy. They took Mr. Vast away on a stretcher with a sheet over him. Chris' mom never knew what Chris had seen that day. Chris never ever talked about it. He did remember how he would sometimes earn extra money by bathing Kent. He liked Kent. He liked Mr. and Mrs. Vast. Mrs. Vast moved away after everything that happened. He missed them. That was seven years ago.

These days Chris had a huge crush on his neighbor Maddy. Crush may not describe the fixation correctly. He was a bit obsessive and more than likely didn't realize it himself. He thought about her all the time even sometimes when he masturbated. The crazy thing was he never talked to her. In fact he hadn't spoken to her since the time she lost her virginity in Stephanie Roe's storage shed three years before. Even if Maddy waved to him and said 'Hi' he wouldn't reply somehow losing his voice somewhere in his own throat. He was a bit shy. wolF constantly tells Chris he's a big pussy.

Maybe after tonight's events all that will change... His fascination with Maddy all started with her mom Caroline. Caroline was a pretty, slender, blue eyed woman with blond hair. She usually sported a nice tan with acrylic nails and a cocktail in the summer and she was always nice to the k**s in the neighborhood. She was also the first grown woman he had seen naked real life!

He could remember two summers before when Maddy was away at camp he was coming home from swimming at the lake and the Sun had disappeared from view. He was passing by the back fence that bordered the Grant house. There was a party going on at the house earlier. He knew that because of the cars in front of the house when he made his way to the lake. Now he could hear music playing in the distance and people at the pool. He wasn't able to see because each house on his street had privacy fences.

The houses on his street all had a few things in common. They all had privacy fences. They all had an alley running behind them which was bordered by a privacy fence on one side and wood line on the other. Most of them had huge pools and multi car garages.

Chris made his way down the alley and was about half way through the Grant's property when he heard noises he thought were interesting. They were coming from the Grant's yard. He could hear Ms. Grant along with two men and they were laughing talking and maybe doing a bit more. Chris wasn't quite sure of what he was hearing, but he knew one thing: he didn't want to miss a thing!

Before he knew it he found himself crouched low in the alley almost hugging the fence. Just on the other side of it was the voices of three adults negotiating the very thing that permeated ninety percent of Chris' thoughts. He wasn't sure but he thought he heard a man's voice say that: 'It would make his night to have his cock in the back of Caroline's throat.', then he heard another male voice laughing.

"Is that so?” he heard Caroline purr with her sultry 'I've been drinking so I'm sexy' voice, "and what are you gonna be doing while I'm sucking him off, champ?"

The second male voice said: "Filling in all the gaps. What d'ya think?", then they laughed together as the alcohol they sipped invaded their judgment and made their tongues looser than usual.

Just then Chris heard a sound to his left that startled him. once he turned he saw Maddy's cat slipping through the gate that led to the alley he was standing in. He smiled broadly and crept over to the opening as if it was his personal invitation to the yard on the other side. He slipped through silently as the remnants of day wore twilight on their shoulders. The moon was a high silver sliver shining in the early evening sky. Chris stuck close to the shadows along the fence line.

The whole back yard was alive with activity. There were people in the pool splashing and swimming. There were people on the back patio that was attached to the rear of the house and since the entire rear of the house was glass Chris could see people inside dancing, conversing and just being social. The surprising thing was that almost all of the people were nude! Not only that, but as he started to focus on different groups s**ttered throughout the back yard, which was pretty large, were people actually having sex! or at least what he imagined it to be.

About six or seven feet away from him was where Caroline and her two friends were seated. One of the guys was sitting on a outdoor lounge chair that was designed for sunning and Caroline was on his lap fully nude. The other guy was tall and black with an athletic build standing in front of her with one of his hands in her hair behind her neck. He seemed to be pulling her face down to his waist. Chris wondered what Caroline was looking at. Then he quickly realized that she had the guy’s dick in her mouth! He could hear her say his name with her mouth full: ‘Mmmm Vick you taste so good.’, but it came out like: ‘Mmm, bick goo casse sho cood!’. Chris giggled a little as he eyed Caroiline’s ass which was directly in his line of sight. Thankfully there was two tiki torches lighting the area just right.

Chris thought about what he heard and never figured that a guy’s dick could or would taste good to a girl. He was amazed as he watched the three adults get lost in each other.

The other man’s name was Kev. Chris assumed that, that was short for Kevin. Kev came around behind Caroline and got on his knees. He started to probe her pussy with a couple of fingers on his right hand. Caroline adjusted her feet to a wider stance to give Kev more access to her juicy hole. Chris couldn’t move. His dick was pressed up against his stomach hard as a rock. He had never seen anything like this and he wondered if Maddy knew her mom did this stuff. He wondered if his mom did this stuff. Of course he realized that his parents had sex, he had walked in on them several times, but that was something that they enjoyed and he didn’t give it much thought. He actually thought of his parents as just that, nothing more, but as he watched Maddy’s mother suck and fuck her two guy pals his mind raced.

Now Kev stood behind Caroline and he slid his little dick up in her pussy. Chris heard Caroline grunt a little as Kev’s dick hit home.

Caroline turned back toward her friend and commanded, “Fuck me baby, don’t play around back there!”
Kev did just that. He started pumping in and out of Caroline as fast as he could. Unfortunately for Kev he was out of shape sporting a little pot belly and his stamina wasn’t the best it could be. After about forty strokes he was becoming winded and his rhythm was slowing.

“Yo Kev, let me knock the stuffing out that egg Mcmuffin.” Vick said slyly as he traded places with the shorter stockier man. Vick got behind Caroline spit on his dick head and slowly slid his black pipe-like dick into Caroline’s pink hole. Chris heard Caroline muffle a moan that told him she liked what she just got in her box. As Vick pounded her from behind she started to suck on Kev’s nub of a penis.

Chris watched intently as Vick worked like an expert. His knees slightly bent, he slid in and out of Caroline without a fast pace. He seemed to push his entire dick into her with each thrust and as he got as far as he could go Caroline would let out a small ‘ooh’ in response. They bounced into each other and Chris could hear a light smack each time hips met ass cheeks.

Suddenly Vick pulled his swollen dick out of Caroline, turned her around and shoved his hard dick in her mouth.

“Clean my dick bitch!” he ordered. Caroline quickly licked the coating of clear fluid that coated his shaft and head. She was bathing his balls with her tongue and grabbed his ass cheeks and held on as she sucked him. Vick moaned in response to the oral attention and let his head fall back with his eyes closed. Vick layed back on the lounge chair and Caroline quickly got on top of him. She straddled him as he lay back but Vick wasn’t inside her. Instead Caroline slid back and forth on Vick’s hard dick. As his meat slid between the delicious pink folds of flesh Caroline moaned fiercely. The man named Kev stood close by and jerked his dick as he watched. As the feelings intensified Caroline slid back and forth faster and faster. Vick reached up with both hands and grabbed her small breasts. He played with her large nipples and this seemed to make her feel even better because she moaned even louder.

Standing only Eight feet away Chris had the most intense hard-on he ever experienced. He could hardly believe everything he was seeing. Maddy’s mom was hot. She was sexy…beyond sexy and he had never looked at her that way until this moment. He suddenly wondered if Maddy was already fucking. She must be being raised by this wild a****l before him. He started watching again intently.

By now Caroline’s movements were making the lounge chair skip along the cement. Neither she nor Vick cared in the least. Vick continued to squeeze Caroline’s large nipples as she humped his hard dick.

“You gonna cum for Daddy?” he teased.

“Uh-huh! I’m…cumming. I’m cumming!” she spat back at him.
Just then Caroline let out a different elongated moan that seemed to go on forever. She threw her head back as her body started to buck involuntarily. Whatever cumming was Chris assumed it must be good from what he was seeing. Caroline’s body would tense and relax over and over and with each shudder another moan escaped her open lips. The whole time her eyes stayed closed. Once she came back from her trance she lifted herself off of Vick and bent down and started sucking him again. This time she went very fast as she bobbed up and down on his hardness. Vick had a handful of Caroline’s hair as she slurped at his groin.

Then Vick roared like a lion in the jungle and Chris saw all of his muscles tense up as he released in to Caroline’s mouth. Chris watched as she swallowed in a pronounced fashion that made him squirm with desire. Just then Kev could be heard moaning in the back ground as he quickly approached Caroline. Caroline quickly opened her mouth as much as she could and turned in Kev’s direction just in time to use her face as a target. The man’s dick may have been small, but his load of spunk was huge. The first spurt made it part way into Caroline’s mouth but spread over the top of her head and onto the concrete. The second spurt birthed a ribbon of semen that nestled in her hair and the rest found a home in her mouth. Kev moaned as he unloaded on the woman perched on the lounge chair in her backyard. Now Caroline smiled at both men and got up and made her way over to the towel stand next to the pool house. Both men followed close behind her and began mingling in other groups of nude people spread out in the dark.

Chris made his way back into the alley being sure not to make any noise as he did. He couldn’t believe what he just saw, and he planned to lock himself in his room and play with his dick and see if he could make the ‘stuff’ shoot out lke he saw Kev do. He was very excited and entering into a new phase of his young life. He was also wondering what kind of things Maddy did when she was alone with no one around. Maybe one day he could find out. As for now, he planned to jerk his dick until it threw up gobs! He started running down the alley towards his house, smiling.

The Fantasy

Madeline Lynn Grant sat on her bed putting the final touches on her toes by dim lamp light. They were painted black and trimmed neat. She was very deliberate and careful with each stroke. Ever since she started fucking her boyfriend Law on a regular basis she paid a lot more attention to her feet, almost as much as he did.

She reached over to trade the polish for the glass of water on her bed side table and winced as she felt the rug burn on her back sting a bit. She smiled at the thought of how the burn got there. Lawrence Patton was her boyfriend and he was so exciting and inventive with sex and she absolutely loved that about him. He had more spontaneity and darkness running through him than any other boy she'd met before. Nobody was like Law. He would prove it to her over and over again as he made love to her. She liked to think of it as love making and not fucking. Fucking sounded so disconnected and dirty to her. Law often told her that he loved to fuck a 'dirty girl' every so often so she get used to 'playing in the mud a couple times a week'. She soon found herself pouting upon hearing him say that then he explained what he meant. He would snicker after saying it and Maddy didn't find a whole lot of humor in it at first. Soon she came around and her new man helped her understand how wonderful her own body really was and how incredible it felt when their bodies came together as one. His exploratory nature was infectious and soon she was playing with herself alone trying out new things and experimenting with sensations and touch. Law said that the best way to experience your lover is to know yourself inside and out first. He said that it was an emotional and physical thing.

She liked the fact that he wasn't nervous at all when it came to her body or his own. He loved to be nude as much as he could and didn't hesitate to ask her to get nude with him. He was so confident, charismatic, and funny. He even introduced her to the possibilities that pain had to offer her when intertwined with their intimacy which in turn could equate to pleasure. This was amazing to her and made her quiver when she thought about it.

One of the things she liked most about Law was that he was wonderful with her parents. Law always knew just what to say and even though he was nineteen and she was only sixteen he was able to put her parents at ease with them seeing each other. Since Maddy's parents were divorced her father naturally was concerned about who Maddy was seeing especially since he wasn't present to watch over the 'nest' personally. Law was reassuring and convincing. As he spoke he would put a person at ease and it was easy to believe what he said. It was a good quality but it kind of scared Maddy somewhere in the back of her mind. Her mom always talked about how she liked Lawrence so much, and the funny thing about it all was Law told her from the beginning that her parents would love him. He was right. He would even go over to her dad's house to watch football on Sundays!

Then again Law was right most of the time. He was very smart. She was sure she was falling in love with him. At times she found herself wishing he didn't have on a condom when he would cum. She wanted to feel the warm fluid splashing against her insides or that's how she imagined it. She never felt this way about a boy. Suddenly she was feeling things that she never ever imagined. Most of all Law could be counted on. He would be there if he said he would be. He always had her back and those thoughts kept her warm when he wasn't there with her. Years later she would reflect on how naive she was as a young girl and struggle over whether there was more comfort in knowing the ways of the world and the nature of man or not knowing at all.

Maddy was five-foot-ten with long legs that seemed to go on a journey forever up to her small waist. Her skin was smooth without blemish. With large eyes that belonged more on a baby doll rather than a human. Her face was very pretty. Her smile was accented by full lips and a dimple embedded in her left cheek. She had thick chestnut colored hair that was past her shoulders and full of body. Her breasts were round firm c-cup teardrops with large brown areolas and small nipples. 'perfect titties' as Law called them when he sucked them hard and squeezed them in the same manner. Her ass was round and full much like a woman of color. Law often commented on how she 'must have some Puerto Rican in her bl**d'. The fact was, that she wanted to model for about four years now and deep inside she felt she really had a shot to make it in the fashion industry.

As she laid back on the bed she thought of their last conversation earlier that day, during which Law explained his fascination with role play in sex, and how you could do just about anything through fantasy. He really wanted to do a '****' role playing scenario with her, but at the mention of it Maddy felt a bit freaked and wierded out. It was scary to her and she didn't really feel comfortable with the thought of it, fantasy or not. She found it difficult to associate **** with anything but terror. Law expressed how he understood her thinking but asked if she could consider it over the next couple of weeks. "Just open your mind up to it, Madd", he cooed in her ear.

She remembered him saying: "Hey you trust me right? I wouldn't let anything happen to you Madd. You know I really care about you." He accented that with a kiss on her forehead. She knew deep inside he was telling the truth. He always made her feel safe and secure when he was around, and he assured her that the role play would add a lot of dimension to the fun they had sexually.

When she thought of making love to Law, Maddy got tingly all over or sometimes got gooseflesh on her arms and legs. Law had a slender frame, he was six feet tall. He had a beautiful natural tan as a result from him being one quarter black, although he appeared to be a white boy or maybe Spanish. He wasn't muscular but he was in good shape, but the greatest thing about Law was his long, thick, veiny dick. Law's dick was about eight inches long and Maddy felt it was just like the big black dicks she had seen in porn. The head of it was a dark shade of pink and it was so thick it filled her hand. When it was hard it was the width of a roll of cookie dough and she loved how her pussy would stretch as he slid the fat head and shaft in and out of her. Thinking about it was making her pussy wet. Her horniness was growing at the thought of Law's long fingers touching her face as his mouth sampled her neck like a buffet. She loved the way he could be rough and gentle at the same. Sometimes his hand would have a firm grip on her throat as he sucked, squeezed, and pinched at her teardrop tits. Other times he would run his fingers through her hair while he banged her pussy hard. The other night he banged her so hard on her bedroom floor that she could hardly walk afterward. That was the same night she ended up with the rug burn.

Law was the first guy that ever ate her pussy and she still couldn't believe how he was able to make her feel with his mouth and fingers. His lips and tongue seemed to work as a skilled team doing different things at once. He would suck, lick, and use air to stimulate her in ways that blew her mind and when you factor in a couple of fingers inside her pussy hole or ass...well, it was magic, or so she thought. Her first orgasm left her legs shaking as she tried to walk to the bathroom to clean up and ended up stumbling along looking back at her man giggling on the bed. She was feeling so embarrassed as she fought back tears of pleasure and still couldn't understand why. The emotions were raging within the physical pleasure that he was able to give her. Sometimes she felt that it may be hard to handle so much at such a young age. Other times she felt so overwhelmed but within that was a joy she wanted to just lose herself in.

She had lost her virginity at thirteen in the backyard of her friend Stephanie Roe. Gerald Spencer was her age with a face full of freckles and he got the honor of deflowering her due to a dare issued by a group of their friend: Tracy, Stephanie, Rodney Phelps, One Ton, and Chris Walters. The whole encounter lasted about three minutes and wasn't very memorable at all except for the fact that he went through three condoms because he had no idea of how to put one on. He nutted so quick she wasn't sure of how it felt. The truth was, she had already been playing around with her pussy for a couple months by that time but hadn't made herself cum, so Gerald's little five inch boner didn't do much for pleasure. It was like a stop sign: necessary for the drive but just kind of just sitting there. She giggled at the thought. She remembered Gerald trying to start out slow as if he'd done it before then those incredible sensations engulfed his pelvis and he was like a young jackrabbit in an open meadow. She remembered him scrunching his face up all red as the jizz shot from his body. He jerked with each spurt in a crazy stiffened dance and let out a pathetic moan. He rolled off of her breathing funny almost paralyzed. Everyone laughed when they emerged from the tool shed. Everyone that is, except Chris Walters, Maddy’s neighbor at the end of the cul de sac. Chris hardly ever laughed. Didn't she have a crush on Chris in the third grade?.....Can't remember, but I think so... ...anyway No, Gerald wasn't much compared to her Law. Her sex life was now in another world, hell, another galaxy! She reached over and clicked off her bed side lamp.

Without really thinking about it her fingers were sliding up and down her now dripping slit and fondling her clit. Gerald was fading fast from her mind as she slipped away to her pleasure place. Instead she saw Law's handsome face with his short dark hair and white glowing smile. She could see herself sexing him in the dim light of her room. She saw her own legs spread wide as Law's ass pumped up and down. She was floating above herself looking at her own face as she was being pleasured so expertly. At times her eyes were open rolled up in her head. She moaned as she thrust her hips up to meet his. They worked in a machine like rhythm that she learned after a few weeks of having sex with Law. As her mind raced through the fantasy she slid a finger into her own asshole which made her quiver, getting that much closer to the finish line that was climax, but this was by no means a race. She was taking her time enjoying watching herself in her mind. She was drafting a lovely fantasy full of passion and pleasure.

She could hear herself begging to be fucked as he flipped her over onto her stomach. She scrambled to get her knees up underneath her body with her chest down low and arched her back as much as she could so that her ass was high in the air. Law paused and looked at her shaved pussy that seemed to be winking at him. He spit on his hand and applied the natural lube to her pussy lips and hole. Then he let a long string of saliva roll over his bottom lip aiming for her asshole and it hit right above his target, sliding down leaving a slick trail as it progressed down her crack. Law slid his door knob dick head into her and she sucked air through clenched teeth receiving the best gift a man could give her at that moment.

While in real life her fingers worked her steaming cunt in an increasing circular rhythm. Her index and middle fingers on her right hand went in and out of her wet pussy as her thumb worked her clit like some sleight of hand gesture that a master magician would use. At the same time her left hand massaged her breasts one at a time and pinched her sensitive brown nipples. There was a light sopping noise as her pussy got wetter and her fingers slid in and out. She brought her fingers up to her face to taste and smell her own musky scent. Then she slid them back between her swollen pink lips finding the hole. White thick fluid was running down the crack of her ass. She was moaning in her masturbatory heaven as she made herself feel better than good. She was working herself into a controlled frenzy. She was lost in the fantasy fucking her own hands as if they were her lover man. She was able to keep her slender body teetering on the edge of orgasm not falling over the edge. When she would do this to herself her climax tended to be so explosive she could hardly stand it. It would curl her toes and fold the entire world in on itself in her crystal clear imagination.

In her fantasy Law was going down on her slowly sucking her pussy. He was fucking her with his tongue keeping it rigid and pushing it as far into her as he could, while he squeezed her titties just right. She could hear Law moaning in appreciation of her musky slick canal as she slowly humped her hips at his face. Then he ran his tongue beyond the opening of her pussy hole down to her ass. This always sent chills through her body. She squealed in appreciation to his efforts. While his tongue bathed her ass he used his fingers and ran quick circular patterns over her clit. She could feel her climax building in reality and fantasy all at once. Both Maddys moaned in harmony. The orgasms came in waves that decreased as they moved through her. Her vaginal muscles always contracted opening and closing her hole on their own. This always fascinated Law and he would watch until the intensity subsided. Now she found her body going rigid as she crossed the finish line breaking the ribbon. She didn't hear herself crying out obscenities as her toes pointed away from her head. As the orgasm approached she automatically withdrew her white creamy fingers and stuck them in her mouth to taste her tangy sweetness and reveled in that thing that has driven men crazy for thousands of years.

Her chest was heaving up and down as she gathered herself. Adrenaline was raging through her veins and her heart rate was beginning to slow as her eyes finally opened and quickly adjusted to the lamp-light. It was about thirty seconds later that she realized she was not alone in her bedroom. The scream never made it past her lips as a hand covered her mouth and held it tightly. Her eyes wide in disbelief and pure terror Maddy was about to go to one of the darkest places in the human mind.

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