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One from me

I am mid fifties, five feet tall, with 34D tits and on heat.
Just recently a good looking college guy joined the company I work for as a stores person on a work experience project.
It all started with a bit of sexist banter like pointing at my name badge and asking what the other one was called, but then got hotter with my new work colleague telling me he was available any time I fancied a good fucking. I was very embarrassed at first but must admit I liked the attention.
I started getting really naughty thoughts, so one day I put on my best push up bra a pair of skimpy knicks and sheer black stockings, as we were on the late shift no one else was around, so I climbed the steps to put some things on the shelves and waited until he was watching me I then leaned forward letting my skirt ride up. He was below me like a shot and as I came back down I felt his hand on the inside of my leg I came down further and his hand went higher until he was between my legs with his fingers rubbing my cunt and his thumb nudging my bum hole.
Still with my back to him and holding onto the steps I froze but thank god he didn’t, I was dripping juice and desperate for cock.
He pulled my knicks to one side and started to finger my cunt I pushed back and felt his hard cock against my bum crack, he then slid it down and pushed into my cunt, I gasped as he rammed me faster and faster releasing and pulling on my tits and pinching my nipples, my arse was slapping against him making my whole body vibrate, then just as I came he shot his spunk up inside me.
I was swooning as he wiped his spunk against my arse and nudged his wet sticky cock into my bum hole, my arse muscles grabbed hold as I moved backwards and forwards feeling his cock coming back to life, reaching around his fingers rubbed on my clit making me cum for a second time. His cock was at full strength as he pushed his full length into my arse I had never felt anything like it my tits were swinging like crazy and my legs were buckling as he again shot his load this time into my bum, I turned and licked his cock clean, tidied myself up and left for home.
That night I had to confess to my husband who was livid but not because some other bloke had fucked me but because he hadn’t been there to watch. After another good fucking using every hole as a goal, letting him shag my arse and cum in my mouth my husband told me his fantasy was for us to have a three some (either sex) go dogging and / or join a swingers club.

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