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My husbands parking

One night on my way home from a meeting I pulled into a local beauty spot, very shortly after I had arrived a sports car pulled up along side me, I looked across and saw a young couple who started kissing and stripping each other off, seemingly oblivious to the fact that I was sitting watching their every move.
As I watched the front seats went back and the guy put his head between the girls legs, she moved forward in her seat and spread her legs then looked over at me and smiled, put her hands into her bra and released a perfect pair of mammoth tits which she stretched to the sky by pulling on her nipples, the guy then moved up and started sucking on her tits whilst fingering her cunt, her legs were up on the dash board helping her push up in time to the finger movement in her cunt.
I could not believe my luck and sat pulling on my cock hoping they didn’t leave to soon.
The girl then pushed the guy back and knelt on her seat with her arse pressed against the side window, as I watched cock still in hand the side window came down.
I got out and stood against their car with my rock hard cock slowly moving up and down her bum crack, I could see she was giving her fella a blow job as she started pushing her arse into me so I put my hand between her legs and opened up her juicy wet cunt lips then pushed my bell end in. She had a great arse which slapped against me as I rammed in and out of her. All too soon I shot my spunk up her. She then pulled away and straddled her bloke bouncing those tits up and down as he banged away at her.
I stood watching for a moment then got back into the car and left them to it.

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