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Amy & Joan

It's 1 o'clock in the morning, Amy Hudson, 18, seems to be having a problem getting to sl**p. Amy is 5'7, killer body with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Her tits are a wonderful 36c. Amy has been having this sl**ping problem ever since she saw her mother come out of the shower a few weeks ago. The last time she saw her mother naked she was only 7 years old, obviously too young to care. It was different now.

She couldn't get her mother's hot naked body out of her mind. She first tried to just let it go, that didn't work, then she tried masturbating herself too sl**p, also didn't work. She wanted her mother bad.

Amy's mother, Joan, had her at the age of 17 so she's still fairly young. Joan goes to the gym 3 times a week and has managed to keep in great shape. She doesn't look a day over 25.

Amy got up out of her bed and headed downstairs to the kitchen to make herself some coffee. She figured "Hey what the hell? I can't sl**p, might as well have a nice cup of coffee."

"Honey?" Amy heard a voice, it was her mother.

"Mom?" she replied.

"Amy dear what are you doing up this late?"

"Um...I couldn't sl**p mom. Just making some coffee. Want some?"

"Sure baby."

"Mom why are you up this late?"

"Same reason as you, couldn't sl**p"

Joan took a seat next to her daughter. Wearing only a blue robe and panties Amy couldn't help but stare at her mother. Her eyes would wander to her mother's breasts, then down to her inner thighs.

"Honey what are you looking at?"

"Nothing mom."

"You were undressing me with your eyes weren't you?"

"NO! NO NO MOM! Not at all."

"Mmmm you little liar" her mother said with a grin


"I bet you'd like to see mommy's tits and pussy wouldn't you dear?"


Joan soon started to undo her robe. Amy was shocked. Here she is, seating next to her mother and her mother is stripping for her. Joan's stood up and let her robe drop to her feet. "Do you like mommy's tits dear?". She took off her slippers and walked behind her daughter.

"Oh yes mom, they're beautiful."

Joan licked her daughters ear and slowly moved her hands to her daughter's breasts. Amy moaned as her mother played with her tits, pinching her nipples through her shirt.

"Honey I know you saw me in the shower last week and I've been fantasing about this moment since then. Your eyes on my body made me so hot that night. I went into my room and finger fucked myself like crazy."

Joan pulled Amy's shirt up over her head and once again place her hands on her daughter's tits. She squeezed and pulled on her nipples and then moved her mouth to her girl's nipple. She licked and sucked on the hard lil thing and then moved to the other. Amy's moaning was becoming louder and louder.

"Come on honey, let's go into the living room"

She took Amy's hand and lead her to the couch. She laid amy back, and ran her pointer finger up and down Amy's panty covered pussy. Soon she slide her daughter's panties off and inserted her finger in her wet cunt.

"Oh mom, ooooohhhh that feels so good"

"You like that baby? You like the way mommy finger fucks your young cunt?"

"Oh yes mommy! Eat me out please?"

"Mmmm ok dear. Spread those beautiful legs for mommy!"

Amy spread her legs wide for her mother. Joan moved her face in close to her daughter's sweet delight. She sniffed at her daughter's sex. "MMMMMMM" she said out loud. Joan stuck out her tongue and licked slowly at Amy's moist pussy lips, she then bit down on them and kissed the softly. Then, like a wild b**st she dove her tongue deep inside her love hole. Licking and sucking up her daughter's sweet juices.

"Oh God mommy, oooooohhhhh, ooooohhhhh God I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum in your mouth mommy!"

"Mmmm yeah, mmmm give my your juices sweetie..mmmmm explode into mommy's mouth...God you taste so good!"

With that Amy shot waves and waves of cum into her mother's sweet mouth. Her mouth got up, and kissed her daughter's lips. Letting Amy get a taste of herself. Joan pulled away and removed her panties.

"Do you like mommy's pussy honey? Look it's shaved just like yours, only a triangle patch of hair on it. Do you wanna taste mommy's pussy dear? I bet you do?"


Amy and Joan switched places. Joan now on the couch and Amy on her knees between her mother's thighs. She cupped her mom's breasts and soon enough she began to suck her mother's nipples.

"Amy, mmm please baby mommy need's her pussy sucked and fucked, please baby don't torture me?"

"Sorry mom"

Amy moved her head between her mother's thighs and cupped Joan's pussy with her mouth. Her tongue soon f***ed it's way in. Lapping up her mother's juices with her wet tongue. Joan's moaning was loud, so loud Amy was starting to think someone might hear them.


Amy placed her finger deep inside her mother's asshole while she happily ate her mom out! Soon Joan began to buck her hips, it was obvious she was about to cum...and she did.

"Oh baby that was great, I love you so much Amy"

"MMMM mommy....Mmm you taste wonderful. Can we do this again sometime?"

"Fuck yes, give me a few minutes and I'll be ready again" Joan said with a wink.

The 2 beauties cuddled for a bit and in a few minutes they were ready again...

"Ready honey?"

"Ready mom"

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