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Exposed and fondled in crowded train.....

I had to travel in a train daily while going to College. The trains in Bomaby are always crowded in peak hours. Always getting in the Ladys' compartment is not possible and sometimes I had to get in a mens' compartment. When travelling in the jam packed compartment many times I was surrounded by men young and old. Most of the times the young boys used to take opportunity of the crowd and press against my body. Their hands used to go at different parts of my body and especially my boobs. I had boobs which were big compared to my age. They were big soft and firm.They used to look very attractive and may be every young man would love to touch them.
One day I was caught in the train among a strong crowd all young and old. I was surrounded with young boys all pressing against every part of my body. I was totally helpless as one hand slowly started fondling my boobs. The hand was pressing my left boob and catching the nipple in his fingures.My nipple has become stiff. I could suddenly find another hand on my other boob. This hand was also fondling my boob and catching my nipple. I was slowly getting hot. The hands caressing my boobs were becoming more and more bolder and now they were playing with my boobs at will. I could not do anything and decided to enjoy the situation.
While my both boobs were being fondled by two young boys slowly one hand was trying to grope me on may saree. It was trying to go below the saree and find out my panties. When I was in no position to resist--the hand was becoming more and more bold and slowly found it enter my panty and started to fondle the pussy. I was getting excited and becoming more and more wet. While my both boobs were getting fondled and one hand fondling my pussy, another hand started entering my saree and going in my panty where another hand was still busy touching my pussy..Now both the hands of two different boys were playing with my pussy and tow different boys playing with m y boobs. Four different youngsters playing and groping my body in most intimate manner. I was completely excited and wet. I was unable to do anything but enjoy the situation. May be in addition to the four boys groping my body some other had sensed as to what these boys were doing to my body and were looking at me and the four boys. I am sure their cocks must be damn hard and stiff.The hands which were playing with my pussy started to become more bolder. Some fingures were now entering my pussy and going in and out.My clit was being groped by some fingures. It was becoming almost unbearable. The hands playing with my boobs now had slowly unbuttenned by blouse and had pulled out my boobs which were below my saree and they were openly fondling them anybody looking at us could very easily see what those boys were doing to my boobs. Somebody from the crowd slowly raised my saree up and exposed my pussy for everybody who was nearby to see it. They could see the hands playing with the pussy too. It was almost beyond what I could bear and suddenly something like electric current shot through my body and I had the first orgasm of my life. My body was floating and I could feel the different hands playing with different parts of my semi nude body exposed for almost everybody in the crowd to see and enjoy. I found my one hand being pulled and kept on a hard stiff cock and I started giving it strokes. In a few minutes there were many cocks which were being stroked some of them were stroking their own cocks and some were doing it mutually.I could see the cocks spurting their cream. It was great fun which I will never forget.

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