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All tied up part 4

She withdrew her tongue from her ear, then turned over her shoulder to look at her b*****r. "Please, baby," she whimpered. "Give it to me now. Give it all to me. Show Mother what a stud you are." Then she turned her head back towards her mother.

"Fuck me, Michael," she said, her words definitely aimed more towards her mother than her b*****r. "Bury that big fat cock of yours in my pussy and fuck me like you've never fucked me before." And an instant later . . .

"Arrrrrggggghhhhhhhh! Oh, shit!" Michelle screamed as Michael rammed his meat into her. "He's . . . doing it, . . . Mother," she managed to sputter as Michael began slamming his meat into her, pressing her back downward so she was crushed against her mother. "Oh, Christ!" Then another gasp for air. "Can you . . . feel him, . . . Mother? . . . Can you feel what . . . he's doing to me?"

Penny's muffled scream rang out in answer, "unnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!" even as she thrust her loins hard against her daughter.

And it continued like that for maybe a minute before . . . "Oh, shit, Mother! . . . I'm gonna cum now . . . I'm gonna . . . cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm!"

And no more than two seconds after Michelle's body erupted in orgasm, her b*****r began spewing his sperm, his spasmodic lunges further intensifying the contact between mother and daughter.

And then it was over, and Michael's temporarily spent body collapsed on top of his s****r, even as his mother continued to whimper helplessly and grind her hungry pussy against her daughter.

It was some time before Michael finally backed away from the two women. Once freed, Michelle leaned forward and planted a soft tender kiss on her mother's cheek. Then she pushed herself to her feet, turned to her b*****r and eased into his waiting arms.

The kiss they shared was soft and tender, and they pursued it without haste, playfully nipping and sucking on each other's lips while their hands wandered slowly, lovingly across each other's body. It wasn't until Michelle felt the tell-tale sign of her b*****r's renewed arousal that she eased away from him and eased around the ottoman. Once she was immediately behind her Mother's head she dropped to her knees, leaned over and slid her hands onto her breasts, squeezing them, then twirling their nipples between her fingers.

"You know what's next, don't you, Mother?" Michelle teased.

"Unnnggghhhhh!" came the low, guttural response, accompanied with an up and down nodding of the head.

Despite the fact that her mother appeared to know exactly what was coming next, Michelle continued her teasing.

"Now he's going to fuck you, Mother."

More unintelligible sounds rose from the captive woman atop the ottoman, even as she squirmed desperately while continuing to nod her head with herky, jerky movements.

"Is that what you want, Mother?" Michelle continued. "Do you want to feel your son's big, fat, beautiful cock in your wet, hungry pussy?"

"Unnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg ggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Michelle lifted her head and turned towards Michael. "I'm not sure, b*****r, but it appears she might want something from you."


By now the groans and moans coming from Penny's gagged mouth were almost constant, and the squirming and writhing atop the cushioned stool were verging on desperate.

"I told you not to worry, didn't I?" Michelle said to her b*****r, a sly wink accompanying her words.

But Michael barely heard his s****r's words as he sat poised on his knees between his mother's legs, his engorged cock a mere inch or two from her pussy, even as his own body shivered in anticipation.

Michelle turned her back to her mother. "Ready, Mother?" she whispered.

"Unnnggghhhhh!" And before the muffled groan could even clear her throat, Michael pressed the tip of his manhood against the hot, desperate pussy before him, eased the tip in and and then slammed it home. Then he slid it out and slammed it home again.

"Unnnnnnnnnggggggggggg ggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Micheal worked his mother like a man possessed, working his cock in and out of his mother's wide-spread pussy with a passion, consumed by the fact that the squirming mass of flesh beneath him was his birth place. And even as that thought flew through his head, he was picking up his pace, attacking his birth home like his very life depended.

His mother, already further in the throws of pure a****listic lust than ever before in her life, came with an explosion that nearly rocked her world, a deep, guttural noise escaping her throat, even as she pulled hard against her wrist restraints and bucked atop the ottoman.

But Michael wasn't yet finished with her. He kept up his hungry attack, thrusting his manhood into her so hard and so deep that he had to hold onto her sides to keep her from sliding away. He pummeled her mercilessly, driving into her over and over and over until finally, moments after yet another orgasm had ripped through his mother, Michael came, unleashing a torrent of cum into her pussy that brought him to the brink of collapse.

He fell forward, his chest now lying directly on top of hers., clutching her desperately as the two sweat covered bodies continued to grind together, their motions becoming more and more spasmodic with each additional thrust until finally, after one final surge, their bodies went still, the only movement or sound still disturbing the silence coming from their lunges as they gasped for air.

Michelle waited until the two spent bodies finally got their breathing until control before reaching out and tapping her b*****r lightly on the shoulder.

Michael lifted his head and caught his s****r's eyes, then gave her a dreamy, sl**py smile, a smile that said he may have finally caught his breath, but he still had a long way to go before the immensity of what he'd just done would fully sink in. Then he turned to his mother, moved his mouth close to her ear and whispered.

"I love you, Mom."

This time, the moan he received in response wasn't a desperate, lust-filled sound like the ones that had previously spewed from her still gagged mouth, but a soft, gentle sound, a sound that no doubt meant, "I love you, too." Then, with that same dreamy, sl**py smile on his face, he pushed himself to his feet and backed away.

Michelle scooted to her mother's side. "I'm going to remove your gag now, Mother," she said.

Instead of the soft moan or simple nodding of the head she expected in response, it was a more blunt sound that escaped her mother's lips, a sound not completely unlike the sounds she'd made earlier. Only the sound she made now wasn't a pleading or begging, it was more like a 'No!' with a shaking of her head back and forth as confirmation.

"No?" Michelle question.

Another shaking of the head confirmed her interpretation.

"Then you don't want me to unlock the cuffs, either?"

Again, the shaking head said 'no.'

Michelle took a deep breath and turned to her b*****r. "I guess she wants to leave her here until the ice melts." The up and down movement of Penny's head that followed served as final confirmation.

"Well," Michael replied. "I guess that's okay. The ice shouldn't hold that much longer, anyway."

* * *

It was about a half hour before the ice melted enough to free Penny from her chains, but it was a half hour more than that before she woke up and tried it. When she finally did, she found almost no resistance as the ice lock easily came free.

With a soft moan, she eased herself upright and stretched her arms to the side. Then she slipped the ball-gag from her mouth and pulled the hood from her head.

In all she took about fifteen minutes to gather her wits, clean herself up a bit and slip on her robe. Then, after a long slow breath to calm her nerves, she made her way towards the stairs.

She found the twins when she rounded the corner to the kitchen, Michelle slowly pacing the floor while Michael stood leaning against the counter. Both heads turned immediately towards her, even as Michelle came to an immediate halt. Nobody said a word.

It was a short standoff, broken a handful of seconds after it started when Penny let a smile slip across her lips as she started across the small stretch of floor that separated her from her daughter. When she got there she lifted her hands to Michelle's face and and brushed it softly across her cheek.

"Thank you," she said in a soft voice, bringing her finger quickly to Michelle's lips when she parted them to respond.

"No," she continued. "We'll talk later. Right now, there's something I need to do, something I haven't been able to do for eighteen years." With that she leaned forward and planted a tender little kiss on her daughter's forehead. Then she turned and started towards Michael.

She came to a stop about a foot before her son, but said nothing. Then, as she'd done when her daughter opened her mouth to speak, she brought her finger to Michael's lips just as he was opening them to speak. Finally, when she was satisfied that he wouldn't speak, she lowered herself to her knees in front of her son and reached for his belt buckle.

* * *

The blow-job Michelle gave her son in the kitchen while her daughter watched was far different from the frantic, desperate actions that had occurred earlier. Where before she'd been driven by lust, now she was driven by love. Where before she'd thrown herself at her c***dren, frantically seeking to fulfill needs that had been far too long denied, now she took her son slowly, kissing his manhood, stroking it, licking it, and caressing it until finally, he unloaded himself into her waiting mouth. Only then did she stand and turn to her daughter.

"You were right," she said simply. "It is the most gorgeous cock I've ever seen."

In response, Michelle shrugged her shoulders and smiled. "I know." And then the two women broke out in laughter, falling into each others arms for a long, loving hug.

It was several moments later when Penny finally pushed her daughter away and turned to her son. "Put you pants back on and join us in the living room. It's time I told you a bit more about your father."

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