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All tied up part 3

"She seems to like that," Michael said to his s****r as if what he was seeing was the most normal thing in the world..

"Oh, that's nothing," Michelle replied. "Wait til you see how she likes this." And with that Michelle dropped to her knees behind her mother and switched the vibrator on high. Then she rose quickly to her feet, reached around and sent one hand flying to her breasts and the other to her clit. And for the next couple minutes she kept up her attack, driving her mother to one earth shattering orgasm after another before finally slipping off the nipple clamps, turning off the vibrator and backing away.

As Penny stood there, slumped forward in exhaustion, she tried to focus on what had just happened. It seemed like one minute she was trying to protest her son's involvement, and the next her daughter was bringing one orgasm after another crashing down upon her right before his eyes. 'Too fast,' she thought. 'Too fast.' And even as she stood there trying to think, she began drifting into a light slumber.

Michelle turned away from her mother and focused her attention on her twin, taking a couple steps towards him. When she was immediately in front of him she stopped and placed her hands on his hips.

"I told you it would be fun to pay a surprise visit on her," she said softly. And then she pressed her body closer and lifted her mouth to his, allowing her open mouth to meld hungrily with his.

Nearly a minute passed before Michael finally pushed her away. "I wasn't sure I believed you when you told me upstairs," he said. "Even after seeing it with my own eyes, I'm still not sure I believe it."

"Can you imagine what it was like for her all these years, unable to satisfy her hunger because of us?" Michelle replied in an equally soft voice.

"We'll just have to make it up to her," Michael said, a devious grin spreading across his face.

"Down boy," Michelle teased, pressing a hand against his chest. "I told her you wouldn't touch her unless she wanted you too."

The grin slipped from his face. "What if she doesn't want me too?"

Michelle gave a quiet laugh. "I don't think you have to worry about that. You just have to be patient." And with that she turned to the sea-chest and pulled out a flogger. Then she turned back to her b*****r. "Now it's time to introduce something new."

She jammed the handle of the flogger inside the back of her jeans, then stepped back to her mother's side and began sliding one hand lightly over her lower back and ass, and the other over her chest and tummy.

"Ummmm." It was a quiet sound that slipped from their mother's not quite fully awake mouth, a sound that seemed to whisper 'yes, I like that.' Then she began rolling her hips atop the dormant vibrator, moaning again as the hands kept at her, gently working their way across her front and her back.

But then, without warning, they withdrew, and an instant later . . .



The flogger slapped across Penny's back, causing her body to go instantly stiff as a loud, muffled scream filled the air. And then it happened again . . .



Michelle kept up the assault on her mother's backside, landing multiple blows on her ass, her back and the back of her thighs, constantly moving the attack from one spot to another as her mother jerked and groaned before her. Then, when she was satisfied that the backside had been sufficiently pelted, she moved the flogger to her other hand and went to work on Penny's front side, giving equal attention to her breasts, tummy and legs.

In all, the attack didn't last nearly as long as Michelle knew it could have, nor was it nearly as intense as she knew her mother could handle. Still it had served it purpose.

Finished, she tossed the the flogger back into the sea-chest and turned towards her b*****r. Then, with a look of hungry desperation on her face, she reached for the bottom of her tee-shirt and ripped it over her head. A minute after that, a completely naked Michelle was throwing herself into her b*****r's arms and plastering her lips on his.

Nearly half a minute later it was Michelle that ended the kiss, smiling as she pushed herself away from her b*****r and turned towards her mother. Then, ever so slowly, she stepped closer, slid her arms around her and pulled their naked bodies together; bosom to bosom, tummy to tummy.

Michelle could feel her mother's body reacting as she rubbed her nakedness against her, and she could hear her groaning lustfully as she slid her hands over her ass and squeezed her cheeks. But despite the response she was getting, Michelle could sense that the older woman wasn't fully aware yet, and that she didn't really comprehend that her daughter was naked, let alone what that meant.

"So, do you like the feel of my naked body against yours?' she whispered into her ear.

"Ummm," came the sl**py response. A moment after that, however, reality struck as her body went rigid and her hooded eyes turned to her daughter. This time, the sound that left her mouth wasn't one of lust, but one of confusion.

"You're worried about Michael seeing me naked, and about what might happen next, aren't you?" Michelle said in response to her mother's startled reaction.

Another grunt and a nod of the head -- yes.

Michelle let her hands drift softly across her mother's backside, then up her sides and arms. And as she leaned forward and kissed her softly on the cheek, she could feel the tension melting a bit, but only a bit.

"He's my b*****r, Mom," she continued softly. "And he's my lover."

The sound that came from her mother this time was more like a slow, mournful sigh of disbelief then anything else. "It's okay, Mom," Michelle whispered comfortingly, continuing to stroke her sides. "Just like it's okay that I'm your lover now."

Michelle felt her mother's body tense at her words as another long, slow sigh slipped from her throat. But a moment later the captive's body slumped helplessly against hers, and she knew then that the battle was nearly over. All that was left was to ease her over the edge.

Michelle eased a half step back, then dropped to her knees. She reached out to loosen the pole that held the vibrator, and then eased the devise from her pussy. After that she freed her mother's right ankle from the spreader bar, and then her left. Only then did she reach out and rub her fingers across her mother's slit.

Penny jumped at the touch of her daughter, then let out a long, mournful groan as two fingers slid into the dampness of her pussy. Then, with her legs still spread as if the spreader bar were still attached to her ankles, she began rolling her pelvis hungrily, desperately trying to get just a little more than her daughter was willing to give. But before she even came close to satisfying her lust-filled needs, the fingers slid from her pussy, and a moan of protest slipped from her throat.

After withdrawing her fingers, Michelle rose to her feet and eased around her mother. Then, after giving her b*****r a quick smile, she eased closer to her mother, pressing her own naked body against hers as she slid her fingertips over her breasts and began tracing light little trails across them.

"Michael's going to let you down now, Mother," she said in a voice that was somehow both soft and commanding. "Then we're going to reposition you and tie you back up. Understand?"

Her mother raised her head slowly, then gave a weak but definite nod of the head.

"Good," Michelle acknowledged. "And you're not going to give us any trouble, are you?"

This time it was a slow side to side motion of the head that came in answer.

"Very good," Michelle said. Then she moved her hands to her Mother's nipples, gave each a light pinch, released them and backed away. "She's all yours, Michael," she said, even as another low, helpless whimper was filling the air.

For a brief moment -- a moment that seemed to last an eternity -- Penny's world stood still. She waited for her son's touch with a nervous anxiousness she'd never before experienced, jumping and gasping audibly when his right hand finally slid onto her left hip. And when his left hand took its place on her other hip, she jumped again.

"Nervous?" her son said in a soft voice. She nodded her head hurriedly, then returned her hooded eyes to stare in the general direction of his voice.

But Michael didn't acknowledge her affirmation, instead choosing to slide his hands slowly up her sides, stroking her gently, almost -- but not quite -- tickling her. Strangely, Penny found his touch calming, even a bit reassuring. She even let a soft sigh slip from her mouth when he inched closer and slid his hands around to her backside, and another one when he lowered his hands to her buttocks, pulled her hard against him and squeezed. That's when she felt a hardness pressing against her belly, a hardness she hadn't felt in eighteen years.

In hindsight, perhaps she should have made some effort to protest his handling of her, some effort -- however hopeless it might have been -- to stand up for what was proper and moral. But she didn't. After all, for the first time in years, a man was holding her naked body and caressing her flesh. And right or wrong, at that point in time, her body didn't give a damn that the man was her son.

Michael continued massaging her cheeks, noting a slight but unmistakable reduction in resistance with each passing second. He kept up his ministrations until another helpless whimper escaped his mother's throat and her hips began grinding themselves ever so slightly against his still clothed body. Then he released her buttocks, took a half step backwards and slid his hands onto her raised arms.

"On you tiptoes," he said in a soft voice.

Penny, clearly in a fog, hesitated only slightly before raising herself carefully to her toes. She was aware of Michael's hands sliding up her arms and onto the chain that was snared within the hinged eye-bolt that held her captive, ans she was aware of him fidgeting with the opening. The next thing she knew the chain was free and Michael was easing her arms downward.

For a moment, they both held their position, neither one moving, neither one making a sound before, finally, Michael eased his hands onto her biceps.

"Back up a bit," he said, exerting just enough pressure on her arms to get her moving on her own.

With her mind still shrouded in its lust-filled fog, Penny began inching her way backwards -- one small step, then another, then . . .

"That's enough," Michael said, pulling her up short. Then he turned his head towards his s****r, smiled slyly and lowered his eyes to the large round ottoman that now occupied the space inches behind their mother's calves. Then he returned his eyes to his mother.

"Sit down," he ordered.

But this time, Penny didn't immediately obey, instead hesitating as the mother in her made one final attempt to reestablish control. She was free now! Okay, maybe not entirely free, but her feet were untethered and she could move her hands! That meant she could rip the ball-gag from her mouth and tear the hood off her head. Then she could look her twins square in the eye and tell them to stop! She could re-exert her parental authority and admonish them for their transgressions!

Yet even as she stood there blindfolded, she could feel their eyes bearing down on her, and she knew they could sense the struggle raging within her. She also knew that if she did, in fact, rip the ball-gag from her mouth and tear the hood off her head, and if she did turn to them and re-exert her parental authority, they would not fight her.

But she knew something else, as well. She knew that if she did that, she would never again feel her daughter's fingers slinking over her tummy or across her breasts, or feel them pinching her aroused nipples while she rubbed her naked front side against her back. And she would never again feel her own nakedness surrounded by her son's strong arms as he held her close and kneaded her buttocks while she ground her hungry loins against him.

Ultimately, it was the burning in her loins as she thought of her daughter and son that provided the answer. Could she really do 'the right thing?' In a word, no! Not after finding her husband's old 'toy' chest and reliving the memories that filled it, and certainly not after her c***dren had done such a thorough job of reawakening the slut in her. No, she could not do the right thing. Not now. Not after all these celibate years.

So, after a slow deep breath, she carefully began lowering herself to the ottoman, instinctively reaching behind herself with her still bound hands to make sure there was really something there for her to sit on. When she felt it, she finished positioning herself and turned back towards her son.

And just like that, the battle was ended.

"Now, lay back, hands extended over your head."

There was no fighting it now, and no hesitation at all as she quickly lowered her back to the ottoman's surface and extended her arms over her head., where her daughter quickly took hold of them and stretched them down to the floor. Then she felt the back portion of the overgrown stool lift slightly off the ground as the chains that connected the ice-lock to her wrists were slipped under the ottoman's leg. And then, after the leg was lowered gently to the floor, she was again ensnared. And a hungry, lustful moan echoed across the basement.

There was fidgeting for a moment, and then someone knelt down on her left side and slid their hand lightly over her left breast. Her daughter.

"Very good, Mother," Michelle said in a soft, teasing voice. "I knew you wouldn't let me down." Then she leaned forward and flicked her tongue across her nipple. A moment later Penny sensed another body -- her son's -- kneeling down on her right side. Only this time no hands slid onto her breasts, and no tongue flicked across her nipple.

"Michael's here now, Mother," Michelle continued. "And he's naked, just like we are." She paused. "But you knew that, didn't you?"

Slowly, Penny nodded her head in affirmation.

"Do you want him to touch you, Mother?" Michelle went on. "Do you want your naked son to caress your breasts, like this? And do you want to him to kiss your nipple, like this?" And even before she could lower her lips to the aroused nipple below her, a loud groan filled the air as her mother's head quickly jerked up and down. A moment later there was a hand on each of Penny's breasts -- one male, one female -- and a tongue flicking across each of her nipples.

The dual tit assault lasted uninterrupted for several minutes, with Penny groaning softly as she arched her back and lifted her breasts alternately to first one twin, then the other, until her daughter finally lifted her mouth and slid her hand down her mother's tummy and between her legs. Then, in a very soft voice, she spoke again.

"And do you want your naked son to rub your clit, like this?" she said as she slid her finger over her mother's love button.

"Unnnggghhhhh!" came the loud response as Penny thrust her hips upward, groaning as her daughter teased her button. But all to soon the hand withdrew from her swollen bulb and slid to her inner thigh, only to be replaced an instant later by her son's hand. And as the prone, captive woman writhed helplessly atop the ottoman, her daughter was moving her mouth back to her tit to continue the multi-pronged attack.

By now Penny was nearly completely gone, her body moving ever nearer to the brink of ecstasy while her mind quickly lost all touch with reality. But as ready for release as she was, Michael knew his role well, keeping up just enough pressure to keep her on edge, but not enough to allow her crest the summit.

And so it went . . . teasing, stroking, flicking, the twins having their way with both her breasts and her clit until Michelle once again lifted her head and spoke.

"And do you want your naked son to finger-fuck your pussy, like this?" Only this time, it wasn't Michelle's fingers that teasingly led the way for her b*****r, it was her b*****r himself who slid his fingers from his mother's clit to her pussy and rammed them home.

"Arrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!" Penny gasped as her body went instantly into a spasmodic shock, writhing and convulsing atop the ottoman as the orgasm wracked her body. And even as she shivered and shook helplessly before him, her son kept up his attack, ramming his fingers in and out of her pussy without letup.

When Michael finally halted his assault, he withdrew his fingers and lifted his head towards his s****r, finding her kneeling across their mother's body, staring at him with a look he'd recently become so familiar with, a hungry, lustful look that said 'fuck me! Fuck me now and fuck me hard!' And almost as if it had been rehearsed, the twins rose to their feet in unison, with Michelle sliding around the ottoman, then kneeling down directly between her mother's wide-spread legs, and Michael taking his position standing directly behind her.

Michelle eased her fingertips to the inside of her mother's thighs and began tracing light little trails up and down their tender softness, smiling when her mother jumped and gasped her response. "Do you want to know what happens now, Mother?" she teased.

"Unnnggghhhhh," came the guttural response.

"Now I'm going to lay down on top of you, my breasts on your breasts, and my pussy against yours, and I'm going rub myself all over your body. Like this." And with that, she eased her torso downward, bringing it ever so slowly into contact with her mother's body while she circled her breasts around her mother's and rolled her pelvis against her pussy. Then she stretched her lips to her mother's left ear and whispered.

"And now, Mother, your son is going to kneel down behind me fuck me." She paused, smiling at the sound of her mother's whimpering while her b*****r assumed his position.

"You should see his cock, Mother," Michelle continued in a whisper. "It's the most beautiful cock you've ever seen. It's big and thick, and shaped just right to hit that special spot." She paused again, waiting for another groan to filter through the gagged lips. "You know the spot, don't you, Mother?"

Another gasp filled the air, this one accompanied by a quick, jerky nodding of the head.

And a moment after that another gasp filtered through the room, only unlike the first gasp, this one came from Michelle's mouth as her b*****r eased the tip of his cock into her waiting pussy, only to withdraw it a moment later.

"Oh, Mother," Michelle whimpered softly, still rubbing her breasts over her mother's. "He's teasing me now, giving me just the head of his gorgeous cock, then taking it away."

She paused, her breathing getting heavier as her b*****r continued to work her, giving her just the tip of his cock, then withdrawing it and spanking it on her wet, swollen lips.

"Ohhhhh!" Michelle gasped. "Make him stop teasing me, Mother. Make him give it to me." Then she ran her tongue around the inside of her ear while her mother whimpered and squirmed beneath her. "He's so mean, Mother. Make him give it to me."

"Unnnggghhhhh!" came her mother's reply, her head shaking up and down spasmodically.

But despite the pleas from his s****r and mother, when Michael's cock next eased into his Michelle's pussy, it ventured in only a fraction farther, then stopped and withdrew slowly.

"Motherrrrrrrrr," Michelle whined. "He's not listening." Then she brought her lips as close to her mother's ear as she could. "I think, maybe, you're going to have to spank him, Mother. After all, he's such a naughty boy, teasing me like this." Then her tongue made another trip around the inside of her ear.

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