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Confessions of a Photographer Part 2

Confessions of a Photographer Part 2

(All names have been changed due to some being well known people)

As I got ready for work that morning I thought about the events of yesterday. Though there was no more sex during the afternoon just straight work, learning about makeup and colours and of course poses. I knew that if I controlled my raging cock while the models were there I could possibly have a threesome with Christine and Susan. I couldn’t wait to get out the door.

Arriving at the studio Christine greeted me with a polite hello and a smile telling me that there was coffee on the go and to help myself which I did. I had never tasted fresh brewed coffee before; its dark taste took some getting used to. Half way through my coffee the first of the models arrived her name was Carrie Anne.

She told us she was just starting out in modelling, though she had done some stuff for a local photographer’s club. At almost 18 she was gorgeous, standing about 5’11” with long black hair, beautiful bright green eyes and a thin figure with small tits. She had asked around and knew that our studio was well thought of amongst the modelling world with many agencies’ using us because of our famous photographer owner.

Carrie was so pleased to be given the chance to get a portfolio from us she was willing to pose any way we wanted her too. That last statement blew my chances of holding my cock in check as it rose straight away just thinking of getting her either naked or in filmy undies. I looked straight at Christine who smiled knowingly and told Carrie to help herself to coffee while we went to check the studio was ready for us.

As soon as we stepped out of the door she grabbed my hard cock through my pants telling me she was disappointed that a young woman could get me so hard without doing anything but that she could see this girls potential. She was going to ring John and tell him she recommended our agency itself to sign her up.

Telling me I could use the number two studio with Susan and one of our lighting lads, a coloured guy called Gary. While the two other models and the photographer they had coming in could use number 3 studio only John could use the main studio. Christine smiled again after coming off the phone with John and told me to make sure I kept this in check at which point she squeezed my still hard cock.

Smiling she knew I was trying but that I also was having trouble with Carrie being so sexual. Grabbing Susan she told her to help me with the poses and of course keep an eye on me as she didn’t want to lose this prospective top model due to me getting overtly sexual with her. With me leading the way we took Carrie Anne into the prep room for studio 2.

“Carrie there are different types of models have you given any thought to what type you want to be either glamour, photographic or fashion or of course all three?” Susan asked

“Erm I am not sure really what do they entail?”

Susan proceeded to detail the differences between the types of model there was and as I watched I could see how she was bringing Carrie Anne into a more relaxed frame of mind. Which was odd really as Susan took great delight in explaining the glamour circuit and that she would often have to pose nude or with very little clothes on. Though not quite pornographic as such often that would be suggested and she may be photographed with a male model.

“I don’t know if I could strip down to nothing,” she sort of stammered looking at myself and Gary.

“Take no notice of them, said Susan, “Gary is gay and Jake is that used to taking pictures of women you will be just a job to him. Okay!”

“Well if you are sure, what would I have to wear?”

“We will start with the Fashion shoot first!”

With that she proceeded to pick out some of our clients requests so that we could show her pictures and get a return on our investment. This is the side many models don’t see. It’s a business and lots of ringing around is required to sell a new candidate into the world of catwalks and advertising and glamour too. Carrie nervously looked about and could see no changing room. She looked questioningly at Susan, who said,

“It’s okay honey it’s just us and we will be too busy picking your make up out and setting up cameras in the studio and the lighting to notice what you are doing!”

With that Carrie seemed to settle a little and as me and Gary were in the studio itself she slowly started to strip off her normal clothes. What Susan had failed to mention was that there is a video link between the prep room and the studio and as she disrobed so Gary and I watched, both with solid erections you could hardly miss. Watching a young lass stripping that has no idea you can see was a totally new experience for me and gawd I wanted to pull out my cock and wank where I was standing, glued to the screen.

First she undid the buttons on her blouse and as it opened you could see her small tits standing like two little cones her nipples started to harden. I later learned that this often happens when nubie models first disrobe in studios it’s a sort of fear excitement. We watched at this braless girl as she placed her blouse on a hanger and slowly undid her skirt. As it slid down her thighs and her little white panties came into sight, I so wished I could move in and see the fronts of them. Hiding her pussy lips yet so tight showing what I later knew as her camel toe. Susan walked over to her and gave her this new creation by a very prestigious designer to put on along with shoes.

“We need to get you into the makeup chair honey so that we can apply your stuff and do your hair. Just drop your panties and put them over there then go and sit in the chair while I apply your makeup and do your hair. The designer won’t like a VPL so it’s no nix for this shoot okay?”

“I suppose so”

The tremble could be visibly heard as she let her panties slide down over her knees and then turning, headed towards the chair completely naked and boy was she a looker. Her dark thatch matching her head hair she sat in the chair. Susan applied the makeup and then looking down asked her if she had ever shaved when told no she said okay then we will just trim it. Watching Susan’s expert hands move about Carries pussy with scissors was driving me mad and as for Gary he was already stroking his cock which was quite large. Okay yes it was bigger than mine but I had never felt inadequate about my cock even though I had only used it a few times.

Strangely enough Carries face showed the excitement she was starting to feel as Susan expertly touched, clipped and rubbed. Her clit was starting to protrude her nipples were really hardening and her eyes those beautiful eyes were widening. Yes Susan was an expert at this alright. I watched as gently Susan eased open Carrie’s legs and was soon not just pretending it was accidental but was rubbing her and getting her slowly but surely to orgasm. Her breathing was shallow. Yet very fast she lay right back in the chair her nipples standing so hard like small soldiers. There was no pretence now Carrie wanted what Susan was doing to her, her hips moving to meet with Susan’s fingers as it teased her clit, her moans as she got closer to her orgasm. Then Susan stopped and whispering to her, helped her stand and put on this, long black dress that fit her like a glove. Wow she looked a million dollars. Slipping on a pair of heels deliberately picked by the designer Susan helped Carrie into the studio.

I took what I knew to be normal photographs and aided by Gary and Susan with their suggestions we got some fantastic pictures of Carrie. Susan took Carrie back into the prep room and she changed into a sort of school uniform outfit for some glamour shots. Susan platted her hair and when she came into the studio this time she was like a youngster. Almost looking as though she was just into her teens.

Quickly with the aid of back drops we made it look as though she was outside her school on a playing field. And with Susan’s help she slowly undressed. My camera finger was on fire. Tell a lie, all of me was on fire. Even the flash gun started to overheat. By the time Carrie had dropped her skirt to the floor everyone in the studio was on heat, you could smell the sexual tension that was in the room.

Carries white panties were dampening partly through being worked up by Susan and partly because after a while hearing a guy tell her to take off this and that and a woman saying wow every time she did had her so excited. We need to get the developing done.

While we waited for the developing team to finish Susan was sitting with Carrie and her arm was about her shoulders. I watched as she expertly lowered her lips to Carrie’s and while kissing her eased open the robe Carrie had used to cover herself. Susan slowly kissed down Carrie’s neck to her breasts touching her all the time her hand stroking all over her body as she slowly headed it towards Carries pussy. I couldn’t resist and as Gary lit them up so I filmed the show. Slowly zooming in on Susan’s hand as it worked up Carries thigh. Then her fingers where stroking her openly, rubbing and kissing and touching.

Carrie was putty in Susan’s hands. Filming Carrie as she f***ed her hips up to meet Susan’s fingers as they pushed deep into her pussy and the sound she made as she came all over them almost had me shoot my load. Both me and Gary wanted a piece of Carrie and Susan knew that but this was not the time so taking her to the prep room she explained we were waiting for word from the client and if he agreed she would be signed to our subsidiary agency and be on the catwalk in Milan in three weeks.

A courier brought the message that the client was over the moon with the new girl and wanted to make sure he had exclusive rights to her during the Milan show, which we guaranteed. Christine took her home in a taxi and had her parents sign the contracts for an advance on her fee of course.

Finishing and looking at the big screen to show the contact photos I was hard and yet proud of the pictures I had taken. When Christine came in with the signed document she joined me. Commenting on where I had gone wrong and where I had done something special. While we looked she took my hand and placed it under her skirt. Her nix were soaking and she told me she had looked every so often to watch Susan and Carrie and now needed fucking.

I was 18 and rampant. Pushing her across the cleared desk I lifted her skirt ripped off her knickers and freeing my cock rammed it hard deep inside her. Her legs wrapped tightly around my waist as I hammered time and again into her. Till I could feel my cum starting. Gawd I was so carried away I never thought about making her pregnant or anything I just let it burst into her and rammed in as deep as I could get. She raked my bare back with her long fingernails drawing bl**d but I didn’t feel any pain instead I just shot again and again and suddenly felt her juices like a mini waterfall wash up over my cock and balls as she panted gripping me tightly to keep me right inside her and then relaxed and lay still on the desk top.

As we separated she told me she would drop me off at home, I had done well and tomorrow was another day. I walked in through my mum’s front door and felt fantastic but only mumbled when my parents said,

“Had a good day son?”

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