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Angela was looking forward to getting some rest once she got into town. It was late and she was really tired from the long day she had. She just wanted to get to her parents house to get away from her lived in boy friend for the night especially after their argument. She knew that her mother Carol would be staying at her grand-mothers house to help take care of her while she was sick. She also knew that her step-dad would be going to the grandmothers when he gets of work to join his wife Carol. She finally arrived to their home and pulled into the driveway. She didn't worry about nosey neighbors since both she and her mother drove the same type of car. Using her spare key to get in Angela took her clothes off and placed it into the washing machine then headed to the bathroom for a long hot bath. Angela admired her slim body as she looked at herself in the mirror. She was 5' 6", weighing a well placed 110lbs. At 18 her petite body turned plenty of heads. After a few minutes of watching herself she decided to get some sl**p. Putting on nothing but a oversized tee shirt that just barely covered the bottom of her firm ass, she slid into her parents queen sized bed and went to sl**p.

It was a matter of hours when her stepfather Derrick finally arrived home surprised to see his wife's car at the house. Since it was after 12:30 in the morning he decided he would not wake her when he got in. Derrick took his shower and headed into their bedroom to get some sl**p as well. He didn't bother to put on any clothes since he always slept in the nude. The room was pitch black due to the curtains being drawn and he didn't bother turning on the lights in fear of waking who he thought was Carol in their bed. Derrick slide under the covers next to Angela who was sl**ping with her back towards him. Derrick spooned next to her and held her in his arms. He then became aware that his wife wasn't wearing any underwear. It's been over two months since they last had sex due to their having to stay at the mothers house to take care of her. This made Derrick immediately hard. Not wanting to wake who he thought was his wife Derrick slide back out of the bed and headed to the bathroom to get some baby oil. Derrick took the oil and used it to lube up his 14inch wrist thick cock so that he would not shock her to much out of her sl**p. Carol was never able to take the full 14 inch of his monster cock into her but he was damn sure going to feed it into her tight hole tonight. Derrick walked back into their dark bedroom to slip into bed. Spooning next to his wife again he reached around her to massage her breast not paying to much attention to how her breast was able to fit more perfectly into his hands as he massaged her tits. Angela opened her eyes when she felt someone next to her. Remembering where she was she realized that it must be her father in-law thinking it was her mother in bed with him.

The next thing she felt took her by total surprise. She felt the wet warmth of tip of his massive head pushing it's way into her tight wet opening. The lubrication on his cock made it easier for him to push into her. She tried to pull away from him but he grabbed her around her slim waist. With a gentle thrust he pushed the head inside with a pop. she felt her lips stretch wider than they ever have before and wrap tightly around his intruding member. They closed around the ridge of the bulbous glands at the start of the long shaft. She breathed in heavily at the first feeling of his immensely thick penis. He did not move for a few minutes to allow her to get accustomed to his size. Then he began the slow descent into her hot, tight tunnel. Her pussy felt as if it were being ripped. "He is so thick", She thought to herself. He continued to push, gradually pulling back then slowly pushing again. Inch after inch of his super hard cock flesh was entering into her slick tightness and eventually his 14 inch was embedded completely. She screamed with each thrust uggggh, nooooo, as his thick cock was touching her deeper than she had ever been touched. Derrick's i****tuous cock was unknowingly sawing into his daughter's tight pussy as she clamped down onto his unbelievably large cock. She could feel his balls smashed up against her tight ass. She could not help but think of how heavenly it felt and then the realism struck that it was her father's cock that was buried so deep inside her pussy; her father's cock that was r****g her tight pussy.

After a little while he began to move, slowly at first, then much more quickly. He felt for the first time as his cock pulled all the way out and then slid back in, all the way. Never before has his wife ever been able to take all of his massive cock. This explains why she seems to be trying to pull away from him. He did not care at this point, for three years she would only allow him to put his cock in only half way. Not tonight! Tonight he was going to give her a good fucking no matter how much she screamed. Over and over he pounded into her pussy which seemed a lot tighter than usual as his cock glistened more and more with her flowing juices. The shaft was now coated with her excited pussy. With each thrust of his manhood, screams and moans exited her throat. She was definitely a screamer tonight he thought. This excited Derrick further which caused him to roll her flat onto her belly. This move also caused Angela's mouth to become muffled into the pillow. Derrick was now unwittingly sliding his cock deeper into his step-daughters well fucked pussy. She could feel his cum-carrying balls slamming against her tight ass.

She could feel his cock head pounding up inside of her. She could do nothing but grab the sheets as he started fucking her harder. In this position his cock felt even bigger and longer. He was thrusting into her much deeper now. From the fucking that father was giving her, her emotions were running wild, and her immense orgasm was racing forward. With every powerful thrust he lifted her body right off the bed. He reached forward and pushed her T-shirt up revealing my breasts. He grasped under her body and grabbed the full flesh of her breast in his hands and massaged them. Her nipples perked up further against his palms. He then began pumping his cock at a furious pace. His hips became a blur as He drove the f******n inches of flesh in and out of her. Suddenly withdrawing completely and then slamming completely into her, he erupted into her like a volcano. His hot baby making cum shot spurt after spurt deep within her as she violently came on his throbbing monster. He slumped over her and went to sl**p with his thick cock still lodged into her aching pussy.

When Derrick finally woke up he rolled of her and got up and openned the curtains and was surprised at what he saw laying on his bed, sudden thoughts shot through his head as to what happenned and to what he was going to do, He quickly went over to the bed and picked his step-daughter up and took her to her own room and layed her on the bed and he quickly wnet back to his room to tidy the bed up. He quickly went back to his step-daughters room and tried to wake her but she was out of it so he ran a bath for her. He then took her t-shirt off and to her into the bathroom and layed her in the bath. He started to try and clean all of his cum out of her pussy but after a while even he new he was wasting his time, so he finnished up and got her out of the bath and dried her full naked body off before putting the t-shirt back on her and taking her back to her bed. he pulled the covers over her and went downstairs to come up with something to tell his wife.

A few hours later Angela woke up in her own bed and she layed there remembering what had happenned and then she thought that her step dad must have found out it was her he had fucked and then she began to think of what might happen and just then her door openned and there was her stepdad standing in the doorway. He moved over to the bed and sat down beside Angela but he did not look at her he just staired at his feet.
Angela sat up and pulled her knees up to her chest and she looked and her stepdad and started to talk when Dereck look up and said "I am so sorry Baby, I thought you were your mother"

I know dad, but what are we going to do now?

I am likely to get pregnant now and I dont know what mum will do if she found out you fucked me.
Dereck thought for a minutes before saying that we shall have to tell her the truth and maybe things will be ok.

As soon as Carol got home she found Dereck and Angela sitting at the dinner table waiting for her with a very sorry look on their faces.

She came over to them and asked "what's up"

Dereck looked her in the eyes and said "you had better sit down for this"

So she did and as Dereck told her what had happenned her daughter burst out crying and Carol moved over beside her and put her arm round her and told her everything was going to be ok and then to the surprise of Angela and Dereck she asked if she liked it and how much she took inside her.

They both looked stunned for abit before Angela tald her how good it felt and that she had taken it all inside her. Carol looked her daughter in the eyes and asked her if she would like to take it inside her every day, which Angela replied that she would and from that day they both shared Derecks huge cock.

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