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Darren and me

I've always been straight, but for some reason I have always had sexual feelings towards one of my male friends. It's hard to explain, other men don't do anything for me, woman turn me on, but from a young age I found Darren, the friend in question, very attractive.

I had known Darren all my life, his parents were friends with mine and from an early age we were f***ed to play together and quickly we became good friends. We were best buddies and did everything together, videogames, movies, sports etc. We also used to have sl**povers, at times almost every weekend. From what I can remember, it is during these sl**povers that my my sexual fascination with him began. At the time we were both k**s, to young to feel any real sexual attraction for each other. Both our parents therefor didn't see anything strange in our request to sl**p in the same bed together. It was harmless fun, we would talk through the night and play games until we got tired. I can't remember who suggested it first, but one night we decided to sl**p naked. I remember an intense excitement as we both slipped of our underpants and hid them so our parents wouldn't find them and ask any questions. Although we were both young, there was already some form of sexual tension in the air. When we were both asl**p I would slowly move towards him until part of our body was touching. Sometimes our feet would touch, sometimes our arms, sometimes our buts. We would lie there for a while, sometimes he would back off. I wasn't sure what to do about the feelings I had for him and I also wasn't sure if he felt the same way…

A few years on we were still good friends, indeed we were best friends. We were in our early teens and still had frequent sl**povers although our times sl**ping in the same bed were over. We were getting to big to fit in the same bed and we were also a bit embarrassed of what our parents would think. Not only were we growing but I had also recently discovered the pleasure of masturbation, I would secretly play with myself in bed or under the shower. I had just started high school and I would fantasize about some of the girls that had caught my eye there. But frequently Darren would enter my mind. I was still a virgin but I had a rich fantasy, I wanted to kiss him, suck his cock, fuck him, cum all over him, the whole nine yards.
I had a raised bed at home, I would sl**p on the top bunk and under it was a pull-out couch and television. During our sl**povers in this period Darren would sl**p on the couch. In the evening I would get out the blankets, pull out the couch and we would watch television until we decided to go to sl**p. During this period we also started occasionally 'play wrestling', not completely uncommon for boys our age. We would call each other names and playfully fight it out. Darren started instigating these wrestling bouts and I would go along with it. I got great kicks from this, we would often end up on the floor, me leaning on him from behind. This would give me an enormous hard on, I was sure he could feel it through his pants. It was becoming obvious that we both instigated the wrestling because the physical contact turned us on. We were flirting with each other, plain and simple. On one occasion we ended up on top of each other, our legs locked, our thighs rubbing up against each other and our faces almost touching. I was so close to kissing him it was unreal, but I just didn't have the nerve.
Late at night we would be watching TV and to get 'comfortable' we would remove our trousers and lie around in our underwear. Occasionally we would start to wrestle late at night after we had taken our pants off and the lights were out, the TV dimly illuminating the room. From the moment we touched I would get an enormous hard on, Darren could clearly see it, at first I was embarrassed but soon I wanted him to see it. Our bare legs would rub together, his soft warm skin would drive me wild, some nights my dick would be hard all night. It was the elephant in the room, or maybe just the elephants trunk in the room, so to speak. Sometimes he would pretend he had pain in his back, and he asked me if I would massage him. He would then lie on his stomach and lift up his shirt. I would sit on top of his thighs and massage his back. As I moved up and down my boner would softly grind his ass through our clothes. It was basically dry humping disguised as a massage. On one occasion I got so worked up while I was massaging him, I moved up and just sat right on his ass, grinding it as I massaged him. I had to stop soon after because I almost came in my underwear. Strangely enough during these nights he would never get a hard-on, this really threw me, he would instigate the wrestling and the massages and obviously enjoyed them, I would often catch him sneaking a peek at my hard-on. He was almost two years younger than me so I just put it down to him still being too young. One night I got so worked up during one of our wrestling bouts that I almost pulled my underwear off to show him my dick. I was ready, but him not having a hard-on stopped me from going all the way. Maybe he just didn't feel the same way…

During our mid teens we grew apart and didn't see each other for a few years. When I was about 18 we bumped into each other on the street, we both regretted the fact that we had let our friendship dissipate so we agreed to meet up again. During our time apart I had lost my virginity and had had sex with a number of girls. Darren had a girlfriend, they had already been together for a few years. I still fantasized about him but I was beginning to think it would never lead anywhere. He was probably not interested anymore, we had grown up.
The night we met up we talked about all the things that had happened to us in the previous years. We had changed schools, his parents had separated, there was enough to talk about. The sexual tension that used to be between us hadn't completely disappeared but it was very faint, I was ready to except that our flirtations in previous years were just down to hormones. Two horny young boys who just wanted some human touch, now he had regular sex with his girlfriend, he had no need for me.
The conversation turned to old friends, did he still see his other friends, did he have new friends? I mentioned Milo, one of his old school friends, his face turned to the ground. I asked him what had happened. He then began to tell me how, a few years ago, he had asked Milo if he wanted to have sex. This caught me completely by surprise, my dick hardened. He told me how Milo had freaked out, called him a fagot and left. They hadn't seen each other since. He began to tell me how he was bi-curious and wasn't apposed to the idea of sl**ping with a man. I couldn't believe it, my dreams had come true. I nodded my head. I needed to be careful how I approached this. I mentioned how I also occasionally thought about it and how any guy who says he never thinks about it is probably lying. Milo was just insecure, he should never have let that ruin the friendship. He nodded and smiled, "Glad you understand". I continued: "If you're going to do it, it needs to be with someone you feel completely comfortable with, someone you know." I looked at him, our eyes met, he quickly turned away. There was an awkward silence. We changed the subject and didn't talk about it for the rest of the evening.

We began hanging out frequently, I met his girlfriend, Chana, she was a nice girl. Our friendship was as strong as ever but we didn't sl**p over anymore. I knew I still had a shot with him but there was never a suitable time to instigate anything sexual. We would hang out during the evening, often my parents were home, or if I was at his place he would often be with his girlfriend. When we got tired I would go home. About two years after we had reignited our friendship I joined him on a short f****y trip. His girlfriend was busy working so he invited me along with his mother and his younger b*****r. I needed a holiday so I gladly accepted. We shared a room, there were two single beds next to each other with a small bedside cabinet between them. The first few nights nothing happened, we watched a movie on my laptop and went to bed. I knew we both had gay fantasies but we had a hard time admitting it to each other, we were both 'straight' guys. He was especially reluctant, he had a girlfriend and was obviously embarrassed by the thoughts he had for other men. I also wasn't sure if he still fancied me, he wanted to have sex with Milo but who says he had similar feelings for me?

On the last night we had just finished watching a movie, it was about 2am, the lights were dimmed. He suggested we watched something else before we went to sl**p. "Maybe a show or something". I browsed my list of TV shows, we had seen most of them. I grabbed my chance: "I've got some good porn" I mentioned casually, with a chuckle. I looked at him, he looked at me. "Sure". I browsed my porn collection and found the hottest lesbian porn I had. "This will give you a hard-on for sure" I smiled, he laughed. "Yea, we'll see". About five minutes in, the girls on the screen were going down on each other. They both had big round asses and pretty breasts. We were both lying on our separate beds, under the covers. The laptop was at the end of my bed turned slightly so he could see. The sound of the groaning girls filled the room. I was in my underwear, with a massive hard-on, my breathing was heavy. I could also hear Darrens breathing, it was very heavy, he was enjoying it. I started to stroke my cock through my underwear, I turned my head to Darren. He turned to me and laughed: "Yea you where right, its hot…" I smiled and turned back to the screen. The girls had brought out a double dildo and were doing each other doggystyle, their big asses bouncing together. The girls groaned louder. I pulled down my underwear and started playing with myself, by the sound of Darrens breathing he was probably doing the same. We were both under our blankets but the shape of the sheets suggested we both had our legs spread open. I started to grind up and down as I rubbed my cock, the bed made a faint squeaking noise. This took Darren to the next level, he also started grinding, his bed started making more noise than mine. I could barely contain myself, I looked over at him and he looked back. The lights were dimmed but I could just make out his face, he was covered in sweat. The moment our eyes met I exploded, I groaned and shot cum all over my bed, under my sheets. He groaned louder and soon he also came. We both lay there for a while, without saying anything, the ladies on the screen were still going at it. I then lent over the bed to reach my laptop, the blankets fell down exposing my naked behind. I didn't care. I lay there for a while, using my laptop, I turned the porn off. My semi-erect penis and my balls were pushed inbetween my legs as I lay on my stomach, exposed to Darren. I slowly spread my legs so he could get a good look. The room was silent, I knew he was looking at me, I loved it. I got back into bed and we laughed awkwardly. I said: "That was fun". He replied: "Yea those girls were hot as hell". We were both tired and went to sl**p.
The day after we didn't mention what had happened the night before. Things weren't particularly awkward but there was a sexual tension in the air. We both knew we wanted more...

The weekend after I was at his place, Chana was there and we watched a movie. They were both cuddling on one couch and I was on a giant poof on the floor. Occasionally I looked over at him, our eyes met, I knew what he was thinking. I wanted him so bad at this point, I had spent the previous week thinking about our porn night. In hindsight I regretted not going further with him, I'm sure he was up for it, had I missed my chance. Now he was cuddling with his girlfriend, they would go to bed together and I would be on my way home as usual. The film ended and Chana, to my surprise, announced that she had better go home. I completely forgot, it was Sunday night, we didn't usually hang out on a Sunday. She was working early the next day and Darren lived on the other side of town so she wanted to get home that night. My heart skipped a beat. I looked at Darren and I could see a twinkle in his eye. We both said our goodbyes to Chana and she left.
The TV was on, the room was lit brightly, I casually walked over to the couch and sat down next to Darren. Instantly he faced me and told me how he had not been able to get last week out of his mind. He asked me if I felt the same way. I said I did and smiled at him. Before I could say anything else, his hand slid across my stomach and he kissed me. This surprised me, I didn't except him just to lean in and do it. It was the first time I had kissed a man, he was surprisingly soft. His tong slid into my mouth and we kissed passionately, after so long it was finally happening, the sparks were flying. I leaned back and Darren sat up on my lap. He was wearing tight jeans and I could see a big bulge. Finally! There it was. As we kissed I lay my hands on his behind and he started grinding on my left leg. "You have know idea how long I have waited for this" I whispered. His bulge grew bigger, he started grinding faster, my hands moved up his back. We were both so horny, I knew this was the night, finally, this was the night! The grinding got faster and faster, I was almost expecting him to cum in his pants. But suddenly the doorbell rang, he jumped up off my leg, he looked mortified. "Fuck! who the hell is that?" He walked over to the door, his dick still clearly visible through his pants. It was his girlfriend, she had forgotten her phone. Darren quickly sat back down and stared at the TV, he turned to one side so his legs covered his hard-on. Chana walked in and grabbed the phone off the table. "Silly me, I was waiting for the bus when I realized I didn't have my phone" Darren smiled, she lent over and gave him a kiss. I could see she felt something was wrong but her mind couldn't connect the dots, if only she knew! "See ya guys!" The door slammed.
Not a second later Darren was back on top of me, we continued our passionate embrace. I took his shirt off, he was already starting to sweat. As he grinded me I licked his nipples, his breathing was very heavy. As he lent back over to me I whispered in his ear: "Take your pants off". For years I had fantasized about his dick, as a young boy I wanted it, as a teenager I wanted it, now as a man, I just needed it. I unbuttoned his pants, he stood up and slid them off. He was wearing tight briefs, I could clearly see his dick. I had received a number of blowjobs from a number of girls and seen many of them in porn films. But I had never been in the position of giving a blowjob, it felt strange. But my lust for Darren quickly pushed any awkward feelings aside. I pulled his underwear down, his dick jumped up, it was hard as a rock. He was circumcised as I was, his dick was bigger than mine, it was the same length but much thicker. I pushed him onto the couch and without hesitation inserted his dick into my mouth. He groaned. The thought that only moments before he had been snuggling with his girlfriend filled me with secret joy. As my tong slid up and down his shaft he started groaning louder and louder. I loved the taste of his dick. My hands slid along his stomach, his hands stroked my hair. After only a few minutes I looked up at him and the moment our eyes met I felt his warm cum in my mouth. I wasn't expecting it and before I knew it I had swallowed it. I stood up and kissed him on the mouth. He was obviously turned on by the fact I had just swallowed his cum and he kissed me wildly. He whispered in my ear: "come with me". He stood up and grabbed my hand, we walked hand in hand through his living room. I looked to the side and saw his naked butt giggle from side to side. Darren was skinnier than me but had a voluptuous sexy behind. He didn't have much hair either, he was really quite feminine, maybe thats why he turned me on.

He took me into his room and undressed me slowly. Me dick was as hard as it could get and I was looking forward to him giving me a blowjob. But he didn't. He looked at my dick, stroked it, and lent over to my ear. "I want you to fuck me" he whispered quietly. He then walked over to the bed and lay on his stomach. He then got up on all fours and arched his back, sticking his big sexy butt in the air. I was a little taken aback. I lent over him and whispered: "Do you think I'll fit?" He replied, saying that he had used his girlfriends dildo and had fantasized about me fucking him. Well, that was all I needed to hear, I grabbed a condom from my wallet and slid it on. I got behind him, the tip of my dick touched his ass, I almost came right then and there. I pushed forward slowly, the lubricant on the condom was necessary, it was tight. Slowly I pushed inside him. As my dick slid into his ass I got a flashback of when we were young, those innocent years of quite longing, finally it had all led to this. It was ecstasy, I started moving slowly, grinding in and out of his tight ass. He groaned loudly, I groaned with him. If only his girlfriend could see us now! His ass quickly loosened, and the thrusting fastened. We were both drenched in sweat, my hands slid along his sides, he was jacking-off violently. We started talking dirty, bringing up all our past flirtations, he said he had always wanted me. He had wanted me since we were young boys. I told him about all the times I had jacked off thinking about him, how I had wanted him for so long. By now my dick was sliding in and out of his ass with ease. I grabbed his hair, he moaned louder. I wanted to look at him. I pulled out my dick and pushed him onto his back. I grabbed both his legs and lifted them up high, I slid my dick back in his ass. We exchanged looks, we where both in heaven. As I fucked him his dick bounced around while he tried to masturbate, By now I was fucking him like I would fuck a girl. My dick was pounding his ass, we where grunting like a****ls. We changed positions, we both lay on our sides as I continued to fuck him from behind. I kept having flashes of us as young boys. Shy but curious, wrestling in our underpants, my hard dick grinding against his behind. Now I knew how he felt at the time, he loved it, just like me. And now here we were more than 10 years on, those secret fantasies finally turning into reality. I was beginning to climax, I groaned loudly, and suddenly shot the condom full of cum. I held my dick in his ass momentarily so he could feel my warm cum. Then I pulled it out and took off the condom, I don't think I had ever ejaculated that much. I looked up and saw cum dripping from Darrens dick, I hadn't even noticed, we must both have cum at the same time. Perfect. We lay there for a while, breathless and holding hands, my dick gently touching his backside. I kissed him gently in his neck. It was a much more sensual experience than I had ever expected. We lay there for a moment, together in perfect bliss. We both fell asl**p in each others arms, it reminded me of our first naked sleeovers. But now there was nothing to hide. Now when I pushed my naked body up against him, instead of backing off, he just pushed his body against mine. The next day we both called in sick and spent all day having sex. We did it like a couple on honeymoon. Over and over again, we couldn't get enough of each other.

This was more than a year ago now. Darren still has a girlfriend and now I do too. To this day I have never felt anything towards other men, just Darren. We still hang out together and have sex on a regular basis. We're the perfect fuck buddies and the exciting thing is that no one has any idea. Our girlfriends think we play videogames, watch movies and drink beer, just a guys night in. It's our little secret. Some people say you should never live out your fantasies, I beg to differ...

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