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Any Vacancies

Having recently been made redundant, I have been frantically applying for jobs and attending interviews.
One such interview was held one evening at a Hotel which is not unusual now days, but when I arrived I was surprised to find that I was to be interviewed by a very good looking lady in her mid forties by the name of Jenny.
Jenny was staying over at the hotel and after a couple of drinks became very friendly, She really did look good in her smart business suit and knee length boots.
She told me she was happy I had the experience for the job but would like to see how I measured up to her expectations. I told her I was happy to prove myself to her and she suggested we continue in her room where it was more private.
Once there she took off her jacket to reveal a fantastic cleavage with her tits trying to burst the buttons of her blouse.
Seeing my difficulty in hiding the bulge in my trousers, she did a slow strip until she was down to boots, stockings, gee string and bra.
She moved towards me with her hand inside the gee string massaging her cunt, she pushed my face into her cleavage and reaching behind her back I undid her bra and grabbed her tits in both hands pulling and sucking on her nipples.
I pushed her onto the bed and slowly moved down her body kissing every inch until I had my face between her delicious thighs. I moved her gee string to one side and tasted the sweet stuff leaking from between her legs sucking and nibbling on her cunt lips sent her wild and soon I was stripped and having a fantastic 69, ending up shagging her doggy style whilst hanging on to her tits praying I didn’t cum to quickly.
I still don’t know if I got the job but will keep you informed.

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