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First Experience in Theater.....

That was the time when we were in school. Me and Mala were very good friends and used to share everything between us. We were of 14 -15 years young and full of energy and youth. Our body was showing the signs of youth and our boobs too had taken the size of oranges. It felt good when some on touched them. It was also fun playing with them. Sometimes we used to play with each other's boobs and lightly touch them or say fondle them.
We had a number of boys too in the class; Some of them were strong virile young men whose bl**d was hot and the cocks ever ready to get stiff and hard. Two of them used to be friendly with us and whenever time permits -- they used to come to us, talk to us, insist on moving with us. They were good boys and we liked them as it happens when the girls are of our age.
They used to find every opportunity to touch us on one or other pretext.We used to many times come to school together and also go home. On the way home they used to tell us jokes and sometimes the jokes were sexy jokes. We too had developed liking for non veg jokes.They also used to sometimes touch our boobs and press them from outside. It used to cause a very intense sensation in our whole Body. One day they were very insistent on going to a movie in the theater, We agreed to them and one day in the evening- we accompanied them to the Theater. There were quite a lot of people in the theater and we got seats in the middle row. Mala and me were sitting between Arun and Rahul The lights went off and the film started. The film was adult film and hot. There were so many hot scenes. As soon as the film started I found the hand of Rahul slowly resting on my leg. The hand was moving slowly upwards. I loved the sensation. When I did not resist--Rahul became more bold and he started slowly caressing my boobs. It was so wonderful. He then took my hand and kept it on his cock. The cock had become very stiff and hard and was pulsating and itching to come out.It also felt hot. I was feeling Rahul's cock and he whispered in my ears to open the zip and pull it out. I opened the zip and pulled out the cock. Oh, it was so hard stiff and big...I had never seen any grown up cock in my life. The cock started pulsating uncontrollably in my hands. I looked at Mala. She too had pulled out Arun's cock and was playing with it. Arun was also playing with Mala's boobs. In fact he had inserted his hands in her blouse and pulled out her boobs. It was so lovely.
The heroin on the screen was now being denuded and was in just bikini and the hero was playing with her boobs.She was also playing with his cock and the cock was all ready for action. He slowly made her lie down and entered his stiff cock in her and started moving in and out...It was a very hot scene.
Rahul"s cock wa also becoming uncontrollable. He whispered in my ears to hold it in my fist and give it strokes. I was also very excited. The couple sitting in the front row was also looking back and enjoying our cock play.Mala was also looking at me stroking Rahul's cock. Rahul too had become excited and had pulled out my boobs and was freely fondling them Suddenly I found Mala touching my left boob and Rahul playing with my right boob. It was very exciting. I was totally wet. Meanwhile Arun had put a hand in Mala's panty and was playing with her clit. My speed of stroking Rahul's cock increased and the cock became very stiff and rigid and suddenly a thick cream came out from the mouth of his cock. The cream was thick and spurted out like a geyser.
Mala too had increased the pace of her stroking Arun's cock and his cock too erupted a thick spurt in the air. Mala and Rahul were both playing with my boobs and now Rahul's hand was playing with my love button. One of his fingure had also gone in my pussy and moving in and out. The feeling was beyond that which I could tolerate and something like a lightening went through my whole body...I closed my eyes for some times and just sat in my seat.
When I opened my eyes I saw Mala too going through the same condition with Arun very vigourously moving his fingures in and out of Mala's pussy and soon Mala too reached her may be first climax....
we will never forget this film in our life......

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