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Jon's Pool Party

My friend Jon is a very successful 28 y/o with a roving eye for group sex! He called me last week and ask me if Hayden (my 29y/o son) and I were available for a pool party at his house over the weekend. Of course I was, Jon's parties are legendary for food drink and wild sex. I ask Hayden if he had plans or if he would like to go as well. He said his plans are now changed if there is a party at Jon's. I called Jon back and let him know we would love to come, when should we be there, what should we bring, and what to expect!

Jon said bring our selves and be ready to have fun as the plan was for early snacks, plenty of drinks, and a late dinner followed by suit optional swimming, with music and games around the pool and patio area. Be at his house as soon after 5 PM on Friday as we liked and plan on staying till Sunday afternoon, if we could stay that long.

He said it was only going to be a small group as he thought we would find plenty of activities with only 5 of us there. I ask about the other two," anyone we know"? "No, I don't think so, My friend Jason had planned the weekend in Miami, Fl. for months, but his Mom and s****r had announced a few days before they were coming to see him for 3 weeks"!

He told them he would love for them to come, but he would be gone from Friday Noon till Monday evening, but was sure they could find something to do till he got home. This was their first trip back into town since they moved out of state following his parents divorce 2 yrs ago. They were very receptive to the idea,

So after visiting with Jason the plan was hatched! Jon had been Hot for 47 year old Terri, one of his favorite MILF's since he had met her when he and Jason had became close friends in High School. Her daughter, Betsy age 23 had just been a spoiled Brat Grade school er back then but the last Christmas they lived in town Jon spent Christmas Eve at their house, and Betsy had "Blossomed"!

Their first day in town, after Jason went to work, Jon called them and told him he heard they had been abandoned for the weekend and they should come hang out with him and a few friends for the weekend. They were excited, not to be facing "so how have you been since the split"? So, they quickly accepted.

Let me tell you about Jon, he is nothing short of a work of God!
He is a 5' 11" hunk, tan average build, but well defined, with short brown hair, and smokey Grey eyes that could seduce you to let the Devil fuck you! His personality is second to none, he always made every one he met, feel at ease instantly! He just had that catch me fuck me look about him! Many times I had wondered if he would go both ways, but the right time just never allowed me to pursue that suspension! I had met Jon several years back in a local club, and our very magnetic personalities, just seemed to connect! We had became close, yet never intimate.

Jon was hoping that with us being few years older than than the girls, they would feel comfortable, and more relaxed with "party mode" than with all under 30's there.

Hayden and I are off Fridays as we are working 4 days-10 hour weeks right now so we stayed up late on Thursday and slept in Friday so we would be rested for the big weekend!
When we got there about 5;20 and found that Terri and Betsy were already there! I guess they had plans for a "good nite" as well they were already a bit tipsy when we arrived.

Not knowing what to expect, as I could get little more out of Jon about the gals except "Man they are sooo Hot"!! He didn't lie, Terri didn't look like she had ever been to a delivery room. with a red and white plaid shirt tied beneath her very perky 36-C breasts, and a pair of white short shorts on, there was no sign of a stretch mark any where! She was only about 5' 3" and a good thick tight build with some of the best muscular gymnast legs I have seen since the Olympics! Her Light brown hair was short cropped in a Page Boy cut, with the bangs riding above some of the deepest brown eyes I have seen. Hayden couldn't take his eyes off her! Hayden has a thing for MILFs and I have a thing for the under 30 gals! Don't get me wrong, he nor I are age specific, just our personal preference!

It was time to meet Betsy next! OMG, what a girl! She was just walking in the back door as we got our hello's said to Terri. She has long silky sun bleached blond hair and the most incredible emerald green eyes that just seemed to dance in their sockets and that damn deep dimple in her left cheek with full puffy lips! She wore a light pink crop top covering a great set of 36 D's tits. The material was straining to conceal those hard buttons trying to poke thru the fabric! I haven't admired a pair of "Daisy Dukes" like that since the Dukes of Hazard went off the TV! Her sweet rounded cheeks were peeking out beneath them behind and a beautiful camel toe up front! She has some of those long legs, shapely, and well defined muscles that run all the way down to the floor!

With the sexual tension being so high, I gave thanks when Jon ask, "So what do you two want to drink"? We both ask for a Gin n Tonic, such a great summer drink with a twist of lime! Jon freshened the girls drinks, and got one for him self, with drinks in hands everyone headed for the Pool! We got the families histories out of the way and on into the occupations we were involved in! Turns out that Terri is a very happy divorced school teacher, and Betsy was headed to an internship in the fall having just finished an engineering degree in May! They were both foot loose and fancy free till late August! The chit chat continued through interest in music, movies, and dance clubs only to find they were very open about their sexual interest and activities, how refreshing! Terri had been a one man woman till her marriage went south, and it took her about 6 months to find out that sex was not a duty to be filled, but rather an activity to be enjoyed by all parties! I melted every time Betsy open her mouth to talk, and she really threw me when she said she became sexually active at the old age of 14! This opened an exchange of "first time" Hayden admitted that he was a virgin until age 18, Jon, was 15, Terri confessed 22 on her wedding night, and I confessed mine was 10 with another guy, 11 with my 1st girl. Wow, the evening was moving fast, we had several more drinks, and after everyone had tried a Gin and Tonic and finding they enjoyed them, Jon feeling left out as the Bartender, made a large pitcher of G n T's and the party was on!

We shared a few snacks, they were professional grade, Jon knows how to entertain, after several pitchers and snacks, Betsy said "why aren't we in the pool"? We all responded by heading off for suits and diving in for a great time of dunkin, splashing, and grab ass! Betsy was in a really skimpy Yellow bikini, and Terri wore a Conservative one piece Black suit. They both looked great. Hayden told Terri he couldn't believe that she hid that smoking hot body under a one piece, she laughed and headed for the deep end and when she surfaced, she was holding the wet black material in her hand which she quickly flung toward Hayden! Not to be out done, he slipped his trunks off and threw them at her! That really opened the door for all of us and the suits were gone! It was just getting dusky and the outside lights had come on! The good natured sexual tension only built from there!

Terri said " I have never been with a man over 3 yrs of my age, and thought I was a "cougar" when I hooked up with a 43 yr old, now look at me hitting on a man under 30"! Hayden followed her cue, and moved in for the kill as it were! Betsy commented that she had always wanted to share her self with an older man! I mentioned 3ways and group sex and the whole party went crazy from there! Jon joined Hayden and Teri, and Betsy and I found ourselves in a very deep tongue probing kiss! It seemed to just happen, soon we were all in a group in the middle of the pool. Hands and Bodies seemed to be every where, I respect Hayden's heterosexuality, so I would never think of touching him, but everyone else was fair game! It really was an all out orgy in the water!

As much fun as the "grab ass" secession was, the inconvenience of treading water soon over took us all and we moved to the shallow end of the pool where everything got serious about Body penetrations! I found myself buried deep in Betsy's tight little pussy, slowly stroking in and out, getting ever so slightly deeper with each stroke until I was Nuts deep in her, just gently swaying back and forth. Jon was sitting on the side of the pool with his dick in Terri's mouth, while Hayden slammed deep in Terri "doggie style"! Soon, Terri was babbling something like a Pentecostal Preacher uttering incoherent syllables and speaking loudly of "Jesus, and God" all the while choking and gagging on Jon's swollen cock! Mean while I had picked up my pace with Betsy, and she had her long muscular legs wrapped around my waist and her arms around my neck and was chewing on my neck and shoulders like a hungry dog on a bone! She started to quiver then shake and scream like a wounded a****l, and then went limp in my arms. I eased her up on the side of the pool and layed her back on a beach towel, never letting my hard cock slip out of her. I slowly eased back into a rocking motion and she began to softly moan. I looked over to find that Hayden had layed down on the pools edge with Terri straddling his dick, and Jon buried in her tight ass. Soon Terri was thrashing about and experienced her first ever Double Penetration orgasm, at the same time Betsy shrieked as she cum for the second time, and all three of us guys spewed our our spunk with in seconds of each other with us all basking in the after glow, Jon suggested getting dried off and going inside for drinks while dinner was finished up. There was much conversation about the excitement of the pre dinner fun and a common bond was established between all of us while Jon set dinner on the table. We reluctely slipped into comfortable clothes and headed to the table.

To be continued...............

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