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Cock Play...

Today my younger s****r had come to stay with us for a few days as she was having vacations. She used to come to stay with her in her vacations. She was a lovely young college girl and looked so beautiful. She had lovely boobs and a nice voluptuous body. She was very close to both me and my hubby too. My hubby too liked to spend time with her and we had no inhibitions between us.We used to make fun of her and she used to take all this fun in a nice sportive manner. My hubby took off from Office so that we could spend some time with each other.
After lunch, we were sitting on a couch and talking. My s****r Monica casually asked whether we were having a good sex life and we enjoyed sex. My hubby loved sex and so did me. We both had regular sex may be at least two times a day. My hubby loved me to fondle his cock. He had taught me to play with his cock in various ways. He used to make me tie his cock at the base and use the string as a leash. He also fantasized me using needles in his cock and I too was curious to see as to how the cock would behave when taking needles. There were not many things hidden between us and I used to fondle my hubby's cock in her presence and hubby used to love this. Monica too liked to see the cock getting hard and stiff while I played with it. Sometimes she used to come forward and take lead to touch it or hold it.
While sitting on the coach we were chit chatting on sex.My hubby got up and put up a CD in the player which was having a cock torture as a theme. The blond in the film was playing with the hard stiff cock in various ways. We were excited to see the film. Monica casually asked whether we had practised any Cock Ball torture. Hubby was very much excited and I could see it the manner in which his cock had become all stiff and hard inside his pants. He took my hand and kept it on his cock. The devil had become very hard and stiff and was pulsating up and down and was all eager to come out from the pants.
I slowly opened the zip of the pant and the hard stiff cock sprang out. Monica was happy to see it as she was sitting very close to us. I held her hand and pulled it and placed it on my hubby's pulsating cock. She too was happy and we both started caressing the hard cock. the cock was also very happy which we could see from the heavy thick liquid coming out of its mouth.
My s****r Monica who was also watching the blond in the film torturing the cock in different manners was also excited. She said... " Did, why not try to do something with this hard stiff cock pulsating up and down? Let us too try to play with it the way the girl in the film is doing... My hubby was very happy. He said...Go ahead both of you...Do what soever you want to do to the cock. The cock is all at your disposal....
I ran in the kitchen and got a string and my sewing kit. Monica tied the cock at its base and the devil was standing all tall --stiff and hard--pulsating up and down.. Now that it was tied at the base--it remained hard and looked all engorged and had become bigger and bigger in size. I slowly took out the sewing kit and took the needle with the thread in it. Hubby was very excited. I gave the needle to my s****r Monica and told her to play with the needle and the cock the way she loved to do.
Monica became very excited. She asked hubby whether she could go ahead. hubby gave her a go ahead nod . Monica told me to hold the cock in my hands. The cock was banded at its base and was very stiff and hard as if eagerly awaiting the needles. Monica slowly pushed the needle in the cock . The cock was pulsating more and more vigourously. It loved needles. She pushed the needle through the cock skin and pulled it out from other side. It was a pleasure holding the cock when it was being penetrated with sharp needle. She put stitches all around the circumference of the stiff cock. It was a very exciting sight. The cock was giving out lot of precum from it's mouth. After going round the cock-she tied both ends of the thread and made a sort of ring around the cock. The cock looked so nice. Hubby was enjoying it so was his cock.
We then left the thread and needle and I pulled the string ---the leash tied to it. The cock was all intoxicated and wanted a release. I hinted Monica to go ahead. She held the cock in her hands--gave it a kiss and started giving it strokes. It took just few more strokes to milk the devil and extract all the cream from the cock. We all three enjoyed the whole episode of punishing the cock. Both me and Monica were wet and wanted a release badly.Monica was very good at making the devil stiff and soon fondled it with both her hands as well as kissed it passionately to make it all ready for action....I let hubby first satisfy Monica and then it was my turn....

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