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Being Dominated By Rachel's Farts!

This is a true story and one of the main reasons why I love female farts,
please keep an open mind when reading this.


It all started when I was little, I've got an older s****r, Rachel, who always teased and tormented me, forever aserting her dominance over me, not that I minded really, I knew my place and loved her for always putting me in it!

I know it sounds i****trous to say but as I grew older and reached sexual maturity, it turned me on loads everytime Rachel decided to humilate me in any way she saw fit, and very often the way she'd do this was by using her lethal gas on me! It wasn't her that I was attracted to sexually, though she always has been a very attractive woman, but no it was the domination and humilation that I was turned on to, and I have her to thank for my fart fetish now.

She always did stuff to me, like wrestle me and when she quickly gained the upper hand over me, she'd then fart on me, either on my body or in my face.

However, the most exciting example of this was when I was 15 and she was 17.
This is what happened...

I was just chilling out in my room, listening to some music while going over some homework, I had a packet of jelly babies in my hand just casually picking one out of the bag every so often to nibble on as I focused on my work.
Rachel suddenly burst in through the door, laughing at me as she had made me jumped, I looked at her crossly as I regained my composure.

"Made you jump! Made you scare! Made you lose your underwear!" She teased me in a sing-song way, and laughed at me again.

"Shut up!" I replied in annoyance.

She was wearing a white vest with jogging bottoms on, it seemed she had been out jogging and only just got back in, kicking off her shoes after teasing me.

"Ooh sweets!" She said gleefully noticing the jelly babies in my hand,
"Give me some." She demanded as she walked over to me with her outreached hand.

I complied handing her the packet. She snatched them out my hand and
ate a couple.

"You want them back?" She mumbled still eating one.

"Yeah please.." I answered.

"Tough, you're not getting them!" She teased and laughed.

"Oh don't be like that, please give them back Rach, please!" I pleaded.

"Ahh bless you!" She mocked me.
"Oh ok crybaby, here..." She held the bag out for me, but when my fingers briefly touched it she quickly snapped it back towards her and laughed.
"Not!" She teased and took another sweet out to eat.

I just looked at her as she enjoyed the sweet.

"Aww I'm only joking," she said, "you want them?"

I nodded and said please.

"Hold on..." Rachel suddenly pulled her hot pink jogging trousers down so her shapely arse was exposed, I noticed she hadn't been wearing any underwear though she kept her vagina covered up, and then placed the bag of sweets behind her back and held the opening of it over her crack, and she swiftly let out a large fart. It was muffled slightly by the hot musky air she'd just expelled being caught in the plastic packet.

"Ahhh that's better..." She said sounding relieved before giggling.

I could only look in shock at her.

"Here you can have them now!" She told chucking the jelly babies at me.

I caught the packet and couldn't help but get a good whiff of her fart still lurking inside. It smelt real nice and the babies made the musky gas smell sweeter. She noticed my nose twitching as I smelled the packet and laughed.

"Well go on then, eat up!" She tuanted me.

Even though I was turned on at this point and my body was urging for me to eat the fart-contaminated sweets, I didn't.

"You wanted them so badly, I want to see you eat them!" She demanded, for she loved having domination over me.

"No.." I sheepishly replied putting the packet down on the bed.

"What?" She replied, shocked that I was defying her command.

Before I could say anything, Rachel paced over towards me and grabbed my hair, pulling my head down onto the bed so I was laying on my side.

I turned onto my back and she pounced on top of me, sitting full weight down on my stomach, she let go of my hair grabbed my arms and pinned me to the bed.

She's taller and a little bit heavier than me so had full advantage, I was overpowered and she knew she could do anything she wanted to me, I was her prey.

As I lay under her helpless, she moved herself up my body a little further 'til she was sat on my chest, my tits being squashed under her arse, she kneeled down on my arms so I couldn't move them no matter how hard I tried.
She then grabbed the sweets and f***e-feed me them.

I could taste a slight trace of her fart on each one of them, my heart was racing in excitement, my nipples grew erect under the weight of her and I felt my little pussy getting warmer and wetter as I obeyingly
ate every fartly sweet she fed me.

She teased and tuanted and mocked me unrelentlessly while she had me pinned and eating the musky sweets, Calling me names like Fartbreath and Stinkmouth. She knew she had me right where she wanted me and loved every minute
of humilating me, as did I.

She finally got off me after the sweets were gone, I sat up and held my head down, letting her know she's better than me. I love submitting to her.

"That was fun!" She told in delight.
"Did they taste better with a farty flavour?" She teased me and giggled.

I wanted to nod but was too embarrased to let her know I enjoyed that.

"Shame you've not got more sweets right now, I can feel another fart brewing!"
She revealed sounding rather sadistic and rubbing her tummy.

I didn't know what to say to her, but I could see a twinkle in her eye as she looked at me like an a****l sizing up it's prey. Then she striked.

"Quess I'll just have to fart in your face!" She quickly told me as she pulled her trousers back down to reveal her naked arse again and grabbed my hair, turned around so her back was to me, f***ed my face to her bare bum and let out another loud fart right on me! The stronge breeze from her asshole felt hot on my nose, it went right up my nostrils forcing me to smell the strong musky scent of her. I gagged as there was a rather eggy smell to it, but was totally unable to move away or stop her as she pushed out another smaller softer yet still very smelly fart right in my face.

She then let go of my hair, I leaned back as she laughed a real
mocking kind of laugh at me.

"Ahhh... Bye Fartface!" She cruelly teased me as she left, pulling up her trousers along the way. I was now left there, having been totally humilated and put firmly in my place. The foul smell of her farts lingered in the air around me, no matter what I did I couldn't get the eggy taste of her fart out of my mouth... And I loved it! I was extremely turned on then, so I got up, closed and locked the door, took my skirt and knickers off, laid back down on the bed where the smell of her fart was at it's strongest,
and fucked my fingers 'til I came loads.

I had never before been so turned on in all my life on that wonderful day!

And that was just ONE example of the things she did to me involving her farts!

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