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When aunty Came to stay

Mother came off the phone and announced Aunty Joan is coming to spend the weekend with us. Aunty Joan was in her 50,s and looked after herself after her husband died 5 years ago.I was always drawn to her massive breasts and shapely legs.
Joan arrived late on friday and decided on an early night after her journey.
The following morning Mother and joan set off for a shopping trip. I was dozing in bed when they set off. I became restless and was thinking about aunty Joans breasts.I suddenly got up and went into the spare room where she had been sl**ping.
There on the bed were joans Dirty panties from the day before.
I was Shaking as I reached out and picked them up.They were black silk with a mesh on the front. I Pulled them to my nose and closed my eyes. They smelt so Good. A mixture of her pussy and a Little pee. I had an massive erection. I pulled down my boxer shorts and wrapped the dirty panties around my hard cock.
Three pulls and I was cumming like never before. Sending thick blobs of my spunk everywhere. I looked down and had got some cum on Aunties Knickers.
I wiped them best I could and put them back on the bed.

Later that evening Mother went to pick up some groceries leaving me and Aunty Joan alone in the house. I was in my room when there was a Knock at my door.
Aunty came in holding the Knickers in her hand. " Can you Explain" I was lost for words. Ten she came towards me openeing her robe. She was Naked. She led my head to her massive breasts and moaned softly as I nibbled on her hard nipples. She led my hand to her soft pussy, which was soaked by this time.
She layed back on my bed and opened her legs. She reached out for my hard cock. As she guided me towards her soaking slit. As soon as I felt the heat of her pussy I was cummimg buckets before I had even entered her. I had come all over her pubic hair and tummy.
Just them Mother called up and was back with the groceries.
Joan went back to her own room while I tried to compose myself.
After dinner joan left for home and it was arranged for mother and I to visit
Joan in the next couple of weeks.
As I went up to my room I noticed a Note tucked under my pillow.It said "When you visit me" "You must finish the Job" and with the note were her dirty Panties. God I Cant wait to visit her.

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