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Part 1, Turning her in to the slut she knows she i

This all started at work, the new girl started, she was small petite size 6 with perfect round breasts.

Immediately all the lads at work took to her, she had them eating out of her hand, they could not do enough for her. Of course this made some of the ladies jealous, became fun to watch as they started coming in to work making a bit more effort than usual one girl even took to unbuttoning her blouse, ensuring the customers had a look when she bent over (SLUT).

As the new girl made her self at home for some reason I could not take to her, I don't know what it was. Time upon time I would ignore her glancing smiles and look away in disgust. Deep down I hated her, (strong words I know) but it was true. The way she would talk to the men just irritated me, don't get me wrong it was not jealousy but something els.She managed to find weakspots in the men at work and exploit them. At this point I was mad at them for how fucking weak they was in front of her, for giving in to her. All I herd was "you look lovely today, can I get you a drink", "That looks heavy please let me carry it" or "anything you want love you know where to find me ;-p".
Wow what fucking prick I thought for this I just ignored her!!

This lasted for roughly 3 months, the lads asked me why I did not talk to this girl, I just shrugged in the end I gave in and told one of the closer friends the way I felt and thought that she was a slut.

A short while after This young sexy new girl kept making a point to work where I was working, which irritated me a lot!! After a while she started flirting like she would with the rest to get what she wanted, again I just ignored her and looked disgusted. Shortly after the flirting on her behalf got more intense, more sexually orientated. Wow I thought how fucking low will this girl go, she would follow me on my break ensuring she bent in front of me, showing of her pert tight ass. Fuck for the first time all I could think about is fucking her ass hard and punishing her for being the slut she knows she is!! She carried it on for a while rubbing her pert nips against me whilst looking for excuse to pass me, even sitting by me brushing her leg against mine and stroking my thigh with her finger tips.

Finally the time came when I gave in, It was at a work team building exercise where we went out to enjoy ourselves, The day before me and the lads had organized to have a drink on the way. This young sexy young girl made a point of offering a few of us if we would like a lift, I looked at her and could see a twinkle in her eye, What are you up to I thought. What made it stranger she arranged to pick me up first by passing the other 2 just to double back and get them. From that moment I knew I was goingto fuck her that day. This is the point my brain went in to overdrive!! My planning began, I wanted to turn this girl in to the slut she was,to show her she there to fucking please and not to be pleased. But how was I to achieve this? Perhaps she wants me to take control and fuck her like a dirty whore? No I will take my time, I will ensure she keeps coming back for more, to treat her like the princess she wanted me to. Only then When she fully trusts me will I punish her sexy naughty ass for the slut she is!!

During the team building exercise and after a few drinks I needed to relief myself, as I went to the toilet I came out with the new girl standing there, she looked in to my eyes then asked will I kiss her, with this I nodded. Then noticing how hot and horny this girl was with her pert sexy nipples showing through her tight top, not knowing weather to be pleased or angry that she got me hard!! She put her arms around me and kissed me passionately. After a brief moment she looked at me with those horny eyes andsaid "I want you" with this I told her darling I want you to. Seeing her eyes I knew then that I had to break her gently.

On the way home she pulled up where We fucked hard and fast me Cumming on her pussy and passenger seat. To this day the stain of me never went, Her and the car was marked by me!!

We arranged to meet at the bar first in a local hotel, There we found a quiet corner to get to know each other. After a few drinks I move in a little close, stroking the nape of her back, then kissing this sexy young girl softly on the lips whilst rubbing her inner thigh. Whilst doing this she opened her legs a little for me to feel how horny she was. Seeing the bulge in my trousers taking a quick look around before feeling my now hard throbbing cock. As things are hotting up we take it to the room where we take a hot sexy shower together, where I stand behind her rubbing the suds into her sexy back then tease her by washing her down slowly with the shower head moving it down to her clit, where I squirt it there keeping it there making her shiver with excitement. I pass her the shower head to hold there so that I can fuck her deep and hard from behind, making her cum hard, I tell her what a sexy naughty young girl she is, how I'm going to show her in the bedroom.
After drying each other I lead her into the bedroom knowing this Is where I make her realize what a hot sexy nawty young slut she is!!

To be continued.....
My first story of which most is based on true events...

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