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Only Couples (continued 3)

Chapter 5

Stamping angrily over to the bar, Faith picked up another drink. She sipped gingerly at it, her eyes all the while searching for a possible hiding place for the key. It was no use. The key could be anywhere.
There were thousands of places about the room where such a small article could be hidden. The anger within her rushed out suddenly, a sense of helplessness replacing it. How could Boyd do this to her? She felt like crying. But no. No, by God! She'd show Boyd. Two could play the same game. She'd
pretend to go along with the mood of the party. Maybe if she made a spectacle of herself he would come to his senses and do something to get them both out of there before it turned into an all-out-orgy.

How to do it? It had to be something that Boyd wouldn't like her to do, something really far out that would shame him. He hadn't liked the nude swimming, not at all. That was it! She'd put on a show--a strip tease. Boyd wouldn't like her doing that in front of the other men, especially he wouldn't want her taking off her clothes in front of Buck. Yes. She'd play up to the Negro. Boyd certainly wouldn't be able to sit there calmly and watch her run her white hands all over that brown skin. That would bring him to his senses in a hurry! "Hey!" she yelled. "Everybody look this way. Look at me!" She watched the seven faces turn one by one toward her. She shivered. All those eyes! Boyd looked puzzled. The other six merely smiled, waiting amusedly to see what was coming.

"This party's gettin' boring," she announced, looking directly at Lucia. "You're the hostess. Can't you liven it up so we can all have a good time?" Lucia and Dirk glanced at each other. Both shrugged. "What'd you have in mind, baby?" asked Lucia. "Entertainment." Lucia laughed. "You'll get all the 'entertainment' you want before it's over."

"I feel like doing a little entertaining myself," she said, putting down her drink and going over to where Lucia, Dirk, and Buck still stood. She stopped in front of them and put her hands on her hips, standing with her feet apart. "What'd you have in mind, eager beaver," Dirk asked with a grin. "Him," she shot back, stepping up to Buck. She undid the catch of his sarong and whisked it off, pitching it away and leaving him stark naked. Looking up into his eyes, Faith put her hands on his chest and began stroking down his body in a circular motion. As she went lower, her eyes followed the movement of her hands. When she got to his hips and lower abdomen, she stopped short. The size of his organ, which was slowly rearing up it's purplish brown, circumcised head, made her gasp aloud. It was the third dick she had ever seen, and by far the biggest! Buck was as much bigger than Dirk as Dirk was bigger than Boyd! The rising column of black penis sent a shiver shooting through Faith. The thought of even trying to accommodate such a monster struck fear in her.

No. She mustn't show it. Act calm. That was the thing to do. It couldn't possibly go that far. Boyd wouldn't let it. He would never stand still for a nigger doing it to her--never! But she had to tease Boyd and make him think she might like it to happen. Then he'd make Lucia and Dirk come up with the key and they'd go home. She put her palms on Buck's chest and pushed him back a step. Grinning up at his face, she said, "Later for you, daddy. Right now I want to dance, and get out of these street clothes at the same time. Lucia, you got a record to strip by?" Lucia had a puzzled frown on her face. She made fists and put them on her hips. "Well, I'll be damned!"

"Be anything you want," Faith retorted. "Innocent little Faith wants to strip for us. I just don't believe it," Lucia remarked. "If you've got a suitable record, put it on. Then you'll damn well believe it," Faith came back quickly. She tried to sound flippant, hoping that Boyd would get the idea she really meant to take off all her clothes in front of these people. She didn't want to. She didn't think she'd have to, Boyd would surely stop her before she was completely naked.

Boyd sat beside a grinning Tanya, his scowl warning Faith not to do it. She smiled and winked at her husband, then put her hands behind her head and hunched her pelvis his way. It almost worked. Boyd started to say something to her. But he failed to follow through. Instead, he dropped his gaze from her face, embarrassed by the laughter which Faith's little hunch evoked from the others. Lucia's voice ordered rather than requested. "Bess. Put an appropriate record on for our would-be stripper. You know the one," Lucia added, sure that Bess recalled her first party, the one at which she'd f***ed the young woman to strip against her will.

Boyd sat stunned, watching as Bess broke into a little giggle and hurried over to the record player. What had come over Faith to make her act this way? For that matter, what had come over him, he wondered. True, he had been secretly hoping that Dirk would somehow manage to screw Faith Again. But this party! It was going to turn into an all out orgy for sure! He hadn't expected this, not with strangers. With only Dirk and Lucia was he willing to let things take their course, not with these other people. And that big nigger. Why, Faith was teasing him!! Leading him on!

There she stood now, letting Buck hug her from the back and cup her tits. Why, she was smiling right at him, her own husband, and rotating her butt against that big black cock! It was more than Boyd could
endure. "Faith! Stop it!" She only smiled the more, "Why darling? We came to a party. Aren't you
supposed to have fun at a party?" She stepped to the side, her eyes leading Boyd's to the massive black organ boldly standing out from Buck's groin. Her fingers trembling slightly, Faith reached out and took
it in her hand. It was thick and hot to her touch! So sturdy was Buck's rod that she discovered to her horror the impossibility of encircling it completely with her grasping fingers. "You found your fun, Boyd. Now look at what's going to give me mine," she said, her voice quavering with a mixture of fear and the beginnings of desire.

"I'll be damned if it is!" Boyd shouted, jumping threateningly to his feet. He looked so silly, thought Faith. There he is, mad as hell at the idea of me with Buck, and his stupid dick is hard and poking out of his open fly. It was what she had wanted, yet somehow it seemed so ridiculous. He just stood there, glowering at her with his thing pointed her way. She laughed. She couldn't help it. "We're going home," Boyd growled, stamping across the room toward her. "Right now!" But Lucia hurried out to meet him in the center of the room. "Cool it, Boyd. Be a good boy and go sit back down with Tanya." "Piss on you," Boyd snapped, reaching out his arm to sweep Lucia out of his way. It all happened so fast. Lucia's hands shot up and grabbed his arm. With lightning speed she moved and drew him with her. Her foot came between his legs. A split second later a sharp pain numbed his arm. He was falling suddenly. The next thing he knew he was on the floor. A pain in his neck was added to the one in his tautly bent-back arm.

Pussy greeted his eyes as he looked up. Lucia was standing over him, one foot on the floor and the other pressing into his throat. Those heels! God, how that spike heel dug into his soft flesh! With his free hand Boyd clutched at the lace-up boot. He grasped her ankle and tried to push the painful foot away. It was no use. The boot only bit into his throat more painfully than before. Groaning aloud, he looked up to plead for mercy. Lucia's expression filled him with sudden terror. She was demented, her face a mask of sadistic evil! "That's it, baby! Fight me! Fight me!"

"Aargh! Uung!" The pain was unbearable. Boyd released her ankle and opened his mouth to speak, to beg her to quit hurting him so. Only a gurgle came from his mouth. Her foot prevented the formation of words. "You're helpless, Boyd. Do you hear me? Helpless!" Boyd tried to speak. He could not. He closed his eyes and moaned. Her face! It was so evil, so distorted! He couldn't stand to look at it.

"Slap the floor once if you understand me, Boyd." She waited until he weakly hit the floor one time with his free hand. "Good. Now hear me well. I'm taking you over. You're nothing but a puny runt. All you're fit to be is a slave. I'm making you my slave. Do you understand?" Again Boyd f***ed himself to open his eyes. He gawked up incredulously at Lucia's face. She had to be k**ding. This couldn't be for real. "Noo-oo," he said, struggling against the pressure of her foot to get the simple syllable out. Then he winced in agony, croaking pitifully as she bore down brutally on his throat. Faith ran toward them, screaming, "Lucia! For God's sake, stop it! You're hurting him! Stop it, Lucia! Stop it!!!" But she got nowhere. Dirk grabbed her from behind and dragged her back before she took three steps. He twisted one arm up behind her back till she was whimpering in pain.

"Faith? Listen to me, sweetie. I don't want to have to hurt you," he said, trying to calm her. "Turn me loose," Faith whimpered. "Get Lucia off Boyd. She's killing him! Killing him ..."

"No, Faith, she's not killing him," Dirk assured. "Hurting him, yes, but not permanently."

"Make her stop, Dirk ... make her stop. Please!"

"No. She needs this. I won't make her stop."

"I don't know what you're talking about. Maybe Lucia needs it, but what about Boyd? He's in agony! Who needs that?"

"Shut up, Faith," hissed Lucia. "Just shut up ... or you'll get some of the same!"

"No! Turn me loose!" Faith yelled, trying to wrench free of Dirk's hold. "Okay, baby, if you won't listen to reason," Dirk grunted, managing to retain the struggling Faith. One leather-covered arm came about Faith's waist and locked vise like, squeezing the breath out of her. Fingers clutched at the bodice of her
dress and ripped off the buttons. Then Dirk's hand was on her bare skin, his fingers tearing away her bra. A breast was cupped, examined by groping fingertips. The fingertips found their mark, the tender brown aureole and button like nipple at its end.

Knowing what was coming, Faith gritted her teeth. The fingers moved to better advantage, rolling and pulling her nipple out in order to get a firmer hold. Then it began, slowly at first. Little by little Dirk's
fingertips, clamped down on her sensitive sex flesh. It was almost pleasant at the start, like a light caress that grew steadily heavier and heavier. Then, when the pressure increased to a certain point, the
caress turned into a minor source of irritation. From that it grew into a faint pain, felt as pain but not really anything to become alarmed over. Faith had almost decided that Dirk was merely using the threat of ill treatment to keep her from trying to rescue Boyd, when he whispered in her ear, "Brace yourself, sweetie. It may get a little rough from here on. If you feel like screaming, let it out. No one but us revelers will hear you, though, and it only incites us on to bigger and better things. Anyway, the room is soundproofed. So suit yourself."

Then it began. The pain increased just as slowly as it had up to that point. But with one difference--it had now passed the threshold of tolerability. It could no longer be ignored. Some acknowledgment of its presence had to be made. Faith's upper lip began to tremble. She sucked in her breath and tried to wiggle loose. But Dick was too strong, and he had her arms pinned to her sides so that she couldn't use her hands to try and pull his pinching fingers from her breast.

Lucia had stopped her mistreatment of Boyd and was looking on with interest, her foot still holding him to the floor helplessly as Dirk worked on Faith. The sight caused her nostrils to flare as she excitedly licked at her parted lips. "God, baby," she said to Dirk. "The way you bring it on so slowly is pure torture for me. You know that, don't you, you lovely bastard?"

"You're always so eager, Lucia my pet. It's downright crude the way you hurt your sex objects so quickly. You're the worst kind of sadist, my sweet. You give your victims no chance to respond, no time to come to enjoy the pain you inflict upon them." "I'll improve, Dirk. I promise. Boyd gave me no choice. I had to take him out of action."

"All right, sweetheart. I agree to that. Forget it now, and watch closely. Look at Faith's face. See how she's licking her lips and squinting her eyes? She doesn't want to let on that I'm hurting her. And
I'm not, not really. It started as a lover's tender caress, an enjoyable thing to all. Pleasure. That was the first thing she felt. That's an important conditioning factor, Lucia."

"If you want a willing subject, you simply have to give them pleasure at the very first. Then increase the pleasure bit by bit. Look at her now. See how her mouth hangs open? Hear the urgency of her labored breathing? I'm pinching her tit quite harshly now but she still perceives it as pleasure. Had I started at this level of intensity she would've immediately experienced sharp pain. It would have been unbearable. Probably she would have screamed in protest." Strange, thought Faith, how Dirk's voice seemed to come from off at a distance. He hadn't moved. He was still behind her, still holding her to
him. His voice was soft in her ear, talking only to her now, "Faith? Close your eyes, Faith."

She felt so helpless, so small and weak. Already she had ceased to struggle, had accepted the fact that Dirk would do with her as he pleased. "Yes," she whispered, nodding agreement as her eyelids came
down slowly and shut out the pitiful sight of her husband lying beneath Lucia's boot. Struggling hadn't helped Boyd. Lucia, a woman only little larger than herself, had reduced him to a state of degradation. How could she hope to prevent Dirk from having his way? Did she even want to stop him, she wondered dimly. This thing he was doing to her. It hurt ... yet it didn't hurt. There was more pleasure than pain in it.

Dirk began talking to her now, very softly, very comfortingly. He was careful not to increase the pressure on her nipple, merely kept it constant. The monotone of his voice helped her to relax as the nerves in her sensitive brown nipple adapted. Bit by bit the pain ebbed until Faith hazily wondered if his fingers still held her nipple captive. She moved her chest a fraction of an inch to the left in order to determine for sure if her nipple was still being pinched. It was. The tiny spear of pain told her beyond a doubt. She sighed. "Faith?"

It was Dirk's voice. "Yes?"

"How do you feel, baby?"

"So strange," she murmured. "So calm ... so contented ... so accepting."

"Am I hurting you?"

"No ... not now."

"I'm going to hurt you some more. You know that, don't you?"

"Yes, I know. I want you to. If you'll do it slowly like you have till now, I won't resist you." "Do you like what I've done to you so far?"

"Oh yesss ... I do!"

"Good. I thought you would. There's one thing we have to settle before we go on, though."

"What is it, darling?

"About your husband. He belongs to Lucia just as you now belong to me. You will both enjoy the party much more if you accept that fact. Will you put yourself completely in my hands, Faith?"
"Yes. I put myself completely in your hands. I will do as you wish," Faith whispered. She had no choice and knew it. But she did not want to resist, not now. Her intuition told her that anything Dirk did to her would somehow turn into pleasure for both of them. "I belong to you … Boyd belongs to Lucia. But..."

"She will not cause him any permanent physical damage. Is that what you're worried about?" "Yes. I couldn't stand for that to happen. I love him."

"Then relax. Lucia knows intuitively about men. She assures me that Boyd will soon voluntarily submit himself to her will, just as you have submitted to me. Can we continue now?"

"Please," Faith said, then gasped out loud as he suddenly released the pressure on her nipple. A million tiny, tingling arrows shot into her breast. It was the reverse of pain, the return to a normal state. I
don't like that," she moaned. "Open your eyes, Faith. I want you to take off all your clothes," Dirk
said, removing his arms from around her body and stepping away. Reluctantly she opened her eyes and began undoing the remaining buttons down the front of her dress. She saw Boyd, still lying on the floor. Tanya and Bess were removing his clothes as Lucia stood over all three of them with a whip held threateningly in her hand. Evidently Boyd had accepted his fate, for he made no effort to prevent what was going on.

"Lucia was right about your husband, wasn't she?" asked Dirk as he came up beside Faith. "He has a hard-on. She must have been right," Faith agreed, stepping out of her dress and dr****g it across Dirk's proffered arm.

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