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Only couples (continued 2)

Chapter 4

A sense of foreboding clutched unrelentingly at Faith's guts. Her fingers trembled as she picked up the hairbrush and stepped in front of the full-length mirror in her and Boyd's bedroom. It showed in her face, too. She should be happy, smiling. They were going to a party. Instead, the face looking back at her from the mirror appeared tense and drawn. She f***ed herself to smile and began brushing her hair.

The sound of spraying water stopped abruptly. Boyd stepped out of the shower, still humming happily, and reached for a towel. Vigorously he began drying the water from his body. Faith shook her head in wonder. How could Boyd feel that way? She hadn't wanted to accept Lucia's invitation herself, and had been sure that Boyd would flatly refuse to go to their party. She'd put off mentioning it to him until this
morning, even though Lucia had first asked them to come after they got back from the commissary on Monday.

At the time, she'd told her no. Lucia hadn't argued, and simply changed the subject and went on talking. The next day she'd asked again. Again the answer was a simple no. Lucia hadn't pressed it. The same thing happened on Wednesday. Faith again politely refused on Thursday. This time Lucia wanted to know why. Faith told her. "Boyd won't come," she'd said unwillingly, sure that Lucia'd want to discuss the sordid details that she herself would sooner leave unspoken. But Lucia'd merely smiled knowingly as she got out a cigarette and lit it. Then she exhaled thoughtfully and looked her right in the eye. "How
do you know until you ask him, Faith?"

It was up to Faith then. She could either explain her reasoning to Lucia, that Boyd would never consent to a continued friendship with Dirk after what had happened, or she could save herself the embarrassment of such a personal conversation and tell Lucia that she would ask Boyd. She agreed to ask Boyd if he wanted to attend the party. Working up the courage to ask him was a difficult thing for Faith to do. Her husband appeared to have forgotten the shameful fact of her adultery. He was treating her better than he had since the honeymoon. Bringing the painful memory back into his consciousness would probably rock the boat quite violently.

Much content with things as they were, Faith avoided the question all Thursday night. She fretted over it all day Friday, finally deciding to mention it to Boyd very casually while they watched TV that night. Her courage failed her. At breakfast on Saturday the invitation still remained unknown to Boyd. It could wait no longer; the party was that night. Faith drank her coffee and fidgeted until Boyd's cup was less than half full. Not wanting to see Boyd's face when she told him of the invitation, Faith took both cups over to the percolator. With her back to him, she fought to keep her voice nonchalant and told him they were invited to a party at the Leathermans'. The instant and angry no that she expected never sounded.

In fact, there was an awkward pause of several seconds before Boyd replied. When he did, it was to inquire if the party was to be another foursome or if others would also be present. Four couples in all would be there, Faith told him, her hand trembling as she poured their cups full of coffee. No, she said in answer to his next question, she had nothing else planned. She was halfway back to the table when he gaily remarked that it sounded like a great idea and told her to accept. Faith had damned near dropped both cups of coffee right there on the floor.

Freshly showered and shaved, his hair combed and ready to get dressed, Boyd came naked out of the bathroom. Faith was sitting on the side of the bed, her dress hiked up and one bare foot perched on the edge of the mattress. Four toenails boasted a still-wet coat of sexy pink polish. She dipped the small brush back into the bottle to carry polish to the nail of her big toe. Boyd went over and took the brush from her fingers. "Let me finish that for you," he offered, kneeling and beginning to paint on the polish
before she could object. His fingers teased ticklingly at the sloping arch of her instep. "Don't, Boyd, don't," she laughed. "Let me do it. You're going to mess it up."

Grinning up at her, he took a firmer hold of her foot and said, "I'll do it right, honey." And he did. Nimbly he applied a pink coating to her toenail, biting his tongue in concentration all the while he guided the tiny brush. When the nail was covered, he backed away and turned her foot to admire his
handiwork. "Good job, huh?" After examining the results critically, she smiled back at him. "Yes,
Rembrandt. It's a good job. Now give me the brush and get dressed while I do my other foot."

"I'll do it for you," he said seriously, putting her foot on the floor and raising the other. He placed the sole of her foot on his bare thigh and reached out to get more polish on the brush. "But why? You've never offered to do my nails before." "I dunno ... just felt like it tonight."

"But I feel so silly with you kneeling there and painting my toenails. Don't you?"

"No. I don't see anything wrong with it," he returned, finishing the nail of her little toe and dipping back into the bottle for a new supply of polish. "Oh, I don't mean that anything is wrong with it. In fact, I kind of like it." A nervous little smile played at Boyd's mouth. "Make you feel good?"

"Yeah, as a matter of fact ... it does. Makes me feel rich ... served. Be careful now. Don't smear it."

"Yes ma'am." The apprehension Faith had felt vanished. She felt in a teasing, playful mood. It was nice! She lay back luxuriously on the bed and sighed. "Tell you what, boy. Do a good job on my little piggies and I'll let you take over the job permanently." She lay still, smiling contentedly as her husband painted the rest of her toenails. He took the bottle from her hand and capped it. Though her eyes were closed, she knew by the sound when Boyd put the bottle on the nightstand. She thought it rather strange when he picked up her foot.

Then she felt his lips--on the sole of her foot! It was a long kiss, full of emotion! His lips were hot, passionate!!! "Boyd? Honey! What are you doing?" He had a sheepish look on his face when Faith sat up, which only puzzled her all the more. "There," he said, putting her foot down onto the floor. "All done." He kept kneeling there, holding her foot and looking up at her questioning face. It embarrassed her. "You'd better get dressed," she admonished. "Yeah. Guess so," he mumbled, reluctantly turning loose of her foot. He stood quickly and turned away from her to go over and get his shorts from the dresser. But he hadn't turned quickly enough to hide from Faith the cause of his sudden movement. Boyd had a hard-on--painting her toenails had turned him on!!!

Neither Faith nor Boyd were prepared for the sight which greeted them as the Leathermans' front door swung open. A lovely mulatto woman flashed them a warm smile. The fact that a Negress opened the door for them was in itself not unusual. Many of the more affluent citizens of Montgomery had maids. But this girl was obviously not a domestic servant. Girls as pretty as she could find far better jobs than the demeaning and small-paying position of maid. Besides, the Leathermans had no maid.

And this girl, even if they had hired a part-time maid just for the party, could not possibly be hired help. She was out of uniform—damned far out of uniform! The honey-brown face broke into an even wider smile at the Dunstons' mixed reactions. Both their mouths dropped open as they fought a losing battle and let their gazes fall to take in the exotic costume the Negress wore.

She was completely nude down to her small waist. Magnificent breasts stared back at them boldly, then seemed to mock the shocked expressions on their faces as the girl tried in vain to stifle a chuckle and could not keep the feminine globes from jiggling. A flowered sarong was d****d about her full, womanly hips, with one side higher than the other. The slope of the garment's top cut just below a delicately indented belly button. Her mirth caused the dark navel to jerk slightly back and forth.
It seemed to be winking at them. Sarong doesn't adequately describe the girl's flimsy covering. Mini
sarong would give a better picture. Its bottom hem came down almost halfway to her knees but an inverted V was cut in the front, its point stopping just barely below her pussy. Below the scanty costume two shapely, tan legs tapered to the floor and turned into dainty bare feet with bright red toenails. "You must be the Dunstons," the girl finally managed to say. "Come in, please. Lucia's busy and asked me to get the door in her place."

"We were invited to a party here tonight," Faith mumbled, as she and Boyd moved around the scantily-clad girl and into the foyer. "You're at the right house," the girl assured them. She closed the door
and snapped the lock. "I'm Tanya," she said, moving toward them gracefully. Somewhat awkwardly, Boyd introduced Faith and himself. He offered his hand and smiled, then appeared suddenly nervous when Tanya moved against him and kissed him instead of taking his hand. "You're cute, Boyd," she said as she stepped back. "Cute Southern white men have always been my greatest weakness."
Boyd's collar got awfully tight as he glanced over at Faith. Her scowl bore into him, making him shift uneasily and clear his throat.

"Oh, don't misunderstand me, honey," Tanya said as she moved to Faith and kissed her, too. "It's the way they talk. I could listen to that drawl for days on end."

"Are you a party guest?" Faith asked. She felt like adding or one of the hired help after the way Boyd responded to the dark girl. But she did not. Faith bit her tongue. She hadn't told Boyd about dancing with the handsome Negro. Lucky she hadn't let the catty remark slip out. From the semi-sweet tone of Tanya's answer she felt sure that she knew about it, and would probably be quite glad to let Boyd in on the secret. Faith f***ed a convincing smile. "I'm happy to know you, Tanya." Tanya kissed her again, this time letting her breasts brush intimately against Faith's. "You are a doll. Just as pretty as Lucia said you were, and just as sweet. Come on," she said, taking both Boyd and Faith by the hand, "Let's join the party."

"It's down in the orgy r--in the rumpus room," she quickly corrected herself. "Watch your step, now," she advised, leading the way down the basement stairs. "Maybe we ought to get ourselves home," Faith whispered. "Why?"

"Did you hear what she almost said?"

"Probably just a joke. You know how people are."

Faith stopped in front of Boyd on the stairs. "I don't know about that," she whispered, turning her head back toward him. "I've had a funny feeling about this party all along." "Fer crissakes, Faith! Don't be such a silly little girl all your life!" Boyd's snorted response infuriated Faith. She shook his hand off her arm and clacked on down the stairs, not bothering to wait for him. "Something wrong, baby?" Tanya stood waiting at the bottom of the stairs, smiling as she watched Faith's hips undulate toward her.

"No. Of course not," Faith said, coming up beside the dark, half-naked girl. "Let's go to the party." Tanya led them across a bare concrete floor and opened a door in a paneled wall. Blinking at the dim, eerie green lighting, Faith went through the door without bothering to check that Boyd was following. She stopped inside the door, letting her eyes adapt to the dimness. The door closed behind her. The sound of the lock turning sent a stab of fear into her heart. The whole thing looked and sounded so weird! The soft music was like nothing she'd ever heard before. Not music, not really. It was more like
jungle drums beating off in the distance, with hauntingly sensual little bursts of melodies from a flute breaking in now and then. It was a nice effect though. She closed her eyes and swayed to the beat.

A woman moaned softly, then murmured so low that her words couldn't be made out. Faith opened her eyes and looked about the room. There was Buck, dancing with a white woman she had never seen before. Buck was wearing the same kind of little sarong that Tanya had on, and the girl nestled in his muscled arms wore a harem outfit. Lucia stood behind the bar making drinks. She could only see the top of her outfit, a leather bra! The man helping her with the drinks was the other half of the harem
girl. He looked regal as a sultan, turban and all. And there, coming toward her, was Dirk! His outfit was the weirdest of all—skintight black leather pants and a tapered leather shirt to match!

The woman sighed, then harshly sucked in her breath. It was part of the music! A man grunted. Old-fashioned bed springs began to creak in time to the music. The beat sped up, and the sighs and grunts and the creaking bed springs grew more rapid. It was maddening! Then Dirk was standing in front of her, smiling as he took her into his arms and kissed her full on the lips. His tongue teased between her lips, darting back and forth in time to the frenzied sounds of the exotic music. The raspy bed springs, the drums, the man grunting and the woman moaning orgasmically, the feel of leather under her clutching hands, Dirk's tongue entering her mouth and darting about, his hands cupping her buttocks--too much! Too much!!!

The sound of male and female in the final throes of heated lovemaking bombarded Faith's ears. It caught her up and carried her along. She closed her eyes and clung weakly to Dirk, returning his soul kiss and moaning with the girl on the record. She stood there trembling against him as the record ended. Then he pulled away and held her out at arms length, smiling with satisfaction. "Welcome to the party, baby. How about a drink?"

Boyd! Oh no! Not again!! But she needn't have worried. Her husband was not behind her when she turned around. He was over near the bar, with Tanya. He had already shed his coat. They were sitting on a couch, looking into each other's eyes as Tanya removed his necktie. "I think I need one ... badly," she said. "The fun is just beginning," Dirk said laughingly, then took her hand and led her toward the bar.

"Glad you could make it, baby," Lucia told her, coming out from behind the bar and kissing her on the mouth. "Here, they're all alike. Have one," she said, and pressed a cold glass into Faith's hand. Nodding thanks, Faith sipped it gratefully. It was a margarita, the same as she'd had at the base on Monday. It was so cool and soothing that she turned it up and drank half of it down before she lowered the glass
again. She looked down to see what else Lucia had on. A leather miniskirt! And lace-up leather boots that came over the calves. The spike heels of the boots must be at least four inches, she decided.
Lucia unnerved her tonight. It wasn't only the outfit she wore. Something about her personality was different too--manlike, dominant. Faith got the same uneasy feeling she had when Lucia'd talked about all the power that Dirk controlled when he flew the big bomber.

Lucia grinned as she noticed Faith eyeing her leather garb. "Do you like it?"

"Well ... it's a little far out for me. But it doesn't look bad on you. I don't know ... leather."

"I love the feel of it on my bare skin," Lucia admitted. "I don't have anything underneath ... see?" She flipped up the tight leather skirt and held it. "Lucia!"

"What's the matter, baby? Cunt scare you?" Amazed at herself, Faith stared down at Lucia's crotch and let her take her hand and put it on her pubic mound. The crisp hair sent an electric like shock out through her body. Faith gaped and jerked her hand away. "Lucia! For heaven's sake!"

"Sorry, baby. I didn't mean to shock you, but it won't bite, you know." Lucia smiled and put her skirt down. "Come on. Let me introduce you around." The sultan was named Harold. He was very polite. Almost shy. They shook hands and mumbled the proper amenities. Then Lucia took her over to
where Buck and the harem girl were still dancing. Buck smiled intimately at her and squeezed her hand. "Save me a dance," he said. The harem girl was in fact Harold's wife. Her name was Bess. A nod and a glad to know you was all Faith got from her. Bess had a yearning look in her eye. "Where's Sam?" she asked Lucia. "Don't worry, honey. You'll get Sam," Lucia promised.

"But where is he? I haven't seen him around," Bess whined. "When the time is right!" Lucia snapped. "Now shut up about it. Dirk will go for Sam when I'm good and ready, and not before. Now don't bug
me about it any more!"

"Sure, Lucia, sure," Bess hastened to agree, her face mirroring fear as she shrank away. She went to the bar for a drink. "Who's Sam?" Faith wanted to know. Buck laughed. "You'll see. Lucia likes to spring Sam as a surprise guest. He really livens up a dying party, doesn't he, Lash?" Lucia's eyes twinkled. "Bess goes for that type of entertainment. She's the one that livens it up more than Sam." Sam? Lash? What type of entertainment? What was going on? Faith had to ask. "What kind of party is this, Lucia?"

"All for fun, baby. All for fun."

"You could have at least told me it was going to be a costume party. Everyone's in costume except Boyd and me." "I don't think your husband's noticed that yet, Faith," Buck commented as he glanced across the room. Sure enough, Boyd hadn't noticed. Faith followed Buck's approving stare and saw Boyd and Tanya still sitting on the couch. They were embracing passionately, their open mouths glued together and their hands eagerly fondling genitals that were exposed for all to see. Her cheeks flushing
with embarrassment, Faith jerked her head back around.

"Faith's noticed, though," Lucia said. "She should have a costume. Don't you think she'd feel more at home if she had an appropriate costume for the party, Buck?"

"Of course she would, Lucia. Why don't you loan her your red outfit?"

"Oh no, Buck. Those leather riding britches would look tacky on Faith. She's much too feminine for that kind of get-up."

"No," Faith protested weakly. "I don't really need a costume."

A male voice came from behind her. "Only way to feel at home is to have a costume that fits the mood." Faith swung around to see Dirk leering at her. "All right. Let me run home and see ... I think I have one packed away." She had no intention of coming back, at least not tonight. Once out the door the party would be over, as far as she was concerned. She was beginning to realize what the so-called party would turn into, and she wanted no part of it. Dirk shook his head. "Huh-uh. Too late."

Panic welled up and made it hard for Faith to breathe. She looked to Buck, searching for an ally. But he only shrugged his broad shoulders and grinned. She wheeled around to face Lucia. "What does he mean, Lucia? How can it be too late when I only live right across the street?"

"This is a special kind of party, little one. Once all the guests have arrived, no one leaves until the rest are ready to break it up." "Then ... you're not going to let me go? Do you think you can keep me here
against my will? No! I won't have it! I'm not going to stay for your party. I'm walking out. Boyd can do whatever he pleases, but I'm saying good night!" With that, Faith whirled and ran over to the door. Frantically she searched it for a knob. There was none on the inside, only a place for a key, and the door swung into the room. The key. It was the only way to get out of the room. Tanya had it. Anyway, she was the one who let them in and locked the door. She hurried over to the sofa.

Boyd didn't see her approach. He was bent over sucking on one of Tanya's brown tits. Her legs were spread apart, and Boyd had two fingers working energetically in and out of her slippery, dark cunt. How could he? How could he fall in so quickly and eagerly with this type of people? But Boyd was not at the moment her main concern. The key. That's what she wanted, in order to escape this insane party. Faith bent over Tanya and called her name. Brown eyelids came open lazily, revealing glassy and widely dilated brown eyes. Tanya focused with difficulty, smiling when she recognized Faith. She licked her lips. "Come on in, baby. The water's fine and I've got enough lovin' for you too. Kiss me," she sultrily invited, pursing her lips and closing her eyes again. "The key!" Faith demanded. "Give me the key!"

"You wanna leave?" Tanya sounded as if she were astounded. Tanya burst into a fit of laughter. Boyd raised his head and frowned, then went back to sucking the pouting nipple as if he hadn't even seen her.
"What the hell's so funny about that?" "Relax, baby, relax. Let your hair down and enjoy it. He is," Tanya said, nodding to Boyd's nuzzling head. "f***e yourself if you have to at first. You'll come to like it. I did. Might as well. Lucia hides the one key. My first party I looked for it for over an hour. Didn't find it. You won't either. Join it!"

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