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Out Door MOM part 2


Standing with her tits showing and her shorts at her knees, letting her son and daughter look at her, Susan watched their faces closely. Doing such things with each other was much different than doing them with their mother, and she wanted to be sure before she went farther. Toby's cock kept bulging, and when she searched his eyes, she saw desire, excitement, need in them. Ginger, to her surprise, was showing the same thing. But she knew neither of them had never gone farther than what she had just seen, that both were inexperienced, but very, very eager. What had held them off so far, she didn't know, but they weren't going to hold back any longer.

She leaned against a lemon tree, her tits lifting, her eyes slitted as she watched them. Toby was making low sounds in his throat and Ginger was writhing and gurgling softly, their eyes burning on her body. Susan lifted one leg, and slipped her foot out of her cut-offs, letting them fall to her other foot. She ran her fingers through her pussy hair, parting it to show the pink wetness of her cunt. It was like the way she had teased her husband in the groves, but she felt it more intently with her son and daughter.
"Don't hide them from mother," she moaned. "I've already seen them, watching you two. Don't hide them from me now."

"Hide what, Mother?" Ginger asked. Toby, finally understanding, laughed in delight. "My cock and your pussy, Ginger!"

"Toby!" Ginger gasped. "Not in front of Mother!”

“Oh, yes, in front of mother," Susan said. She worked her middle finger into her cunt, unabashedly letting her son and daughter watch as she slowly finger fucked herself. "Right in front of mother. Both of you ... let me see! I want to have fun, too." Ginger and Toby gaped as they watched her, seeing the juicy cunt lips close about her finger, hearing the wet sounds, watching her tits jiggle slightly. Toby was the first to comply. He almost ripped his pants open in his haste to get his cock out. It jumped from his pants, hard and throbbing, the head smooth and swollen, juice dripping from the tip. He clutched it, running his fist back and forth. Ginger, shaking wildly, looked from her mother to her b*****r,her hands agitated, darting to her small tits, down to her hips, back to her tits again. She was breathing in labored sounds, eyes smoldering. "Now you, Ginger," Susan urged, dragging her soaked finger out of her cunt and pulling upward on her rigid clit.

Fumbling with her fingers, Ginger opened her shorts again, and pushed them down, her eyes darting from her b*****r's cock to her mother's steaming cunt. She seemed not to know what to do next, her shorts at her knees, her tight pink panties clinging to her small hips. "Your panties, baby," Susan breathed, both hands at her cunt now, opening the slit, pressing it tightly. "Push your panties down, too.” A deep-throated squeal came from Ginger as she shoved her panties down to her knees, one hand cupping her cunt shyly.

Susan let her daughter adjust, delighted that her son was not as hesitant. She bent her knees, her back sliding down the trunk of the lemon tree. She spread her knees wide, working at her cunt with swift thrusts of her finger. She watched her son pump his cock as he stared in fascination at her exposed pussy and what she was doing with her fingers.

"Oooooh, Mother!" Ginger gasped hotly, rubbing at her succulent pink cunt now, unable to keep from doing it. "You sound so wet!”

“I am wet!" Susan gasped, thrusting two lingers into her cunt. "I'm so wet, so very wet and very hot! I need it! I want it!”

“Do it, Mom!" Toby panted. "I am!" Susan gasped, plunging a third finger into her cunt. Ginger and Toby could see the stretching of their mother's pussy, see how wet her hand was getting, the soft hair framing it. "I am doing it! I'm going to make myself come ... just like you two did!" Ginger had lost her shyness now. It was replaced by a steaming urge to feel what she had earlier, those wonderful, ever-so-delicious pulsations between her thighs. She poked a finger into her tight little cunt, crying out with pleasure as she probed, her eyes darting to her mother's naked body, to her b*****r's cock. Toby was dripping a lot, smearing the shaft of his prick with the liquid. "Ahhhh, so good!" Susan moaned, watching them as she lewdly fingered herself. "To watch you two ... to do it in front of you! Ohhhh, God, this is so good!" Her ass wiggled as she squatted there, knees flung very wide apart. Her tits shook, her eyes blazing. "Toby ..." she gasped. "Don't come! Please, baby, don't come!”

“But I gotta, Mom!" he panted. "You can see how hard I am!”

“No, don't come!" she cried, jerking her dripping fingers out of her cunt and standing up. She flung her shirt from her shoulders. She stepped close to her son, jerking his fist off his cock, and closing her own about it. "Ohhh, so hard! Ahhh, nice and hard!" She stroked her son's cock, with Toby grinning from ear to ear, his hips pushing forward. Ginger stared open-mouthed, her finger buried into her sugary cunt, surprised to see what their mother had done. She had wanted to grab hold of her b*****r's cock before, but shyness had prevented her. Susan, feeling the hot hardness in her hand, suddenly made a decision. "Give it to me, Toby," she asked, breathless. "Please, honey, give it to mother!"

Now it was Toby that seemed not to understand. But Ginger knew right away what her mother meant.
"Mother, you mean you want Toby to …" Susan, almost out of her mind with heat, jerked her son's cock hard, then turned it loose and worked quickly at his jeans, opening them, pushing them to his feet. She stared at his cock, lifted high at an angle to his stomach, his full balls so hot. She sucked in a deep breath, cradling his balls in her hand, feeling the hot fullness, the youth of them. "Stick it in me!" she gasped. "I want it inside me!”

“You mean ..." Toby gasped, hardly believing it. "Yes, fuck me!" Susan cried out. "I mean fuck me!"
Ginger giggled, twisting her little ass and shaking with heat. "But, Mom ..." Toby moaned. "Fuck me," she insisted. "Fuck me right here, on the ground!" She pulled from him, dropping to the ground, not minding the dirt on her naked skin. She spread her legs wide, knees bent with her ass lifted. Her cunt beckoned with glistening softness. Twisting her ass slowly, she held her arms up to her son, with Ginger now dancing about excitedly. "Do it to Mother!" Ginger gurgled. "Go on, Toby, do it to her!"
Toby seemed frozen, standing with his jeans at his feet,his cock almost slapping his stomach, gazing between his mother's slender thighs.

"Fuck me!" Susan demanded. "Ram your hard cock up my hot cunt and fuck me, Toby!" Ginger pushed her b*****r and Toby stumbled, falling between their mother's spread thighs, his cock sliding along one leg toward her cunt. His hands flew forward to catch himself, and Toby found himself with his hands filled with his mother's jutting tits. He gasped, starting to jerk away, but Susan grabbed his ass, her fingers digging into his flesh.

"Do it!" she demanded, wrapping her long legs about him, her hips gyrating as her cunt searched for his cock. "Do it now, Toby!" Toby was caught in the hot squeeze of his mother's thighs, his cock pressed into the soft mat of her pussy hair, his balls rubbing the wet, throbbing slit of her cunt. He stared down into his mother's steaming eyes, shaking, not knowing what to do, or how to do it. Susan clutched him desperately, swinging her naked ass around, arching hard against him. Ginger, squealing with wicked delight, danced about them, her eyes on fire with wanton pleasure. Susan caught her young daughter's expression, and her pulses leaped. Ginger, young as she was, obviously was a hot little girl. And just as obviously, she wanted to see Toby fuck their mother as much as Susan wanted her son to fuck her.

Toby, caught up with the heat of his mother's body, began probing blindly with his cock, stabbing almost frantically. He kept missing his mother's cunt, and since Susan obviously was not going to turn him loose, it was up to Ginger to give him some help. As she squatted at their hips, her hot little hand moved between her b*****r's thighs, her fingers pulling at his hard cock. Leaning down, she saw her mother's hairy slit, dripping juices. She pushed her b*****r's cock to the puffy lips, and Toby thrust. "Ahhhh, baby! Yes, yes!" Susan whimpered. "Oh, my God––yes!"

Her son's cock stretched her fiery cunt, the shaft rubbing along the satiny walls. She dug her hands into his naked ass, straining against him as his cock jerked about, her clit smashed at the base. Her pussy squeezed him, making Toby grunt. He was still clutching his mother's tits, her nipples hot and hard, boring into his palms. "Stab it!" Susan cried out, humping her ass, riding her son's cock as he held himself stiff in fascination. "Ram it in me! Toby, fuck me ... fuck mother!"

Ginger was gazing with blazing eyes, watching her mother holding him between her thighs, seeing her naked ass twisting wantonly. Her young cunt was on fire, so wet she couldn't believe it. She spread her knees and rubbed at her hairless pussy with her palm and fingers, breathing hard. She placed her other hand on her b*****r's naked ass and pushed. "Do it to her, Toby!" Ginger cried out. "Ooooh, Mother, I can see it inside you!”

“Yes, watch it, Ginger!" Susan sobbed, humping her ass up and down. "Toby, harder! Fuck me harder right now!" Toby, his balls on fire and his cock being squeezed by his mother's cunt so wonderfully, began to plunge in and out by instinct, causing his mother to gasp in ecstasy. Susan gasped in delight as her son's hard cock began to pound into her overheated cunt. She unlocked her legs, placing her feet on the ground, knees spread wide, and churned her crotch wantonly with his lunging movements. The wet sounds seemed loud, the squishy juices of Susan's cunt creating intense slipperiness around his cock. Her ass never touched the ground now. She held it high, twisting and twirling, humping up at him, making soft little slaps against his balls. Her hands clung to his waist, and Toby, still holding her tits, was gasping and trembling.

His weight rested on his mother's tits, but Susan didn't feel it. All she felt was his cock sliding in and out of her bubbling cunt, scr****g her clit, his balls bouncing off her gyrating ass. The sensations of Toby's cock in her pussy sent her pulses racing, her mind reeling. She strained her head back, eyes suited with mindless passion, churning her hips wickedly to his thrusts. She dug into his waist with strong fingers, gurgling sounds in her throat.

Susan could feel her daughter next to them, but she couldn't focus on her, see her sweet expression. She could, however, hear the hot breathing of her daughter. She felt more wanton, more wicked, more perverse than ever in her life, and she knew it was because she was fucking her son, and that her daughter was not only watching them fuck, but was being turned on intensely by watching.

The very idea of being fucked by her son on the ground, in the lemon grove, with her daughter watching, was the most thrilling thing that Susan had ever experienced. The knowledge that she was exhibitionistic was never so strong. Being seen with her son's cock in her cunt was sending her into a soaring passion that was maddening. "Toby, Toby ... oh, baby, you're so hard! Mother loves it hard! Mother's cunt loves it hard! Ahhhhh, your cock ... so hard, so fucking hard! In my cunt, baby! Your hard cock is in mother's cunt, fucking it! Oooooh, give mother's cunt that hard cock! Give my hot pussy every fucking inch of your beautiful, hard cock!"

Toby, panting heavily, rammed almost brutally, driving his cock in all the way, smashing at his mother's swollen pussy lips with desperate lunges. His cock tingled, his balls were hard and boiling. The clasp of his mother's fiery cunt around his cock was amazing. Susan was in the clutch of the hottest ecstasy of her life. It seemed to her that Toby's cock reached depths she had no idea she possessed, touched nerves in her cunt she had not been aware of. She could feel the hard ridges of his cock, feel the swollen head rubbing the walls of her clinging cunt, the powerful throb that raced through it. She flung her knees wide, straining to pull his cock all the way into her compressing cunt. She began to make noises, low and deep in her throat. Her body was on fire, trembling uncontrollably. Her cunt was grasping at her son's cock like a fist, gripping and relaxing, something that surprised her and delighted her son.

Toby, grunting, worked his ass up and down, his eyes closed and mouth gaping. His movements turned frantic, jerky, uncoordinated. His balls were very tight, aching. Susan felt her son's cock throbbing, seeming to grow larger inside her cunt. She darted her hands to his naked, humping ass, curling her fingers into each cheek. She drew her knees up and back, lifting her crotch to his cock. "Ohhhh, I'm ... I'm ..." A scream ripped from her throat.

Her cunt contracted, gripping her son's cock so tight that he found he could not pull it back. The convulsions squeezed hard, flexing around the base of his cock. His balls, smashed into the spreading cheeks of her ass, felt the wild puckering of her asshole. "You're making mother come!" Susan sobbed crazily. "You're making me come! Oh, God, it's so good! My cunt ... oooh, I love it so much! I love to come, to be fucked and come so hard like this!"

The rippling spasms grabbed his cock over and over, and Susan thrashed mindlessly on the ground, her ass swinging lewdly. The orgasm almost shattered her, it was so strong. When the convulsions lost power, Toby began to fuck her again, ramming swiftly, making choking sounds in his throat. Susan, with her knees pulled toward her shoulders, slipped her arms behind them, spreading them, offering her cunt to her son wantonly. "Fuck me, fuck me!" she wailed, feeling herself on the brink of another orgasm. "Fuck my cunt! Make me come again, baby! Ohhh, your cock is throbbing in mother's cunt! Squirt it to me, Toby! Squirt your come juice in mother's cunt! Come in my pussy! Fill mother's cunt up with hot come juice!"

Toby suddenly rammed hard, his body stiff. He lifted his young face to the sun, straining as deep as he could into his mother's cunt. His balls swelled, and his cock seemed to increase in size. "Mom! Ohhh, Mom!"

“Come!'' Susan cried out. “Spurt that sweet juice up my cunt!" With a loud grunt, Toby came. He spurted his scalding come juice into his mother's cunt rapidly, splashing the satiny walls. Susan felt each squirt, felt it more than she ever had.

With a cry, she came again, her hairy cunt squeezing his juices out of his preciously young balls. As she came with him, she felt his balls writhing against her puckering asshole, felt his cock jerking in the clamping heat of her cunt. The squirts seemed to last forever, and each time he spurted into her, her cunt would contract with fantastic orgasmic ripples.

Toby lost what strength he still had as he came in his mother's cunt. His hands slipped off her tits to the ground, and he lay on top of her. Susan lowered her long legs, spreading them out wantonly as she felt his cock soften inside her cunt. She caressed his now-sweaty back, and as her eyes focused, saw her daughter squatting at their hips, her young eyes fiery. She saw that Ginger was still rubbing her cunt, and her hand glistened wetly. Ginger's expression was beautiful, her eyes glassy, and her little ass twisted lewdly. Her breathing came in soft gasps, and her naked little body was shuddering. Her tiny tits were hard, her pink nipples protruding in tingling sweetness.

Susan gently pushed her son off her body, and sat up on the ground. She very tenderly removed Ginger's drenched hand from that candied cunt. "Let me help you, darling," she said in a low, husky voice. "I know what you're feeling, and I won't let you suffer, Ginger." Ginger, with her young knees spread wide, was desperate in need. Her eyes were unfocused, her sweet mouth parted. Toby moved to watch, and Susan began to rub at her daughter's protruding clit, slowly easing a finger into the hairless slit. She gasped at the smooth tightness of her daughter's cunt, and began to fuck up and down, stabbing her finger into Ginger's cunt while her thumb agitated the swollen clit.

"Come, baby," Susan urged in a soft, but hot, voice. "Come for mother. Just feel it, and come, darling."
Ginger began to squeal, twisting her little ass, her knees very wide apart. She squatted with her head tilted back, eyes closed, ecstasy shining on her lovely young face. Toby watched with interest as his mother's finger darted in and out of his s****r's cunt, seeing the creamy soft folds grip their mother's finger. "So tight, Ginger," Susan said softly. "Your little cunt is so tight on mother's finger. And so very hot! God, you have a tight, hot little cunt, Ginger!”

“Mother ..." Ginger gasped, grabbing Susan's lower arm. "Oooooh, Mother! I'm gonna ... ohhh, I'm gonna piss, Mother!”

“No, you aren't," Susan said. "You're going to come. But if you piss, that's okay, too." Ginger, with a scream, went into contractions, her hairless cunt pulling at her mother's finger, tightening even more. Her small body shook violently and the screams of her ecstasy sounded tortured.

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