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The SLut in Room 232

All she knew was the room number was 232 and a time to be there. She also knew that tonight would be rougher, kinkier and more extreme than the last. That had been the game so far. What started as light bondage and some playful spanking had slowly turned over the last year into things she had only read of or seen online. What shocked her was how willing she was to be a whore. Not just willingly but longingly, she craved it. Normal sex, sex that anyone who knew her would assume was the only kind she had ever known. Sex without pain, without humiliation, without taboos, without whatever it was that she now knew that she wanted and deserved ,was all she could think of. Run of the mill sex was something that only meant it was time to fake an orgasm . Now to truly cum she had to be treated like filth, like a nasty 2 dollar whore.
What was in store tonight? She thought of all the things she had said she was interested in trying or the the things he mentioned that she just giggled and smiled about. Had she mentioned things to extreme? She couldn't even remember all of them. This thought made her blush and get wet at the same time. There was no "too extreme" anymore.
She entered the room and saw him sitting there waiting, she had already been told what to do and knew not to speak. She walked to the table next to him and assumed her position on her knees , eyes down .
"Your safe-word, you remember it i assume slut?" "And you remember to feel free to say it if you need too, but remember that after you say it a second time you are to dress and get out of my sight. I may or may not contact you again. "
Never had she uttered the safe word and she knew she never would, it wasn't the threat of not being used by him , it was the fact that she knew she would do whatever it was no matter how bad it made her feel, no matter how it might hurt or degraded her. The fact was, she wanted it too be too much, too much for another slave, but not her. She would take anything and thank her Master. "Lucky for me you arrived early, I've been bursting for the last 30 minutes at least. Unzip me and take out my cock piss slut and beg for a drink "
She quickly unzipped him and begged to taste his piss, pleading to drink it all down and not spill a drop. Master had not been lying about "bursting" . The stream of hot piss flowed fast into her open mouth and she guzzled as fast as she could but it was so much that some poured from her mouth and down her neck making a large wet spot grow from her neckline down over her tits. She knew she would pay for that. She knew he liked to spray her tits with piss but this time Master had ordered her to drink it all and she had failed. As the last few drops fell into her mouth she saw his hand reach for the cane.
"You are off to a bad start. Poor stupid cunt can't even drink piss right. Strip the shirt and bra off and hold those fat tits up for me"
She had just lifted her tits up with her hands as the cane swished through the air and stung her tit hard. Not prepared she let out a small squeal. "That was for not thanking your Master for giving your worthless ass a drink" She apologized and thanked him for reminding her , promising to be a better slut next time. 3 more times the cane came down on her large soft tits, 3 times she thanked her Master. She could see the welts already rise on her tits. Later the next night she would slowly run her hand over these welts and others he left as she fucked her cunt with the other hand thinking back on this night. She always felt disappointed when after a few days the soreness in her holes and the welts and bruises slowly faded away. She hoped tonight that the cane would leave a deeper mark somewhere, anywhere. Something that would be there at least a week and hopefully more.
He then pushed 2 fingers into her mouth and pulled her to her feet. He unzipped the side of her dress and let it fall down exposing her freshly shaved cunt. Sliding a few fingers in to her already dripping snatch he let his tongue dance around her hard nipple and bit it with his teeth clamping down a little harder as his fingers moved deeper inside of her. She came the instant he slammed in another finger and looked into his eyes as he pulled her nipple with his teeth hard . The next thing she knew he had released his bite, spat in her face and his hand swiftly flew hard across her check. She came again even harder. "Did i tell you to look at me cunt?" She shook her head no an apologized, being sure to keep her eyes lowered.
"What a sick Lil cunt you are. What do you think your Mom would think if she knew you just came like mad from being slapped across the face? Some how I'm guessing the other moms in PTA would be a little shocked that you were a piss drinking cum guzzling fuck toy. Maybe I'll take a few pictures of you tied to a chair with cum dripping down your face and a big fat dildo shoved up your ass to send them. Would you like that?"
"No Sir, i wouldn't"
"Are you sure slut?" he asked.
"I don't'..I'm not...Sir i"
He told her not to worry, no pics of her slut ass would go out. Though he knew she would hate and love it at the same time.
"I need a drink bitch, now."
He asked if she was thirsty and she nodded. He grasped a handful of her hair and yanked her head back only saying "open" . He took a large drink from his bottle then leaned forward and spat the beer into her mouth. She swallowed and thanked him. He took a drink , then took another and spat it into her mouth again. This continued till the bottle was empty.
"Squat bitch" Is all he said and she rose to her feet and then squatted down. She wasn't sure she could piss right now which is what she assumed he wanted , or he was in need of a toilet slut again. She found out that she was wrong as he reached down between her legs and inserted the neck of the beer bottle in your cunt. She had taken the neck and at least half the bottle before. He took immense pleasure fucking her with bottles, loosing her up some before he started with some intense fisting which always left the bed with a huge puddle of her pussy juice. The bottle slide in slowly further and further and she came again. "you'll take it all in your cunt now or it's 30 lashes across your ass."
This threat did nothing but increase the flow of wetness in her throbbing cunt and the bottle pushed further in till he was holding the entire bottle in with just a finger. "Now you'll stand up and you'll keep that bottle in that cunt , do you her? If the bottle falls out it will be your ass that will pay the price."
Slowly she started to straighten herself up. "Keep it in or i assure you the punishment i have in store for you will make you ache for a weeks time slut"
That was all it took. Just as he finished the word ache she started to cum again. This time even bigger than before. She could feel her cunt muscles twitching and squeezing against the hard glass beer bottle and then as she moaned the bottle pushed out to the floor followed by a quick squirt of hot pussy juice ....
"You worthless fuckin bitch. I should have known your stretched out fuckin cunt couldn't hold it in. On the bed, ass in the air. Knowing your such a twisted cunt you probably pushed it on purpose hoping for punishment. If that's the case then you are about to regret what you wished for.................................."
To be continued

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