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ok so i was at school (college) with my best friend... he's really cute.
so for some reason, he tells me to go to the bathroom. so i do. when i get in there, there's no one in there. "there's no one in here" i tell him. "great" he says and follows me in there. he locks the door and starts chasing me but i am trapped of course. when we get to the back wall, i give in. first he whips out his cock and nuts on my face. it felt so good too. then i suck his dick so quick. he lays me on the cold floor, strips me of my clothes, then thrusts his 14 inch cock into my wet pussy. i was squirting like niagra falls by the time he was done. he goes in and out of me like people walking in and out of the mall. next he throat fucks me in a 69 because he was one top of me. i am thinking "wow he sure likes me sucking his dick". then some how, after he has devoured my wet fat pussy, he shoves his entire dick in my mouth. i passed out on the floor. he told me that he knew i was still breathing and alive so he fucked me for another hour. we had never done this before. but i knew we would again

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