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Out Door MOM part 1


The scent of lemon filled the air. The groves were in full bloom. Susan loved this time of year more than any other. The scent of lemon, the flower or the fruit, always made her feel erotic. Enjoying the scents, though, was not the same as enjoying the tingling flesh of another--a man to share her wanton joy. Over a year had passed since her husband had been killed in an accident, and for a while, She had coped, but now the groves were in bloom, and she-was having a difficult time. Walking through the grove now, her cunt became very moist, getting wetter with each step. She remembered how she and her husband would sneak away-from the house in the evening, carrying a blanket, and beneath the lemon trees, undress and clutch each other. He had enjoyed the lemon scent as much as she and his cock would rage with hardness on those unforgettable evenings, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. But now she no longer had him, had no one to share her desires with. She paused near a tree, poking her nose into a blossom and inhaling deeply. Why the Scent of lemon did these wonderful things to her body, she didn't know, and she didn't care to find out why. She simply wanted to enjoy it. The strong scent in her nose sent a wild, lurching sensation to her pussy, creating a throbbing hardness in her clit, almost as if she were on the brink of orgasm. Moaning softly at the delicious feeling, she stood smelling the blossom, fondling her tits through the open neck of her skirt. She felt her nipples strain with bursting hardness.

Feeling wonderfully wicked, she opened the shirt to let the sun kiss the creamy softness of her firm, shapely tits. Her nipples perked upward, tilted with tingling hardness. She started rubbing her fingers lightly along the seam of her tight, ragged old shorts. They had been at one time a pair of jeans, now faded and worn. She loved them because the seam pressed so perfectly against the slit of her cunt, crushing her throbbing clit. Her husband had loved to watch her wear them, and at his suggestion, she cut them very high so her lovely ass could be seen. But he wasn't there to see her beauty now. No one was around to see her beauty to enjoy her bubbling hungers. Susan was thirty-two years old, much too young to be a widow, and especially a widow with steaming desires that were very hard to control. She was tall, slender and very lovely. Her hair was dark, almost a bronze color, and her eyes were unusually blue. Her face could grace the cover of any magazine, and her body was what boys and men dreamed of, waking up with a gushing cock in their hands. She knew she was beautiful, but she accepted it. She did not flaunt it, nor was she vain about it. Having two c***dren had not left a-mark on her, and she did not have to watch her diet or exercise to maintain her wet-dream body. It was a body to be shared, to enjoy, to take delight in, a body that loved to be touched, caressed, made love to. Susan was very receptive to touch, to sight. Her husband had shown her she had hidden hungers, and had opened her up until she had little, if any, inhibitions with him.

Yet they had been careful around Ginger and Toby. Her daughter and son had never caught them, never seen the wild', delicious things they did with each other. She thought of them, walking slowly through the lemon grove. Toby, growing-fast, was the oldest by a year. It amused Susan as she watched him try to imitate his father, to be the man his father was. He was an energetic boy, always working in the groves. He was not much help yet, but in a few more years he would be working the groves like a grown man. He was starting to gain muscles, his voice recently changing to a deeper tone, still shrill at times, then unexpectedly dropping into hoarseness.

Ginger was a little beauty with a mouth-watering body already Her-hair was silky, a red, dish blonde, with blue eyes-tike her mother's. She was still gangly, but filling out prematurely. Susan had noticed the tight little mounds of burgeoning tits on her daughter, the swell of her pink nipples against her t-shirts and dresses, and still put off getting Ginger into a bra. Her legs were very long goldenly tanned, with satiny flesh. Her pretty little ass jutted out in two adorable bubbles, so sweet that it made the palms itch to feel, to hold, to caress. She had the face of an angel, a very sweet, innocent face, but Susan had seen a wildness into those blue eyes that resembled her own. Both Ginger and Toby enjoyed the isolation of the lemon groves. They were not really isolated; it was only fifteen minutes into town. But here they had the open spaces, without neighbors to see them. They played among the groves and in the watering sprinklers all the time. Susan never worried about them. She had no reason to worry about them. Nothing could harm then in the groves.

Susan didn't remember unzipping her shorts and pushing her hand into them. But she had, and was strolling with her hand cupping her cunt, feeling the soft hair against her palm, the puffy heat of her slit, the wetness on her fingers. Her tits moved in a tight manner as she walked, her nipples high and swollen. She pressed at her clit, and the soft moan it brought from her almost caused her to miss the other sound. She stopped, turning her head, listening. "I can do that, too," she heard her daughter's happy voice. “Not standing up,” came her son's reply.

“I've done it before," Ginger said. For a reason she couldn't explain, Susan kept her breathing as quiet as she could, and being careful not to step on twigs, moved toward their voices. She felt a heat swell in her, a feeling that she was about to see something Ginger and Toby didn't want her to see. The voices became louder and clear as she approached. They had their backs to her, and Susan peeked at them from behind a tree. Toby was in jeans, Ginger in shorts. "Don't you get wet when you do it standing up, Ginger?" Toby was asking his s****r. Ginger giggled, a cute sound. "'I did at first, but not anymore."

"Why did you wanna do it standing up?"

“I don’t know. It just sounded like fun, and it is." Toby turned to face his s****r. Susan jerked her hand to her mouth to stifle the sudden gasp. Toby's jeans were open, his cock out. Her eyes burned, turning glassy as she stared at it. There was a quick throb in her cunt, and only now did she realize the hand covering her mouth was the one she had been feeling of her cunt with. The heady scent assaulted her nostrils, and to her surprise, she almost came. She noticed that her daughter was gazing at her b*****r's cock with smoldering young eyes, her soft lips parted, and her chest heaving up and down. It never entered Susan's mind to let them know she was there, to say something to them, to put a stop to it. All she wanted to do was watch, see what they would do with each other. She found herself becoming very excited, with her ass bunching as her cunt pulsated wetly. Her tits were still exposed, trembling as hunger boiled through her."Let's see how far you can do it," Ginger said in a trembling voice.

Toby took his cock in his fingers, arching his hips forward. "See that leaf? I can piss right on it." Susan shivered. She didn't know her son used those words. Ginger gave a little squeal, stepping to one side, her eyes fixed upon her b*****r's cock. "Do it, Toby. I wanna see if you can piss that far." Susan's cunt was tightening, drawing inward. Listening to them was creating a wanton fire in her body, the sight of her son's cock making her shake from head to toe.

A spurt of golden piss erupted from Toby's cock.“Ohhhh!" Ginger mewled, her slender body trembling as she watched, one small hand cupped about a tiny tit, her other sliding to the front of her shorts.

"You did it, Toby! You pissed that far!” Toby stopped, although obviously not finished. "Now you try it, Ginger," he said. A slight flush crept over her sweet face, and she looked up at her b*****r shyly. "I never did it with anyone watching before. I might have trouble."

"Be fair, Ginger," Toby urged. "I showed you and now you gotta show me." Susan found herself, in her mind, urging her daughter to do what her son wanted, because she wanted to watch, too. Her shorts were still unzipped, but buttoned at the waist, and as she. crouched peering at them, the fly gaped, exposing the soft, dark hair of her cunt. She had never worn panties with her shorts. Ginger giggled shyly, trying to pull the tight crotch of her shorts to one side, but found it impossible. "I can't get my shorts out of the way," she giggled. “Then unzip them," Toby urged, his voice-going from high to low.
"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Ginger said, her eyes flashing. "Then you'd see me." Toby lifted his cock, waggling it at his s****r. "You see mine, don't you?"

"I see it, Toby,'' Ginger said quietly, her eyes burning on the head of her b*****r's cock. A golden bead of piss clung to it. "Oh, yes, I see it!" Her small hands fumbled with the front her shorts. Susan saw the pink panties as he daughter wiggled her shorts down to her thighs. She saw, too, that her son was watching hotly and his cock was hardening. "Now your panties," Toby said, croaking. "Not down," Ginger replied, her voice whispery. I'll do it this way." She slipped a finger into the crotch of her pink panties, and pulled it aside. Susan swallowed. The honeyed slit of her daughter's cunt was lovely, so smooth-looking, so soft. She notice, the sun glint on a few golden hairs, and also glistening wetness.

"Try that twig," Toby said, pointing. Susan thought he was pointing at her, but it was only in her direction. Toby and Ginger stood side by side, facing her, and she was surprised they didn't see her peering at them. Her eyes moved from her son's pushing cock to he daughter's revealed cunt. She was burning up, her cunt on fire, juices soaking into the tight seam of her cutoffs. Ginger parted her legs, bending her knees slightly. She held her panties to one side, using the fingers of her other hand to spread the succulent slit of her cunt. Susan saw her tiny clit lift, and then a gush of golden piss spewed out of Ginger's adorable cunt, spurting toward the twig. Ginger giggled as she pissed, and Toby, after seeing she could reach the twig, was leaning over and gazing at his s****r’s cunt, panting heavily, gripping his cock in his fist now.

Susan pressed her palm harder against her lips, her eyes wide, burning with intensity as she watched. Her tits were hard very swollen, her nipples feeling as if they were going to burst. Her cunt was throbbing, convulsions near. Her clit felt as hard as a rock, swollen stiffly. "I told you I could do it!" Ginger giggled, the stream slowing. "Oh, damn! I knew that would happen!" As the stream slowed, Ginger dribbled along her thigh, getting her shorts wet. Toby was shaking, his cock very hard in his fist. He stared hungrily at his s****r's pussy, her piss gleaming on the inside of one thigh. Then, without saying anything, Toby began pumping his cock. "Toby! You're not playing fair!" Ginger gasped, watching him, "You're not supposed to do that!" "It feels too good, Ginger!" Toby gasped his fist sliding up and down his cock. "I gotta do it!"

Susan was getting weak, her legs shaking badly. Her daughter was watching her son jack off, still with her panties pulled away from her sugary cunt, her small body shivering. She was moaning softly as she watched, and then began to touch the slit of her pussy, rubbing at the sides of her now straining box.
"You can do it, too, Ginger," Toby panted, watching her fingers. "We can do it together."

"You're so hard, Toby!" Ginger gurgled. "Does it get hard like that very often?"

"All the time," Toby gasped, staring at his s****r's cunt, pounding his cock faster. "Play with it, Ginger! I wanna see you play with your pussy, too!" Susan clutched one of her naked tits, her hand moving from her mouth to her open shorts, her fingers sliding into them. She felt more excitement than she had in a long time, watching her son and daughter being wicked with each other. Her tongue moved over her lips, her eyes smoldering as she rubbed at her own distended clit.

Toby was shaking now, his hips jerking as he ran his hand up and down his meat. Ginger was gazing with glazed eyes, panting hotly, finger busy at the creamy slit of her young, almost hairless cunt. Susan was holding her breath, anticipating her son coming, his juice gushing out of his cock as she and her daughter watched intently. Toby was groaning, his young face showing the strain, his hips pumping to the rhythm of his fist. “Oh ... ohhhh!” he groaned. "What is it, Toby?" Ginger asked, alarmed. "I'm gonna come!" Toby shouted. Susan almost gasped out loud as her son came, his creamy juices spurting with f***e. He gushed over a foot, rapidly, coming hard. Ginger made soft squealing sounds, pressing her palm into her sugary cunt hard, her small ass wiggling. "Ooooh, that makes me feel so funny!" Ginger cried out. "I think I'm gonna piss again!"

But instead of pissing, her young cunt contracted in her very first orgasm, making her cry out with joy. Her face twisted with ecstasy as she watched her b*****r come over and over, smashing her small hand as hard as she could against her vibrating snatch. Susan had her hand clamped back over her mouth again, choking back the sobs as she, too, came. Juices dripped from her cunt into her shorts, and her clitoris jerked hotly. The slit of her cunt compressed, expanded, sucking with a powerful orgasm. She was weak when it passed, and was afraid to move as she kept watching her son and daughter.

Neither Ginger nor Toby seemed to be in any hurry to cover themselves. They didn't want to cover up, but to keep looking at each other. Susan, with strength coming to her muscles, found herself enjoying watching them, not ashamed of them, not at all angry. She felt more excitement now than she had in a long time, and she had no intention of interfering with them. That is, not in any way to make them stop.
She was thinking. Her bl**d was boiling, and he thoughts were so wicked that she became almost desperate. She didn't know what they would do, but the compulsion was much too strong for her to ignore.She stood up straight, her shirt hanging open, her lovely tits revealed with tilted nipples burning. She pulled her hand out of her gaping shorts, and stood for a moment longer, looking at her son and daughter facing each other, both of them staring hard at young cock and cunt."I can do it, too," Susan said, stepping into the open.

"Mother!" Ginger gasped, her hands jerking at her shorts frantically, her face flushed as her eyes expressed fear. Toby jammed his cock into his pants fast, turning his back to his mother. "I can piss just as far as either of you,” Susan said boldly. Ginger stared open-mouthed at her mother's naked tits, at the gaping of her shorts. Toby, zipping his jeans, turned, and his mouth fell open as he saw his mother's exposure. Susan grinned a wicked grin, holding her shirt wide open. "I said, I can piss just as far as you two, maybe farther." The dark hairs of her cunt gleamed through the gap of her shorts, and Toby made a loud swallowing sound as he stared, fascinated, no fear on his face at all. His cock became rigid inside his pants, pushing outward, outlined for his mother to see. Susan gazed openly at the bulge of his cock, then glanced at her daughter, who had her shorts adjusted now. "I want to play, too," she said, her voice low.

"But, Mom ..." Toby stammered. Unashamedly, Susan unsnapped her cutoffs, pushing them down.

She was shivering with lewdness, the intense wanton sensation making her throb all over as she revealed herself to her son and daughter. Both Ginger and Toby stared open-eyed at the thick triangle of her pussy hair, at her straining tits. Susan ran her fingers down through the hair, spreading her legs. Her cutoffs spread wide near her knees. She parted the swollen hairiness of her cunt. Her clit stood out tightly, the wetness of her slit gleaming hotly. She spread her feet, bending her knees, and leaning her shoulders back, sent a strong gush of golden piss almost three feet away.

Ginger and Toby gasped as they watched, and Susan giggled lewdly, holding her cunt wide open so they could see. Her ass trembled, bunching, causing her to piss in spurts. The stream slowed, dribbling, and ran along her thighs. She moaned softly, watching their expressions. Her son and daughter were trembling badly, and Toby's cock bulged in raging hardness. Ginger's young hips twisted, and she was clutching one of her tight little tits, her eyes fiery.

"I pissed farther than either of you," Susan whispered, and ran her hand along one thigh, cupping her cunt, rubbing slowly. Her tongue moved over her lips, very slowly. "And I can use my fingers the same way, too." “Mother ..." Ginger said in a shy voice. "Mom, are you all right?" Toby asked, husky-voiced. "More than right––now," Susan said, her voice throaty. "More right than I've felt for a long time."

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