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Anal slut Agathe ganged: piss enema fun goes wrong

The following is simply a fantasy story that I wrote about and for a lovely girl on xhamster. I first shared with her this fantasy through xhamster messages as she is explicitly involved as the main character, and she said it was cool for me to post it on here. Whilst I got carried away writing it, for example, the way her tight and cute little butthole gets gang-banged towards the end, I was pleased that she told me she found it a real turn-on and got off on reading it!!

You are wearing your bikini sunbathing on the boat (it’s a beautiful summers day just like in your pic) and then you role over and stretch and then you get onto all fours still stretching and to tease me as I am looking at you. You look back at me, enjoying the way I am looking at you and you give me a beautiful smile, as I get a wonderfully good look at your 22 year old sexy arse which is on full display to me! You are showing off your sexy arse to its perfection.

You then playfully wiggle your arse in my direction, driving me wild with desire to have you. You are exited because you see the increasing bulge in my shorts and do not know which hole I am going to stick my hard throbbing cock with its pulsating purple helmet head into!

However, I kneel down behind you and take off your bikini bottoms and top, admiring the shape of your lovely arse, sexy boobs, wonderfully firm tummy and hot legs. I spread your arse cheeks real wide and give your sexy arse lots of lovely kisses, attention and a good rimming, I hungrily stick my tongue deep into your arse, and you moan with pleasure enjoying it as I tease your sexy twitching anus with my spit and tongue, I am your personal arse licker, one mission only, to eat, taste and lick your arse ! :-)

I ask you to stay where you are on all fours and then I ask you to trust me (ha ha!) and then I remove your sunglasses and put a blindfold on you. Before you know it you are still on all fours but your head and arms are held firmly in a wooden stock (a frame for your head and arms) on the boat. Essentially this means that you cannot see behind you – your back is arched and your sexy arse and sweet dripping wet pussy are wide open and vulnerable to me, as I stand over you with a raging hardon, lusting over you and your twitching arsehole, and wanting to fill and satisfy every one of your sexy hole’s! At this moment unknown to you I quickly send a mobile phone text…

With your trapped in this position and blindfolded, I kiss you passionately and then I fondle your sexy tits. I then lie under you, between your legs and start to ever so lustfully lick at and finger fuck your delightfully sweet and very damp pussy, turning you on and making you very aroused and hot. I then get out from under your body and slap your sexy arse hard a couple of times, enjoying your vulnerability, and then I then spread your arse wide open and hungrily lick at you rosebud as your arsehole twitches in delight!

I hungrily and passionately bury my tongue deep into your cute arsehole enjoying the taste of you and your smell, as I deep tongue your arse as far as my tongue will go and you moan with pleasure as I luvingly am licking your arsehole! You are getting very excited and then being a cheeky naughty bitch, perhaps on purpose, or perhaps not, you fart in my face as I am licking your arsehole! ;-) Feeling your arsehole pulsate like that as I am licking it somehow sends an extra throb to my cock and I know exactly where I want to put my raging hard-on right now!

However, I still have some control over my lustful desire to fuck you in your bum, I want to get you off, before I shoot my load inside of you! I then pour massage oil over your sensually beautiful arse and after giving your arse a few more slaps I start to finger fuck your cute puckered arse hole as you moan in delight, although you are still doing an occasional fart and I also note you are now blushing slightly! I luv your arse noises and its turning me on like crazy!

In a further humiliation to you, you then tell me that you need to pee! The only problem is that you are locked in the stock and you cannot move and I say to you ‘hey Agathe sweet heart you are going to have to pee where you are now positioned on all fours!’ ha ha! ;-). However, I do get a bowl for you and you start to do a long pee into it whilst you are trapped in the wooden stocks. I am very excited watching you pee and so horny for you that I remove the bowl and lie on my back and get underneath you and stick my head between your legs and get my face right up close to your lovely wet fanny and I enjoy your fresh and warm pee washing my face as I hungrily lap at your pee hole and pussy lips as you gyrate your hips and rub your pussy that is having a good pee all over my face. You need to pee, so you have no choice but to pee over me!

When you have finished peeing I use my tongue to lick your pussy clean. At this moment you hear the sound of a speedboat coming closer to us and then pull-up by the side of the boat that we are on. With you blindfolded and trapped in the wooden stock this confuses you as you do not know what is going on. I tell you to relax and that it is going to be okay and its part of my plan for you.

Six guys jump off the speedboat onto our boat grinning from ear to ear. They had been watching everything I had been doing to you via a secret webcam link that I had set-up unknown to you, and each guy was eying you up very lustfully with throbbing bulges under their swimming trunks. They had loved watching how much of a dirty horny anal slut you really are on their web cam. On receiving the secret text I had sent to them they knew it was time for them to turn up via the speedboat for the show and had wasted no time in getting here!

‘Agathe’ I say, ‘what happens now is going to help make your fantasy become a reality, so enjoy!’. Then, turning to the 6 guys I said: ‘Right then lads, this cute, sexy and kinky naughty slut gets off on pee enemas, so lets fill her up!’ You are still slightly confused blindfolded and trapped in the wooden stock with your arse on full display, and not sure what is really going on. You very quickly find out!

First, I connect a pipe with a nozzle on from your bowl of pee to your tight little bum hole, and then I use your own pee as an enema to fill up your arse! However, I only fill you a little bit then I pull the pipe out of your butt and then ask you to contract your anal muscles and hold your pee in that I have poured into your arse and ask you to be a good girl. I then get a funnel and gently insert this into your rectum.

All the guys are now naked and standing in a semi-circle around you with hard cocks and lustful hungry looks on their faces. Not one of them can take their eyes off your sexy arsehole with the funnel stuck in there! It crosses my mind that if they had their way, they would be filling you up with more than a pee enema! However, as agreed in the Xhamster message exchanges I had had with these strangers that wanted to get involved in the show, they formed an orderly line for your pee enema, and this as far as I was concerned, was as far as the show was to go, at least, involving them!

The first guy stepped up and started to pee into the funnel. You gasped with pleasure as you felt your arse begin to fill with his piss. Once he had finished the next guy stepped up and pissed into the funnel. By the time the third guy had finished pissing, you were completely full and close to bursting with the warm urine inside of you! Now was the sexy bit that the guys wanted to see. I pulled out the funnel from your arse and asked you to hold the pee in your arse until I said you can remove it.

For five minutes, which probably seemed like a lifetime to you (!), we stood around you watching you squirm wanting to release the piss fro your arse. It was a real turn on for use watching your squirm uncomfortably and tensing your anus muscles to hold in the pee, I was certainly thinking about what you could be doing to my cock with your anus muscles the way you are using them to hold in that pee, and I’m pretty sure the other guys were thinking the same thing!

When you could almost stand it no longer, I said ‘ok Agatha sweetheart, give it your worst!’. With that, you breathed out deeply and released the piss out of your arsehole onto the boat floor. It came out with such f***e and seeing your arsehole so exposed like that with all that piss gushing out of your twitching anus was turning all of us 7 guys on, almost to the point of no control.

It was turning into a very erotic and messy show and with you moaning with pleasure at the nice feeling of release was driving us all crazy with lust and desire for you. Each one of us wanted with out a doubt to ravage your adorably cute looking bum hole as you were releasing the pee. However, this was not part of the arrangement with the Xhamster guys, their role was to get off watching the webcam of me violating you, and then come aboard our boat and join in the enema fun and then masturbate whilst I am the one that gets to fuck your arse!

It was at this point, with the six guys and me standing their with raging throbbing hard-on’s watching you using your sexy puckered butthole muscles to release your piss enema, that things started to get out of control. The only black guy there, leering at your tight bum hole with by far the biggest cock with his 11 inch hard errection, decided to change the rules of the show.

It didn’t help that you did not really know what was going on right now but was so hot and horny from your enema that you were wriggling your arse whilst trapped in the stocks and playing up to all the attention that was fixed on you by contracting and releasing your anus muscles to get as much of the last parts of your pee enema out of you, as you enjoyed the idea that all these guys were there looking at, admiring and desiring your tight bum hole!

In using your anus muscles to push the last parts of the pee enema out of you, your arse was making sexy squelching farting noises and the six guys and I were just transfixed by your sexy and tight teasing poop hole.

I looked at the other guys and I could see by the way they were lustfully looking at your arse they were also thinking the same thing, that is, that the rules of the show had to be broken. The black guy yelled to the other guys to gab hold of me and to pin me down to get me out of the way of the rest of the show. You were blindfolded and trapped in the wooden stock, arse in the air, still wiggling your arse teasingly for the pleasure of the guys and still not really understanding that there was a potential problem.

The 6 guys came at me and I got some good punches in to protect myself and trying to protect you from these bastards that it seemed were hell bent on ravaging you and your tight twitching bum hole. However, 6 against 1 was just to many people to fight off. Soon I was covered in bruises in pain and semi-conscious. I was dragged out of the way and then my hands were tied up with ropes to a corner of the boat in a position where I was f***ed to see you from your arse exposed end, so I could not see the expression on your face as to your response as to what was going on as the stock was facing the other way.

The black guy said to a chap apparently called Rick ‘you have the smallest erect cock here so you are the lucky guy that gets to go first, loosen up her nice and tight arsehole for us’. Rick could barley contain his excitement as he approached you from behind and rather f***efully pressed his cock against your sphlinter and eased his cock into your sexy butthole.

You squealed in surprise, but also delight at this invasion of your arse, and I could not help but notice from where I was sitting how much your pussy was glistening with your own cunt juices in the sunlight and you nipples were firm and rock hard! Rick did not last very long and soon was spurting his cum load right into the depths of your arse, you could not hide your groans of pleasure. ‘Well check out that dirty arse cum luving slut’ cheered the black guy, ‘let’s see if she is still moaning in pleasure by the time my black cock has finished with her!’

However, the next guy in line to violate your twitching puckered arsehole was a guy named Jake who had a long but not very thick dick. He took no time in replacing Rick at your butthole entrance and was soon filling up your arse with his cum! One by one the guys penetrated and deeply fucked your arsehole with the intention of releasing all of their pent up sexual frustration in your arse along with their sperm.

I was feeling helpless watching from the sidelines, but I could see that your groans were that of pleasure and that you were absolutely soaking between your legs from your arousal, in turn, my own cock was getting very aroused watching you being violated and the fact that you are luving it! You had sperm seeping out of your arsehole and it looked more like you had just had a sperm enema rather than a piss enema at that moment!

However, aside from me, the only guy that had as of yet not released his seed inside your piss enema cleansed arse, was the black guy. I looked at the enormous size of his 11 inches with its very thick girth and then at your tight little butthole with sperm dripping out of it and just thought that even though your arse had been opened up wide by the other guys fucking you there, there was no way he was going to get his mammoth cock in your tight little opening! I tried to bargain with the black guy: ‘hey man, for fucks sake have some consideration for the poor girl, she is not used to the size of that you are going to hurt her, if you are going to fuck any of her holes then at least fuck her in her pussy and cum there!’.

The black guy half thought for a moment but then shook his head and then with half a snarl and half a grin said ‘no James, I want her arsehole. Jake, get over there and stick your cock into her mouth to make sure she does not scream!’. Jake took up the position at your mouth and you could taste his own salty cum and piss as he rammed his cock down the back of your throat, that you were f***ed to accommodate. You had no option but to adjust to sucking his elongated member. It was a good job you were an experienced cock-sucker slut otherwise you would have gagged!

Unbeknown to you, the black guy meanwhile was standing just behind you admiring your twitching arsehole and was masturbating his long, wide and hard cock to its full length. I was staring dumbstruck, wondering how he was ever going to fit that thing inside your lovely arsehole. He looked at me and grinned as I shook my head in disbelief. He then seemed to recognise that it might be abit of a challenge, so he picked up the bottle of massage oil that I had used on your earlier and began to pour this over his cock and over your arsehole.
Whilst I was concerned that he would hurt you, my own cock was standing to its own full attention as I was thinking that this might really get you off having this monstrous sized cock up your arse!

He aligned his cock with your cute little butthole and slowly started to push it in. Poor you, trapped in the stocks, so vulnerable and exposed, was not really sure what was happening at you arse end other than something warm hard and very thick was trying to penetrate your sphlinter. I observed you move your arse uncomfortably, trying to evade that thing that was hell bent on violating you there. I was surprised and slightly ashamed that I found this quite a turn on, seeing you trying to shift out of the way of that massive cock, but knowing you could do fuck all about it, you had to succumb to your fate and get ravaged by it. I just hoped that the pain would soon turn to pleasure for you!

With a deep grunt the black guy got hold of your hips and pulled you into him and he pushed his massive hard cock slowly into your poop hole. I could hear you cry out in pain and shock, even though you had Jake’s cock in your mouth. You were wiggling your arse trying to escape that big cock up your arse, not realising the full extent as to what was right now being done to you, but seeing you squirm only served to turn the black guy and all the other guys watching, including me, on even more!

Slowly, you gave up the fight and relaxed into the pain as the guy rammed his cock full tilt up your bum hole, as he was slapping your arse very hard with his hand whilst fulfilling his satisfaction and a****listic hunger by ravaging your tight little poop hole! I could not believe he had got his cock all the way into you. And I could not also believe how soaking wet your pussy was right now as it glistened in the sunlight! You dirty naughty horny kinky cum luving bitch slut, you are getting off on it, I said to myself, but perhaps rather too loudly!

The black guy increased his speed and depth of fucking you arse and your whimpers slowly started to turn from pain to pleasure. My eyes nearly popped out of my head as I saw you actually push back with your arse onto his cock as you enjoyed the sensations as he was fucking you there! Both you and the black guy were in a harmonic rhythm of arse fucking and all the guys including me were watching, transfixed at how well you had adjusted to his size and was clearly enjoying it! Your arse was bright red from where he had been slapping it with his hand but this had only served to turn you on even more. It was so erotic seeing the black guy ravage your cute little arse hole and how much you were responding to his thrusts and luving it.

He also was finger fucking you in your soaking wet pussy and fondling your sexy tits with your very hard nipples it was clear that you were soon approaching and building up your own orgasm as you were trapped in the stocks and looking exhausted and limp, rag doll like, but whimpering in delight as you enjoyed each deep thrust by the black man, and your whimpering got louder and louder becoming ultimate loud groans of being well fucked pleasure.

With one final grunt and violent thrust, the black guy pushed himself into you for all he was worth and held himself there as he released his pent up sexual frustration and a week worth of saved up sperm inside of you. He growled deeply as you felt spurt after spurt of the black mans seed seep f***efully into your willing bum hole as it twitched uncontrollably and only served to help milk his cock and drain every last drop of cum from his ball sacks and drive him into even more of a sexual frenzy as he used your lovely arsehole as a cum bucket for his own greedy satisfaction.

He pulled out of you and we all looked on in amazement as your dilating poop hole was twitching uncontrollably as thick goey and sticky sperm seeped right out of your arse! Having had his fill, the black guy told the other guys it was time to get back onto the speed boat and out of there. He waited until they were all on the boat and then with a grin threw me a knife that I could use to cut myself free of the ropes that were binding me.

10 minutes after they had left our boat and were long gone, I managed to cut myself free and stood up. Looking at you trapped in the stocks with the cum oozing out of your sexy bum hole and your pussy glistening in the sunlight with your own cunt juices dripping down the inside of your legs, I was tempted for one greedy moment to mount you from behind and fuck that ravaged gangbanged arsehole of yours to release my own sexual frustration and pleasure!

However, I regained my composure and I took the blindfold off of you and removed you from the stocks. I laid you down on your blue and white striped towel and I could see that you were exhausted but had this glint of utter sexual satisfaction in your eye! I laid down next to you and stroked your blonde hair and kissed you and we both enjoyed the silence. I then said to you ‘well at least next time we try sticking strawberries up your arsehole we know it is unlikely to crush them!’. We both laughed at this and then I said ‘ok, Agathe, the one guy that should have been fucking you deep in the arse today has not yet had the opportunity to do so, so come one, lets get this boat back to the harbour and get you onto the mainland, into a nice warm bath, and cleaned up!’.

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