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Diary of the naughty school girl - day one part tw

"aahh, hello phoebe," says mr tompson. he spanks me hard too, but just with his hand.
"stand phoebe," says mr tompson and i do. he unbuttons my blouse and pulls it off for me while mr baxter takes off my skirt. "sit on the desk please phoebe,".
"sir," i say
"that was not an invitation miss parker it was an order, obey it," said mr baxter. i sit on the desk without another word of protest. mr baxter opens my legs and gets to his knees. mr thompson removes my bra.

[b]what mr baxter does:
he begins to lick, spreading the labia and teasing my clit with his sharp tongue. he worms his way up inside me and im already getting wet. while licking he moves his hand up to my anus and starts probing with his fingers - one finger then two. the pleasure is immense, especially with what mr tompson is doing to me.

what mr tompson does:
after removing my bra he makes my nipples hard by twisting, squeezing, pulling and sucking them. he cups a breast in each hand and squeezes them together. he kisses my breasts and bites my nipples.

next i am f***ed to kneel and mr baxter pushes his penis into my mouth. i lick and suck in unison. he cums but he wont let me stop so i swallow all of it. the same happens for mr tompson and he moans in pleasure. i am dragged to my feet again and mr tompson inserts his penis inside my vagina while mr baxter inserts his cock into my anus. they both bounce in unison and we all moan in pleasure. mr tompson, clearly a breast man, fondles my heaving boobs.

5.30 pm we finish and mr tompson says
"same time tomorrow phoebe, every day for a week remember," he kisses me and gets dressed. he takes my bra and says,
"i'll be keeping this until punishment is over as a reminder,". he then leaves. mr baxter kisses me on the mouth vagina and breasts one last time before dressing.
"i guess i'll see you tomorrow phoebe, and dont bother with that essay," he leaves and i get dressed.
5.45 pm walking home from school with no underwear on (still very wet down there) looking forward to tomorrow.


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