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Diary of the naughty school girl - day one part on

day one
7.20 am wake up, get dressed (short gray pleated skirt, white thong, white bra, white shirt, school tie and black ballet pumps) and do hair (straight and in high ponytail).
7.45 am eat breakfast (one banana and one glass of water - okay)
7.55 am walk to school
8.00 am buy daily hot chocolate
8.05 am arrive at school
8.35-9.35 am mr baxter is DEFINATELY looking up my skirt. to make sure i opened my legs a little and his eyes practically popped out his head. to tease him further i slide down in my seat to make my skirt ride up. as i am at the front of the class no one except mr baxter can see what im doing so i put my hand on my pussy and move my thong out of the way. i rub a little and squeeze on my clit. i pretend to be engrossed in my reading but really i am watching his every move. he is staring and staring. i stand up and walk to the front of the class and ask to go to the bathroom. he says yes so i go and remove my thong. i have my bag with me so i put it in my english workbook which i have to hand to him at the end of the lesson. i take a moment to masturbate and deliberate over wether or not to remove my bra. i eventually decide not to and return to class. my pussy is wet from playing with myself so mr baxter gets a treat when i return to my desk and open my legs again. at the end i make sure i am last to hand in my workbook so it will be the first he marks. i walk out without looking back so i dont know his reaction.
1.30 pm lunch mr baxter comes to the cafeteria and asks me to stay behind after school so we can discuss my "homework". he had a smile on his face so i knew he liked his present.
4.30 pm i return to mr baxters class at the end of the day and he tells me to take a seat. the blinds are down and he locks the door behind me.
"phoebe," he says "i got your, ahem, surprise,"
"did you like it?" i ask
"to be perfectly honest, i did. but you know phoebe, this kind of behaviour is not acceptable and i will have to punish you," he said smiling again.
"and just what do you plan to do to me?" i ask sexily.
"please bend over my desk, miss parker,". i do exactly as i am told. i feel him lift my skirt and place it on my back. from the corner of my eye i see him take a metal ruler from his desk. he raises it high in the air and i anticipate the smack. he lowers it incredibly quick and with a lot of f***e. it is cold and i flinch. without a word he repeats this four more times. ow. ow. ow. ow. but im really enjoying it thouroughly.
"are you a virgin miss parker?"
"yes mr baxter,"
"lies," he says and spanks me again. mmmm.
"are you a virgin miss parker?"
"no mr baxter,"
"good girl," he says and gently squeezes my ass.
"i hope you dont mind miss parker but ive brought a friend to help with the punishment, i beleive you know him too. mr tompson," mr tomspon in the head teacher of our school.
"aahh, hello phoebe" says mr thompson.

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