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Looking at porn and caught by wife

This actually happened to me. Any man thats been married knows how no matter how much you still love your wife and are still sexually attracted you are to her.. after awhile the newness wears off.

Not to say you go out and cheat with other women although a lot do.

Im saying you begin to notice other ladies more and in my case i go online and check out other women.

Some say looking is the same as doing but i disagree!

Im home while my wife is at work and there is no one else at home since it is only her and i , no c***dren etc.

I usually have several hours before she gets home from work.

We are not prudes and have watched sex movies together and she has posed for me dressed sexily and nudes and sex photos. So its not like a 1950s marriage we have.

I look at lots of women at several sites and find xhamster one of my favorite sites.

As i have trimmed my interest i find other guys wives and girl friends are my most favorite photos.

Linda usually arrives home at 5pm and i get to relax and slowly masturbate as i enjoy the photos.[sometimes videos]

Last friday it was 2:30 pm and i was sitting at the pc looking at all the girls and women. I never heard a sound which is surprising because i usually hear the garage door and the interior door open when Linda gets home.

This gives me just enough time to turn off the pc and become presentable as if i was just lounging around.

Its not that i am sorry doing this i just wouldnt want to hurt her feelings or make her feel unattractive which is where most women think if the guy they are with looks at other ladies.

I was sitting at the desk looking at the screen with a guys wife naked in front of me with my hard wet dick in my hand massaging it. When Linda came in the room and saw me fully.

She stopped, standing right beside me looking at what i was doing. There was no mistaking what she was seeing. Her husband stroking over other women.

I only had a second or 2 to come up with something to say but i didnt get the chance because she spoke first.

She smiled and said "are you really enjoying yourself?"

I knew right away by her tone i wasnt in trouble! And even relieved that my secret was out to her.

I told her i was sorry but she stopped me and said for what? Its alright with me she said. I was astounded by this.

She sat down beside me and looked at the screen and said do you think shes pretty? I told her Yes i did. To my surprise she said shes ok.

She said you know i looked at hustler and other nudie magazines with you and that was not a problem for me. And weve watched xxx movies together. I dont have any problem with you looking at other women on line.

She got up to leave and i said i will turn this off, and she said no go ahead you can keep looking if you want!!

My wife just gave me permission to look at porn anytime i want!!!

She left the room so i settled back and started going through photos as my dick got harder and harder.

About 5 min. went by when Linda came back into the room. She had changed from her work clothes and was wearing a see through Bra and tiny panties and 5" high heels.

Her tits are 34D and she had on what had to be a 34B bra, her tits were barely inside with huge folds of tit flesh uncovered. Her legs are muscular and she knows they look great in spike heels.

I was completely naked as she again sat down beside me.

She said just do what you do when im not here and i will look with you.

I began scrolling thru photos stopping to look at ones i liked stroking and massaging my dick as i did.

Linda was looking intently at the other women and i felt comfortable by now even though it was fantastic having her there with me doing this.

Without saying a word Linda lightly moved my hand off my dick and replaced it with hers!!

She wasnt saying a word.... just being with me.

As i moved page to page looking at pussies, tits asses, open cunts and sex shots she massaged my hard cock.

I had taught her what i liked and she knew exactly how to stroke my dick.She would lightly stroke it up and down then every so often clamp a little tighter and milk pre cum out and rub her palm over the top and spread the pre cum over the entire shaft up and down making it slick and wet.

Every so often i would bring up mens photos for Linda to see thinking she would like that. Their hard cocks in her face and im sure she enjoyed them from her movements.

This one of the most enjoyable things i had ever done and she was the reason. Being there and sharing it with her was fantastic.

She had my cock covered in a thick coating of pre cum and her milking me was getting me close to going over the top.

I sat back and looked at my cock with her hand slowly jacking me off and i realized this was it!!

I sat back stiffened and the cum began rising from my balls. It was a tingling from the base of my cock to the head and the first stream shot out and fell across my chest and onto my own face. It landed near my temple and down my cheek and chin. The next 3 or 4 streams a little less f***eful and still hit my chin and neck as the rest fell on my chest and stomach.

Linda continued milking the last cum drops from my shaking dick. The head was bl**d red and covered in cum.

I sat back and Linda massaged my cum on my chest spreading it all over me.

After a min. or 2 i kissed her and told her i loved her and thank you for this wonderful gift.

I was spent but i wanted to return the favor to her.

So i knelt in front of her and opened her legs and put them over the arms of the office chair she was sitting in.

Her titties were fully visible in the see thru bra and her aerolas were wrinkled and erect along with her big nipples and shown thru clearly. deep pink and hard.

I looked down to her pussy and what a view. She had became so wet taking care of me, the crotch of her panties was soaked through And her swollen pussy lips straining against the material.

She had not had a shower since she was just in from work and as i slid her panties of and knelt forward to kiss her pussy her scent was strong and pungent.

I love for her to not wash to soon before sex so her scent would be as strong as possible.

As i kissed her pussy she began to sigh and wisper for me to eat her pussy. I gently spread her open with my fingers when her scent from her day fully escaped and the strong odor of pee and pussy juice filled my nose, and the entire room.

I ate her like it was the first time sucking, licking pushing my tongue deep inside her holes. As she reached climax she pushed 2 of her fingers inside as i ate her pulled her legs up and began to groan.

As she began to climax she rammed her fingers in and out and she squirted a long stream of ejaculate in the air. Hitting her g spot she realeased stream after stream of her cum as she climaxed.

As i eased up my licking and moved away i looked at her cunt and it was gaped open. Her hole dialated from her finger fucking herself.

I kissed her both of us covered in each others cum and ejaculate.

I told her how much this freedom meant to me and she said i love you!! and want you to be fulfilled.

I love this woman so much.

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