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Affair of the Heart (Mf, semi-cons, rom)

Affair of the Heart

By SpectreOfHell

Ben simply wasn't used to being around k**s. He and Judith had been dating for three weeks and had been having sex for two of those, but this was the first night he'd actually slept over. Judith had been reluctant for him to stay at her place, unsure how her daughter would react to it. Trudy was twelve years old and had doted on her father when he was around. It had broken her heart when the man had left without warning, deciding that he'd rather be with a nineteen year old girl than his wife and daughter.

But to everyeone's surprise, Trudy had warmed quickly to Ben. They shared a love of comic books, and that helped he guessed. Judith had loved it, that was certain. She'd stood happily in the doorway of Trudy's bedroom watching the pair of them sitting on the floor pouring over the girl's meager collection. Normally shy, Trudy hadn't even minded sitting there with Ben wearing her thin cotton shorts and tank top. She was a shy girl most of the time, with few friends and a low self-concept. Judith told Ben it was good for the girl to connect with him. Besides, Judith liked having him around.

Ben wasn't so sure she'd want him around anymore if she found out what had happened between him and Trudy. He hadn't meant for it to happen, that was true, but it wouldn't matter to Judith or to a court. He simply wasn't used to being around k**s, not used to having to guard himself or to being careful just who it was he was cuddling with in the morning.

"Hey sl**pyhead," Judith said that fateful morning. He was still curled up under the covers and she sat next to him, bending over to kiss his forehead. "Since you're off work today," she said, nuzzling him, "would you mind taking Trudy to school for me? I've got to go in early today."

"Hmph, yeah, okay," he grunted. "No problem."

"Thanks, sweetie," she said, grinning. "I'll wake her up on my way out. Don't oversl**p, okay?"

"I won't," he assured her, smiling back at her. Judith finished getting ready, and by the time she was on her way out the door Ben was already drifting back off into dreamland. She kept her word, though, waking up her daughter on the way out. Only Trudy wasn't eager to wake up either. She fell back asl**p almost right away. Judith, in a hurry, paid no attention.

Trudy just didn't feel like going to school that day. She'd had so much fun the night before with Ben that she'd stayed up late re-reading some of her favorite comics. She woke up groggy just past eight o'clock. The house was quiet, which surprised her. Normally her mother would be freaking out by now if she was this late. Trudy slid out of bed and padded barefoot down the hall to her mother's bedroom, her eyes remaining mostly closed along the way. She still had on her nightwear, a short nightie and a pair of panties. It had been warm the night before and she just hadn't wanted to wear much.

She saw a lump under the covers in her mother's bed and felt a surge of relief. Either it was Saturday and she'd lost track of days or her mother was staying home too. But either way it meant she didn't have to worry about school today. Smiling to herself, Trudy slid under the covers of her mother's bed rather than returning to her own bed. She did this often. Judith loved cuddling her daughter. Trudy put her back to her mother hoping she would spoon her like she usually did, and slid closer until she could feel the warmth of a body against her. Then she promptly fell back asl**p.

Ben felt the bed shift and a moment later felt the warmth of a body next to him. Groggily, he turned toward it, throwing his arm across what he thought was Judith's body. He wasn't fully awake so he didn't think about why Judith would have come back to bed after having kissed him goodbye. He didn't think to wonder why Judith was so much smaller in size or why she smelled like lavender instead of strawberries. He simply pulled her closer to his body, spooning her. She sighed in contentment and that made him smile. He slept.

And he dreamed. He dreamed about the sex he'd wanted to have the night before with Judith, but she'd been afraid of Trudy hearing them. He was horny in the dream, sporting a huge erection, and in the dream Judith was a very willing partner. He pulled her to his body and began to hump at her. Judith squealed in delight. "Fuck me Big Daddy!" she said in his dream.

Ben came half-awake. She'd never said anything like that to him in life, and it turned him on. He wondered if she'd be willing to roleplay. Then he became aware of the body cradled in his arms and he smiled. "Mmm," he said, squeezing her. He drew her earlobe into his mouth, then he began to plant soft kisses on her neck.

Trudy woke slowly from the strange dream she was having. At first she dreamed that she was a superhero and she was flying through the air, and then she was fighting a supervillain afraid for her life. Only the villain wasn't punching her...he was kissing her. She could really feel the lips on her neck and she shivered in delight. She was cradled in a pair of strong arms and she could smell Ben's cologne on the pillow beneath her head. The villain in her dream looked alot like him. She dreamed of kissing him on his lips and hearing him tell her he loved her. A thrill raced through her young body. She'd kissed a few boys before, but never as much as she'd wanted to. All she had was her fantasies and the orgasms she gave herself in her bed some nights. The dream was strange, but it was wonderful too.

Ben was starting to become aware that something was different about Judith, that something might be wrong. He ground his erection into her ass and let his hand slide down to her breasts. He frowned, waking a little more. Judith had large breasts, but the tit in his palm was tiny.

Trudy felt her mother moving behind her and woke up a little more. Her hand held her hip and she was moving against her. Was she...grinding? Was Mom having a sex-dream? The shreds of Trudy's own sex dream lingered in her thoughts, the image of Ben and the feel of his lips...

Wait. Mom was kissing her neck just like Ben had been doing in the dream. And something pressed between the globes of her asscheeks. She came fully awake with a sudden start. She remembered her mother telling her goodbye that morning. She remembered that Ben was going to spend the night. Once again, she inhaled the scent of his cologne, and she new suddenly what it was that pressed into her asscheeks. It was Ben's erection.

Fear and shock ran through her. Ben's hand closed around her small breast making her gasp. He was m*****ing her! But no, wait, he grunted as he nuzzled her. He was dreaming, just as she'd been doing. He wasn't awake yet. Was he...was he dreaming of her, the way she'd dreamed of him? Suddenly her fear turned to excitement. She felt a tingle between her legs and in her breasts. Her nipples were already stiffening as he palmed them. She thrust a hand between her legs to press against her pussy through her panties, feeling a thrill race through her.

Ben fought waking up. If he was dreaming this, then it was okay. What went on in a person's head was never a crime, and he was becoming aware that the person he was dreaming of wasn't Judith at all. It was Trudy. It was sick, he knew, but he could rationalize it. She was a beautiful young girl, even if she didn't think so herself. He pictured her as she'd looked the night before sitting on her floor looking at comics, her skinny legs bare up to mid-thigh, her bony shoulders exposed by her tanktop, the way her short brown hair framed her pixie-face. She was going to be a real beauty when she grew, she was a real beauty NOW. Those full lips were made for kissing, and her tiny breasts, already almost A-cups and she was only 12 years old, were going to swell into ripe melons one day.

"Judith," he groaned, catching himself a nanosecond before he spoke Trudy's name instead. Trudy stiffened in his arms, a little jealous. He thought he was doing this to her mother, so he wasn't m*****ing her after all. He was just doing what came natural. She didn't know what to do, really. She knew she was supposed to pull away, but she didn't want to. It felt too nice. Ben's hand slid from her breasts onto her tummy and continued to head down. Trudy felt a moment of panic. What should she do? He was going to touch her pussy! She couldn't let him do that...could she? Her mind raced. She could pretend she was still asl**p, too. She'd never been touched on her pussy before (she didn't count Mom or herself). She could pretend to wake up later and claim she remembered none of this. That would let him off the hook, right? And the more she thought about it, about Ben's strong hand caressing her between her legs, the more she wanted it.

By that point, the tips of his fingers were passing the elastic wasitband of her panties. She held her breath as she felt the pressure of his touch pass over the sparse muff of pubic hair she had. His fingers pressed between her skinny thighs, following the line of her slit. Trudy couldn't help herself. She moaned and spread her legs.

The moan woke Ben. At first he still thought he must be holding Judith. Trudy wouldn't have just lain there letting him do this. Right? He smiled and nuzzled her hair. She lifted her leg and moved it to d**** over his, giving him full access to her crotch. He cupped her firmly, delighted at the heat and moisture he found there. Normally he wasn't one for a morning fuck, but he was hornier than he could remember being in a long time. He suckled her earlobe as he moved his hand swiftly to the top of her panties and slid it inside.

Trudy stiffened and clutched at the sheets in her little fists. He was doing it! His hand was sliding into her panties, and then she felt the tips of his fingers on her clit. He continued downward until he was cupping her pussy completely in his hand. His finger split her labia, gently probing into her hole. Trudy had fucked herself with the handle of her hairbrush many times, and his finger seemed to fit into her perfectly. She was thrilled beyond words. She reached back to clutch at him, forgetting to pretend she was still asl**p. It no longer seemed to matter. She moaned.

Ben froze. The pussy around his finger was far too tight to be Judith's. The body in his arms was too small. And the moan...he realized with a heart-stopping shock that his dream had come true and it was Trudy he held in his arms. Trudy whose pussy his finger was buried in. And Trudy who was clutching at him as her body trembled with desire. He didn't know what to do. His sl**py brain lurched into gear in fits and starts and he analyzed his situation. This was enough to end his relationship with Judith and to put him in prison. He really liked Trudy, and he'd never want to traumatize her. But, said his brain, Judith never had to know, and it certainly didn't seem like Trudy was acting traumatized. He listened to her gasping breath, felt her pussy throbbing around his finger hot and wet, felt her body trembling and the way she pulled at him with the leg she had d****d over his.

She had opened herself willingly to him. He wasn't fooled into thinking she was still asl**p. Tentatively, he wiggled his finger inside her. She gasped again and clutched even harder at him. Self-control crumbled. He nuzzled her neck this time fully aware of who it was his lips were tasting. "Trudy," he groaned, grinding his erection into her asscheeks.

"Ben," she gasped back at him, thrilled to hear her name on his lips. There was no hiding it now. They both knew. And they both wanted it. His desire surprised Ben. He hadn't been attracted to girls this age since he was this age himself. Always his tastes had matured along with his body. Trudy awoke something slumbering inside him, a desire that blossomed in his heart and in his loins.

Trudy was flowering. This was the pleasure she'd always dreamed of experiencing. She had first played doctor with a boy when she was seven years old, not really understanding the game back then. Once her mother had given her "the talk," she'd been more keen about exploration. She'd seen a dozen cocks in her young life and touched most of them. She'd even stroked a few erections, though she always balked at anyone's suggestion that she put one in her mouth. She had watched romantic movies and seen the love scenes, and she had wondered what it would feel like. What sex would be like. Even on her best days, her fingers had never made her pussy throb as much as it was now with Ben's finger in there. It filled her so sweetly, and she couldn't imagine being able to take his cock into her body.

Just the thought of that, the idea that she would let him fuck her if he wanted to, thrilled her so much that she nearly came. Ben groaned and pulled her closer to his body, squeezing her pussy in his hand. She was so tiny! How could he have ever mistaken her for her mother? It was desire that had tricked him, a desire for this angel that he had not wanted to acknowledge. He hugged her tightly and ground against her, wedging his cock between the soft globes of her ass. He pushed his arm beneath her body so that both arms were around her, and squeezed her tiny breasts gently. Trudy moaned again, not the sound of a twelve year old pubescent girl, but the sound of a young woman in lust.

“I want you, Trudy,” he said to her, the words leaping ahead of thought.

“Oh, Ben,” she moaned back at him, her narrow hips churning. “I want you too.”

She didn’t understand, he told himself, and he didn’t have the courage to repeat his desire aloud. Trembling, knowing he was crossing a line that could never be uncrossed, he withdrew his arms from around her. Trudy’s eyes flew open and she rolled partially onto her back so that she could look at him. Her groan was one of frustration. But Ben wasn’t stopping. He slid a little away from her and eased her fully onto her back. She lay there, blinking up at him as he loomed over her, chest heaving, eyes wide.

He’s going to do it to me, she thought. He’s going to put his dick inside me. We’re going to fuck.

The very idea sent a chilling thrill through her body. Her legs parted automatically, her body responding to desire before her thoughts could follow. Ben noticed, too. He saw her parting her slender thighs and knew that she would give him anything he wanted. His heart suddenly felt as if it would burst. He hesitated, hovering over her, staring into her dark eyes. And then he said the words that she most longed to hear.

“I love you, Trudy,” he said. The words came from a wellspring deep within his soul, rising up through warnings and common sense, tumbling from his mouth of their own volition.

Trudy sucked in a sharp breath. Her lower lip quivered, and her eyes became watery. For a moment, only a moment, Ben felt a pang of fear, of worry, but she spoke to him in a feathery voice saying, “I love you too, Ben.” And all was well again.

Ben bent over her swiftly, pressing his lips to hers. It was the kiss she had dreamed of, had wanted more than any other, and it was sweeter than any imagining could have been. His lips were heavy on hers, and when she inhaled her nostrils were filled with the manly scent of him. Her arms flew up and around his neck, clasping him joyously to body. She felt the tip of his tongue emerge from his mouth and tentatively touch her lips. She opened her mouth to him willingly, accepting his tongue, meeting it with her own smaller one, moaning as she engaged in her very first french kiss.

Ben was trembling by then. He shifted his weight to one arm to keep his larger body from crushing the c***d beneath him, and used his free hand to paw at her body. He was thrilled to feel how erect her little nipples were. The scent rising from between her spread legs was hot and musky. He cupped her crotch again, digging fingers and thumb into her slit through the fabric. Trudy moaned into his mouth.

The man tore his mouth from the girl’s and he slid his body down the bed swiftly. Trudy was confused. She lifted up onto her elbows to watch him, wondering why he wasn’t trying to put his dick into her like she’d expected. What she saw him doing confused her, and then terrified her. Ben positioned himself on his tummy between her legs and eagerly pulled aside the crotch of her pantyhose, revealing her sparsly pubed pussy to the air. She gasped. No one had looked at her pussy in a long time. And no one had looked at it that closely before.

“My god, Trudy,” Ben hissed. She was momentarily afraid, thinking he didn’t like her pussy, but then she saw the gleam in his eyes, the smile on his face, and she was filled with pride. He slid his fingers along her slit, making her sigh. He spread her labia with his fingers to expose the pink insides, glistening with her moisture now. When he rubbed his finger over her little clit, Trudy moaned deeply. Her eyes fluttered closed and she fell back onto the bed, trembling. And then it got even better.

Ben leaned closer and licked her. He ran his tongue from the bottom of her p*****n slit to the top, tasting u******e pussy for the very first time. She was metallic and doughy at the same time, and yet clean and pure in a way that a mature pussy never could be again. He closed his lips around her clit and sucked, making her squeak adorably. Then he thrust his tongue into the entrance of her body as if he were french-kissing her pussy. She threw out her arms and clawed at the bed, her eyes flying open wide as she cried out loudly.

Never had she felt anything like this or had even dreamed of feeling something this wonderful. Ben moved his lips back to her clit as he tried to ease a finger into her pussy hole. He thought she would be a virgin, that he’d encounter her hymen. But he didn’t. It took only a moment to work his finger into her down to the last knuckle. Trudy moaned and began to move her hips, wanting more and more. His finger felt incredible inside her, totally unlike her own smaller digit or even the hard handle of her hairbrush. It was warm and wiggly and alive and…and…

Trudy came. Orgasm exploded through her little body as she clutched at the bed beneath her, afraid she’d fly off. Ben felt her muscles quivering, felt her pussy clamp down on his finger, tasted the thick juices that ran out of her. It was the most erotic thing he’d ever known. And he knew what he had to do next.

If she’d had a hymen, her orgasm would have been the end of it. Of course he wanted more. He wanted his cock in her mouth, he wanted to please her over and over again. But she had no barrier. She had nothing that would cause her pain if he tried to fuck her. Ben shoved his boxers down, kicking them off, then rose over her little body again.

Trudy was dazed, but she had never felt so wonderful in her life. The glow her orgasm left her with was the best feeling in the world. She felt the bed shifting, saw Ben rising over her, and she smiled warmly at him. She loved him more than anything else in the world. When she saw him kneel on the bed, his knees right next to her body and her thin legs d****d over his thighs, she lifted her head to look at him. She saw his naked cock and she gasped. It was huge! Twice as big as any she’d ever seen. And much, much thicker than the handle of her hairbrush! It throbbed with his pulse and drooled liquid from the tip. She remembered “the talk.” That was precum, natural lubricant. He was going to do it to her.

“Are we going to fuck, Ben?” she asked in a whisper.

Ben froze. That was exactly what he wanted, but he realized he could never do anything she didn’t want to do. His love for her was real and profound. “I want to,” he said to her. “Do you? Do you want me to fuck you, Trudy?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “Will it fit in me?”

“We could try,” he said.

She smiled. “You’ll stop if I say so?” she asked.

“Of course,” he said earnestly.

“Okay,” she told him, and their fate was sealed.

Ben grasped the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. Trudy lifted her legs into the air, giggling as he removed her panties. He tossed them aside carelessly and she lowered her legs again, dr****g them once more over his thighs. Ben’s large, strong hands slid over her slender legs to her hips. He used both thumbs to massage her exposed pussy. She moaned. All caution was gone now. She was a c***d and he was a man and she was a woman and he wanted her. He scooted a little closer until the tip of his cock nudged against her pussy. They both gasped at the same time.

Trudy felt the knob of his dick press between her labia. He missed her hole and that made his cockhead slide upward, dragging his shaft over her sensitive clit. She clawed at the bedspread again, gasping. Ben rocked back and reached between their bodies to grasp his cock. He guided it lower, pushing the head right against the opening to her body. Trudy was suddenly afraid, but she wanted it more than any fear could inspire her to want to stop what was happening.

“Are you ready?” he asked, gazing into her eyes.

The fact that he had paused to ask such a thing cinched the love she felt for him. She nodded. With his eyes still locked on hers, he pushed forward.

At first, it didn’t feel like anything was happening. There was pressure, and that felt good all by itself. Then she felt herself starting to stretch, to open to him, to allow him in. The large head of his cock moved past her labia and into her body. Groaning, he rocked his hips back and forth, fucking her with just the tip of his engorged cock. Trudy had never imagined sex would feel like that, and she wanted more of him. She lifted her legs and dug her heels into his sides. Ben got the hint. She wanted more, and so did he.

Ben grasped her narrow hips. He pulled her body to his even as he pushed his own hips forward. The combination of his precum and the juices of her orgasm were all the lubrication they needed. He rocked a little, working himself into her, filling her. Trudy’s eyes widened. She sucked in a breath and held it as her back arched. Her toes curled, but she continued to dig her heels into him. It hurt in a way, she was being stretched, but it also felt incredibly good. She was being filled in a way that she never imagined possible.

He moaned deeply. He couldn’t believe he was doing this! An hour ago, he was laying in bed dreaming, and now the dream had become reality. This was a twelve year old girl beneath him, clawing at the bed, desperate to be joined with him. He pushed harder and saw over half his length vanish into her body. Her pussy was stretched obscenely around his fat cock. It seemed impossible that it was really inside her. He paused and asked, “Are you okay? Do you want to stop?”

She shook her head quickly, sweat beading her forehead. “No,” she gasped. “Don’t stop. Put it all in me!”

Ben moaned. He eased back, withdrawing. Trudy grasped at him, confused, and then she screamed as he shoved into her f***efully. Three-fourths of his cock was now inside her. He eased back again. Trudy understood this time. She screamed once more as he plunged forward to the same point. She was too tight, it was all he could get into her. That was enough, he decided. Tears were streaming from Trudy’s eyes by then, and he felt like a monster until she gasped, “Ben! Feels so good!”

Groaning, he began to fuck her. He fucked her gently, sliding his cock in and out of her tight pussy slowly. Every stroke stretched her. Every stroke filled her so beautifully that she thought she was going to melt away. She dug her heels into his hips and gripped his forearms with her little hands as he leaned over her. “We’re really doing it, Ben,” she moaned. “We’re…we’re fucking.”

Hearing the word on the c***d’s lips was magical. He moaned and pushed into her, his orgasm already boiling up inside him. Too soon! “Trudy!” he cried out, shaking. “I’m gonna cum, Trudy!”

She understood what that meant. He was going to squirt his sperm into her. She moaned at the very thought. “Do it, Ben!” she hissed at him. “Do it inside me!”

He nearly swooned. Her body was shaking, the muscles of her tummy rippling each time he thrust his cock into her body. He was moving faster now, lost in the frenzy of his lust for the girl below him. Trudy felt his cock swelling inside her, growing impossibly larger. It was unlike anything in her experience. He was her handsome knight, her prince charming, and she was his damsel, his princess, his forever and ever. Ben felt his heart bursting with love as the cum surged through his cock. He thrust into her f***efully and held himself there, the world exploding in light as he came.

Trudy felt heat splashing against the deepest part of her insides. That was his sperm, the stuff that made babies, and he was squirting it right up inside her. They had fucked, and he had cum, and it was more wonderful than wonderful. He moaned her name loudly, adding, “I love you!”

That was something he had never done with any other lover. Trudy felt the bond instantly. “I love you, Ben!” she yelled up at him, and suddenly she was in the throes of orgasm herself. His cock pulsed, sending more of his thick seed into her body, and her pussy clamped down on the invading shaft, her rippling contractions milking his orgasm out of him. He sagged when it was done, totally spent. He couldn’t hold himself up and lowered his weight gently on top of her.

Trudy didn’t mind. She wrapped her arms and legs around his body, clinging to him tightly. “I love you so much,” she whispered.

“I love you too, Trudy,” he replied, gasping. Eventually, he had strength enough to roll off her to the side. Feeling his fat cock leaving her body felt like losing a piece of her soul to Trudy, but she turned as he lay on his back and pressed her body to his side. He cradled her close to his body and kissed her forehead. She wiggled up until they could press their lips together again. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine,” she giggled.

“I mean, are you okay with this?” he asked. “We…we had sex, Trudy.”

She giggled again. “When can we do it again, Ben?” she asked.

If he’d had any doubts about her willingness, about her participation in what had just happened, they vanished. He smiled at her and said, “Soon, I hope.”

“Me, too,” she said. “I really do love you, Ben.”

“I really do love you too, Trudy.”

They kissed again and held each other, waiting for whatever came next.

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