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College Days 1

This story happened when I was in college, I was about twenty or twenty one. I went to a club where are the college k**s would go on Friday night. I went with several of my friends to see if we could get laid. We had all just finished finals and needed to get laid to us unwind.

We had been at the club for an hour and I had danced with several girls and we were getting a pretty good buzz on. Not far from our table was several older ladies partying it up. They looked to be my moms age, but one caught my eye. She was a bottle blonde, nice tits, nice butt and cute face and big brown eyes. I asked her to dance and she did. After the dance we talked for few minutes, she was married and they came to the club to get away from their husbands. She said that she was 45. I danced with some other girls and was getting really horny and needed to get some release. The milf came over and wanted to dance again, she was more buzzed than before and I decided to make my move, what the heck. I asked her to step out side with me for minute and she did. We went behind the building and started making out. I was feeling her up and she was enjoying it. She kept trying to tell me to stop and that she was married but then she would kiss me again. She was wearing a skirt and I lifted it and pulled her panties down and put my finger in her twat. It was very wet and I found her clit and started working it. She told me that she should not be doing this but I was not going to stop now. I pushed her on the hood of a car and put my face in pussy. Then I rolled her over and pushed my hard cock into her tight wet snatch doggy style. I started to pile drive her, I could not believe I was banging a woman old enough to be my mom, married and behind the club. I had reached around and had my finger on her clit as I banged away on her. She soon orgasimed very hard, her pussy muscles tightened around my dick causing me to squirt her pussy full of my jizz. When I was done I rolled her over so we could face each other, I looked down at her gooey cute hairy snatch and slid my semi hard dick back into her. She was going on about how she could not believe she did this and what if her friends inside found out or husband-blah blah blah! I started to pump in and out of her again and she soon started to enjoy it and shut up. I banged away for several minutes and I put her legs up so that her ankles were on my shoulders and was getting deep pussy action going and made a deep thrust and drained my balls in her again. I pulled my limp dick out her and some of my spooge had dripped out and got caught in her bush. I told her we should go back in and thanks for the sex. I found my guys and we continued our quest for snatch.

The milf was over with her crew and they were dancing some. The milf came over and wanted to dance with me again and said that they would be leaving soon. She wanted to know my name, I told her to follow me and took her to back of the club where the lighting was bad and pushed her on a table and lifted her skirt, pulled her panties to the side and slid my dick into her hot pussy and dumped another good size load of my spunk deep in her. She did not resist at all. I told her she had a nice pussy and hope that she enjoyed my dick and left her there and I went to the bathroom. When I came out they had left the club. I never told her my name, but I would like to ask her husband how my dick taste. We did finally find some girls and took them home.

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