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Anna the Slave and Her two Sons

Anna was born into slavery and was married at age 13 by the age of 15 she had two healthy boys. As Anna cleaned her sparse living quarters in her mind she kept hearing the words of the landlord Cyrus. She twisted and wrung her hands fitfully. How she wished for her husbands return from the battle of the Moors.

A longing filled her heart as tears filled her eyes. For she knew not if he was dead or alive.As she made her two son’s beds her mind drifted to thoughts of her and her husband. How she longed to be held in his strong arms and feel him pierce her womanhood with his bl**d engorged cock.

Thus far he had been gone into the third year of the “ March of the Moors. “ Anna was two months from her thirtieth birthday. Three long years she’d gone without making love to her husband. She felt a deep urgent twitch in her vagina.

Looking back she could have sworn she had locked the door to their apartment. Anna had masturbated a few times before while the boys were in training. On that fateful day she had stood before her mirror and pulled her morning dress off.

She admired her firm breast and she smiled as she ran her hand over the small pouch that marked the birth of two sons. Like most slave girls Anna’s vagina was by decree cleanly shaven. She wet her finger and slowly teased her nipples into two hard prominent reddish colored points of excitement.

She felt a warm glow in her tummy spread downward into her vagina as she kneaded her breast. Her tongue flicked out over her nipple as her finger found her hot wet slit and delved between her aching slippery pussy lips. Her finger briefly entered her vagina then found her bl**d filled clitoris.

Rather than slump to the floor Anna quickly lay down on her bed. Her two fingers rubbing and playing over her swelling wet clit. Visions of her husbands hard lean body holding her hips as his hard veined cock sliced deeply into her dripping wet vagina sent shivers up and down her spine. Anna’s fingers danced lightly yet urgently over her enflamed clitoris.

Her breathing became deep and rapid as she pressed harder and faster on her slippery clit. Her orgasm struck her with the f***e of lightening as she screamed out in orgasmic delight. Her young vice like cunt pouring her steaming hot pussy juices down onto her crinkled pink butt hole.

As Anna’s back arched and her vagina went into spasms and she moaned out in sexual relief the door burst open and her landlord cried out. “ just as I thought “ I knew I heard the sounds of a woman in the throes of sexual bliss.”

Anna quickly threw her blanket over her exposed body and burst into tears of shame and humiliation. Her landlord brutally snatched her blanket away. With a careful eye he studied Anna’s breast jiggle as she sobbed. With a whispering yet assertive voice he commanded Anna to lie back.

When she hesitated he slapped her across her face and told her to lie back and open herself for his eyes to enjoy. The lips of her pussy were shiny and wet and puffy with arousal. A trickle of her cunt crème ran out of her quivering hole.

Anna began to sob and cry as she held herself open to the lecherous eyes of the landlord. Anna watched in horror as the landlord knelt between her legs as if to place his mouth upon her dripping wet silky cunt. She found her voice and begged of her landlord to please leave her humble apartment.

As the landlord began to lower his face closer to her vagina she screamed “ please landlord I’ll do anything for you, please don’t do this, please. I promise anything even sexual favors but in a more private and secluded place.”

Just then they heard the pounding of young boys feet and their excited voices racing towards the apartment. The landlord stood up and Anna quickly slipped her dress over her head. The landlord bent down and whispered into Anna’s ear “ I’ll await in your bedroom. I have a proposal for you.”

After greeting the boys and answering theirs question of news of their father Anna told them to wash up and play outside while she prepared their evening supper. With a deep breath and dread twisting her tummy into knots Anna walked into her bedroom.

Her landlord stood in the shadows like an evil apparition. Anna’s heart sank at the words he spoke. “ I won’t wait this is private enough.” “ You will immediately drop to your knees and suck my cock until I fill your mouth with my manly seed.”

Anna opened her mouth to protest but her landlord said “ I could have your young sons sent to the mines or better yet off to war.” Anna felt the hot sting of tears run down her face. She knew she had no other choice. So she lowered her head and sunk slowly to her knees.

Anna glanced up resentfully at her smiling landlord as she wet her lips and hesitantly reached up and wrapped her small hand around his throbbing cock. Despite her disgust the moment her fingers curled around his cock she let out an involuntary moan. She licked at the glistening pre cum oozing from the tiny slit of his purple cock head.

Anna closed her eyes and swirled her tongue slowly over and around the glistening head of his cock, savoring the small taste of his pre cum in her mouth. She took him further into her hot wet mouth. Slowly licking the underside of his hard cock.

Her hand and mouth begin to work in unison up and down the thick shaft of his cock. Anna opened her throat and let his cock slide in to it. The harder she sucked his cock the louder she moaned. Her finger blindly sought out and found her soaking wet neglected cunt.

The landlord held her head and begin to pump his cock in and out of her mouth. Despite the shame and humiliation; her own pussy was responding to the feel of a thick fat cock sliding deeply down her throat.

Her fingers moved rapidly in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Anna closed her eyes and felt the stirring of an orgasm from the cock in her mouth and fingers in her cunt. She sucked harder and faster coaxing the hot liquid to spew from his cock and run down her throat into her waiting tummy.

Anna hated herself but could not stop the burning desire of wanting his cock in her mouth, to taste the hot sperm burst from his cock and splash along her tongue and down her throat, she longed for a tummy full of warm gooey sperm.

She felt his cock jerk and throb. She felt fresh hot pussy juices flowing down her thighs. Her fingers were a blinding flash as she finger fucked her dripping wet cunt hole. She sucked and moaned around the throbbing hard cock in her mouth. With the first splash of scalding hot sperm she felt her pussy gush anew and a powerful orgasm washed over her body as she greedily sucked down every drop of her wretched landlords hot stringy sperm.

Cyrus her despicable landlord pushed her to the ground and tucked his spent cock away. He began to walk away when he suddenly turned back and said the very words that had her wringing her hands so fitfully. “ Anna you will come downstairs to my bedroom in three nights time.”

“ There you will entertain me again.” Only this time it will be with your two sons. “ Anna felt as if she had been kicked in the stomach and begged him to not have her do such a vile unthinkable thing. Cyrus looked down at her and said.” How old are your two sons Anna?”

Her face turned ghostly white and filled with disgust and fear. Tears streamed down her face as she answered “ they are 14 and 15. “ “ let me make this easier for you Anna either you fuck them or I’ll have their throats slit like two little pigs.”

Anna swallowed hard and spoke through her tears “ please landlord take me here and now. “Look “ Anna said I’m wet and ready for you. Please take me and forget your request, I beg of you.” the landlord walked out saying “in three nights Anna, in three nights or they die. “

Now Anna stood in her sparsely furnished apartment not knowing how she could look at her two sons without her face burning in shame. They would be home soon to bathe and she’d cook the evening meal.

Her heart raced and she felt flush knowing the small apartment had only one tub to bathe in. She always heated the water and prepared their baths. Never had she the tiniest thought of her son’s bodies. Now her head was filled with terrible thoughts because of Cyrus’s demand.

When Brutus and Janus burst through the door with greetings. Anna’s heart leaped. Once again she fitfully wrung her hands and looked away from her boys. She wouldn’t let them die. No mother would willingly send her c***dren to death.

The question that tore at her heart and soul was how could she ever let her two sons take her like a common whore? Though Janus was younger than Brutus. Janus had broad powerful shoulders and a well defined muscular chest.

Brutus was taller but still she thought proudly they both were finely chiseled young boys. Anna took a deep breath and said “ Well my sons your mother has been neglectful and tonight she shall bathe you both as when you were younger.

She’d stopped bathing the boys when Brutus was ten years old. She’d seen them nude of course but fleeting glances. What she saw now made her silently wonder how she’d not noticed how much they had grown.

The boys looked puzzled over her remark. Anna said “ please you two, can’t a mother spoil her c***dren with love and adoration?” now who’s first? Anna asked as she began filling the tub.

Neither boy Anna noticed had facial hair and Janus as she glanced saw had just the beginning of a small tuft of pubic hair. What shocked her was what hung below that small tuft of pubic hair. My god she thought I’ve never seen a penis on a grown man that’s bigger than his.

Janus’s cock was thick and long in it’s flaccid state. Almost she thought as long as a grown man’s erect cock. His balls were large and heavy, completely hairless. Though he had every appearance of a young boy, his penis betrayed his age.

Brutus’s cock was meaty she thought, like his father’s neither overly large but by no means small. He too had large heavy balls. Both of them boys but already developing into more than average sized men down there.

Anna’s face was flushed and her hands trembled slightly as she took note of her two young son’s penises. Shame burned her face as she’d never thought of them in such a way before. She had to protect them. She had to seduce them and entice them or they would die.

Anna’s nerves were on edge and she felt her tummy flip flop as she began to lather soap onto Brutus’s shoulders and back. She watched a trail of soap trickle down and run between his powerful butt cheeks. Her hands followed the soap as she washed his lower back.

Anna took in a deep breath and let her hands run across his firm yet smooth butt and down his thighs. On her knees she could clearly see his scrotum hanging and swaying as she washed him. Oh god she thought when I turn him around I’ll be face to face with his penis.

She ran her hand up his inner thighs slightly brushing his hanging balls her other hand held him fast by his hip. With a sigh she ran her hand palm up between his butt cheeks scrubbing along the way and over his puckered anus.

Brutus giggled and said that tickles mom and Anna laughed nervously saying with a trembling voice. “ hold still “ when he jumped as her finger encountered his puckered butt hole. Now Anna laughed and teasingly said “ ah I’ve found a ticklish spot “

As Anna’s hands ran over Brutus’s thighs and calves tiny sparks of memories of touching her husband flashed through her mind. Anna felt her nipples harden and a dull twitching ache began in her vagina.

She quickly stood and grabbed the bucket and poured it over Brutus’s head. With a foreboding sigh she found her voice and brightly said “ ok young man turn around so mother can finish bathing you. “ when Brutus turned around Anna noticed that his penis was in a state of semi erection.

Anna laughed and said oh my Brutus you’re no longer such a small boy. Brutus’s face reddened as he glanced down at his penis. Well no need to worry your mother has seen it a million times. She nervously said you always got hard as a baby whenever I touched you there. So I’m used to it, you’re just older and well bigger now. Anna began to laugh uncontrollably.

Anna could not look her son in the eyes as she soaped up his shoulders and upper chest. She could feel the powerful muscles and her mind briefly thought of her husband. The boys were tall and muscular like their father but had her blues eyes an blonde hair.
Anna bent slightly at the waist as she ran her hand over Brutus’s rippled stomach. She continued washing down onto his upper thighs. Anna swallowed hard and got on her knees in front of her son. She told herself just think of him as the young c***d you used to wash.

Brutus strained to keep his penis from hardening but in fact he’d always harbored a secret desire for his mother. He used to hear his mothers moans and sighs as his father made love to her. More than once he crept out of bed and peeked through the keyhole and masturbated watching his father’s cock sliding in and out of his mother’s glistening wet pussy as he fucked her and she softly moaned.

His mother looked like an angel as she lay under his father. Her arms around his neck her legs wrapped tightly around his back as she quietly whispered fuck me, uh huh fuck me just like that my love. Oh god I love the feel of your cock buried so deeply inside my soft wet cunt.

Now he tensed as he felt his mothers warm soft hands cup and bathe his heavy balls. He closed his eyes tightly when she wrapped her hand around his fully erect throbbing hard cock. The slippery soap and her soft hands had Brutus squirming as his mother’s hand slid up and down his hard cock.

Anna’s eyes were wide in wonderment as her hand glided up and down the meaty veined shaft of her son’s growing cock. She licked her lips but caught herself and admonished herself and bit her lower lip. Oh god no thought Anna as she felt her cunt begin to twitch and lubricate and ache with desire.

Brutus groaned out to his mother and tried to pull away but Anna held fast and speeded up the rapid pumping motions of her hand until she felt Brutus’s hard cock throb and pulse as thick jets of sperm splattered on her face and neck dripping down onto her breast.

Janus turned and looked at the shocked look on Brutus’s face when their mother lovingly held Brutus’s withering cock in her hand and slowly took it in her mouth and sucked and cleaned the last of the sperm clinging to Brutus’s penis.

Anna looked up and held Brutus’s penis in her hand and kissed the tip. She looked up and smiled at Janus and beckoned him to the tub. Janus stood transfixed and more puzzled than in his whole life. Was his mother going to do the same to him as she’d just done to his b*****r.

Anna’s eyes searched her boys faces. She fought back tears as she struggled to find words to explain her inappropriate actions. Finally she sighed and said “ I’m very sorry, it appears your mother’s emotions and physical needs got the better of her. “ please do not hate me my sons as I love you with all my heart and would gladly die to save your lives.”

Her sons knelt beside her and hugged her and said “ we don’t hate you mother “ we love you more than you’ll ever know. Some of our friends mothers have “ special friends “ over since our father’s have been gone. We don’t like it and we are proud that you have no “ special friends “

Anna smiled a tiny thin smile and kissed her boys on their cheeks. She looked at Janus and said “ I’m afraid mother won’t bathe you janus I’m much to ashamed. Anna stood up and ran to her bedroom and lay on her bed crying and sobbing at what she had done.

She cried even harder at the thought of losing her two boys as the words “ either you fuck them or I’ll slit their throats like two little pigs “ echoed and resounded through her brain.

Janus and Brutus came into her bedroom and lay on each side of her and comforted her. Whispering words of love and understanding that Anna thought were beyond their years.
Anna buried her face in her pillows and wished that she could just die. No! she thought, if I die who’ll protect my sons from Cyrus the evil bastard of a landlord.

Janus come with me said Anna. I’ll bathe you but this time control myself. Janus hesitated but Anna beckoned him with her finger and said come on my son into the tub you go. Anna poured a hot bucket of water over Janus’s head. He stood facing her. Anna began scrubbing his shoulders and then chest. All the time taking quick glances down at the massive cock that hung thick and flaccid above his heavy balls.

Anna scolded herself as she felt her pussy ache and begin to twitch with deep spastic quivering spasms. She looked up and smiled at her son Janus as she fought the urge to wrap her hands around his cock and bring it to life. Anna lay her head against her sons chest and slowly washed his muscle rippled stomach.

When her fingers reached his pubic patch it was then she realized just how little hair was there. She let her fingers linger pulling at the short tiny patch of pubic hair. She dared not look up or down. Her breast flushed red and her nipples hardened into two pointed nubs that yearned to be suckled.

Janus fought with every fiber of his body as he felt his cock begin to stir and fill with bl**d when his mothers hand softly stroked the length of his growing cock. He looked down and saw a blank lost look on his mothers face as her fingers tried to wrap around his now fully erect cock.

Anna was shocked at the girth of her youngest sons cock, how could it be so big, when he’s so young she thought. She simply could not close her hand around his thick fat cock.
Anna looked on like a spectator at the arena as she saw herself sink slowly to her knees.

This must be a dream she thought as she watched herself reach out and pull Janus’s huge cock to her lips. Her tongue flicked out like a snake and slithered over the soft mushroom shaped head of her son’s cock. She could see a small drop of pre cum beginning to drip from his cock. She greedily sucked it into her mouth and savored the thick rich texture of his cum.

Anna held his cock in her hands and let her tongue flick and slither along the underside of his thick shaft. She marveled at the size of it and wasn’t shocked to find her pussy permeating heat and lubricating to the point her hot wet juices were flowing freely, drenching her swollen pussy lips.

Her dream like state continued when she felt her son lift her off her feet and lay her on her bed. She managed to get out the words “ quickly lock the doors and bar the windows.” Before relapsing back into her protective dream state. She quickly drew in her breath as she felt soft hot lips begin to suckle at her nipples.

Janus and Brutus were sucking at their mothers breast as if they were still infants. Their hands touched as they both felt the incredible hot soft wet flesh of her soaking wet pussy.
Anna quietly urged them on with soft whispering sighs and long breathy moans.

Yes my sons feel your mothers warm succulent cunt. Put your fingers in me, suck and nip at my nipples. Do whatever your curiosity demands of you. Mother welcomes your touches my sons. Please do not let your shyness allow this moment to escape us.

Anna cried out with a long satisfied moan as she felt one of the boys fingers invade her dripping wet cunt hole. Yes oh god yes she hissed out between clenched teeth. That’s it, that’s what mommy likes. Oh god she thought how badly I need to be fucked with a hard thick cock.

Unbeknownst to her she had spoken the words out loud. The boys looked at each other and winked in agreement. Brutus got between his mothers legs and held his hard young cock in his hand while blindly searching for the hot silky hole his finger had found.

Anna arched her hips and opened her eyes in stunned disbelief but immediately reached down and guided her sons cock into her hot wet tight neglected pussy. Yes oh god yes she moaned out as she felt his cock spreading her sopping wet cunt open.

Yes brutus uh huh that’s it just like that my baby boy fuck mommy just like you are, oh god you feel so good inside me oh god oh god yes. Anna screamed out as her long neglected pussy begin to squeeze and spasm around her son’s formidable cock in orgasm.

Faster brutus really hard and fast oh god I need this so bad. I need you to fuck my pussy real hard and deep. Can you do that for me brutus? Anna forgot about anything except the steel hard cock pounding into her pussy.

Yes , yes , oh god yes oh fuck me uh huh fuck my tight little wet cunt oh god yes stab me with your long hard spear oh god yes brutus never stop. mommy needs you so bad right now. Gone were thoughts of shame. Gone were thoughts of guilt. Her thoughts were focused on the hard throbbing cock pounding in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

Anna felt another orgasm building up as it burst deep in her vagina and spread out warming her tummy, her nipples hardened as a flush spread across her breast. Electrical shock waves coursed through her body as she moaned and thrashed her head from side to side as her son’s cock brought orgasm after orgasm ripping through her.

Brutus looked down at his mother with a look of puzzlement as his cock pulsed and swelled and suddenly Anna could feel hot sticky jets of sperm coating her cervix and filling her with a satisfying feeling only a woman can experience as she feels her pussy flooded with scalding hot sperm.

Brutus threw his head back and roared out and began to pound hard and fast into his mothers soft wet cunt. He thrust relentlessly into her as his mothers cunt sucked and clenched down on his spewing cock. Yes, oh god yes uh huh fill mommy’s hot little pussy with your sweet young sperm, oh god oh god Anna yelled as a final toe curling orgasm tore through her body and exploded like shooting stars before her eyes.

Brutus collapsed and lay beside his mother breathing deep and fast. One arm d****d protectively over her breast. Janus made his presence known by getting between his mothers legs and unceremoniously removing his b*****rs arm.

Anna looked up into the eyes of her youngest son. She smiled and pulled him down to her she whispered in his ear, “ Janus you have a very, very big penis you’ll have to always take care and time when you want to put it in a woman. “

Anna sat up and held her son’s hands she kissed him full on the lips. Janus a woman’s vagina; began Anna can take you, but it takes time for her vagina to open and accommodate you. You have to be careful and go slow to allow her pussy to stretch before you begin to fuck her in earnest. Anna continued, some women may not be able to take your whole length.

Anna nervously smiled as she thought of allowing her son to fuck her with his very thick and very long cock. Anna smiled and held her son’s face in her hands and kissed him softly and gently on his lips. That Janus is how I want you to first fuck me, just like I kissed you softly and gently, do you understand janus?

Yes mother I understand I’d never hurt you, never ever mom. I know sweetheart Anna replied as she lay back and spread her legs. She closed her eyes and thought oh god I hope I can take him. Get between my legs Janus. I’ll guide you into my pussy, but remember go slow my son.

A long groaning moan escaped Anna’s lips when she felt the enormous head of her son’s cock pressing and nudging around her vaginal entrance. Janus stopped and looked down at his mother, did I hurt you mom Janus asked? no Janus I’m fine Anna smiled up at her son. Anna suddenly hissed through her teeth and gasped out loud, her fingers gripping the bed sheets as she felt the huge plum sized cock head inch it’s way into her.

She held tightly to the bed sheets and bit her lower lip as Janus’s steel hard thick cock began to open her up. Oh my god Anna thought my pussy is full of his b*****rs sperm so I know I’m slippery soaking wet yet he’s having trouble getting that thing in me.

Uh gasped Anna oh god Janus it’s so big. Anna took a deep breath and blew it out trying to relax. Anna gritted her teeth afraid to cry out as she felt the huge head of Janus’s cock penetrate her. Slow Janus go slow honey. Remember slow and gentle is how I said to do it.

Long deep satisfying groans poured over Anna’s lips as Janus slowly inched his huge fat cock into Anna’s sloppy wet cum filled pussy. Oh god Janus yes, it’s going oh god your cock’s so big uh huh oh yes oh god it’s so, so big. Mm yes moaned Anna.

Janus lost all thoughts of his mother below him. He had never experienced anything as exquisitely hot , soft and so wet tightly wrapped around his penis. He looked down at the soft pink folds of flesh that held his cock in a vice like grip.

With a loud roaring groan he thrust his hips sinking half of his massive cock into Anna’s tautly stretched sloppy wet pussy. Anna’s mouth flew open but no sound came out. Her knuckles turned white as she tore at the sheets with her fingers.

She bit her lower lip so hard she tasted bl**d. Her hips flailed about. A long keening wail burst from her lips as Janus once again thrust as hard as he could and his massive thick long cock split Anna’s pussy wide open barreling deeper than any cock Anna had ever known.

Anna’s face was a mask of pain as Janus’s cock battered the inner depths of her silky wet vaginal walls. A stunned look of disbelief was in Anna’s eyes as she looked down and saw Janus’s cock bury itself to the root as he hammered her tight wet cunt with one final deep thrust.

Janus , Janus please Janus oh god please be gentle and go slow. Oh my god my pussy has never felt a cock so big as yours. I can’t believe you have all of it in me. Janus honey just leave it in mommy’s pussy. Move very slowly and gently fuck me, remember ever so gently. No , no Janus don’t pull it so far out, remember janus fuck me real slow and gentle.

Anna began to moan and sigh out long gasping breaths as she felt her soaking wet pussy opening more and more to Janus’s huge thick cock. Yes, uh huh oh god yes janus that’s it ever so slow oh god, oh my god you feel so good in me, uh huh yes Janus that’s it fuck mommy’s pussy uh huh just like that. A bead of sweat broke out on Anna’s forehead as Janus began to pull out further and push his massive cock back into her.

Suddenly a wave of pleasure erased all the earlier pain of Janus’s assault on her tight neglected cunt. Um yes oh yes oh god yes uh huh do it Janus that’s it fuck me uh huh fuck my pussy my sweet son oh god you fill mommy so full with your huge throbbing cock.

Anna wrapped her arms around Janus’s neck and her legs around his back and moaned out, yes , yes oh god it’s so good uh huh you feel so good in my pussy mm I love you so much my sweet sons.

The room echoed with Anna’s sweet sighs of delight and Janus’s grunts of pleasure as he began to pound into her hot wet cunt. Anna’s pussy began to make squishy sounds as her cunt juice was f***ed out of her pussy by the f***e of Janus’s hard deep pummeling thrust.

Anna moaned out as she felt his heavy balls bouncing off her puckered little butt hole.
Mm Anna thought, Brutus can take me there like his father did, but she giggled to herself as she thought no way Janus could ever fuck me there with his huge thick cock.

A brief furrow crossed her brow as she thought of taking her boys to fuck her as entertainment for her landlord. No she decided she’d bargain with the old lecher. He’d have to hide away and watch her make love to her boys.

She’d offer herself to him as often as he wished but she couldn’t think of humiliating her boys in such a way. She closed her eyes and whispered into Janus’s ear “ yes my sweet son uh huh you make mommy feel so good. Mm fuck me Janus fuck your mother as hard and deep as you want. I’m ready for your cock now…until next time Mrs. X

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