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First time at the hole

My wife and I had been out to a club and I knew she had just the right amount of liquid courage to talk her into some fun. I ask her if she was ready to go get something to eat. She agreed so we headed out. As we got into the car, I asked 'what sounds good to you?' she smiled and leaned over to rub my crotch and said 'meat! I want to eat some meat'. I knew then she was up for most anything.

I drove toward the east side of town. I kept up the sex banter to keep her from noticing where we were.

As I turned into the parking lot of the book store, she looked at me and said 'I don't think they serve food here'. I told her 'you said you wanted some meat and judging from how full the lot is, you should be able to find something you like to eat' She was wearing a sexy little short skirt with a cami top, panties but no bra. when we walked in there were 3 or 4 guys walking round checking out the dvd selection. we went to the counter and I bought twenty dollars worth of tokens to feed the machine. I had been here many times but this was her first time. as we walked in she held my hand tight. there must had been at least 8 or 10 guys wandering around. I went to a booth I knew had holes on both sides and opened the door. I opened the door and I could see she was both nervous and excited at the same time. I dropped a few tokens in and a movie started. my wife looked at me and asked 'ok, now what?' I smiled and said 'just wait. a finger will come through one of those holes. that's the way guys ask for a blow job.' and before I finished, there were fingers in both holes. I told her 'swipe your finger in there now. that way they will know it's a woman on this side' she did and two hard cocks whipped in as soon as she removed her fingers. one was short but thick and the other was about normal. she took both of them in her hands and looked at me. 'this is going to be fun' she told me as she put her mouth around the thick one. she worked back and forth on them as I rubbed her tits. I knew she was wet as hell by the way she moaned. the first one to cum was the thinner guy and he whispered a thank you and we heard the door open and another guy came in. a long black finger swiped the hole this time. she didn't see it as she was working on the thick dick guy so I took her hand and put her finger in the hole. "DAMN! that is a horse cock!' I thought to myself as I put her hand on it. her eyes popped open and she looked at me with a smile. she stood up and turned around, bent over and pulled the crotch of her wet panties to the side. she took the black cock in her hand as she backed up on the thick cock. I reached behind her to open her ass cheeks and help guide her on this dick. she was busy trying to get her mouth around this massive dick. I could hear the guy fucking her bang the wall and I knew he was about to blow in her and just then I heard him grunt. I knew her pussy was getting filled with cum. I looked at her ass as she leaned forward and I could see the cum dripping from her freshly fucked pussy. I was already throbbing hard so I had to take out my cock. as soon as he had left, another guy came in and stuck his cock in the hole. I pulled my wife up from the cock she was sucking and gave her a good deep kiss and spun her around. again I held her cheeks open and guided her onto the huge dick that was throbbing. she was sloppy wet and he entered her just fucked pussy. as soon as she had that long, fat dick in her she was bucking and bouncing her ass all over him! she had the other guys cock in her mouth but was still moaning and groaning with pleasure. she fucked this guy hard! I had to get some also so I put my cock next to her face with the one she was sucking. she took both dicks and swirled them on her tongue, trying to fit both in her mouth at the same time. this drove the other guy over the edge and he started spewing cum all over the place. my wife took my cock in one hand and jacked him off with her other, making him cover my dick with his cum. it was so freekin HOT! all this going on made her buck and bounce faster and I knew she was cumming so I leaned into her face to kiss her so she wouldn't make to much noise. I heard the black guy slam the wall. I knew he was about to cum in her. I pulled away just for a second and she let out one helluva scream at the same time I heard him groan! both cumming at the same time! that was so erotic I damn near came then! she was shaking and trembling as he pulled out. I spun her around and over to see how full of cum she was. 'MY FUCKIN" GOD!' I thought there was cum all the way down to her ankle and big, thick gobs still dripping! I bent her over and slammed my cock balls deep in her freshly fucked pussy and just pounded away! I don't know if she could feel me or not she was so stretched out! but I didn't was just so slutty knowing she had sucked off four strange cocks and had two of them cum in her! I didn't last long at all...I came real quick, adding almost a weeks worth of cum to what was in her already!

After I had came, I almost couldn't stand up straight. she smiled at me and gave me a kiss and said 'that was fun but I'm still hungry' as she giggled. I looked at both holes and saw fresh dicks in both. 'what about these guys?' I asked. 'I'll just have to cum back to take care of them some time later'

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