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Our fantasy with a stranger

Our Fantasy.
My wife sits on a leather sofa in our hotel suite. We have just returned to our room from dining, she pours three glasses of wine and adjusts the volume of the music player which is playing slow dance music. There is a knock at the door and I answer it. You walk in the room say hello and then greet my wife with a long slow kiss on the lips. We met you in the hotel bar, a complete stranger and invited you back to our room, you know why we invited you to our room. You both sit down on the red sofa and drink your wine I sit on the chair opposite. You talk to my wife complimenting her looks and beautiful figure in the black dress she is wearing, you talk to each other almost as if I am not in the room.
You ask her to dance with you and you both stand in front of me arms wrapped around each other gently swaying to the seductive music. You move your hands down her body and caress her bottom gently massaging it through the dress, your hands push the dress up and your hands touch the tops of her stockings. She puts her head back as you kiss her neck and you move round to her breasts kissing and gently biting them through the material of the dress .my wife lets out a slight moan as you continue biting at her breasts. You unzip the back of the dress and it slips of her shoulders and slips to the floor she stands before you in a lace basque stockings and lace panties. You move your hands down her body and slip them inside her panties as you kiss down her body you slowly pull them down and she steps to one side of them you are now kneeling in front of her looking at her neatly trimmed pubic bush. Your hands reach up and grab the cheeks of her bottom and you pull her towards you and you start to kiss her stomach moving down to her pussy, noisily you kiss and suck at it and she gasps and moves her legs apart to allow you better access.
You move back up her body and kiss her on the mouth so she can taste her own juices. She takes you by the hand and you go into the other room where there is a large 4 poster bed. She sits on the bed as you stand in front of her between her legs, she unbuttons your trousers and you step out of them at the same time you have removed your shirt, she kisses your stomach and runs her hands up the front of your legs. She cups your balls and slowly rubs you hard cock thro your shorts as she slowly licks at your stomach. Then she lifts you cock free from your shorts her hand barely fits around the shaft its girth is so wide, she slowly wanks it with one hand while she squeezes your buttocks with the other. She moves her head down and kisses the large purple head, with her mouth open she licks at it and saliva runs from her mouth down the length of the shaft onto her hand. Her mouth opens as wide as it can and takes the large head of your penis into her mouth. Slowly moving her head up and down taking more of your fat cock into her mouth each time. Your hand holds her head as you fuck her mouth, she is now swallowing all of your cock and it glistens with saliva each time you pull it out. You remove your cock from her mouth and push her back on the bed raising her legs and pushing them apart. She reaches down and pulls her pussy lips apart for you to see her gaping wet pussy. Fuck me hard she says and guides your cock to her juicy cunt. With one sharp thrust you bury your cock deep into her, your hands lift her large breasts out from the basque and you pick at her hard nipples as you start to build up a slow fucking rhythm your cock squelches in and out of her forcing her juices to run down the cheeks of her arse. You now suck on her tits as you fuck her harder and faster, the pace quickens and she whimpers loudly biting her lip to muffle her cries as orgasm after orgasm rips through her body. She wraps her legs round you high on your back and bucks back at your thrusting grunting at every thrust. You move your hands on to her arse and finger fuck her arsehole she squeals with delight to this new pleasure, you’re now slapping hard into her cunt your balls bang against her arse and with one final almighty thrust you empty your hot seed deep into her hot cunt. You remove your cock while it’s still hard and move up her body and place it in her mouth so she can lick and suck the mixture of your juices from it. You move of the bed and gather your clothes, as you leave the room you smile to me and say thank you. My wife lies motionless on the bed her red topped stockings are torn and her tits hang out of her basque her legs still wide open her cunt bulges red and swollen, spunk oozes from it dripping onto the bed. She moves her hand between her legs and scoops two fingers through the creamy sticky mess spilling from her pussy, she puts the fingers to her mouth and licks the cum from her fingers. I lean forward and lick at her juicy hole tasting the juices for myself she moans as I clean her up she holds my head pushing it hard into her until I have licked her clean.

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