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By: V.I.Profferi
Part 04

When we got to the dinner table it was crystal clear that May had already managed to wrap Aunt Hed around her little finger. I could not begin to imagine what May had said to our well to do aunt, but the saucy auburn haired goddess of a woman was happy to obey my teenage s****r like an eager puppy in training. Whatever had happened in Aunt Hed’s bedroom between them had transformed our sluttish aunt from a libertine to an almost instant slave whore. Halfway through Aunt Hed was deep-throating May’s strap-on. Naturally we all slept with Aunt Hed in her enormous California King bed. The last thing I remember from that night was feeling Auntie’s ticklish long hair spread out over my thighs while her soft damp thigh rested upon my cheek while I could still taste her mingled piss and cum in my mouth. I dreamt of Aunt Hed that night, like I had done many times before. But this time the images and sensations in my dreams came from real experience. Her cunt was hot, wet and puffy with a sexy fat upper pussy that was also firm. Her bubble butt opened up wide showing her gaping hole that clamped down tight as a vice around my cock every time my balled slapped her behind with my thrusts. Her fanny farted and dribbled sticky cum over her puffy lips from the earlier pounding every time I pulled out from her wide round white arse. It was the best dream ever. The only thing that was better than the dream was that it had really happened. By the time the morning came I had almost begun to disbelieve it all and to think that I had dreamed it all.

I did not know what was happening when I woke up. Something had woken me. It was still dark with only a glimmer of a pre-dawn sun reflecting in the cloudy sky. I thought I had a spasm in bed as my body jumped. For a flash I was terrified. ‘Earthquake’, that was my first thought. ‘Oh shit, I don’t want to go to school.’ But just as I was beginning to feel the rising panic my senses began to wake up. It was the mattress that was bouncing me up and down. I half sat up leaning up on my elbows. Right beside me lay May, still wearing her strap-on, covered in sweat and grinning with satisfaction. Aunt Hed was sitting atop her, impaled, bouncing joyously upon the thick black dildo. “Fuck – oh fuck – fuck me good, aah, YEA!” That was Auntie Hed trying to be quiet to not wake me up. I watched for a few moments and soon I had my fist wrapped around my cock wanking lazily as I watched my s*s pounding my eager aunt. Watching two gorgeous birds fucking got me hard and wet pretty quick. But as soon as I started to really wank my wand the little fantasy world of voyeur vanished. May started, “Bad girl – BAD girl,” then she slapped Auntie’s face and pinched her nipples to make the maniacally fucking woman stop and listen. “OFF”, came forth the simple command. With only a wave of May’s hand Heather was upon her knees beside the bed as she might have done as a little girl taking prayer before bed time. “What did I tell you to not do or else?” I watched both of them bemusedly. Auntie was kneeling on the floor and May was standing upon the bed, beside me, towering menacingly over the top. I had not seen anything on the bed beside me, but there was May, glaring, with her arms crossed and a black leather riding crop from the stable in her hand and the big black strap-on waggling before her.

Looking at Aunt Hed I saw her emerald green eyes beginning to tear. Her mouth opened wide in a silent wail that showed the soft pink palate of her mouth and the white teeth. Then she looked down and I could feel the fear rising inside her. “No, -- please, I will do anything.”Aunt Hed had whispered, almost under her breath. She flushed a bright pink and suddenly all the freckles on her face stood out. For some time there was a deathly silence. I could not figure out what was happening and honestly I did not care. I was carried away upon the sour despair that had overcome my dear and promiscuous aunt. I put a hand out to her in comfort and after a brief glance up at May; she took one of my fingers into her mouth and started to suck it like a cock. Then very deliberately slowly May spoke, breaking the tense silence like a hammer shattering a thick glass window. “Anything, - you will do anything? You don’t want Uncle Cooper to find out, - what filthy slut he married, - that beneath that façade of a gorgeous lady - of the house - all you really are is a slave whore?” Heather was so ashamed that she had gone pale and stopped sucking my finger with it still half in her mouth. I could see she was perspiring. I whipped my hand away as the riding crop landed squarely upon Auntie’s cheek. “LOOK AT ME BITCH”, shrieked May, “and speak clearly when I ask you a question.” I was shocked. I shifted back in the bed and sat up leaning on the head board. My heart was racing and my throat was tight. This sudden transformation was startling, and to me, completely unexpected. I was trying to stay out the way and not be noticed. “Y – Yes, miss, anything.” The reply was dumbfounding. But then May soon clarified it to me. “When I went into her room last night, I found this bitch wearing a dog collar and a harness.” “She had managed to leash her harness to what looked like a modified exercise machine.” “A mechanized dildo had been attached to it and I found her coming, squirting cunt juice all over the bench while it pumped her.” “That is why she has a private chamber and only sl**ps in the room she shares with Uncle when he is home and only some times.”

I had to blush then too. Things like this had never crossed my mind. However, this did explain why she had kept her chamber locked the entire time that Uncle Cooper had been home on vacation from the rig. Clearly, May had been observing and collecting information whilst I had been playing war craft and fatal combat with Uncle Cooper. He was an awesome fighter and got way more kills than I could, but I guess Aunt Hed just did not get him hot. I should have known better than to think about stuff like that around May. She was some kind of mind reader. She gave me one sharp look that made me feel cold all over and then paid attention to her slave once more. “Ou-Kay” When May enunciated so slowly and deliberately I already knew that was time to start worrying. “I will think of a good punishment for you Auntie; one that will be fun for me….” Then May looked softly at me as if she was looking through me into tomorrow or the day after. I was unnerved to say the least. She was going to involve me in her crazy idea and I would have to go along with it. I knew there was no way out of it. It was as if I had been caught red handed by Scotland Yard with a gun in my pocket and dope up my sleeve. The only thing was that I had not done anything. I had just been a bystander. But May had dialled me in too. She knew very well what a rock hard boner I always had around Aunt Hed, and the frolicking of the night before had only served as corroborative evidence. May looked at us both in turn and sniggered to herself. “You will have to wait and see, but I will have loads of fun now.” “First things first though,” May was speaking to Auntie, “I want you to get your collar, harness, and leash and bring them here.” With a sigh of relief Aunt Hed scuttled off to her chamber, which I had always thought of a bedroom before now. As soon as Auntie had left, May walked away to get something from the room we shared. I lay there, in the warm blankets beginning to relax with my cock in my fist once again. I was still hard and my balls were hot and loose as I masturbated thinking about Aunt Hed’s perfect arse and recalling how my first anal experience had transformed rapidly into an anal orgy with Aunt Hed and May. Briefly my mind wandered to the fun I had had with Uncle Cooper whenever he had been home. Then I wondered what he would say if he knew I had not only fucked his wife’s slit, but pounded her fat arse full of spunk and unloaded deep inside her throat after her arse too.

I had been lying there masturbating and wishing I could have been Aunt Hed’s husband instead when I noticed May sitting atop the bureau beside the window with two fingers shoved up her twat and her thumb rubbing her clitoris watching me masturbate with satisfaction. When I saw the glint in her eye I knew that she had a good idea of what I had been frigging myself over. “Don’t stop b*****r dear, you have beautiful ideas. “Uncle Cooper just goes elsewhere to get what he needs.” “I found out about him and his tastes the summer before last. “ “He likes strong women and there is one on the rig where he works.” “When he came home last summer I found out when I read his messages coming from a woman on the rig that Uncle had never mentioned.” That is how I started to learn Geoffrey.” “Some people just know how to lead a stud bull by his nose ring and others just are good for breeding and giving milk.” “I know all about him, like I know all about you and Aunt Hed.” I could not help it; May had just got me so hot the way she talked that I shot my sticky load all over the bed sheets. Just then Auntie came back in with the leather gear. She had even brought wrist and ankle cuffs with the other gear. I gasped. May pointed a finger at Auntie and then at me. All she said was “drop it, clean up the bed.” Aunt Hed left all the leather gear on the Pergo wood floor and came over to lick my cock, balls, and the bed sheets clean.

I was examining the leather bondage gear on the floor when May spoke again. “We should have a good breakfast.” “Geoffrey, help Auntie into her bonds, leaving her wrists and ankles separated.” “Aunt Hed can make us a tasty breakfast in her harness and collar, and then she will have to go out shopping with her clothes over the top of the harness.” “It is about time that some people see that she wears a collar, it will be good for her and there will come more stud cocks knocking on the door to mate the bitch.” “There is no point in being a closet slave after all.” “You miss all the fun that way.” That was that then. The morning schedule was arranged. We watched Auntie cooking in her bonds and May would frig my testicles gauging when to tell Auntie to bend over, or to spread her legs, or spread her arse cheeks. Auntie dutifully got dressed still wearing her harness and collar and left on her errands without being allowed to bathe or to perfume herself. May wanted the men she met to react to her sent of raw sex. May and I took a shower and relaxed in the study. I got on-line to chat and tweet my friends while May busied herself with I don’t know what. May had been silent for hours. I was logged into an on-line game when we finally heard the garage door opening. Aunt Hed was home with the shopping and for the first time she sounded very different when she announced her arrival. Clearly something had happened that had changed her stance to life and her opinion of herself.

Part 05 coming soon.

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