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My first gay summer experience on a bed.

I had already had a couple of experiences – which I have written about in my other stories. This was one, from my first summer of experiences.

It was the same location as my beach blowjob group sex grope that had me as the centre of attention a couple of weeks before. I had jerked off so many times thinking about that time I was always going to return. It was a nice day and I parked the car at the car park and noticed there was already a few cars there. I got out and walked along the path to the gap in the fence and walked in just see if there was anything happening. Another car pulled in just as I went through the fence and the guy had looked my way. Anyway sure enough there was a couple of guys finishing up and as I watched from the edge of the clearing the one standing up was clearly getting close as his head looked up and he started to spray his load down the other guys throat and a few convulsions from his body I was already hard at watching, when I felt a hand on my butt that then went under my legs to squeeze my hardening cock through my pants. It felt so amazing through my clothes and his arm coming from behind. I looked back and the guy was probably 30, well built, good looking and very masculine. I turned around and he gently undid my pants and rubbed his face on my tented underwear, forcing my erection from side to side sending delicious signals to my brain. The other guys had finished and the guy that had cum, walked past and left, while the other guy started stroking his erect cock and masturbating at the sight of us. I didn’t mind but the guy who was giving me his undivided attention wanted privacy. Just as my underwear was getting wet with pre-cum, he stood up and asked if I’d like to come back to his house. Ofcourse I said yes and we zipped up and went to our respective cars and I followed him to his house.

Once inside he asked if I wanted a drink and I said no just him, to which he laughed and started hugging me and then kissing me on the mouth. He smelt so good, that beautiful manly scent that some guys just naturally have. His muscular arms embraced me and felt around and caressed my back and butt. I was already hard and could feel his hardness pressing against me. He was so gentle and arousing as he pushed his hand inside my pants to rub my arse, it was just warming and pleasant as he still kissed me and allowed our tongues to dance and flicker to each ones advances. He removed his hand from under my pants and began to lift up my T-shirt, I responded by lifting my arms allowing him to push and slide it all the way over my head. Before I could even lower my arms his tongue and mouth were tickling and licking my armpit, while his manly hands were holding my chest and his thumbs circled and grazed my erect nipples. The pleasure was indescribable as he pleasured every part of me that could help build me to the pleasure explosion ahead. “God your beautiful” he said, “your pretty good yourself “ I replied. He began too kiss me again and the feeling of his shirt on my bare chest was even more arousing, and I wanted his bare skin. I began to unbutton his shirt, to reveal his lightly hairy chest and a delicious snail trail of hair down to his belly button and beyond. Skin on skin as we pressed, hugged kissed and caressed was all just foreplay to what was to come. I could see the bulge in his pants and he was HUGE. I felt a bit embarrassed as he undid my pants and slid them down to reveal my rock hard cock. “Beautiful cock” he said as he slid his lips first over my wet cock head and then continued to swallow my whole shaft down his throat. He moaned all the while and began to gently move his head sideways as he pulled back so that my hard cock would bulge from his cheek. He then concentrated on the head of the cock, sucking and milking the juicy precum flowing out. I was always a heavy drooler, and he savoured every drop. After a few minutes he came off and stood up to remove his jeans. “God you taste good. I could suck on that thing all day”. “Be my guest’ I said. As his jeans were dropped he revealed the biggest boner I had ever seen. Not only was he long but thick as well, all in perfect proportion. In fact it was the same proportions as mine, but his was no jokes about 9-10 inches, where as I was 6.5. You can imagine it!!

Anyway, now standing naked with each other, our body warmth could be shared as he again began to kiss me first on the mouth and then on the cheek, nose and eye brow. I grabbed his hefty cock just to feel its girth, it was a huge fucking slab of hard meat, so hot to the touch. He pulsed as I touched him and smiled. I pushed it down to insert him between my legs, the sense of his hot cock warming my balls and ass would have been enough to make anyone happy. But with him gently and slowly kissing his way across my face to my ear was something else. One of his hands was lubricating the tip of my cock with precum and his tongue was gently licking my ear hole sending electrical pulses flying through my body. Tingling was radiating from my cock, warmth from his huge meat was stimulating my ass and balls, his chest hair and skin tickling and rubbing against me were intoxicating and the rasping pulses of electricity from my ear as his tongue probed around were sending me into orbit I was getting so high. His own cock had begun to get moist and it began to slide back and forth between my legs. He was so huge that I could actually hold his cock head with my hand behind my ass, rubbing and swirling and giving his cock a corkscrew wank as he went about pleasuring me. I clasped his cock with my legs so that I could feel him and also provide some pleasure. He brought his big hands up to my face and held me, kissed me on the mouth and said lie face down on the bed and I’ll massage you. Again I obeyed.

I lay face down and he lay beside me with one leg over my legs his big juicy cock nuzzling my thigh. He rubbed my back with one hand , then got up and straddled me and began massaging, first my neck and shoulders and then my back. The whole time I could feel the warmth of his monster cock on my butt crack, dropping a bead of sticky precum every so often. He worked his hands down and ran his fingers into my crack gently rubbing over my hole sending instant flashes of electricity and waves of tingling pleasure storms radiating out from my ass and cock. His hands lingered over the perineum, that deliciously sensitive part between balls and anus. At the same time he gently caressed my inner thigh and then ran his other hand down my leg. The warmth and radiating pleasure waves were intoxicating as I let my senses be taken for this ride. He asked me to widen my legs a bit and promptly ran his tongue from my balls across the perineum to my pleasure hole. The rimming was intense as he slurped and sucked and inserted his tongue inside me, I could only respond by moaning with delight. I could feel his lips slurping around me while his tongue nuzzled inside and I pushed my butt against his probing tongue and face. At one such move his hand deftly slid underneath me and pulled my sodden wet cock from under me and pulled it backwards for him to slurp and slide his mouth up and down on. He was moaning too, as I knew he loved my lubricant treacle now drizzling out like there was some kind of flood. At the same time a thumb or finger was placed gently on the entrance to my ass, sending pulses of electricity through my body. I had electricity radiating through my body, tingling like pins and needles first starting in my arms and shoulders and then the building sensations in my balls. I swear there was enough electricity in me to power the city grid. He then gently pushed my leg up and outwards and bent me sideways so that he could suck me better, all the while gently rubbing my hole with is moist finger. He turned me over and I rotated on his stationary finger inserted in me, the shockwaves were delicious. Now I could see his face as he swallowed my cock down to my pubes, with a final bury and wiggle of his face to maximize my pleasure as my cock head rubbed his tonsils. He gently rubbed his free hand up to my nipples as he expertly took my glistening cock back and forth down his mouth and throat, swirling his tongue around my cockhead on the outward journey, savouring my precum with a moan of acceptance and taste on the inward journey. The tension inside me was building. The tingling sensations on my body had now spread all the way down my arms and included my legs and feet, as if I was being electrocuted without the involuntary spasms. His other finger and hand were still gently flickering in and around my hole, while his other hand gently titillated my nipples from right to left and back. The growing sense of orgasm was present as I felt the familiar warm tingling sensation come from the base of my cock and warm the length of my shaft. The sensations this time were a bit different as the tingling was there, familiar as ever, but blended and merged with that going on all over my body. “I’m getting close” I said, and he said ‘mmm mmm” in return. The hand on my arse never moved but he shifted his hand from my nipple to my cock shaft so that with every withdrawl I was still maximally stimulated as his hand corskrewed around my shaft. “I’m cumming” I screamed as my entire pelvic region contracted and body convulsed in an explosion of intense pleasure, warmth and tingling with wave after wave of contractions radiating from my groin electrifying with the rest of my body. He expertly milked me for every drop as my body hummed from head to toe and felt like it was floating, even my ear drums were tingling. Even though the expulsive orgasm had finished my whole body felt high like when on hash. I was tingling electrically from head to toe as this guy still held my cock in his mouth, and I noticed that my mouth was frozen in a tight O. I realized I had experienced my first ever total body orgasm as endorphins and natural pleasure d**gs flooded my being.

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