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Birthday Boy

I think my f****y has always know i was gay. The way i acted and dressed and my interests gave it all away. So the day I finally came out it was no surprise to them. They continued to treat me the same and so did my friends. The only thing that changed was my mom. The same year I came out, she bought me a dildo for my birthday. This was a real shocker but I accepted the gift and anxiously waited to use it.

That night I was in my room and decided to try it out. I started by giving it a blowjob to lube it up. Then I slowly began to push the rubbery shaft into my asshole. It felt great. I slowly worked it in and out loosening my hole more with every cycle. After a few minutes I was going to town on my ass and was so caught up in the pleasure I didn"t even notice my dad standing in the doorway watching me. I was kind of embarrased but knew that he understood why I liked it. The next thing that happened was the last thing that I ever suspected.

My dad then entered my room and closed the door behind him. He then walked to me, sat down on my bed, and unbuttoned his pants. "I have one last birthday present for you", he said as he threw his pants onto the floor. He then looked into my eyes and then down at his half hard cock. I knew what he wanted and he knew I wanted it to. I bent over, the dildo still in my ass and took the head of his dick into my mouth. I began to suck the whole thing when I felt his hand on the back of my head.

When I got as much of his cock in as I could, he pushed a little bit, forcing more of it into my throat. As I sucked faster and faster his dick got harder and harder. I wanted more out of this, so I swung my leg over him so that we were in the 69 posistion. As I contined to suck his cock, he started to fuck my ass with my brand new dildo. Every time he pushed the dildo deeper into my ass, I thought I was going to cum all over the place. Just when my dad was ready to cum he stopped the blowjob, pulled the dildo out of my ass, and told me to lay on the bed. I was so horny and wanted more so I did as I was told. My dad then clomb on top of me and massaged my asshole with the head of his hard cock. With the head against my hole he began to apply pressure.

As his cock slowly broke through, I felt a sharp pain. I had never had anything that big before and my dad was stretching my ass to a new limit. The pain quickly went away and was replaced by pleasure as he began to fuck my harder and harder. The feeling of his cock sliding between my cheeks and in and out of my asshole was enough to make me cum right then. With every pump his cock budged deeper and deeper into my ass until it reached its limit. I felt his dick start to pulsate and then a warm stream of cum poured into my ass. The feeling of the warm cum push me over the edge as I came all over myself. My dad then pulled his dick out and I licked it clean.

He then layed on my bed and held me until morning. The next morning my mom walked in to see us and she couldn"t help but laugh. Later that day she walked up to me and said, "Well your gonna need a bigger dildo if you can take your dads cock". Ever since she said that, I have been waiting for Christmas.

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