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Heat Up and Chill Down

You are nude under a coat except for stockings. A collar and nipple clip with a chain. We make our way into a local watering hole that has some dark booths and corners for just the sort of thing I've in mind. Once seated in a booth I order us a drink. I instruct you to touch your pussy under the coat. I want you to thanks the waitress for our drinks looking her in the eye while your hand strokes your moistening folds between your legs. I can hear the quaver in your voice. Open your coat some so your breasts are peaking out. Get noticed a bit, but keep it quiet. Cover back up. I'm going to put my hand on your pussy now and begin to stroke you. You are not to show your arousal. In fact you need to keep your wine glass in your hand as is to drink. This will go on for a while. I want to get you close to cumming and very wet. You know that I will let you cum, but don't know when I will that permission. You will earn that. We soon move to a place where you can stand, but that your back is facing away from view. I want to get my hand to your pussy from behind and use your wetness to get fingers into your pussy and ass at the same time. I know you love this, but you must stand still, or I stop. When you buck and I feel your knees dip I know it's time to stop.

By now I'm sure a few people notice, but not too much. Enough that it's time to move on. I nod to you to follow as I get up to head for the door. To the car, and a short ride to the hotel. In the car I order you to open your coat. I want see your breasts in the street lights as we drive. I do hope someone else will notice as I linger at a stop light. You are directed to keep your eyes forward. Now, spread your legs on the seat. I begin to stroke your pussy again. You squirm in your seat. I pick up the nipple chain and place it in your mouth. Pull up now, so that you are tugging your own nipples. I hear your breathing deepen and feel your spit running onto my hand at your pussy from the chain in your mouth. I can hear the chain grind on your teeth as you moan and fight to keep the chain held tight. Around the third time I feel your belly tense, knowing you are only moments from cumming, I stop. You were thinking this was it. This usually the point I let you go on, but not tonight. You haven't earned it quite yet. There's some work to do at the hotel first. You are breathing heavy, sweating, and your breasts and belly glisten under the passing street lights. I order you to not move and quickly hit the window switches to drop the car windows, allowing in a burst of cool air that chills your body, stops your orgasm from coming. But your heart still races, your head swimming as you struggle to stop your orgasm while your body pushes it forward. The heat rising in your breast, but now chilled. For a moment you get just a bit faint as you fight with your head and body to do what you know you must, you must save your orgasm for your Master.

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