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Young Threesome

She was beautiful. Brown hair, with the most amazing blue eyes you've ever seen. With a smile that just topped it off. I could have sworn I was in love with her, and I barley knew her. I wanted to think of her for her personality, not her looks. But I couldn't help it. She was like a burnt image in my head. I wanted to kiss her, be close to her. She always smelled like a thousand roses. I couldn't get enough of her perfect aroma.

It was just like any other day in this terrible town. Rainy, humid, annoying at the least. I was staying after to help some of the younger k**s with their math. When I was done helping the c***dren I tried to call home, no one answered. Great, I would need to walk a mile to my house in the drenching rain. I retrieved a coat from my locker, and headed past the gymnasium to the door. I paused as the cheerleaders walked into the lockers from practice. Random faces until I saw her, she looked even more amazing in a cheer leading uniform. I bit my lip, she was irresistible. I decided I could wait a few more minutes for them to come back out and for me to get another glimpse. Time passed, it seemed as if everyone but her had left. I thought about going in there, looking for her. Yeah, that's what I need. More girls thinking I'm a perverted creeper. Then, I thought I heard something, but I figured my mind was playing tricks on me. I thought I had heard low moans. I decided to check it out, I sneaked into the girls locker room. It wasn't my imagination, I could hear it slightly more now. I stood on one of the benches to look over a set of lockers. I gasped, I saw her. She was french kissing a blonde and had one of her hands down her shirt. I was so turned on I lost my balance. I made a loud crash as I hit the floor. "What was that?" The brown-haired girl said. I stood up and tried to sneak out to the door. "Hey!" she said. I turned looked her dead in the eyes.
"How much of that did you see?" she questioned.
"Not enough" I mumbled.
"You can't let anyone know about this" she said as she walked closer to me.
She was a few inches away from my face. "What makes you think I wont tell everyone?" I asked.
She put her hands on my neck, kissed me softly and said "Well I'll just have to persuade you" She giggled and kissed me harder. Her tongue made its way into my mouth, I didn't protest or resist. She moved down to my neck, kissing and sucking. I couldn't believe this, it was what I've always wanted. She stopped sucking on my neck and made a pop sound as she removed her mouth. "Nikki!" she called. The blonde came from around the corner. "Oh, hes cute!" The blonde said. Nikki walked over and kissed me hardly. She ran her hands through my hair as our tongues wrestled. The other kept sucking on my neck. I felt a hand work its way down my front, towards my pants. My eyes opened wide as the brown haired girl grasped my shaft. "Woah!" she said in shock, "hes huge!" My cock became harder as she complimented me. She slid my pants down and the blonde gasped. Nikki grabbed my shaft and started pumping it slowly. The blue-eyed goddess kissed it lightly, then they both licked the sides of my cock. The brown haired one then took the whole 9" dick down her throat, I moaned. She pumped faster, taking the whole thing each time. She pulled her face off and put Nikki in front of it. The blonde hesitated, I could tell she was scared. The brunette grabbed the back of Nikki's head and f***ed her to take the whole thing. She gagged and the look on her face said stop. But she kept pumping her head back and forth. Nikki pulled her face off and coughed. The brunette took off the top of her uniform. I stared in amazement at her nice C sized titties. She got back on her knees and put my cock in between them. "Fuck my boobs!" she commanded. I didn't hesitate, I started thrusting my dick in between them. "I'M GONNA CUM!" I moaned after 20 or so pumps. She took the dick back in her mouth and sucked even faster. I felt the cum shoot from me all inside her mouth. She opened her mouth and showed me all of it. Instead of swallowing, she looked over at the blonde. Who was watching,wide-eyed. The brunette grabbed Nikki by the shirt and brought her mouth to her own. They kissed deeply, I could see the cum swishing between they're mouths. I couldn't help but grab my cock and start jacking off. The brunette then looked at me, opened her mouth to show me the mix of cum and Nikki's saliva, then swallowed. The blonde did as the brunette had. "Why don't we give him a little more?" said Nikki. Both girls then took off the skirts, neither of them were wearing underwear. They were hot. Both of them had shaven their pussy hair. "Do you wanna fuck us?" The brunette questioned. All I could do was nod. The blonde grabbed me and f***efully laid me down on a bench, then straddled my face. The smell was intoxicating, not to mention the warmth from her made me even more hard. I started licking every where I could, the horny blonde moaned loudly. I felt the tip of my cock rubbing against the brunettes tight pussy. She teased me, rubbing just the tip along her hole. I couldn't take it, I thrust-ed my hips and sent my cock half way into her. She screamed in pleasure, then started riding my dick. She was so tight that she only managed to get half of me in. I continued licking the blonde all over. Both of the girls moaned loudly. Nikki was the first to cum. She came all over my face and then collapsed onto my chest. I licked it all up, it tasted sweet. The brunette pumped faster and I could tell she was near orgasm. She moaned even louder and took the whole cock in. She busted all over my dick, and moaned softly. I wasn't done yet, I moved the blonde off me and put the brunette on the bench. I stuck my dick inside her, and pumped very fast and hard. I moaned as she screamed. My balls tightened as I sent my cock as far as it would go. I shot the biggest load all inside her, and then collapsed to the floor.

More soon, Hopefully :P

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