This is a print version of story this is a story i made up with someone by littlewhore from

This is a story i made up with someone

You are a filthy cock addicted slut. You are on your way home from a 10 day vacation with your parents. It is the middle of the night, your dad is driving, your mom is asl**p in your lap in the back seat. You are masturbating anyways.

This vacation has been terrible. Right before you left, your mom caught you sending dirty text messages to a guy. She has watched you like a hawk all week. Usually, you like to get fucked once a day at least. Some times you can make it a day or two by masturbating, but today is day 11 since you had a cock in you.

You had looked forward to the vacation, hoping to sneak away and fuck strange guys... on the beach, in their hotel rooms, in clubs . . . But you have gotten nothing. You have had to resort to masturbating 3-6 times a day, but its not working anymore. Your pussy and panties are soaked and you are tired, but you can't sl**p until you get off.

Your dad pulls off of the road into a public rest stop. he gets out of the car and goes inside to the restroom, and then comes back out. He tells you he wants to "rest his eyes" for 30 minutes. You decide this is your only chance. You tell him you need some fresh air and you get out of the car. You go straight to the men's restroom.

It is dark and filthy in there, but you don't mind. You are just hoping that some guy... any guy . . . walks in soon. You don't care what he looks like. You are going to be his fucktoy. You know you have to be so dirty at first, he cant resist. Then you are just going to let him use you anyways he wants.

I am 27 businessman. I am also on my way home from a long lonely trip. I just left a strip club about a half hour ago. I am d***k, horny, and really needing to piss. I get out of my car, and realize I am more d***k than I thought.

I think about pissing right beside my car, but i see your dad asl**p in the car. I decide to go into the restroom. Its so dark inside, that i don't see you right away. I go up to the mirror and splash some water on my face. I am trying to decide whether to piss or cum first. I need to do both. I start to rub my semi-hard cock through my pants.

I decide maybe I will just jerk off quickly. Thinking I am alone, i pull out my very large cock, and start to stroke it.

i tap ur shoulder and u turn around u say (becasue ur d***k) is this the ladies i say no don't worry i saw what u was doing and i want to help u out i have been waiting for u for a long time i have wanted cock for ages and now ur here

It dark and I can't make much of you out, but from your voice and outline, it is obvious you are a younger female. I start to relax, but my heart still racing. "What are you doing here?"

erm i want to help u out i can see ur stressed and i would like to de stress u

will u let me ???

erm sorry i don't know what you mean by that.

ok well i will show you what i mean, ( i take you hand away from your cock and grab your cock and kiss your cock with my mouth)

oh i see what u mean ok but don't be a baby if u want my cock, be a slut, he pushed my head down on his cock making me gag and could not breath,

i keep doing this for about 3 or 4 mins
then he removed his cock and went to get a bowl i didn't know why at the time but then i knew why,
he was about to cum, so he came in the bowl and i drank every last drop it was so yummy that after a while i went there everyday to help out strangers

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