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How I Became a Chastized Cuckold

by gizzard

I have been married to my wife Jana for nine years and up to about two years
ago we have led a pretty normal life. We did what most married couples did.
We went to work, enjoyed each other's company, and found pleasure in each
other's arms, remaining faithful to one another. We were very happy with the
arrangement, until about two years ago when things were set in motion to put
us in the lifestyle we live today.

I always considered myself lucky to have met and married Jana. She is the
most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes upon and never thought in a
million years that I would call her my wife. I always thought she was out of
my league but I took a chance to ask her out and was rewarded for my
bravery. Jana is a petite blonde, standing 5'4" with an hourglass body that
most women would die for. Her 36C breasts accented her body perfectly and
her velvet pussy, with a thin strip of soft blond pubic hair, could be
closely related to heaven.

So what happened to change our life forever? I guess you will have to read
on to find out.

Two years ago I doing some research on the internet for a paper I was
writing on racial turmoil for my college thesis. I was searching for many
topics that would be confrontational enough to set a strong ground for my
project. I am not racist but having some argumentative topics in the thesis
made for good content to elaborate on. One of the search results was linked
to a MSN Group (R.I.P) titled Black Cock Property. I registered for the
group and started looking around to see what it was all about. As it turned
out, the content of the group was mainly focused on the right of black men
to own white females, be they single or married. I was mesmerized by the
sight of white females giving themselves over to strong, dominate, black
males to use however they sought fit. Some pictures clearly showed wedding
rings glowing on the women's fingers. After about five minutes of browsing
around I realized that I actually had an erection that intensified every
time I saw a wedding ring sparkling, knowing that this was someone's wife
being given over to a black man. I found myself returning to this site and
others like it, intent to include this topic in my thesis. As it turns out,
the professor found the topic to be original and gave me an excellent grade
for a thesis that was different from the many boring one off's he normally

With my thesis completed I had no reason to continue accessing Black Cock
Property yet I found myself returning to the site anytime I had a few
moments to myself. I also began fantasizing about Jana being one of the
reparations being paid to black men and began to masturbate to the pictures
and fantasies. The deeper I sunk into my fantasy; more topics began to
surface and interest me. Some of these included Cuckoldry, Chastity, Cream
Pies, and husband submission.

I started hiding pictures, stories, and movie files on my hard drive. I hid
different topics in different locations so that if any of the files were
discovered the entire truth about my fantasy would not be known. The more I
jerked off to these topics, I found myself becoming less interested in sex
with Jana and my performance in the bedroom began to decline. I made up for
my inability by focusing on getting better with oral sex and dedicating
allot of effort to making Jana orgasm with my mouth instead. It seemed to
fit my fantasy better and Jana never complained since she was getting better
head than she had ever gotten.

I came home from work one day just like any normal day, but this wasn't any
normal day, as I was about to find out. My life would never be the same
after today.

Shortly after entering the house Jana called down the stairs, "Baby, can you
come up to the bedroom and help me with something?"

When I got to the bedroom there was a shocking surprise waiting for me. On
the bed, clad in a super sheer white teddy with thigh high stockings and
garter belt, was my wife Jana with her make-up meticulously applied and an
evil grin on her face that I can't ever remember seeing from her before.

Seeing the shock on my face, she took control of the moment, gesturing
towards a chair near the bed, "Baby, we have to talk. I want you to take off
all your clothes and sit here for me."

I had never known her to take control like this before but I hurried to
comply with her wishes in fear that she would stop if I didn't obey. Every
story I read over the past few months that focused on wives dominating their
husbands seems to swim through my confused thoughts.

I know you have been hiding something from me lately and I want to bring it
out in the open so we can talk it out," she began, speaking softly the ease
the tension she could clearly see on my face. "Three weeks ago I was having
some troubles with the computer and I asked my s****r to come over and have
a look at it."

My heart was racing. Her s****r was an experienced IT professional and there
was little doubt she had found all of my hidden fantasy files.

"The good news is that she found the problem. The other news is she found
your hidden folder. We spent about an hour looking at your files and reading
the stories in almost disbelief. I began to wonder if this was something you
wanted me to do for you. Christina asked me if I wanted her to delete the
files but I told her just to get rid of the virus and show me how to get
back to your hidden folder."

My head was spinning but I heard her say she found my hidden folder, which I
took to mean only one of them. But which one was it? Which fantasy did she
know about? What dark secret of mine was she now curious about helping me to
experience it?

Jana let that sink in then continued, "I never realized that you had a
chastity fantasy. Do you have a fantasy about being locked in a chastity
belt? I see your dick getting hard, which I could take as a yes, but I want
you to answer."

I took a few seconds for the lump in my throat to go away before answering,
"Honey, I do have a fantasy about being locked up and having the decision on
when and how I can orgasm dictated by someone else, but to be honest, I
don't know if it is anything more than a fantasy. I have never done anything
like it before."

She smiled and nodded as she began to speak, "Is this why you have been less
enthusiastic during sex and more attentive while going down one me?" she
asked me in a questioning tone. "Yes, I have noticed quite a change in that
area as you may have guessed.

I decided I was going to be honest about my feelings on chastity; I was not,
however going to reveal the deeper cuckoldry fantasies that I felt she knew
nothing about yet.

"I would say that it played a major part in my bedroom performance." I
answered in a very subdued voice. "I have been stroking myself every chance
I got thinking about it, about 7 or 8 times a week."

She just grinned at me and said, "Thank you for being honest with me. I will
return the favor and be honest with you. For the last three weeks I have
been in a state of constant arousal thinking about locking you up in a cock
cage. I looked at your pictures and read the stories you seemed to like
enough to save. I have been getting myself off twice as much as you have!"

She shifted on the bed and reached into the nightstand table, withdrawing a
small white cardboard box which she placed tenderly on the soft mattress in
front of her.

"I spent the first week after I discovered your files reading articles and
even talking to other wives that I met online who keep their husbands
chaste. I wanted to learn as much about chastity and denial as I could. Two
weeks ago I ordered this," she whispered seductively as she pulled a clear,
plastic CB-6000 and small brass padlock out of the box she pulled from the
nightstand moments earlier.

I could see she had been playing with it quite a bit. As she traced her
fingers over the smooth surface, light glaring off the reflective surface
showed clear evidence of many tiny finger smudges all over it. She stared at
the empty cage with a look of deep wanting lust in her eyes.

I assume you know what this is since you have seen pictures of men wearing
them before," she inquired of me as she brought the case to her lips and
kissed the dome.

I simply nodded my head, unable to find words while looking at the object
that could take away my ability to orgasm without consent from someone else.
My dick however had no need for words and proclaimed its feelings by
standing straight up and pulsing untouched.

Putting the cage back in the box she continued, "I want you to know that I
am willing to try this if you feel it is something you want to explore. I
want you to go downstairs and think about this for the next hour or so. I
leave this decision entirely up to you. If you decided you want me to lock
up your penis and take away control of your orgasms, I want you to shave all
your pubic hair, I am sure you realize why, and return to the bedroom.

"I do not want you jerking off until you have made your decision! This is
your chance to try your fantasy, and if you choose, we will discuss the
specifics tonight," she finished in an authoritative voice.

She turned away from me and I took this as my cue to leave the bedroom. Even
though I was forbidden to masturbate, I was sure Jana was breaking out one
of her toys to use on herself. I couldn't blame her and to my surprise, I
wasn't the least bit jealous.

I sat down in the living room and for the first 15 minutes I felt like I was
in a trance. The shock of the situation took its toll on me before I came to
and started to think about my decision. I knew that if I went forward I
would be making a huge sacrifice. I always jerked off to my fantasy but if
it became reality the fantasy itself would prevent me from doing just that.
For every contradicting feeling I had the same answer popped up. Try it. If
we don't enjoy it we can always stop and we can chop that up to another
fantasy that should always remain a fantasy.

With fifteen minutes to go I had my answer and made my way towards the
bathroom to remove my pubic hair. I took my time and removed every piece of
hair carefully while taking every opportunity to enjoy what the feel of
flesh against my hardened cock felt like. When I was left completely smooth
I couldn't believe how delicate my bald scrotum felt.

When I reentered the bedroom my wife was still on the bed with her face
clearly showing the glow of having had at least one orgasm. Her pupils
almost seemed to constrict into snakelike slits but her devious little smirk
clearly told me how delighted she was to see my presence back in the

She ran her hand over my hairless genitals, "You did an outstanding job
making sure you got every last hair. I take it, judging by the absence of
pubic hair, you have decided to try out what is now our fantasy?"

I looked her right in the eyes, "Yes, I will become your chaste husband on
the condition that we start slow and agree that we can end it if I decide I
don't like it."

I thought she was going to jump for joy on the bed as her face lit up. She
had the appearance of a giddy school girl who was just asked to the senior

"Baby, we will take it slow and we will discuss that shortly. As for ending
the arrangement, I agree but it can only be ended on a release date. If you
had the ability to end it at anytime, you would never truly be chastised. If
you need to wait for a release date regardless if you want to continue being
my sexually frustrated, cock locked hubby, you will truly be denied. Also,
if you decide to end it there will be no returning to the fantasy. I will
not let you have a period of freedom because you desire it and then want to
go back to chastity. You are either locked or you are not," she spoke

I nodded my understanding, "That all makes perfect sense to me. I agree

"Very well, I want you to go to the kitchen and bring back a ziplock bag
with ice and water, along with a dish towel. It is going to take me a little
bit to size the cage correctly so you can wear it as comfortable as possible
and I can't do that if you are erect like you are right now," she exclaimed,
pointing at my engorged erection.

I realized that once again my cock was hard as ever without being touched. I
followed her instructions and was back in the bedroom quicker than any
normal person would have been, knowing that returning to the bedroom meant
imprisonment of my cock. Jana had put a silk robe on to hide her lingerie,
which I was thankful for since the sight of her in her teddy alone made me
want to get hard.

"When is the last time you shot your load?" she snapped at me.

"Yesterday," I told her, "when you went to the store I hurried into the
study and jerked off looking at my chastity files."

"Good," she said quickly, "we will not have to give you an orgasm today
then. Lay down on the bed so I can start getting you soft and we can talk
while the ice does its work."

I did what she asked without hesitation and she carefully wrapped the
ziplock in a towel before placing it on my straining cock and testicles. It
wasn't too cold at first but as time wore on I could feel the coldness
saturating the towel and chilling my groin.

"Now," Jana continued, "we are going to start with a two day period of
chastity, after which I will allow you release. We will inspect your dick
and balls to make sure we aren't damaging anything and that evening we will
lock you back up if all is well. Each time we will increase the period of
chastity until we find a nice happy period that I will dictate. Anytime
between release dates that we have to unlock you, for hygiene or irritation,
will be supervised by me. I do not want you cheating by sneaking a quick
jerk when I am not looking. Is that understood?"

Her sudden harsh tone took me by surprise and it left me with no doubts that
she wanted to be in charge of my orgasms. I truly realized that she wasn't
doing this for me; she was doing it for herself. Her new aggressive demeanor
did nothing to help relieve my erection.

"Yes, I understand," I quickly answered in a submissive tone.

"Well this doesn't seem to be working does it? Perhaps we need it a little
bit colder," she spoke with a chilly air to her voice.

She removed the baggie from the towel and placed it directly on my genitals.
The sudden cold made me want to curl into the fetal position. My instincts
made me move my hands toward my groin to protect the most sensitive set of
organs on my body.

My normally subtle wife scolded me quickly. "Leave it!" she barked, "Or do I
need to tie your hands above your head so you don't mess with my property?"
her stern face saying more than her words.

"No honey," I replied. "I will leave it alone. It was just the sudden cold
that made me jump."

There was no fighting the cold now. My erection was giving up the fight and
my hard on deflated quickly till I was completely limp and smaller than I
can remember being.

Jana giggled, "Now there we go, nice and small so I can start fitting this
little, plastic prison."

I watched with fascination as Jana spent the next 15 minutes trying out
different pins and ring sizes, each time tugging the cage to check the
fitment and putting the ice back on my genitals while she changed

"This is the setup we want." she said as she gave a strong pull on the
chastity belt, "Tight enough to keep that cock where it belongs but loose
enough for comfort. How does it feel?"

"It's not uncomfortable." I replied, "But I am pretty sure it is tight
enough so that I can't escape. Unfortunately I don't have anything to
compare it to."

Jana gave me the first comforting look since she started putting on the
cage, "Don't worry baby. We can make changes to the configuration if you
tell me we need to. I want it to be as comfortable as possible because you
are going to be spending allot of time locked up and you won't want to do it
if it only hurts you."

Her reassuring demeanor changed back to that of the new woman inside my

"Now it's time. " She said, holding the opened padlock up for me to see it
before placing it through the locking pin. "I want you to ask me to lock you
up. Ask me to take control of your dick. Offer me control of all your

With all my effort I looked into her hazel eyes, "Honey, please close the
lock to my chastity belt and make me a chaste husband. If you close the lock
I will give you complete and utter control over my cock. I will not orgasm
unless you and only you give me permission. I realize that my suffering is
for your pleasure and will do anything you ask of me in the hope that you
will be gracious and allow me release. I give you alone the power to
determine how long I must go without release, and while I promise to do my
best not to request release, I give you permission to dictate any punishment
I must undergo if I cannot resist asking."

With a large smile on her face I heard a very loud click that echoed
throughout the bedroom. I knew then and there that the deed was done and
free orgasms would be a thing of the past for me. Jana pressed her body
against mine and attacked me with a passionate kiss that rivaled those of
our newlywed years. I could feel her heart racing against my chest and I had
a feeling that I awakened a monster, a monster I dreamt of in my fantasies
but a monster none the less.

She broke the kiss and spoke to me, "Like I promised I am going to go easy
on you at first and give you time to get accustomed to being locked up. I do
however want to test what happens when you try to get a hard-on. Since I am
so turned on," she threw off her robe and I could clearly see through the
transparent material of her teddy that she had already removed her panties,
"I want you to go down on me and give me two orgasms. You have been getting
so much better giving head and I have high hopes that your predicament will
only make you better. I know trying to get an erection will cause you some
pain and if it becomes too much I want you to tell me."

She lay back and spread her legs and I needed no other persuasion to meet
her request. I dove into her mound with a motivation I had never felt
before. It seemed that my entire body was only intent on giving her
pleasure. To be honest it was like having a huge weight lifted off my
shoulders. For me it always seemed like a huge amount of pressure to perform
in the bedroom. I no longer felt that pressure as my only goal in that
shining moment was to bring her off to an enjoyable two orgasms.

As I worked feverishly to make her cum, I felt building pressure on my balls
as the rings worked to prevent my erection. I could feel the head of my
penis swollen and pressing against the end of the plastic shell. While
uncomfortable enough to fight back the boner, it wasn't what I would
consider painful.

After a few short minutes Jana was grinding her pelvis against my face as
she let loose a torrent of screams that surely told the neighborhood how
much she was enjoying our new arrangement. When she settled down I told her
about the discomfort I felt and went through great detail to explain how
each sensation felt. I also asked her if I could use her magic bullets to
help bring her to her second orgasm, telling her that my jaw was a little
sore but I would work very hard to remedy the problem in the future with
plenty of practice I knew I was going to get.

"Don't you worry about practice baby. You are going to get plenty of it.
While you will be going significant amounts of time without enjoying an
orgasm, I will be getting all that I want. Isn't that correct?"

I looked up at her from my humble position, "Yes honey. I will be at your
beckon call. If you want an orgasm all you need is to ask. I however must
depend on your good graces and the schedule you set forth for me to earn my

She stared at me with complete satisfaction, "Very good baby. I adore how
you understand your precarious position. You may use my bullets to help
bring me off again and then I will go cook us some dinner."

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. When we lay down in bed Jana
looked more relaxed than she had in a very long time. Clearly she was at
ease since there was not even a remote hint of having to have sex. I am sure
my decreased motivation in bed lead partly to this peace.

"Is wearing the chastity belt causing you any more pain or discomfort than
earlier?" she asked in a gentle voice that truly indicated how much she
cared for me, "I know it is a little tight. I wanted to make sure you
wouldn't be able to escape."

I told her there was no pain and little if any discomfort. The CB-6000 was
actually very comfortable although in fairness I had only been wearing it
for a few hours

"I am a little embarrassed that your s****r saw my files." I said, "She must
think I am some kind of freak and if your parents find out I am not sure I
could face them."

She ran her hand up and down my chest and tried to reassure me, "Don't worry
about Christina. She promised me she would keep her mouth shut as long as we
showed her what a penis in a chastity belt looked like. We actually spent
about two hours talking about how to broach the subject to you. So you see,
she knows quite a bit more about your situation then you thought."

I blushed as that fact absorbed into my mind.

"She actually bet me that you would never actually allow me to put you in
chastity. I can't wait to collect on that bet one day. The next time she
comes over I want you to offer to show her you restrained dick."

"Yes dear." I replied submissively.

We cuddled together in each other's arms and fell asl**p with a comfort that
had long since evaded us.

I awoke in the morning to a very sharp pain in my stomach. My balls were
pulled very tight because of my bodies' normal attempt at morning wood. The
discomfort I felt while awake and trying to stiffen was usually enough to
deter the body from the attempt but during the night, while I slept, my body
seemed oblivious to the pain in my balls. After fighting the pain for a few
agonizing minutes the swelling decreased and the pain subsided. That was
going to take some getting used to. Perhaps my body would learn not to make
a feeble attempt at an erection. I could hope anyway.

I got up and went to the bathroom to take a piss. I almost started to pee
standing up before I caught myself and decided that it might be better to
sit down to piss from now on. There was much less of a chance at making a
mess I would have to clean up. When I was finished I grabbed a few Q-tips
and cleaned out the dome of the plastic shell. I didn't know what effect
urine would have festering inside the cage but I figured it wouldn't be

After making coffee I took a cup upstairs and gently nudged Jana to wake her
up. When she opened her eyes she immediately put her hand to my crotch.

"Oh wow, for a second there I thought last night was just a dream but it's
true!" she said as her waking eyes suddenly brightened to a warm glow, "We
really have locked your penis up!"

She smiled and her other hand went for the key on the necklace, settled
gently between her supple breasts.

"Yes honey, you now own my cock and decide when I get to cum."

She jumped out of bed with excitement in her eyes thanking me for the cup of
coffee, "I can get used to this!"

I realized how nice it was that today was the start of a three day weekend
for me. I had three days to get accustomed to my new captivity before
attempting to conceal the plastic lump behind a business suit. As an
afterthought I decided I would try on one of my suits later to see just what
trouble I was in for.

Jana came down from getting ready and gave me a passionate kiss before
heading for the door. As she opened the door she turned around and showed me
the key around her neck. "You behave yourself today. I guess you will have
plenty of time to get some housework done since you won't be jerking off
today!" laughing quite loudly as she walked out the door.

The only thought that came to my mind was "Damn! She's Right!"

I spent the day both relaxing and cleaning up around the house. I hopped on
the computer to look at some of my favorite cuckold material but I couldn't
do it very long due to the tension the cage created on my balls. The cage
didn't give me much trouble but I could tell the back of my scrotum where
the back ring rested was a little irritated. I would have Jana look at it
when she got home. I tried on one of my suits, and to my surprise, the cage
didn't bulge out very much. It seemed that it would remain quite concealed.
I was glad I wouldn't have to make awkward explanations at work.

When Jana got home I met her at the door and was rewarded with a very wet
kiss. She asked me to come upstairs with her. Once we were in the bedroom
she told me to disrobe and I did so quickly without any protest. Once I was
fully nude except for the piece of plastic encasing my penis she got down to

"Come over here and remove my clothes!" she said in a demanding voice.

Damn, just her tone made my cock start to go hard before it met the
resistance of the cage.

I removed her clothes slowly as she talked to me about how horney she was
all day. "It was so hard to keep my mind on my work. All I could think about
was you waiting at home for me, frustrated because you couldn't jerk off.
Did you miss being able to masturbate today?"

I told her I did. "I looked at some of my favorite material but couldn't do
so for long because of the discomfort. I wanted to cum badly but there was
nothing I could do about it. Besides you did not give me permission."

I told her about the minor irritation on my scrotum and after taking a quick
look she got some baby oil from the bathroom and rubbed a small amount on
the reddened skin. It seemed to relieve the discomfort pretty quickly. I was
proud of my little evil wife. She really must have done her research to have
such a quick remedy at hand.

"I know you can't cum until tomorrow but I want to come right now. Time to
do your duty my little chaste hubby."

I went to it right away, spending about ten minutes until she shot off with
another loud, explosive orgasm.

"Oh....Oh, my god! I am going to cum all over your face! Don't fucking stop!
Ohhhhhh..." she screamed.

She really seemed to let go lately. I could always tell when she came but
now people on the other side of the country would know. She thanked me and I
grabbed her robe and slipped it over her shoulders. I was treating her like
a queen and I was sure she was enjoying it.

The rest of the day sped by and the next morning I met the same painful
situation as the previous day. My shuffling in bed woke my wife this time
and she saw the reason for my restlessness.

"Wow, your balls seem like they are really stretched. Does it hurt real

I told her it was painful but I went through the same thing the previous
morning and just needed to let it settle out.

With a smile that showed me she was proud of me she rolled over and fell
back asl**p.

I let Jana sl**p in and when she awoke around ten o'clock I had a cup of
coffee waiting for her.

"I want you to take care of the yard today and after dinner we can give you
a much deserved orgasm."

With a little extra spring in my step, I made quick work of the yard. While
Jana enjoyed her day off I worked on a few of my projects I have been
putting off for a while. It made it a little easier to keep myself busy
instead of thinking about being able to cum later that day.

After dinner I cleaned up the dishes and made my way upstairs where Jana was
waiting for me stark naked on the bed twirling the key to my chastity belt
around her finger.

"Do you want to be allowed to cum tonight?"

I told her I did but that decision resided with her.

"So you are telling me that if I told you I changed my mind about tonight
you wouldn't be mad at me?"

I told her matter of factly, "I wouldn't be mad as it is your decision to
make. I might be disappointed but I realize that if you feel I don't deserve
an orgasm you don't have to let me have one."

She actually gleamed with joy. Within moments she had inserted the key in
the lock and I watched as the hasp sprang free. She made the withdrawal of
the cage more dramatic than it had to be but I didn't care as it felt good
to be out of the cage. The moment the rush of air hit my cock it began to
grow in earnest.

Jana laid back and spread her legs for me. I wasted no time inserting my
hard prick into her wanton hole. This moment felt more wonderful than just
sex. This act meant so more because I had to wait for it. I went slowly to
enjoy the sensation. It seemed that my desire to please in bed was back.
After a few minutes Jana opened up and a gush of warmth engulfed my cock. I
waited for her to come down and drove forth with gusto. Within seconds I was
shooting off powerful spurts of cum into her moist pussy. I collapsed on
her, my breathing labored and my heart racing.

After a few minutes we decided to get a shower during which Jana made me
clean my genitals very good and freshly shave my pubic hairs. There was no
doubt I was going back in the cage, not that I thought there would be any.

Satisfied with how the evening turned out Jana had me lay on the bed while
she fitted my cage. She placed the lock through the pin and snapped the lock

"I hope you enjoyed that because we are going to shoot for 2 weeks before
your next release. Think you can handle that?" she asked with a wicked
little grin.

I gave her a wide smile, "It looks like I am going to have to handle it. You
are the one setting the date and there is nothing I can do about it without
your key."

Just two days ago I had begun my new life in chastity. My wife Jana found
out about my secret fantasy courtesy of some files I hid away on my hard
drive. It seems foolish to use the word fantasy anymore since chastity is
now a real part of my life. Getting accustomed to wearing a chastity belt
around my cock has not been very difficult to this point. To be fair I only
endured two days before I was granted an orgasm, and I hadn't really been
teased at all, but I was immediately locked up with my next period of
chastity to last two weeks. I was a little worried that the fetish would
lose a little power following an orgasm but I was thrilled to feel nothing
but excitement about being locked up again and the glow of my wife's face
when she pushed the lock shut again was breathtaking.

The following morning I had my normal rude awakening, having my balls
stretched due to my bodies' involuntary attempt at a morning hard-on. The
good news was that it didn't seem as bad this morning. Perhaps my body was
learning that I just had no use for morning erections anymore and my clear
plastic prison saw to the task of not allowing me any. I spent most of
Sunday morning lying around and contemplating the fact that I was not going
to be allowed to cum for the next two weeks. I had no complaints really
seeing as this was my fetish after all and I was almost grateful that my
wife's s****r had found my hidden folder and that my wife had taken the
steps to take matters into her own hands and offer to lock my cock up. I
debated deleting the other folders on other topics but decided I would let
them remain where they were. Sooner or later Jana would probably find them
and I was sure she would once again confront me with them. The question is
would she make them a reality for me when she did?

After lunch, Jana strutted into the living room with a demanding look in her

"Get dressed," she ordered, "We are going shopping. I realized this morning
that it has been a while since I bought any lingerie and decided that I need
some new things to wear around the house."

"You are becoming such a naughty little temptress," I told her with a hint
of laughter in my voice.

She gave a giddy chuckle and with a wide smile, simply replied, "Thank you

When we got to the store it was a little frustrating to see all these women
shopping for items they, no doubt, would wear in the bedroom for their
husbands or boyfriends whereas my wife was shopping for items to wear all
around the house and create a stirring in my loins that would not be
remedied in the near future. I came to the realization that this was the
first little bit of teasing I was going to have to endure.

"Browse around the store and pick out two outfits you would like to see me
in. You may pick whatever you like but keep in mind I am making you pick
your own poison sort of speak. These are some of the outfits I will wear
around the house when I feel like teasing you," she said.

Noticing the quick expression of shock on my face she merely replied "Yes, I
read all about teasing when I was researching the chastity lifestyle over
the past few weeks. I went very easy on you the last two days but I am going
to slowly ramp it up until I have you nice and sexually frustrated."

I turned a bright shade of red when I realized there was a tall brunette on
the other side of the rack we were perusing through. I knew immediately that
she had heard every word my wife had just spoken and now three people knew
that I was a belted husband even though one of them was a stranger. My wife
giggled as I moved away from the rack quickly and she gave the brunette an
acknowledging nod.

The first outfit I picked out was rather conservative. It was a light pink,
silk nighty that would have been rather tame had it not been for how short
the hem of the gown fell. When I held it up to my wife I realized that it
would just barely cover her pussy, short enough that if she went panty-less
I would catch glimpses of her pussy every time she moved. My second choice
was far more adventurous. I picked out a shiny black patent leather corset
with a matching thong. The half cup corset would barely contain her firm
breasts and I wasn't completely sure that her large pink nipples would
remain concealed. She absolutely beamed with approval when I told her it was
my second pick. A pair of matching thigh high boots with three inch heels
caught my eye and I told her I wanted her to get those as well.

"Let me go try these on real quick," she said. "You will have to wait until
we get home to see me in them though."

I stood around the store looking through more racks as I waited for her to
emerge from the fitting room. The feel of these delicate fabrics alone was
enough to heighten my awareness about my locked up state. On numerous
occasions I caught that same brunette stealing glances my way. Each time I
caught her she blushed a little more. I think she was more embarrassed about
knowing I was in chastity than I was knowing she knew. I am pretty sure she
was trying to catch a glimpse of my crotch looking for some tell tale sign
of the chastity belt.

Jana was almost skipping when she emerged with a look of utmost satisfaction
on her face. She handed me the garments and told me to go pay for them which
I did right away.

Once we got home Jana said she was going to change into an outfit. "Do you
have a preference or should I surprise you?"

"Surprise me honey. Either one is going to have my dick straining to get
hard in its captivity," I replied with a little more bravery then I should

Ten minutes later my wife came back downstairs. Just as I thought she chose
the corset and boots. She had taken some extra time to apply heavy make-up
and was looking extremely fuckable. The material of the boots seemed to
stretch to fit her accented calf muscles thanks to the three inch heels. I
realized that the front blinds were open and started to work them closed.

"Leave them open!" she snapped.

"But the neighbors might see you." I protested.

"So what if they do," she said without hesitation. "I am sure they have
heard me enjoying myself by now and if they haven't they probably will
tonight. Besides, I am covered up. It's you that should be worried. Remove
all your clothes NOW!"

I didn't even argue that I was about to be standing naked in my living room
wearing nothing but a chastity belt. I knew damn well that anyone walking by
could probably see right into the house and if they strained to look, would
see what I had become. Once I was naked she dropped to her knees in front of
me and began to fondle my exposed balls, rolling the tender pieces of flesh
around in her fingers. Within moments I felt the cage begin to do its job,
keeping my erection at bay.

"I know this is going to cause you some discomfort but I am going to start
teasing you today. You can expect allot more of this as I do my best to keep
you sexually frustrated. Is that what you want? Do you want me to tease you
to the point of madness and deny you the opportunity to spray your seed?"
she asked in an almost c***dlike voice.

My head was spinning at her words. "Yes. YES!" I screamed, "Use me for your
own pleasure however you see fit while denying me the simple pleasure of an

Seeing me fight a losing battle with my erection enthralled her all the
more. She began to lick my balls tenderly and then sucking them into her
mouth. She blew her hot breath against my sheathed cock before she took the
molded plastic into her mouth.

"I bet you wish this cage was off right now so you could feel my warm tongue
directly on your flesh," she said looking up into my eyes. "Well if you are
having any thoughts to that effect do yourself a favor and erase them from
your mind. I am not granting you release for two whole weeks."

Once she felt I was almost at my breaking point she let me fall back onto
the couch, my rubbery legs no longer able to support my weight, my breathing
very rapid and shallow.

"Oh that was so much fun," she laughed, "and even though I am going to deny
you any orgasms, you are going to spend the rest of the day giving me
plenty. I want four orgasms today. You can bring me off by any means you
want, excluding your cock of course since that is staying locked up."

I did exactly that, devoting all my efforts to pleasing her. Unwrapping her
patent leather encased body was exhilarating. As every inch of flesh became
exposed to my view, I covered it with kisses. I wanted to taste every part
of her body, to drink it in and become d***k with frustration. By the end of
the night my jaw was screaming in agony telling my brain it had nothing left
to give. Thankfully I had met the goal set before me.

The next three days went by pretty uneventful with the exception of Jana
spending precious moments to tease me, always allowing me ample views of her
body in various states of undress or sexy outfits. My oral duties did not
relent either as I was told time and time again to get my wife off with my
mouth and tongue. My jaw was beginning to become accustomed to its frantic
workout and the constant thrashing from my sexy wife's pelvis.

I now knew how Jana felt about having a hard time concentrating while at
work with the exception of the fact that I would not receive relief like she
had when I returned home. In all actuality, when I was able to pull my
thoughts away from the piece of flesh locked away from the world, I found
myself able to think quite clearly, more so than I have been able to in a
long time. Even with my self-imposed distractions I was able to complete
more work in a shorter amount of time, a fact that did not go unnoticed by
my supervisor. "If she only knew the secret to my success," I laughed to

When I got home on Wednesday night I found my wife lounging in the living
room wearing more clothing than she has taken to lately. It was like she
made a conscious effort to hide as much of her skin from me as possible.

"Baby, I want you to go up to the bathroom and remove your clothes. Once you
are naked just wait for me and I will be up shortly. We have some business
to attend to," she told me in a short tempered tone.

She peaked my curiosity and I didn't even to bother asking questions, a
habit that I discovered I have been developing lately. She didn't make me
wait long but when she entered the bathroom she was still fully clothed,
twirling the key to my belt around her fingers.

"I am going to unlock you but I don't want you to get any ideas about
release. You need to clean your cock and shave your stubbies. I also need to
check you for any irritation. I made sure to cover up because I do not wish
you to get an erection. When you are in the shower you will wash yourself
with cold water to help stave off any hard-ons. You will leave the curtain
open so I can ensure you don't work too hard to get yourself clean if you
catch my drift. If you start to get hard I want you to stop and let the cold
water run over your cock and scrotum. I will clean your plastic friend out
real good while you do that."

"Don't worry honey," I replied, "I will not cheat on our arrangement. As
difficult as it is, I don't want to take away from your satisfaction."

She didn't seem to believe me. "Never the less, I told you that that any
time that I unlocked you for hygiene would be supervised."

She bent down and inserted the key into the lock and with a quick twist I
heard the sweet sound of the hasp releasing. She removed the lock and pulled
off the cage quickly, not lovingly like she had a few days ago, turned on
the cold water and motioned for me to step into the shower. The cold water
had an immediate effect on my penis making it want to retract as far as
possible, long before I could even think about getting hard. It took allot
of willpower to stay under the stream of freezing water. Even though she
didn't tell me I made sure to keep my dick in plain view at all times. I
didn't want to be accused of anything. I quickly but diligently cleaned my
entire groin with soap and water before lathering up with shaving cream and
leaving smooth skin in the razor's path. As I took care of this Jana cleaned
out the cage with rubbing alcohol and rinsed it clean with water.

"Let me see your balls!" she said sternly.

She grabbed hold of my shriveled scrotum and looked over every inch for any
signs of irritation that the rings might be causing. Satisfied that the
little dab of baby oil was working wonders and the skin was fairing quite
well she quickly slipped the back ring behind my balls, inserted the pins,
and slid the cage over my deflated penis with a quickness that had me
wondering how many times she had practiced putting it together before
offering it to me the day I began my life in chastity.

"Very good baby," she praised, "you were able to get yourself cleaned up and
shaved without getting an erection. I figured since I was taking control of
your orgasms I might as well dictate when you can have an erection as well.
I can guarantee that you will not get to see one very often."

She slipped the key to my cage back around her neck, gave my balls a light
slap, and walked out the door swaying her ass at me as she left.

Later that night we cuddled on the couch and watched some TV. After a little
bit of idle chit chat she got serious on me.

"Baby, I am really enjoying the treatment you are giving me. I can't help
but notice that your cock jumps a little in the cage when I start to give
you orders. Is this something you are enjoying? Do you like it when I get
domineering? Do you really want me to take charge?"

The truth had worked so far so why not go with it.

"Jana, I have given you complete control of my orgasms. I cannot cum without
your permission and I haven't set any guidelines about the length of time
you can make me go without cumming. You can make me go five years if you
want, although I really hope that is not the case. When a man gives a woman
this kind of power there can be no doubt that he will take any order from
that woman. I will be as submissive to you as you choose to make me. I only
want to please you. That's what chastity has instilled in me so far. My
needs are not important."

The smile on her face indicated that I answered correctly. "Very well, I
decided that I want you to be more submissive to me. For starters, when I am
giving you orders you will address me as Mistress. I know I decide when you
get to cum but I want you to understand that my say on that is final. If I
decide not to release you on your release day that is my prerogative. I
wouldn't count on too many early releases either. Is that understood?"

"Yes Mistress," I replied.

"Let's start off slow. When you are home and we do not have visitors you
will be naked at all times. I always want to see your cock all cooped up in
its protective case."

I immediately stood up and removed my clothing before diving back into my
wife's arms.

Over the next week and a half I spent almost all my time at home naked with
my cage glaring in the light. The moment I walked in the door from work I
would immediately remove all my clothing right inside the door. Jana liked
the fact that I made such an extreme effort to follow her rules. All the
blinds in the house remained open. I didn't dare touch them since she first
scolded me for attempting to close them. I knew that one day my neighbors
would catch a glimpse of my imprisonment but I just didn't seem to care if
they knew or not.

True to her word, Jana took it slow with me. She mainly ordered me around
when she wanted something done around the house or if she required my
talents for her pleasure, which was quite often. I still felt no pang of
jealousy at her ability to come multiple times a night while I was denied
even the slightest erection. I was becoming more and more comfortable with
my choice to wear the tube.

Two weeks from my last orgasm, Saturday finally rolled around. I was let out
of my cage about every four days to clean and shave but true to her word I
was not allowed a free erection. My balls seemed bigger than I remember them
being and there was almost a dull ache deep inside them. It wasn't severe or
unmanageable, simply just a reminder of the teasing I had to endure over the
last two weeks. I actually wondered if this was the start of what people
referred to as "Blue Balls".

Late in the evening Jana led me up the steps by my confined prick. She had
me lay down on the bed and straddled my face so I could eat her while she
opened up the cage to allow me release. Just like the last time she did it
in a very slow and loving way. I hoped she would always unlock me on release
days just like this. It made me feel like there was a special connection
between us that most people would never understand. Once my cock was free it
wasted very little time getting to full mast. Jana stroked my cock up and
down. She used her finger to trace every contour of my engorged penis. The
sensations running through my body were unbelievable. This felt so much
better than release after only two days. It made two weeks of denial worth

After about five minutes of a slow loving hand job Jana abruptly stopped and
removed her wet pussy from my mouth. I thought she was going to sink herself
down on me but I quickly realized I was wrong when she lay on the bed next
to me and started to speak.

"Hubby, I am kind of torn at the moment and I need to talk to you about it.
I know I said that this was going to be a release date for you but part of
me wants to deny you from cumming tonight. It's very hard to explain as you
have been nothing but good to me over the past two weeks and have done
nothing wrong so you deserve to have your orgasm tonight but I just don't
want your chastity period to end right now. Would you be angry with me if I
decided not to let you cum tonight?"

I could almost see the turmoil in her eyes. She was really struggling with
this decision. She has made some really huge leaps from the subtle little
wife she once was to the more assertive Mistress wife she has become but I
had no doubts this was the remnants of her past self coming through.

"Jana," I said calmingly, "I really do want to come tonight. I would not be
angry with you if you decided to deny me. I might be a little disappointed
but it would really be nothing for you to worry yourself about."

What was I saying? I was about to experience what I knew was a going to be a
very powerful orgasm but to put my wife at ease I basically gave her
permission to extend my denial period.

"Hubby, if you go two more weeks for me I will go easier with the teasing. I
won't stop altogether but I won't do it as often since I already have you
nice and frustrated. If you go two more weeks for me I will make it worth
your while and instead of the hand job you were going to get tonight I will
let you fuck me. Will you do it for me? Please?" she said in an almost
angelic voice.

Oh fuck it, what the hell might as well go for broke.

I hung my head and replied, "Mistress, it is not a question of whether I
will or won't go an additional two weeks without an orgasm. When I agreed to
become a chaste hubby, I gave all control of when I am allowed to orgasm to
you. The decision is yours to make. The real question is if my Mistress will
allow me to spurt my load tonight or will she deny me and make me wait
another two weeks cooped up in my tube."

Her eyes showed so much passion as she smiled, "Well it really isn't a
question at all is it? You will not shoot your little cummies tonight. You
are denied!"

Her last word rang through my mind like the crisp clang of a bell.

"Now since you have been such a good boy and didn't complain one bit when I
brought up extending your frustration, I am going to allow you some time
outside your little friend tonight. I want you to put your arms over your
head and spread your legs."

"Yes Mistress" I said as I did exactly as she told me.

She went to the closet and returned with a few of my silk ties. She bound my
wrists and ankles to the posts on all four corners. I was amazed at the
skill in which she tied me. I tested my bonds and decided straight away that
I was not going to be able to escape from them.

"Very good hubby. I don't want you touching your little dick while I allow
you to have some alone time. But first let's finish what you started."

She immediately straddled my face again and I went to work lapping at her
pussy. She was soaking wet and I understood how turned on she was to deny me
an orgasm that I had looked forward to for two weeks. I brought her off in
less than two minutes and she collapsed on the bed next to me. After a few
minutes she got up and told me to enjoy some time to myself before turning
off the light and leaving the room. My mind was awash with emotions I didn't
know existed as the night's events played through my mind and my time alone
was not remotely comfortable as I felt the cool air around my erection that
had not gone down since she started stroking me. It was bitter sweet

After about two hours Jana returned to the bedroom with her bag of ice water
and placed it directly on my groin. I cried out in subtle agony as the cold
bit into my delicate flesh. In no time at all my only erection in two weeks
deflated and my sly wife made quick work of ensuring I was safely back into
my tiny cock cage.

For the next four days Jana did take it easy on the teasing but it didn't
stop her from wearing lingerie that left little to the imagination or
nothing at all. She always seemed to drop something and had to bend at the
waist whenever I was walking behind her. A few times she just wiggled her
tight heart shaped ass at me seductively.

On Thursday I came home from work and after walking through the door I
immediately disrobed to my normal state of dress while at home.

"Hello chastity boy."

I immediately turned a deep shade of red. This was not my wife's voice. I
looked up and saw my wife's s****r Christina standing in the doorway to the
kitchen. I tried to cover my nakedness with the pile of clothes in my hands
when I heard my wife's stern voice.

"No! Don't try to cover up! Drop your clothes and come over here!"

"Yes Mistress" I replied as my pile of clothes fell to the floor leaving me

As I walked over to my wife and her s****r I was sharply aware of every pull
and tug the cage made on my balls as it swung side to side. I stopped in
front of these two beautiful women and did not make a second attempt to
shield myself. "I told you he was now my chastised little hubby slave s*s.
She didn't believe me that we locked up your cock even though she saw all
your files."

Christina was smirking at my wife and giggling at me.

"Can I touch it?" Christina asked nervously.

"Have a ball s*s," my wife said.

"It's kind of small," Christina stated as her soft hands were running over
every inch of the plastic casing, softly tugging on it sending spikes of
discomfort into my stomach, and touching my smooth scrotum, which had now
tightened up, with the tips of her fingers.

"Don't be too quick to judge," my wife defended me. "He is about average
size if not just a little smaller but I bought the more compact version of
the CB-6000 so it would be more secure. When he is at full mast he gets the
job done."

"Well I see that it isn't going to come off without the key but how does it
prevent him from getting hard?" Christina asked my wife.

My wife laughed, "It will cause him some pain but do you want to see how it

Christina simply nodded.

"OK," my wife said, "Take off your top and show him your big tits."

Christina did a double take on my wife with questioning eyes that clearly
asked if she was serious. My wife simply nodded.

As she removed her flimsy top, I was presented with Christina's D or double
D breasts incased in a white lace bra that clearly showed her dark nipples
through the thin material. As she reached back to unclasp her bra I realized
that I was finally going to get a look at my wife's s****r's huge tits,
something I have wanted to see since I first saw her in a bikini many years
ago. Knowing this alone made my cock start to work feverishly to get hard.

"Well," Christina said to me, "you are finally going to get a nice close up
look at the tits you have been sneaking glances at for the past few years. I
hope it's worth it."

When her bra slipped off her shoulders and onto the floor I was hit with a
very sharp pain that told me the cage was doing all it could to prevent me
from standing tall. As my breathing quickened to deal with the pain Jana
explained what was happening.

"The two rings separate his balls from his penis. When he tries to get an
erection the expanding dick begins to push the case away from the body until
the balls are trapped behind the rings and it can't expand any further
without causing him serious pain. He is just about at the limit right now
and the pain will start to fight the erection. If we keep him aroused we can
prolong his suffering. Do you want to make him suffer for a little longer?"

Oh my god, Christina was nodding yes.

"OK, take off your skirt and show him your panties."

"I am not wearing any," Christina said with a wicked grin.

Hearing that renewed my cock's efforts to break out of its captivity.

"Well I guess you will just have to go all the way then," my wife said
without hesitation.

Christina didn't even flinch this time as she reached behind her and
unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. Here was my wife's
beautiful s****r standing in front of me completely naked, her trimmed
brunette bush mesmerizing me until I saw the soft folds of her pussy. With a
pain that clearly topped that of morning wood in my belt I doubled over due
to the pain tracing up into my stomach.

Thankfully I heard my wife say I had enough and helped me to the couch while
Christina retrieved her clothes and left the room. My cock shrank very
quickly in response to the pain I was feeling with no new stimuli to fight
against it. In about a minute I was back to a normal comfort level but my
balls where still swollen and throbbing from the punishment they took. Jana
had me take my clothes upstairs as Christina had now seen plenty of my
chastity cage and I no longer had any need for modesty around her.

Christina stayed for dinner and I constantly caught her taking quick glances
at my plastic encased penis, a fact that didn't escape my wife either but it
didn't seem to bother her so I didn't let it bother me. While it was a
little strange to sit at the dinner table naked with two fully clothed women
I oddly felt right at home. They spent most of dinner talking about the
amazing orgasms I was providing my wife on an almost daily basis if not
multiple times a day.

Christina suddenly turned to me, "How long have you gone without having an

"Two weeks and five days," I replied calmly.

"And it will be another week and two days before I am going to allow him
one!" my wife chimed in.

Christina audibly gasped, "You mean you are going to make him go an entire
month without an orgasm while you enjoy all the attention you are getting?"

My wife laughed quite loudly, "s*s, we are nowhere near the length of time I
am going to make him go without cumming. I haven't decided on what that
length of time will be just yet but I just want to work him up to it. He is
doing quite well with it so far."

Christina joined her in laughing, "I knew you had an evil streak in you Jana
but I never knew just how deep it went. Do you miss the sex?"

Jana got serious again, "I do miss the penetration sometimes but I think I
am just going to have to make a trip to the toy store and have hubby pick me
out a nice dildo that he can use on me."

"Go to the one down by McCarthy's," Christina told her, "the lady that works
there is really nice and they have a pretty good selection of just about

Jana laughed again, "You really know your sex toy stores s*s."

"A single gal has to do what a single gal has to do," Christina snapped

Jana seemed to go into deep thought for a few seconds. She got up and left
the room for a moment before returning with something in her hand.

"I tell you what s*s. I have to ask a favor of you and if you do that favor
for me I think I have a nice form of payment to offer you."

Christina looked at her with a puzzled expression on her face as my wife
opened her hand displaying a key that looked exactly like the one she wore
around her neck. This was the second key to my cock lock.

"I need someone to hold onto this in case of emergencies and it has to be
someone I trust. I want you to hold onto it for me in case I have to go out
of town and he needs to be unlocked for cleaning and such. Will you do this
for me?"

Taking the key Christina answered, "I will definitely hold the spare key to
your husband's chastity belt but I'm not sure what you mean about payment."

"Well," my wife began, "It seems I have a husband who is very talented with
his mouth and tongue and you are a woman with needs that need to be
satisfied. I give you permission to come over and let him pleasure you with
his mouth when you need to get off."

Christina and I both jumped back in shock.

While I was still searching for words Christina spoke up, "You mean to tell
me you will let your husband go down on me whenever I want to get off?"

"Why not?" my wife said casually, "his dick is locked up in a chastity belt.
It's not like I need to worry about him cheating on me." She turned fiercely
toward me, "And don't you go getting any wild ideas of your little dick
getting anywhere near my s****r's pussy!"

Sounding offended I found my words, "Baby I am a little hurt you would think
that it popped in my mind. I would not do that to you, cage or no cage. And
like you said you having nothing to worry about with me being locked up and
I am sure Christina isn't going to use that key to let me out unless you
tell her to."

"Damn right," Christina stated, "If your wife decides she doesn't want you
to experience the joy of an orgasm I sure as hell am not going to let you.
Besides I really liked seeing you frustrated earlier. I might just take my
s****r up on her offer so I can watch you struggle in your cage while I let
you lick me to orgasm after orgasm."

I had a pretty good feeling that it wouldn't be long before Christina came
to call on my services.

As Christina was leaving for the night she flashed the key in front of me
and gave my cage a very strong tug. "Hang tight." She said as she walked out
the door laughing.

Six very long days had gone by since the night I stood in front of my wife's
s****r, completely naked with only a clear piece of plastic encasing my
confined dick. It seemed like months ago that I had to endure the sharp
pains induced by the chastity belt as I watched Christina disrobe in front
of me, things that only existed in Penthouse Forum stories. Since my last
release date, which resulted in extending my frustration in lieu of relief,
Jana had kept true to her word of easing up on the teasing but over the past
few days, as my release date drew closer, she seemed nothing but happy to
ramp it up again. This past week alone we had made three separate trips to
the lingerie store to purchase more outfits for her, all of which I was
asked to choose.

My mental state of continuous arousal caused my body to shiver at her
slightest touch. Having to watch her around the house clad in silk, lace,
leather, and flesh made me want her in a way that was similar to how I felt
before we were married, when the spark of love and lust were still fresh and
exciting. This is why I enjoyed my state of captivity. I wanted her but I
could not have her and that, in turn, made me want her even more. She
constantly teased me about my reaction to seeing Christina's nude body.

"Did you see how wet her pussy was when her skirt hit the floor?" she would
ask looking into my eyes, "Just a stiff breeze would have been enough to
send her body spiraling into an orgasm. Just think, one of these days she is
going to come by and show you that body all over again. Only this time you
are going to taste that wetness between her legs. If you look up you will
see the only other key to your chastity belt resting on a chain between her
huge tits just like the one I wear. Your tiny dick will strain against its
bonds, your male instincts forcing you to try and penetrate her but that
will never happen."

Regardless of knowing I could not attain an erection my body continued to
try as my wife teased me both physically and mentally. She would laugh and
smile as my balls were pulled tight against the ring. Her hazel eyes
twinkled and her milky white skin glowed as she continued to torment me and
that told me she was still enjoying the lifestyle of our fetish. Perhaps if
the pain was unbearable I would feel less sure about my decision to be
locked up but the truth is that in a weird, sadistic way the discomfort
simply added to my arousal. Seeing a beautiful woman smiling at me in an
expression of true joy was enough to renew my commitment to chastity.

Some people might wonder if I missed being able to orgasm when I wanted.
Absolutely, I did miss it but to be honest, the majority of my orgasms over
the past three years where attained by my own hand and with very little
meaning, other than in my imagination. Now, all my orgasms would have
meaning and each one would become more intense, proportional with the amount
of time I endured waiting for it.

With only three more days to go until my release date I renewed my efforts
with pleasing my wife. When we lay on the couch together my hands explored
every inch of her body. I drank in the scent of her long, straight, blonde
hair; the taste of her smooth, pale skin and the sound of her seductive
voice. When I pleasured her, I concentrated on doing my very best, my tongue
becoming more coordinated and my jaw muscles strengthened and conditioned to
their daily chore. The scent of her sex constantly lingered on my lips and I
was enjoying every frustrating moment of it. I wanted to make sure that I
did everything in my power to ensure my release. A little under two weeks
ago I made certain she was aware that she could deny me for no reason at all
and although I questioned my sanity, I was sure it was the right thing to
do. I did, after all, want her to have all the control.

On the morning before my long awaited day I was enjoying a light breakfast
when Jana came into the kitchen.

"My s****r is coming over for dinner tonight. You will have no need for
clothing," she said in a very stern voice. "Since she has seen you in your
normal household outfit already there is no need to be shy. I don't know if
she intends to use you tonight but if she does you will give your very best
effort into pleasuring her. If she is not happy I will take away your
release tomorrow and you can simply stay locked up."

"Yes Mistress," I replied with my head slightly bowed, "I will not
disappoint her or you. I really want to be able to cum tomorrow."

She gave me a very passionate, loving kiss before walking out the door, the
room dimming from the loss of her radiant smile. Over the past week I
thought long and hard of why she would allow me such intimate contact with
her s****r. For the life of me I could not wrap my mind around it but the
fear of missing release prevented me from asking her about it. Perhaps she
felt that since I was locked up it wasn't sex for me and merely her slave
doing her biding for a friend of hers. That, in and of itself, made me feel
very submissive, more so than I have up until this point.

The workday seemed to swim by in a cloud of random blurs. My mind couldn't
focus on anything and it was the least productive day I have had since I got
myself locked up. I don't know if it was the anticipation of what might
happen tonight or the longing for what I hoped would happen tomorrow but it
had my mind a complete fucking mess.

As I had become accustomed to, I walked through the front door and
immediately removed all of my clothing and deposited them in the hallway
laundry basket that I kept downstairs for this very reason. I walked into
the kitchen to find my wife dressed in an emerald green corset laced extra
tight causing her 36C tits to be pushed up and squashed together along with
silk half cut panties and matching thigh high stockings.

"Looks like someone is ready for a little fun tonight," I said with a
mixture of surprise and longing in my voice.

"Oh, this old thing? I just needed something comfortable to wear around the
house," she said feigning mock innocence.

"You have that piece of material laced so tight it hardly looks
comfortable," I said jokingly, "but god damn does it look good."

"Well I am pretty sure I am allot more comfortable than you," she said
stoutly, gesturing toward my semi-hard erection. "It looks like someone
really wants out of his prison. But don't worry about that tonight baby.
Your fun is tomorrow and I get to have mine tonight."

About that time the front doorbell rang.

"Be a dear and go get the door," my wife said to me.

Here was a test. My precarious position was completely exposed for anyone to
see. I walked around like this with open windows but nothing ever so brazen
like answering the door with my cage shining in the light. I could protest
but then I run the risk of being denied release tomorrow. Like so many other
things lately I just said fuck it and threw myself into the task at hand.

I opened the door, slightly shielding myself but not to the point that it
looked obvious. I had already been scolded for my modesty twice already.
Thankfully it was Christina and not some poor unsuspecting person. Even
though it was a crisp seventy degrees out she was dressed in a trench coat.

"May I take your coat?" I asked as I invited her inside and closed the door.

"If you insist," she said laughing as she untied the belt and allowed her
coat to slip off her shoulders and onto the floor.

I was greeted by the sight of her curvy body scantily clad in the shiniest
black patent leather. The sight of her full breasts encased in the three
quarter bra and the tiny triangle patch of material that composed the front
of her g-string panties was enough to immediately send a knot of discomfort
into my lower stomach. The g-string was so small that it occurred to me she
had shaved most, if not all, of her pubic hair since the last time I had
seen her.

"Oh you poor thing," she said with pouty lips and mock sympathy as she
dropped down to her knees in front of me. "Look at this little thing trying
to push its way out of its cell but these swollen balls just won't let it."

She reached up and took my testicles in her hand and began to tug on them,
trying to pull them away from the rings. Spikes of cramps shot through my
balls and into my belly. It took every bit of strength I could muster to
remain upright as she m*****ed my tender flesh.

"It's not time yet chastity boy but I bet this will make it feel real good,"
she said before opening her mouth and taking the entire plastic chastity
belt into her mouth.

Feeling the warmth of her mouth surrounding my penis but not actually
touching it made my cock want to jump out of the cage but it only caused me
more pain.

"Well well, aren't we just having too much fun in here and no one invited
me," my wife said as she walked out of the kitchen.

I finally succumbed to the pain and collapsed into the fetal position, my
cage slipping put of Christina's mouth and leaving her looking down at me,
wiping the saliva from her bright red lips. If my wife had an evil streak in
her, her s****r was surely the devil. I was being used for her amusement and
she was enjoying every second of it.

The next couple of hours were relatively tame as my wife and her s****r
engaged in girl talk and I waited on them, keeping their glasses full of
wine and cleaning up after dinner. Late in the evening Jana had me stand up
before where they sat on the couch.

"As you may have guessed, I wanted to see how you would react to some
serious teasing on the night before release," my wife said to me softly. "I
told my s****r to wear something sexy but I didn't tell her about your thing
for leather. I would say she did a very good job wouldn't you?"

"Yes Mistress," I replied happily, "her outfit alone had me growing inside
my chastity belt, not unlike how hard it is for me to see you dressed as you
are. You both are very sexy devils."

"Humm I like the sound of devils," my wife laughed heartily. "I know you are
curious if you will have to service us tonight but I had a better idea. You
will not be allowed to see the intimate parts of the female body until your
release tomorrow, but that doesn't mean we are done with you."

"Come here and kneel between my legs," Christina commanded.

I quickly did what I was told and kneeled in between her tanned legs,
keeping my hands by my sides.

"You will not get to taste me tonight but you will get to smell me. Put your
face down on my panty clad pussy but be very careful. Too much movement
might make that little bit of material uncover my clit and then you would
break your wife's wishes. I would hate to see you lose your chance to spurt
your cummies because of a little technicality," Christina said laughing
along with Jana.

I knelt forward very slowly, hovering my nose less than an inch above
Christina's mound. Every breath I took filled my nostrils with the scent of
her sex, the musty aroma sending my mind into sex craved spirals. I was very
careful not to allow my nose to touch the stretched, shiny, triangle patch
of leather. After a few minutes my neck began to ache from the strain of
holding myself in my dangerous position. I wondered if my wife wanted me to
fail this task so she could deny me orgasm for a reason this time.

After a few more minutes I was released from my kneeling position and
directed to stand in front of them. For an hour I endured their hands and
mouths roaming over my body. As they took turns keeping me in an excited
state I watched as the other rubbed her pussy through the thin material of
their panties. Thankfully I was soon released.

"OK Hubby, time for you to head to bed. You have a very big day tomorrow,"
my wife said as she sent me up the steps with a slap on my ass that was hard
enough to leave a hand print on my pale ass cheek.

I tossed and turned for what seemed like hours as I listened to the muffled
laughs of the two women coming from downstairs, every thought ventured
toward tomorrow's reward. Finally my lust gave way to sense and I drifted
off into a very deep sl**p.

I awoke with the morning sun glaring through the window and the feel of my
wife's lips against my neck. As my vision began to clear I saw her dangling
the silver key above my face. She stopped kissing my neck and looked me in
the eye.

"I was going to make you wait until tonight but I had a better idea. I am
going to leave you unlocked all day. You may have as many erections as you
want but you only get to spew your load once. You have behaved yourself so
well that you can cum anyway you want. You can make me taste it or you can
come inside me. That is your reward for being such a good boy."

She d**g her naked body down mine, her hard nipples tracing across my chest
like a hot knife until she rested between my legs, slowly inserting the key
into the lock. She teased me, twisting the key in the lock but not enough to
undo the hasp. Suddenly I felt the lock spring free and it was like a bolt
of lightning coursed through my loins. As the lock was pulled free my dick
began to grow very rapidly, relishing in its rare freedom. Like she had on
my first relief day, she removed the cage slowly and lovingly, kissing every
engorged inch of hot flesh as it was revealed.

When every piece of the cage was shed, I pounced on her, my mouth feeding on
her lips and my hands groped her breasts tightly. My cock was less than an
inch away from her soaked cunt and as much as I tried to resist, my body
lunged forward, sinking all five inches of my hard prick into her moist
pussy in one motion, causing her to moan out in sheer surprise and pleasure.
I was truly in heaven as I felt what had been denied me for an entire month.
She consumed all of me as I slowly made love to her, keeping it slow,
knowing that in my current aroused state I would not last long and wanted to
enjoy being inside her again.

After only two minutes I slowly withdrew my hard cock from within her,
precum dribbling out of the head. Her eyes showed signs of disappointment at
suddenly being left empty, but that look suddenly changed to that of pure
a****listic lust. With surprising speed and strength she threw me off of her
and onto my back, her body covering mine as she positioned herself to be
impaled on my throbbing dick once more. With all of her weight she threw
herself down on me, my dick stabbing into her delicate hole, until her
pelvis rested against mine and a grunt of satisfaction escaped her lips.
Without waiting for me to catch my breath she picked herself up and dropped
again, and again, and again, the f***e sending shockwaves through the bed.
After just twenty seconds my swollen nuts started to tense up. Not yet, I
thought. It was too soon. I had waited so long for it, but I was past the
point of no return. I screamed with such passion and desire as I felt the
hot cum traveling out my dick and into Jana's pussy.

"Holy fuck!" I cried out. "Get every last drop of cum out of me baby."

As my orgasm had just about subsided, hers had just begun. She continued to
scream and grunt as I felt our mixed juices gush out around my cock, as I
screamed and tossed violently beneath her. After a few more seconds, during
which I thought I would lose my sanity, she collapsed on top of me, the only
movement coming from the heaving of her chest as she fought to get air into
her lungs.

For the next hour, she serenely lay on top of me and our bodies remained
entwined. As much as I wanted to do it all over again, I didn't dare try to
thrust into her. Her wished were stated quite clearly and I had no intention
of disappointing her.

For the rest of the day, my cock enjoyed the free air like a gift from the
gods. As if it knew it would be locked up again tonight, it spent most of
the day in an erect state like a Viagra pill gone wrong. It felt good to be
out of the cage but I also felt a longing to have it put back on.

Late in the evening, I went to take a shower, using this rare opportunity to
carefully wash and shave my groin. I used cold water as I usually did when
being let out for hygiene to fight back the temptation to masturbate. When I
came into the bedroom Jana was waiting for me on the bed, completely naked.

"Did you masturbate in the shower?" she asked me.

"No," I told her truthfully, "I cleaned myself like I always do to help
resist the temptation. Besides, it wouldn't hold a candle next to what we
did this morning."

"What did I do to deserve such a good obedient husband?" my wife asked
herself. "Since you have been so well behaved and didn't try to cheat on our
arrangement, I will give you another chance to cum tonight before I lock you
back up. I have a die on the nightstand. I want you to fuck the shit out of
me again. When you get close to cumming I want you to roll the die. Roll an
odd number and you get to cum. Roll an even number and we stop and put you
back in the belt without an orgasm."

"You know I won't resist that offer," I said as I jumped on top of her, my
cock already standing tall and waiting.

I shoved myself into her with reckless abandon, pistioning in and out fast
and hard. I put all my might into it, loud smacking noises being emitted
each time our bodies clashed together. I enjoyed each thrust, each moist,
warm movement of our intertwined bodies. She cried out as her body reached
climax, all her bl**d rushing to her clit leaving her lightheaded and her
flesh cool to the touch. Her orgasm was contagious and I felt my body begin
to tense up. I paused and reached over to the nightstand and rolled the die.
It seemed like an eternity for it to come to a rest.

The die landed on three.

As she smiled at me, I buried my lips in her neck, nibbling her soft skin as
I returned to fucking her. My body tensed and I screamed loud enough for
everyone in the neighborhood to know I was cumming as I shot my entire load
inside her.

I collapsed on her and just lay connected for a few minutes as our bodies
and minds came back to reality. After a few serene minutes Jana broke the

"God I had no idea how much I missed being fucked. We are definitely going
to have to make a trip to the toy store next week so we can get you
something to fuck me with. Now go get cleaned up and come back here so we
can lock you back up."

"Yes Mistress," I replied getting up and obeying her order.

Once clean I returned to the bedroom. My penis was in a flaccid state as I
stood in front of her next to the bed. Since I had just gotten off, I would
not need the baggie of ice water tonight. Jana carefully inspected me before
slipping the ring behind my balls and encasing my cock in the cage. With the
loud click of the lock Jana looked up at me.

"I hope you enjoyed today. You certainly earned it. As long as you keep up
the good work you will continue to get days like these. However, as I am
sure you can guess, they will not come as often. You did great with one
month in chastity. It will be three months until I will allow you to cum
again. We are now at the stage that I would consider releasing you for a
bonus cum if you do something really extraordinary but I wouldn't count on
it. I enjoy denying you way too much and I really want to see how docile you
get after being locked up for three months," she said as she took me in her
arms and we cuddled as we drifted off to sl**p.

The next morning I awoke to a calm and peaceful morning. My mind was at
ease, my lust and wanting momentarily satisfied. The sun seemed to shine
brighter, casting beautiful shadows in its wake. All I wanted to do was
stare outside into the serene portrait provided by nature herself. Jana and
I enjoyed a light breakfast and mainly lounged around the house most of the
day, Jana in her short silk housecoat and me in my normal exposed attire.

After dinner, Jana told me to get dressed. "It's time for us to go hit up
the toy store so you can pick out a new fake dick to fuck me with. I
realized last night that even though you have become a master at eating my
pussy, I still need some good deep penetration from time to time."

I got dressed in jeans and a T-shirt but to my surprise Jana dressed in a
tight black mini-skirt and a semi-sheer black blouse that clearly showed the
intrinsic lace design on the black bra she wore beneath it. Noticing the
shock on my face she lifted the skirt to show me she had foregone any need
for panties today. Oddly, I found my thoughts drifting into daydream,
wondering if this is how she would dress if she ever discovered my other
fantasies and was off to meet her black lover for an evening of fun. Well, I
thought, we are on our way to find a latex dick that would find its way into
her velvet pussy far more often than my chastised dick would. Perhaps she
was dressed for her lover. I felt that familiar tugging on my balls and knew
my dick was trying to get hard.

We arrived at the store and looking at the place I truly wondered how this
shop got any business. The place has such a business look to it, nothing
that would lead you to believe that this place was an adult store. I
wondered how many unsuspecting families made a wrong turn into this store,
the surprise good for some, perhaps not so good for others. I held the door
open like a gentleman and we went inside.

The inside was nothing like what I was used to either. There was a main room
and a few different side rooms labeled with small signs as to what they
contained. The main room was composed mostly of lingerie and ranging from
calm silk to risky leather as well as role playing dress up outfits. Jana's
eyes lit up like Christmas lights when she saw the selection. I knew then
and there that we had a new place to shop for her outfits and I spotted one
that would be my first choice. You can never go wrong with the white patent
leather nurses outfit.

The store was empty except for one employee. She was extremely beautiful,
probably somewhere in her late 30's with deep strawberry-blonde curly hair
streaming halfway down her back. She had an athletic figure, a body chiseled
from allot of hard work and an ample bust offsetting her round ass. The
full-length red dress she wore had a slit up the side the opened and closed
as she walked towards us and the color of her lipstick matches the scarlet
high heels that accentuated her toned calves.

As she made eye contact she introduced herself. "Good evening. My name is
Sara, owner of this humble establishment. We have a wide variety of items
you may be interested in. Please feel free to look around and if you need
help with anything or are looking for anything in particular that you don't
see please let me know and I will do my very best to assist you."

Jana shook her hand and said thank you before Sara returned to a plush area
that was unlike any other checkout counter I have seen. It struck me as odd.
Most people who worked in adult stores wouldn't even make eye contact with
you unless it was unavoidable as if they didn't want to make you, or them,
uncomfortable. Perhaps it was me who avoided the eye contact but with Sara
and the atmosphere she created, I didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable
browsing her store.

There were rooms for fetish equipment. The normal arrangement of leather
straps, and whips, handcuffs and restraints but there was also soft silky
items mirroring their rougher leather counterparts as well as a large
selection of cock and ball torture equipment. There were parachutes and
vises, sounds and stretchers. It occurred to me that this shop more than
likely catered to the dominate female. I knew I would like this place.

We made our way to a room containing dildos and vibrators, plugs and beads
of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We took our time looking around the room,
taking plenty of opportunities to feel and examine ones that each of us
thought was interesting. There were a few of them that were close to my size
but most of them were larger, some even ridiculously big. It would take a
true size queen to take those ones even half way. I was fascinated with the
darker brown skin colored ones, all having at least three inches on me. Jana
noticed me examining those and just tossed me a naughty grin. With the size
and detail of these, any woman would light up thinking about what they would
feel like.

"Hubby," Jana said to me in a voice quite louder than a whisper, "I want you
to pick out the next cock that gets to fuck me while I keep your dick locked
up in chastity. I hope you pick a good one so I don't have to punish you and
extend your time in lockup."

Sara came around the corner and entered the room as Jana was finishing her
sentence. I immediately turned such a dark shade of red that I made her
dress look like a white wedding gown.

"Yes Mistress," I replied meekly as I continued to peruse the fake cocks on

"So, you keep your husband locked up in a chastity belt, Mrs..."

"Please, call me Jana," my wife beamingly replied.

"Perhaps I should reintroduce myself. I am Mistress Sara. I don't normally
introduce myself that way for obvious reasons, although I do at times use it
to chase off certain types of cliental that I prefer not to sell to. I do,
however, always enjoy meeting a fellow Dominatrix," Mistress Sara said
taking my wife's hand once more.

"I wouldn't really consider myself a Dominatrix although I have become a
little more dominate over the past month and pretty much control the
household now," my wife replied smiling.

"You precious woman," Mistress Sara replied placing a hand on Jana's cheek,
"You have no idea how much control and power you could possibly wield using
chastity, orgasm denial, and punishment as your tools. How long has your
husband been in chastity?"

"Today is day number one being locked back up," Jana said, "Yesterday was a
release day after spending one month in confinement. We are just starting
out and after each release we extend his period of denial. This time he will
have to endure three months before he can squirt his load again."

"Well I applaud you on your decision for three months. He should begin to
climb the walls by then with allot of encouragement," Mistress Sara said, a
giggle escaping her mouth, "Whose idea was it to try Chastity?"

"Both of ours in a way," Jana said, "He had the fantasy long before I did
but never talked to me about it. One day I found a hidden folder on the
computer and discovered what he desired. I bought a chastity belt and made
him an offer he didn't refuse."

"I have two regular slaves that I keep in chastity. One is now going for six
months and my husband is locked up for one year," Mistress Sara boasted
proudly, "I also made him choose a dildo to please me with. It was such a
turn on to watch him pick out his replacement. I wonder. Would you allow me
to see the belt you chose to confine your property?"

"Absolutely," my wife turned to me, "Drop your pants to your ankles right
now and show Mistress Sara your helpless cock."

"Yes Mistress," I muttered.

Humiliation and lust driven excitement boiled in my veins as I began to undo
my belt buckle. With each person that learned of my place in our sex life, I
found that the initial embarrassment of being exposed lasted shorter and
shorter. I wondered if that small bit of shame would completely vanish one
day. Another woman, a stranger up until ten minutes ago, was going to see my
tiny dick locked in the short clear jail cell and my hands shook as they
fumbled with my fly. In one motion I pulled my jeans and underwear down to
my ankles and stood back up, placing my hands behind my back to give
Mistress Sara the unobstructed view she desired.

The sexy redheaded vixen crouched down until her eyes were level with my
groin and took in the sight of my chastity. With one finger she pushed the
belt side to side, up and down as if she were completing a medical
examination. She ran her finger behind the back ring causing my scrotum to
jump as if touched by a cattle prod.

"Ah I see you chose the CB-6000 short," Mistress Sara said, her warm breath
causing the clear head of the device to fog up, "A very good device. Secure,
easy to use, and nice and small to accommodate this little guy. I too
started with a CB-6000 but have since moved on to much more secure and
devious equipment. Have you used the points of intrigue on him yet?"

"I am not sure what they are," Jana replied.

"Please come and have a little talk with me. If you normally require your
husband to be naked I can lock the door and he can shop for your new lover
in the nude," Sara said grinning broadly at me.

"Yes I would like that very much," Jana smiled at Sara before turning to me,
a serious expression on her face, "Remove all your clothing and give them to
me right now. I think it is only fitting for you to make your decision in
your normal state of dress."

"Yes Mistress," I replied.

In a flash I removed my clothing and folded each item in a neat pile before
handing the stack to my wife. They left the dildo room and settled in the
plush seats near the entrance while I was left to choose a replacement for
myself, to do my bidding while I was locked.

I continued to browse the walls looking for what I thought would be a good
fit for my wife, adding a little bit to ensure she would approve of my
choice. I narrowed it down to 4 choices, of which, two were white, one was
dark brown, and the last jet black. I examined each one very closely,
checking the flexibility, the detail in the veins and contours and the
overall craftsmanship. I know Jana gave me a little grin when I was looking
at the darker skin models but I truly wondered if she would be pleased if I
actually chose one. On the other hand, this could be the item that opens the
door to other talks down the line when I am ready and besides, what was one
more month of denial. Perhaps it's not good to ask that on day one.

I put the two white ones back and stared at the other two for what seemed
like hours. In reality, it was closer to forty-five minutes. During that
time I visualized each one dipping in and out of my wife's sweet hole.
Taking a deep breath, I put the Jet black one back and walked into the main
room with my choice proudly on display, the ladies talking and laughing
while enjoying a nice glass of wine.

My wife's eyes got bigger than normal when she saw my choice but you
wouldn't notice any surprise in her voice when she spoke to me.

"Well you really took your time making a selection. You must have really put
allot of thought into your choice. Let me see what you picked," she said
taking the large dildo from my hand, "I would have thought you would have
chose something a little bit closer to your size. Aren't you worried about
this big black cock stretching me out to the point of being nice and loose
the next time you have a chance to get inside me?"

"Even if I was concerned," I stated, my cock trying to stiffen from her last
comment, "your enjoyment is always more important than my own. I heard you
say that you missed the deep penetration and I wanted to be sure that I
picked one that would go as deep as you needed."

"Very impressive," Sara commended Jana, "I see your slave has learned well
from his denial. It is one thing to say it but much more meaningful when
they can clearly show it through actions. I would very much like to see you
again Lady Jana. I truly enjoyed our conversation this evening. Please come
by anytime you like."

"The evening has been very enlightening Lady Sara," my wife said bowing her
head, "I would be delighted to come by again. Hubby, you can get dressed

I got dressed and paid Lady Sara for my gift to my wife before bowing my
head and saying good night. We got into the car and sped home, looking
forward to trying out our new toy.

Once home, Jana was disrobing before I even got the door unlocked and was
naked by the time I got my shoes off. I finished getting undressed and
placed our clothes in the laundry bin. Jana was lying on the carpet next to
the fireplace, rubbing her pussy to get her juices flowing. I watched her
ravage her own body for a few seconds before coming to my senses and
retrieving some KY from the bathroom cabinet to help ease her initial
penetration with a larger cock.

I knelt between her spread legs and lubricated the top five inches of the
dark intruder as well as sticking my sloppy fingers into her waiting cunt. I
started to question if the lubricant was really necessary as she was sopping
wet in anticipation of being stretched. This is it, I thought to myself as I
rested the head on her pussy lips. This was the first time I would see what
it would look like if a big black cock was going to fuck my wife. My balls
were straining against the ring, threatening to pull through if I tried to
get any harder but my lust completely overcame the pain and I barely noticed

"Please stick that big dildo in me baby," Jana pleaded to me, her pupils
constricted to pinpoints, "I want you to fuck me hard with it. Stretch me,
make me really feel it."

I started pushing the head in gently, short strokes trying to open her up.
After a minute of working the entrance I gave it a good push and the head
broke through, the residual pressure embedding two inches in her wanton hole
in one stroke. She cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure as I paused
allowing her to adjust. I withdrew to the tip and pushed again, repeating
and gaining half in inch in depth each time until five inches rested inside
her, her pussy lips clinging to the dildo filling her inside.

"That's as far as I can go with my own equipment baby," I said lovingly
looking her in the eyes, "Now it's time you get all that you deserve."

I pushed the dildo one more inch as she let out an a****listic grunt before
I withdrew the dildo to the tip and gave one final shove embedding all eight
inches inside her. Her body bucked and seized as a powerful orgasm rocked
her body, her mouth unable to create human sounds. Before her orgasm
subsided I withdrew the dildo and shoved it in again, the fake testicles
resting on her ass cheeks. She gasped for breath as she came down from

"Oh god baby," she exclaimed, "you have no idea how much bigger it is than
you. It feels so good to feel so full. It is touching places you have never
touched, resting against my cervix. Fuck me with it baby. Fuck me until I
cum again. I can make love to you anytime I want but I want you to fuck me
with this dildo."

I did exactly that. Short strokes and long strokes. Twisting this way and
that as her body responded to the rough treatment of a rubber cock. I fucked
her with it hard as she came and came. I continued until she literally
pushed me away, unable to take anymore, her hands guarding her battered

"Holy shit baby. I feel like I just got done riding a horse. That felt so
good. I wish I could return the favor but seeing as how this is your first
day of chastity, you have a long time of orgasm denial to go before you get
to cum again. Carry me up and lay me in bed. I don't think I can move after

I carried her up the steps and lay her in bed before climbing in next to her
and holding her close, her body still shivering slightly from the intense
orgasms. Her body succumbed to sl**p before she heard the words I love you
come out of my mouth. My cock was finally starting to soften and I drifted
off to sl**p as well.

It was a few days before she allowed me to use the rubber black cock on her
again, saying she needed to recover from her first, real deep fucking. I did
not take offense to her words because I knew they were true. The dildo I
picked out could go deeper than I ever hoped to go. When the night came to
break out the toy again, she decided to have a little fun with me.

"I think my new rubber lover needs a name, something to help reinf***e to
you that your place of fucking me in bed has been taken over by the cock you
picked out," Jana said playfully to me, "I think we should make it a black
guy's name since it fits the type of dildo you picked. I think Leroy will
work. Hubby, go get Leroy so he can give me a good fucking tonight."

God if I didn't know any better I would have thought that she knew about my
cuckold fantasies. Some of the things she said just seemed way over the top
from her normal way of thinking, but then again it was probably paranoia.
Nothing has really been the same since the day I started chastity and she
surprised me with things all the time now. For all I knew, Mistress Sara
could have told her allot of things while they talked that night and I know
Jana had talked to her since. It would make sense that Sara would try to
help Jana develop more dominate features.

I retrieved Leroy from the dresser drawer and returned to the bed where my
wife was waiting for me with a blindfold.

"I want you to put this on and lie back on the bed. No matter what happens I
do not want you to move your hands for any reason. Is that understood?" my
wife said f***efully.

"I understand Mistress," I replied submissively, "I will not move my hands."

The world went black as I put on the black silk blindfold and lay back. I
felt my wife moving around between my legs. Suddenly I heard the hasp of the
padlock on my cage unsnap. Before I could think of what was happening, the
dome of the cage was pulled off and replaced with the baggie of ice water. I
flinched but true to my word, I did not move my hands. After about thirty
seconds of freedom, the ice water was removed and I felt the cage being
slipped back on but there was something ever so lightly poking into the top
section of flesh near the base of my cock and suddenly, I heard the closing
of the lock.

"Go ahead and remove the blindfold," Jana told me. "What I did was install
something called points of intrigue, a gift from Mistress Sara. It seems
your cock is trying excessively hard to get an erection inside your cage
while Leroy has his way with me. This should help with that. Do you know
what points of intrigue do?"

"Yes baby, I do," I replied. "As I try to get hard, the dull points will dig
deeper and deeper in my sensitive flesh causing discomfort and pain to help
battle my body's attempt at a hard on."

"Good," my wife cheered, "Warm me up with your mouth and then Leroy can fuck

That is exactly what I did. I ate her pussy until she was nice and moist and
then let Leroy finish the job with a nice deep fucking, all the while with
the points digging deeper into my cock. Three orgasms later and the wife
totally satisfied I was once again blindfolded and the points removed before
going to sl**p. Thank god she remembered to take them out or I might have
been in for a very rude awakening.

Over the next month our usual routine continued. Most days I would lick her
pussy until she was satisfied and on rare occasions she would have me use
Leroy on her when she needed a good solid fucking. Leroy was never slow and
loving when I dipped him into her pussy. He always pounded her like a sex
object, the only goal to make her cum and cum by deep and quick strokes. I
continued to maintain my hygiene under my wife's careful watching eyes and
my free erections limited to zero.

As I crossed the one-month mark, I started to become concerned about the
possibility of wet dreams, not because I did not want to have any but
because it would be like cheating on my agreement to wait three months for
an orgasm. I had previously experienced wet dreams in the past and knew they
could be just as powerful as a natural orgasm but I didn't want to take away
from Jana's enjoyment, plus I knew she would just restart the clock on my
chastity period and I would constantly be fighting a losing battle, renewing
my period of denial every time I came in my underwear at night and never
again be able to get inside my wife, at least while we still played this
game, and I wasn't done playing yet.

Reading all the information on cuckolding back when chastity was a mere
imaginative fantasy, I often came across stories and articles on how
prostate milking could be used to drain semen from the chastised male
without the pleasure of an orgasm and help stave off nocturnal emissions.
Although I never actually tried to milk myself, I knew it was something I
was going to need to meet my goal of three months in chastity. I didn't know
if Jana would find it repulsive or if she would even consider it but I felt
we had grown enough in our comfortable relationship to express our need for
something, no matter how strange it might be. Perhaps some nice dinner
conversation I laughed to myself.

"Honey," I said sitting down to dinner, "now that we are going for longer
and longer periods of chastity, I am afraid I will not be able to complete
the entire period of denial without experiencing wet dreams at night. The
body will use wet dreams to expel old semen to allow new semen to be
produced if the balls are not being drained on a regular basis. I am going
to need your help if you want to keep them at bay and help me go the entire
three months without orgasm."

"I see," my wife said putting down her fork and giving me her undivided
attention, "I take it you have had one before. Have you had one since you
have been locked in chastity?"

"No, I would have confessed to you if I did. It would have been like
cheating on our game," I replied seriously.

"What does it feel like when you have a wet dream?" my wife asked.

"It feels almost as good as a natural orgasm. The muscles spasm just like
normal making it feel really good, good enough to wake you up from deep
sl**p to experience your penis spurting semen into your underwear," I told
her, not a hint of shame in my emotions.

"Well yes, that would be cheating on our arrangement," my wife stated quite
sternly leaving no doubt that my suspicions were correct. "If it is
pleasurable to you, like a normal orgasm, we must do what we can to avoid it
happening. I take it that since you brought it up you have a solution to
avoid it from happening?"

"Yes, I have read allot about it," I told her, "but you might find it a
little strange and I am not sure you would be into it or enjoy doing it."

"Hubby," my wife said, her voice cold and calculating, "I have your dick
locked in a chastity belt and deny you the ability to cum for months at a
time. We have tried things that are strange and against the norm. I will be
the judge of whether I will enjoy it or not. For that little indiscretion,
two more weeks of chastity added to the end of your lock-up. Out with!"

"Yes Mistress," I replied softly, my head bowed in shame, not because of
what I was about to say but because I had challenged my wife's dominate
position in our relationship. "I am sorry for anything that I implied and I
understand the need for you to punish me. Please forgive me."

"I do forgive you hubby," my wife said sweetly, "but that doesn't mean I
will retract the punishment. Now you better start talking before I make it
another two weeks or perhaps a month."

Taking a deep breath I began, "The procedure I am talking about is called
milking the prostate. Basically, it involves inserting a finger or other
suitable object, such as a tool called a milking wand, into my anus and
massaging the prostate gland for a period of time. Doing so causes semen to
work its way out of the balls and flow out of the penis, more like a dribble
than a spurt though. Doing it for long enough will drain all the semen from
the testicles and remove the body's reason for having a wet dream."

"What does it feel like when it comes out?" my wife asked me.

"I can't say out of personal experience because I have never done it," I
answered, "but all the stories and articles I have read describe as feeling
similar to a slow urination. No pleasure, other that knowing your balls are
being emptied, is experienced."

"Well I can't say I have ever heard of that," Jana confessed to me, "but I
will do some research and see what I can come up with. So, do you really
want me to stick something in your ass to help drain that stale cum out of

With heartfelt dedication I looked into her hazel eyes, "I will do anything
to make sure I can complete the tasks you lay before me. If having my
prostate milked to prevent wet dreams is needed to meet the amount of time
without orgasm that you ordered, I will happily do it."

Not much was said on the topic over the next few days and I didn't bring the
subject up in fear of making her feel pressured. I did, however, begin to
worry. With each day of frustrating denial, the pressure in my balls grew. I
began to feel like a ticking time bomb, not knowing how long it would take
before necessity overpowered chastity but I didn't want to find out and
restart my clock.

On Saturday afternoon, about a week since we first discussed it, the subject
of milking came up again. Jana sat me down on the couch and told me of her

"I have been reading everything I can find on the subject of milking the
prostate as well as talking with Lady Sara about it," she said, "and it
seems you were telling the truth. As far as I can tell, it will not give you
pleasurable release and something needs to be done to remove those poor
cummies from your swollen balls, not only to keep you from involuntarily
having an orgasm, but also for the benefit of your health. I didn't know
that it was unhealthy to leave your sperm stagnant and cooped up. If I had,
I would have addressed this much sooner."

"Now," she continued, "since I am still not positive how the whole process
works, Lady Sara has agreed to teach me how to do it properly. She says she
milks her husband once every two weeks and he has not had a wet dream since
they started the chastity lifestyle. We are going over there tonight and you
are going to experience your first unfulfilled testicle draining. You will
be respectful and gracious for her efforts. Now, let's go get you in the
shower. I want you clean and smooth for tonight."

"Yes Mistress," I replied submissively.

Well I guess we can cross that one off the uncompleted fantasy list, I
laughed to myself.

After showering and shaving, being extra careful to remove every stray pubic
hair, I dressed in normal street clothes since they would not be on very
long anyway. Jana came down the stairs moments later dressed in a see
through white silk bra and panties with matching garter and stockings. White
six-inch heels rounded out the sexy get up. I could clearly see the thin
strip of blonde hair through the transparent material. I started to wonder
if she was going to walk out the door that way before she grabbed a long
trench coat from the closet next to the door.

We sped off towards Mistress Sara's elegant adult store, both eager for what
was coming. Despite it still being light out, Jana brazenly opened her coat
and fingered herself throughout most of the short trip. I wondered if anyone
got a clear look at what my sexy wife was doing in the passenger seat.

When we arrived at the store, we found a closed sign on the door. Jana told
me to be respectful and I basically took that to mean submissive. To be on
the safe side, I decided to really allow myself to drift into my role. Jana
knocked on the door and Mistress Sara soon appeared dressed in a full-length
black latex gown, the tight material stretched over every curve of her body.
That red dress she wore on the night we all met did her figure no justice.
She was absolutely stunning to say the least.

"Won't you please come in," Sara invited us.

"Thank you," my wife smiled, removing her coat before she was inside the

"Well don't you look good enough to eat," Sara complimented my wife, licking
her lips.

"And I think I must meet your tailor," my wife returned the compliment.
"That dress is breathtaking, not to mention the body it encases."

With a look from my wife, I undressed quickly, once again folding my clothes
in a neat pile and handing them to her. As I stood naked in the doorway,
Mistress Sara got down to business.

"I am very happy that you came to me for guidance," Mistress Sara began. "I
am sure this procedure will prove to be rewarding for both of you. As a
gesture of my gratitude, I will not charge you for my services; However, I
do ask three things of you and they are non-negotiable. First, I ask that
you reimburse me for any supplies I use. I use a few things that I will not
use on anyone else. Those items you can take with you at the end of the
night. Second, I expect nothing but total obedience from our little toy in
chastity. If I tell you to do something, you will not delay, you will act
immediately and deliberately."

"I understand," I replied bowing. "May I ask a question?"

"Tonight is meant to teach both you and your Mistress," Sara replied. "You
may speak as often as necessary as long as you do so respectfully. Insolence
in my chamber is often punished severely."

I believed her.

I asked my question, "I wish to address you with respect while not
disrespecting my Mistress. Is there a form of address that would be
acceptable to you, reserving the title Mistress for my beautiful wife?"

Sara stared at me with soft eyes, "Oh how I adore dedication and loyalty to
one's owner. You have done well with this one Lady Jana. You may address me
as Madam Sara. I assume that is acceptable to everyone?"

We both nodded.

"Very well," Sara consented, "the last thing I request, and I am sorry I
have not mentioned this before, seeing the effort you put into looking
delicious tonight. I am the only Dom permitted in my chamber and as such, am
the only one permitted to wear clothing or be unrestrained while within the
confines of my chamber. I do not ask this to disrespect you Lady Jana, but I
ask it out of respect to me. Is this acceptable?"

"Quite acceptable Lady Sara," my wife replied bowing her head, "and I do
very much appreciate you taking time to instruct me and my toy."

Jana turned to me, "Hubby, remove my clothing for Madam Sara, fold them, and
give them to our host along with your clothing. She will decide when we get
them back."

"Yes Mistress," I replied

I unclasped her bra and let it slide off her shoulders, floating to the
floor like a white feather. Her firm tits stood at attention as her nipples
hardened into ice picks. I slowly unbuckled each high heel shoe and kissed
the tops of her stocking encased feet. Next, I unclipped her garter from her
stockings before rolling each one down her leg, my tongue tasting each inch
of newly exposed flesh, before sliding the garter down her legs. I spun her
to face Madam Sara before gripping the thin waistband of her wet panties and
lowering them seductively down her legs, allowing her to step out of them
and stand completely exposed before our host. Madam Sara looked Jana up and
down like a hungry dog eyeing up a T-bone. I had a bone myself, well at
least as much as the chastity belt would allow.

"Your body looks even more exquisite when fully exposed Lady Jana," Madam
Sara gleamed.

My wife blushed at the compliment, "You are most kind Madam Sara."

I folded her tiny garments, placing them on top of my own as Madam Sara
continued to revel in the sights of my wife's naked body before handing them
to our latex adorned teacher. She took them from me and left the room before
returning with a think leather collar with a heavy gauge chrome ring in the
front and two sets of leather wrist and ankle restraints.

"Lady Jana," Sara said handing the collar and one set of restraints to her,
"would you please place these on your husband?"

Jana nodded, taking the black leather cuffs. She started by placing the two
inch wide collar around my neck and tightly buckling the back hasp. I
presented my hands to her and she wrapped each wrist in a padded cuff, the
steel ring jingling as I brought my arms to the side. She then dropped to
her knees and did the same with each ankle. Before rising, she gave each of
my testicles a tender kiss and as she rose, grabbed my CB-6000s and gave it
a strong tug causing a sudden cramp in the bottom of my stomach.

Madam Sara then used five shinny golden padlocks to secure each of the
buckles. I realized there was no way I would be able to remove them. Once I
was secured, I would be at her mercy. She brought my arms behind my back and
fastened the two rings together with some sort of clip or D-ring. What a

Madam Sara then began fastening the red leather wrist and ankle restraints
against my wife's pale skin, again securing them with bright golden
padlocks. I watched her smell the aroma of my wife's sex as she stood up.

"Now that we are all dressed we can proceed into my private chamber. Please
follow me," Madam Sara instructed us.

As we followed the woman of the house, only the soft squeaking of stretching
latex broke the still silence. As we exited the shop through a door along
the back wall, we found ourselves in what I would describe as a medieval
dungeon. The floor and walls were constructed of rock cobblestone and the
fifteen-foot high ceiling loomed ominously overhead making the room appear
immense and overpowering. The room, lighted by flaming torches fastened the
walls with blacksmithing iron brackets, contained all types of equipment,
benches and tables for securing a helpless man or woman as well as thick
chains hanging from the ceiling in various places. If she wanted to keep us
here forever, I had no doubt she would be able to but for some reason I
trusted this woman.

"Lady Jana," Sara addressed my wife, "do you wish to be restrained sitting
or standing?"

"I am at your disposal," my wife answered.

"Very well," Sara said softly, taking my wife by the wrists and leading her
toward a set of chains hanging from a three-foot wide metal bar hanging from
the ceiling next to a bench constructed of black walnut with a plush cushion
on top encased in the softest black leather. Madam Sara secured each one of
her wrist restraints to the chains with twist lock D-rings before walking
towards a winch mounted on the wall. As she turned the crank, the bar
restraining my wife's wrists was pulled toward the ceiling causing Jana's
arms to stretch out and limit her mobility. Madam Sara went back to inspect
her work, running her hands up my wife's arms, inspecting the placement of
the cuffs, and running the tips of her fingers back down her arms and across
her helpless tits before grabbing both rock-hard nipples and giving them a
quick hard squeeze. Jana's eyes squinted shut and she let out a quick scream
in response to the stimulus.

"I apologize," Madam Sara told my wife sarcastically, "I just couldn't

My wife answered back with a grin that said 'Do it again'.

"Slave, come here," Madam Sara commanded me, her tone changed from playful
to aggressive, "Up on the table and kneel."

I ran to her side quickly, the weight of the cage pulling on my balls with
every bouncing stride. I crawled up on to the tables and nested my knees in
the soft leather. Madam Sara released my hands from behind my back and
ordered me to get on all fours and stick my ass up in the air. I lowered my
face to the padded surface, resting my upper body weight on my forearms.

"The first thing I am going to do," she began instructing my wife, "is get
our little chastity slave clean and prepped. This is not something you have
to do if you are in a rush but I prefer to not get dirty while performing
the milking."

I heard the sound of a latex glove being snapped on before feeling my ass
cheeks being pulled apart and a cold wet substance being placed near my anal
entrance. I began to feel pressure being applied against my virgin hole.

"Try to relax your muscles," Madam Sara taught me, "I will allow me to slide
in much easier and apply the lubricant."

I fought the involuntary urge to keep my backdoor slammed shut and began to
release the tense muscles, allowing the thin, gloved finger to slide inside,
coating the entrance with slick lubricant. After a few seconds of working
her finger in and out, she removed the gloved intruder before replacing it
with something a little bigger. I looked back and saw the thin, clear tubing
attached to the new invader. I knew immediately what it was.

"I am going to give your husband an enema," she told my wife. "The nozzle
has a balloon on each side of his sphincter that I will inflate to ensure
none of the solution will leak out. I like to start with one quart of warm
water and allow it to cleanse for fifteen minutes before releasing the slave
to expel it. There is always a possibility of cramping and the chance
increases if you use cold or soapy water, but you can combat that by
momentarily stopping the flow and massaging his lower stomach until it goes

She finished inserting the nozzle before using a large syringe to inflate
both balloons, the pressure of them acting against the other, squeezing my
sphincter between them. I saw her hand work something on the tubing and
began to feel warm water flow inside my ass. It is tough to describe what it
felt like, perhaps a little uncomfortable but not unpleasant either. As the
water continued to flow, the pressure began to build and a cramp started to
develop. I groaned and shifted as I worked through the discomfort. Madam
Sara noticed my slight distress and stopped the flow of liquid, beginning to
lightly massage my lower abdomen.

"You can tell by his body language that he is starting to cramp," she began
telling my wife. "As you do it more often, the signs will become almost
second nature. If he starts to cramp it is best to pause and deal with it
right away or it will come back more often."

"Feeling better now?" she asked me.

"Yes Madam, thank you for being so attentive," I replied graciously.

She started the flow of water again and the pressure began to build slightly
but without the cramping this time. After a few minutes the entire contents
of the bag was inside my bowels as evidenced by the swelling in my abdomen
and the urge to defecate. She put me on my side and curled my legs close to
my body.

"Now that all the fluid is inside him, put him on his side with his legs
pulled up to his belly and allow him to rest while the solution does its job
to cleanse his insides. After fifteen minutes, you can allow him to expel
the fluid or make him do some light exercise such as jumping jacks, moving
the fluid around to help clean."

As I waited for fifteen minutes to tick off, Madam Sara passed the time
teasing my bound wife. She ran her hands all over Jana's body, every surface
exposed and available to her touch. I watched as she d**g her latex covered
tits up and down my wife's body. As she pulled away, I realized Madam Sara's
nipples were so hard that the outline of her areolas were clearly visible
through the rubber material and her hard nipples had stretched the body
glove to the point of becoming thin and lighter in color. I never really
thought about my wife with another woman in my cuckold fantasies but I had
to say that watching this was hot. Finally, Madam Sara said my time was up
and e****ted me to the bathroom.

"I am going to deflate the balloons and remove the nozzle," Madam Sara
advised me. "I want you to keep your muscles tight and try not to allow any
fluid to escape. If you get any of it on me, I will be very angry and your
balls will pay the price."

Her words alone were enough to tighten every muscle in my body. I had never
really endured serious CBT before but I had no doubt she would be more than
willing to introduce me. She deflated the balloons and removed the nozzle
quickly. My back door slammed shut quickly like a screen door in hurricane
winds. I didn't spill a drop. Madam Sara then left the room and allowed me
to release the contents of my bowels. It felt so good as the fluid rushed
out of me and the pressure in my swollen abdomen began to decrease. It took
five minutes to work it all out of me and I cleaned myself up before leaving
the bathroom where my captor awaited. She grabbed my wrists and led me back
to the bench, helping me back into a position on all fours.

"For the rest of the procedure I am going to secure you to the bench," Madam
Sara advised me. "For a man, having an object stuck up your ass is
unnatural. Without being restrained, you might try to defend your ass from
being probed and it will be counterproductive to our objective here tonight.
Will you be comfortable being tied down and immobile?"

"Normally I am comfortable being tied up Madam," I replied respectfully. "I
may be a little nervous in anticipation of the unknown but I will not panic
being restrained."

She started by securing my ankles to locking hooks on the back corners
followed by my wrists to locking hooks on the front corners, making me
extend my arms and once again rest my weight on my forearms. She then
applied two more leather straps just above my knees, spreading my legs, and
securing them to the side of the table. These restraints ensured that I
would not be able to close my legs and kept my caged cock in a vulnerable
position. The last thing she did was fasten a short length of chain to the
ring on my collar, preventing me from being able to lift my upper body. If
she had any ill intentions, I would find out very shortly.

Sara turned towards my wife, "I will need to remove his chastity belt to
properly milk him. You can do it without removing it but it will help
extract the semen if you have full access. Besides, you would have to remove
it after for cleaning anyway."

Jana responded by pushing out her chest, extending her ample breasts towards
the red haired beauty and offering the silver key hanging on the chain
between them.

Sara removed the key from around Jana's neck and proceeded to unlock my cage
and removing the cage and ring, freeing my restrained cock. The cool air
surrounding my prick felt as good as always after being cooped up for so

Madam Sara instructed my wife, putting on another pair of latex gloves.
"Milking the prostate can take anywhere from fifteen to forty-five minutes,
or even longer depending on each individual and the experience and technique
of the Dom. The entire milking can be done with the human finger but I find
it easier to use a milking wand."

She held up a clear plastic cylindrical object that curved towards the end
with a soft, ribbed, latex ball on the end, making a closed ring with her
fingers and showing my wife how to insert it properly.

"Until you feel comfortable with the placement of the prostate," she
continued, "I recommend using only your finger or fingers to complete the
process of draining his balls through milking. It is possible to cause
damage if you go too deep or put too much pressure in the wrong spot. It is
also important to use generous amounts of lubricant to help avoid tearing
the tender rectal tissue. If you have any finger nails, always use a glove
to avoid injury, especially around the prostate."

She turned her attention back to me, coating her fingers with a gel
lubricant. "I am going to lubricate your anus and loosen your sphincter a
little. Keep your muscles relaxed. It will make things easier on me and be
more enjoyable for you."

Madam Sara put a large glob of lubricant on my asshole and I relaxed as best
I could, waiting to be penetrated. This time her gloved finger slid easily
into my ass. She withdrew her finger to the tip and inserted another finger,
adding another dollop of lube to my opening. She twisted her fingers around
inside me and made sure all the surfaces were slick with the gel and then
started to separate her fingers, gently spreading my cooperating anal
muscles. A couple of times I caught myself tensing up and worked against
instinct to relax. After a few minutes, she removed her fingers and
announced I was prepped and ready to begin.

Sara had my wife stand on her toes as she undid the D-rings that secured her
cuffs to the bar and led her closer to the table. She handed my wife a pair
of gloves to put on while she placed a small tray beneath my semi-rigid
dick, swaying in the breeze between my legs. She then handed Jana the tube
of lubricant to prepare her gloved fingers.

"I am going to insert my finger," she began teaching again, "and curl my
finger down until I find his prostate. I will watch his reaction and that
combined with feel will tell me I found it. Once I do, I will massage it for
a few minutes before letting you do it to see where it is located and what
it feels like."

Madam Sara inserted her finger again, meeting very little resistance from
the prepared hole. She curled her finger and immediately hit a spot that
made me feel a sudden urge to urinate.

"That's the spot," she exclaimed. "As soon as I applied pressure to the
gland I felt his muscles tighten up."

"It's alright to do that while your Mistress is learning the location of
your prostate," Madam Sara corrected me, "but you need to control those
muscles. Leaving them nice and relaxed helps to drain the cum without
orgasm, but if you move those muscles at the wrong time it could interrupt
the process or even inadvertently cause an orgasm. Your body will tell us if
it did and you will be locked up, having to start all over again."

She rubbed her fingers over the entire gland, varying speed and pressure as
she worked the vessels to free the trapped semen. She continued for five
minutes, removing and reinserting her finger to lubricate every so often.
She almost seemed to be in a rhythm with the way she worked her finger
around the gland. Once I was able to gain some semblance of control over my
muscles, the stimulation felt good, even pleasurable in a way. It would take
some time before I would have total muscular control. Madam Sara removed her
finger and gestured to Jana to take her spot.

"Stick one finger in nice and slowly," she counseled Jana as she inserted
her index finger. "Now curl it down slightly towards his ball sack until you
find a gland slightly elevated from the rest of the canal. Pay attention to
what his body is telling you and you will know when you hit the bulls-eye."

Jana fished around for a few seconds before I felt the familiar sensation
again. I quickly tensed my muscles to let her know she found it.

"I just found it didn't I?" she asked Madam Sara.

"Yes, my dear," Sara encouraged her. "Now move your finger around with
different motions and pressures. Move around the entire gland for a minute
and then pull your finger out, lubricate and try to find it again."

My wife removed her finger, added a dab of lube, and reinserted her finger,
finding the spot much quicker. I once again gave her a quick buck of my hips
to let her know she was on target. She began swirling her finger around the
gland covering the entire surface with light taps and small relaxing
circles, every now and then hitting the prostate with a quick stab of more
f***eful pressure. Each time she removed her finger to lubricate, she found
the correct spot more rapidly. After about five minutes of working her
novice finger inside my ass, I felt something begin to travel down my
urethra. A drip of fluid appeared at my piss slit of my erect cock, pointing
at the tray below me.

"Is that what I think it is?" Jana asked her instructor.

"That is the first drops of precum leading the way for all of his friends,"
Madam Sara corrected her. "Now, take your other hand and wrap it tightly
around the base of his hard cock and slowly stroke it downward to help free
the fluid from his urethra. Stroke downward, as if you were milking a cow,
and only give him one or two pumps. We don't want him to stimulate him so
much that his muscles take over and he spurts his load in full orgasm."

Jana grabbed hold at the base of my dick and squeezed very tightly before
she began to drag her gripped hand down the cock. As she did so, two drops
of cloudy fluid dripped from the head of my cock and landed on the tray
below me. She removed her stroking hand and Madam Sara had her remove her
finger from inside me.

"Now that you know what the prostate gland feels like and you have seen how
to remove tiny amounts of precum from him, I am going to teach you how to
use the wand," Sara said producing the milking wand and beginning to
lubricate it with generous amounts of gel. "I will permit you to use it for
a few minutes and get the hang of it before I chain you up again and finally
finish off his milking."

Madam Sara handed my wife the clear plastic piece of equipment and allowed
her to insert the latex head into my anus. The expanded edge was three times
the size of my wife's finger and I took a deep breath as my hole stretched a
bit before the head slipped in and the hole closed around the smaller shaft.

"The trick," Sara stated, "is to visualize where the prostate is in relation
to the wand and learn to recognize his body movements when you make contact.
That is why I recommend only using your fingers for the first few times. You
can even use two fingers or more if you like, if he can tolerate multiple
intruders. As time goes on he will be able to control those movements but by
then you will be an expert at pleasurable sperm extraction without orgasm."

Jana moved the wand around for ten seconds, like a blind man feeling his way
through the world, and when she hit the right spot, I bucked to let her know
she was where she needed to be. Madam Sara had her remove the wand and
locate the spot a few more times before allowing her to continue massaging
my prostate for the next five minutes. During that time, I began to feel
more fluid draining through my urethra and drops of precum continuing to
appear at the head of my stiff cock. Each time she used her gloved hand to
coax the fluid out of me and into the tray where a small puddle began to

"OK, my dear," Sara said to my wife, "Time to get you hooked back up so I
can finish draining him."

Jana left the wand sticking inside me and removed her latex glove before
offering her wrists up to our host. Sara led her back to the chains and
hooked the D-rings back to each wrist. She then retrieved a three-foot
spreader bar from the wall and f***ed Jana's legs apart before bending down
and installing the bar between her ankles. With the bar in place, she could
not close her legs and her moist slit was left unguarded and vulnerable.
Madam Sara traced her hands up my wife's legs, up the inner thigh, and with
one finger, brushed between her pussy lips and across her clit.

"Your wife is really enjoying this," Madam Sara said to me, showing me my
wife's pussy juice on her extended finger.

"Once I am done with you, a well deserved thank you will be in order, or
perhaps I could do that myself," she said again, eyeing up Jana's restrained
body and laughing.

She walked back to me and took control of the wand still sticking out of my
ass. Immediately she found the spot and began to work the wand like a master
of her trade. I continued to fight against my muscles to keep them relaxed
as the rubbing continued, the ribbed surface of the wand sending waves of
stimulation through my reproductive tract.

For the next twenty minutes, drops of fluid continued to appear from my
penis. Sometimes she would let them develop until they were big enough to
drop on their own and join those already in the pan. Other times she would
milk my cock with a tight down stroke as if I was livestock. As I continued
to conquer my own muscle twitches, the feeling of being milked became more
and more pleasurable, nowhere near that of an orgasm but enjoyable as a
sense of relief.

After another five minutes I began to feel like I was getting ready to
urinate, but not from my bladder. It was a very strange feeling. A very
slight amount of pressure was building in my testicles, enough to be noticed
but nothing like the buildup you get before an orgasm. Instinct took over
and my muscles tensed, clenching the wand inside my ass. I received two very
hard slaps across my bare ass cheeks and I had to grit my teeth in response
to the pain.

"Do not tense up your muscles!" Sara admonished me. "You are very close to
draining your balls and it needs to drain freely. If you continue to tense
up I will continue to slap your ass until it is black and blue."

"Keep watching Lady Jana," Sara said to my wife. "Any moment now we will see
his load fall into the tray. When it does, it will flow out nice and steady.
If it spurts like a normal orgasm, it means he is cheating with his muscles
and close to, if not actually having an orgasm. He is fighting against his
body but over time he will learn, especially with enough positive
reinf***ement, as in positively smacking his ass."

I felt like I was fighting a losing battle against my own body. My ass
cheeks were on fire from a few more, well placed smacks and I soon got them
under some semblance of control. Suddenly I felt a large amount of fluid
travel through my urethra. I looked back as I saw a stream of thick white
sperm and seminal fluid drain from my cock and into the tray. As Madam Sara
continued to work the wand, each pulse of pressure resulted in another
steady stream of my cum landing in the tray. Jana was fixated on my cock,
watching in wonder as I was drained without the aid of orgasm.

For the next two minutes, my load continued to be milked out of my body. I
watched with amazement as the puddle in the tray continued to grow. I had no
idea I was capable of producing that much semen. Finally the flow slowed to
a stop but Madam Sara continued to move the wand as drips of my most
precious fluid dripped from my very hard cock and stringing down into the

"I always continue for five minutes or so to ensure I have gotten it all
out. I like to leave my slave's balls completely empty and ready to build up
more for me. There have been times were I have gotten twice as much
discharge by going for five or ten minutes after the last stream leaked

After five minutes, Madam Sara removed the wand from my ass with a loud pop
and used her hand to drag the last drops of cum out of my cock. My ass felt
sore and wrecked but my balls felt shriveled and empty. My breathing was
quickened and I felt a little dizzy. After a moment, I calmed down and
regained my senses. Madam Sara removed the tray of my cum from under my cock
and placed it under my head.

"A slave must always consume what he produces," Madam Sara said to Jana.

What? I asked myself. Surely, I have read about cuckold husbands eating
their own ejaculate but I had no idea I would be told to do it tonight. I
looked over at my wife and her jaw was dropped in surprise but that gaping
mouth quickly turned into an evil smirk almost daring me to do it. I was not
ready to taste my own cum.

"Come on now," Madam Sara said to me as I stared at the sheer amount of my
semen pooled just inches from my face. "No more stalling. Lick up your cum
like a good little chastity boy."

I continued to stare, unable to move muscle from being in shock.

"Madam Sara gave you an order," my Mistress scolded me, "and you remember
the agreement. Total obedience and follow orders immediately. Since you have
failed to do so, you can add another month to your time in the belt. Now
clean up that cum right this second!"

Again, I hesitated. "Please don't make me eat it Mistress," I begged.

"I am not making you do it," my wife replied innocently, "Madam Sara is and
you will not disrespect her in her own chamber. Make it two more months of

Madam Sara held up her hand and my wife immediately shut up. "While I agree
with the punishment you handed down and I hope you hold true to it, I do not
need any help with the issue," she admonished my wife.

"Slave!" Madam Sara barked at me, "I have ways of making you do what I want.
I can apply a vise to your now drained testicles and squeeze them until you
do it. The bottom line is that I will not release you until you clean up
every drop. Now do you need further encouragement?"

"No Madam Sara," replied a broken man, "I will do as you say."

With all the effort I can muster, I extended my tongue until it dipped into
the tray full of my cum. I tasted it right away, a mixture of bitter and
salty flavor. I scooped a small amount onto my tongue and brought it back
into my mouth. The taste filled my mouth as I struggled to swallow but
finally the first bit of semen slid down my throat.

Now that the first lick was out of the way, I was able to resign myself to
cleaning up the rest. Perhaps if I had a little time to prepare I would have
been able to react immediately, but instead I now had to endure five and a
half months since my last orgasm. That was a far cry from the one month I
just finished.

I began licking my gooey load with purpose, shoveling large amounts of my
ejaculate with each swiping pass of my tongue and quickly swallowing before
I had a chance to have a second thought about what I was doing. Soon enough
I was licking the last remnants of my most sacred fluid from the bottom of
the tray, the taste lingering in my mouth.

"Very good," Madam Sara complimented me, "That wasn't so hard now was it? If
you had just complied with my order, there would have been no need for
punishment. Always clean up your own mess slave."

I felt Madam Sara messing with my now shriveled cock but before it had a
chance to try to grow again, she roughly pulled my balls and sack through
the chastity belt ring, causing me to wince from the pain. She then finished
installing the cage before closing the lock and giving my ass one last hard

Madam Sara unrestrained me and helped me off the table, steadying my shaking
legs and forcing me to kneel before my restrained wife.

"Thank your wife with an orgasm for letting you empty your balls tonight!"
Sara sternly said to me.

I dove in. To my amazement she was soaking wet, so wet that my entire face
was covered in her juices by the time I got my tongue inside her slit. She
was already primed from the night's events. After only thirty seconds of
eating her and playing with her clit, she exploded in an intense orgasm,
holding nothing back as she thrashed in her chains. I continued to grind my
face in her pussy as pleasure rocked her entire body for almost a minute.
Sara finally pulled me away and Jana collapsed, her chained wrists
supporting her weight.

Madam Sara led me to a set of stocks and placed my head and hands on the
notches before lowering the top half and securing the lock. She the hooked
my ankle restraints to eye bolts in the floor.

"Your wife and I have to conduct some business," Sara informed me. "She will
be in the same room with you but you will not be able to see or hear her."

She placed foam plugs into my ears before slipping a leather hood over my
head, locking it to my collar and zippering the mouth closed. The only hole
in the mask was for my nose and allowed me to breathe. Without warning, I
once again felt pressure on my back door as something large was being
inserted. Still being well lubricated, the item slipped in easily, filling
my insides before my sphincter closed around the object. I was sure that a
butt plug was just inserted. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now, I
resigned myself.

For what seemed like hours, I stood there in dark silence, my imagination
running wild about what was happening. Were they just talking or was it
something more? Suddenly I was released from the stock and the hood and
earplugs removed, the light of the torches like burning daggers in my eyes.
As my sight adjusted, I was lead out of the room where my wife was dressed
in a new outfit, latex just like Madam Sara's outfit. I was handed my
clothes and got dressed quickly, leaving the butt plug in, before expressing
my gratitude to Madam Sara and leaving her store. Jana did not bother to put
her coat on.

We drove home in silence but Jana had a satisfied smile on her face. I
didn't ask her what happened once I was hooded and to this day, I never
found out.
A few nights ago, I had experienced a handful of things for the first time.
My balls were drained of their contents without having an orgasm, I licked
my own cum from a tray and swallowed the entire load, and to top it all off,
I had a butt plug shoved roughly inside my abused anus and had to endure its
invasion for a few hours before being allowed to remove it.

When we arrived home that night, we were both exhausted from the excitement
of the evening. Barely a word exchanged but we spent twenty minutes while
laying in bed holding each other close and passionately kissing one another.
Our world was at peace. My wife was happy with our arrangement, as was I,
even though tasting my own sperm threw me for a loop, and I felt loved
without the need for physical ties. I felt love in everything my beautiful
wife did.

Neither of us introduced the topic of what occurred the other night for a
few days. I didn't want her to feel like I was prying for information on
what occurred while I was blindfolded and Jana wasn't sure that I was Ok
with all that transpired. Madam Sara obviously took it further that Jana
thought she would. Finally sitting on couch watching TV, both of us naked to
the bone, she cuddled close to me and braved the subject that had been
tearing her up inside.

"Baby," my wife said to me with glossy eyes, "I owe you an apology for the
other night. I had no idea that Sara would take things that far. I knew she
was a very dominate woman from my conversations with her, I just didn't
realize she would treat you like her own, especially making you lick up your
own cum and eat all of it. I just stood there, dazed and petrified, as she
told you to do it, but something came over me. I got so turned on at the
thought of you doing it that something inside me took over and to make
matters worse, I punished you severely for not doing it. I am very sorry

"You do not have to be sorry Jana," I said as I wiped a tear from her cheek.
"I realized that the night would become all too real for me as soon as you
told me that Sara would be teaching you. When you told me to be respectful,
I resigned myself to becoming as submissive as I could possibly be. I should
have been prepared. Some of the stories I read ended with the man consuming
his own cum, I just didn't think I would be f***ed to do it. You do not have
to be sorry for anything. You wanted me to do something and I should have
done it immediately. If I had known this was burning a hole in you I would
have reassured you sooner that I was alright with everything that happened."

"So it is alright with you that you had to swallow your own load?" my wife
asked beginning to perk up.

"Yes Mistress," I told her seriously, "I may not have enjoyed it but I
should not have hesitated to follow your command. Does this mean that you
are going to take away the punishment?"

"Oh no," she said her eyes narrowing, "When I issue punishment it stays. Two
months extra is tacked onto your chastity period. It might even be good for
you. I thank you for being so wonderful. You always put me at ease even if
something I did made you suffer."

She gave me a tight, loving hug, her breasts mashed between our bodies and
kissed me like we were making out in the back seat after the high school

"I am glad you were alright with everything that happened," Jana said to me,
her hand squeezing my balls gently, "because we are going to continue doing
them. You will clean up after yourself anytime I allow your cummies to leave
those swollen testicles and you will thank me for being allowed to do so. It
makes me so hot to think about you licking up your own mess. I remember how
many times you begged me to let you cum in my mouth and swallow. I never
allowed you to and now it is me who wants you to swallow and you actually do
it," My wife said laughing heartily.

Life as normal, at least normal for us, continued over the next two months.
At least once a week we would make a trip to Madam Sara's store so I could
pick out new lingerie and sexy outfits for her to wear. Madam Sara would
always close the store to allow me to shop in the nude as Jana joined her in
the comfortable seating, chatting about life and exchanging secrets, I
presumed. The nurse's outfit was the first one I bought for her and became
her official milking outfit. Whenever the sexy white leather was stretched
over her gorgeous body, I knew that I would be getting drained that night. I
came to look forward to seeing her dressed as my sperm removal specialist.
We also purchased a multitude of restraints for my Mistress to use on me at
anytime, but mainly for tying me down to the milking bench that I made with
my own hands, using the one in Madam Sara's dungeon as a model.

I sometimes wondered if I should pick her sexy outfits a bit more carefully
as she continued to dress more provocatively when she left the house. Her
skirts steadily grew shorter, and her blouses tighter and more sheer. I
feared that her attire would offend someone at her workplace, but the truth
of it was that I made more than enough money to support us with my job, and
if she ended up being fired, it wouldn't hurt us financially. I caught the
neighbors staring and practically drooling as she walked down the entry,
swaying her ass rhythmically as she made her way to the car. How many of
them were trying to steal peaks through my windows at night? Well if they
do, they will be in for a rude surprise when they see me walk past.

Jana looked forward to my milking sessions as well. One night after she had
spent an hour working my prostate with her fingers and the wand, coaxing so
much jizz out of me that I didn't think I could consume it all, she left me
tied to the bench and inserted a large butt plug before pacing the room and
telling me how she felt.

"You have no idea how powerful it makes me feel to drain your balls this
way," she said as she pulled off the rubber gloves. "You, my loving husband
are restrained before me, unable to protect yourself, your ass pointed up in
the air at me, and you poor denied cock swaying below you unguarded. Perhaps
I should take Madam Sara's advice and see how you deal with a little bit of
cock and ball torture. If I chose to do so, there isn't a damn thing you
could do about it in your current state," she said slapping my balls lightly
causing me to jump.

"But you have been so good and made very few mistakes that I find it
difficult to punish you for them," she digressed. "Just keep in mind that I
will not hesitate to get a few extra pointers from her if you start slacking
off. I highly recommend you endeavor to start licking up your cum faster. I
know your tongue is talented enough to do it, but you continue to hesitate
in taking the first taste every time I drain you. I love watching you eat
your own spunk from a tray like a dog and your hesitation disappoints me. If
you don't improve I will buy a ball vise and a parachute and then we will
see how quickly you learn."

"Please forgive me Mistress," I pleaded. "I am trying to do it quickly. I
have to overcome a notion in my head that tells me it is wrong. I will try
harder and I understand that if you feel I need to be punished, you will do
so for my own good."

She smiled at me and she tenderly cleaned my cock before securing the cage
on my cock and releasing my bonds, but leaving the plug inside me for the
remainder of the night.

As the weeks flew by, I continued to pleasure her glorious pussy at the drop
of the dime, mostly with my mouth and fingers, but every so often, she would
make me get Leroy and give her a nice deep fucking. Not a night went by in
which she was left unsatisfied and I was devoted to continue that record.
She always rewarded me with tender kisses and caressing my body as we
cuddled together.

About three months since my last orgasm, I came home from a relatively good
day at work. I had secured a few important contracts, at a slight cost to
myself, and my boss was extremely happy with my performance. She actually
mentioned that she wished the company had more dedicated employees like
myself. I had to laugh to myself. If there were more like me, there would be
entirely too much stored up testosterone confined in the office.

I entered my house and removed my clothing before I noticed Jana coming down
the stairs. I don't know how she does it, but she always finds a way to make
my confined dick aspire to achieve an erection. She was dressed in a leather
fetish outfit consisting of an open bra with crossed chrome chains across
her breasts that did nothing to offer any support to her perky tits, coupled
with a pair of panties outlined in leather, the patch covering her pussy was
transparent plastic, slightly fogged from the moisture between her legs.
Encasing her toned legs was a set of patent leather boots that laced all the
way up her smooth, pale thighs and had six-inch chrome heels that sharpened
into a spike at the end. A tight choker strung the entire width of her neck
finished out the outfit.

"Get down on your hands and knees and follow me up the stairs slave," she
commanded me in a cold voice.

I dropped on all fours and crawled across the hardwood floor like an a****l
and up the stairs, looking up and seeing her beautiful ass sway up the
stairs before me. I followed her into the bedroom and immediately noticed
all the restraints out and ready. I really want to be a fly on the wall to
find out what Madam Sara is teaching her. She gestured to the bed and I
crawled onto it, laying on my back perfectly still.

She began to attach cuffs to my wrists and ankles, along with thigh cuffs, a
belt around my waist, and a heavy collar. She proceeded to attach lengths of
rope to each cuff and points along the bed. When she was done, my arms were
stretched above my head, my legs spread wide, and my neck and waist pulled
tightly close to the bed. There was very little play in the ropes and I was
at her mercy.

"We are going to try something different tonight," she whispered, leaning
close to my ear. "Do you know what edging is?"

"Yes Mistress," I replied, my breathing heavy, "It is when you constantly
bring me very close to orgasm but do not actually allow me to have one. You
keep doing it over and over."

"That is correct my little slave hubby," she exclaimed, excitement showing
in her hazel eyes. "Tonight I am going to bring you to the edge until I have
you skating the line of insanity. If you didn't f***e me to punish you,
tonight would have been a release day for you. Instead, you will go to bed
frustrated beyond belief and have two and a half more months of captivity to
look forward to."

"I am warning you," she said sternly, no trace of a smile on her face, "you
better not spurt your cummies on me. If you do not control yourself, I will
put the cage back on immediately and you will endure one year without so
much as skin on skin contact the entire time. In addition, I will send you
to Madam Sara for a weekend and tell her to really let you have it. I have
no doubt she will take you places that I, physically, never could. You may
tell me when you are getting close if I fail to recognize the signs."

"I understand Mistress," I replied respectfully, "I will not allow myself to
have a pleasurable orgasm because you do not wish me to have one."

She wasted no more time on talk and unlocked my cage, removing it roughly
before grabbing my balls and squeezing very tightly, causing me to lose my
breath, a stifled scream escaping my lips. She lubed up her hand and began
stroking my rapidly hardening cock slowly and tightly.

My god it felt so good to get some attention after three months of captivity
and denial. Even though I knew this was going to lead to more frustration,
and quite possibly a bad case of blue balls, I was going to enjoy every
measured stroke.

She continued to slowly pump my dick, pausing every now and then to rub the
sensitive head and tug on my balls and scrotum. She would twist her hand and
drag her nails along the underside of my flesh. She varied speed and
pressure, sometimes using both hands, covering my entire length, to jerk me
off. After ten minutes of her loving attention, I felt my balls begin to
tense up and my breathing became shallow. Just one microsecond from the
point where I would have to speak up, she stopped and let my lightly
throbbing member fall against my stomach. She threw a bag of Ice and water
on my cock before leaving the room.

I lay there as the freezing bag worked its magic on bringing my erection
under control and causing my balls to relax. After five minutes, I was
twisting in my bonds, desperate to throw the baggie of my shrunken dick but
my bonds were so tight that the very little movement I was able to achieve
did nothing to rid myself of the cold sensation. Relenting, I aspired to
turn my thoughts to anything else to distract from the discomfort, but it
accomplished nothing.

After about fifteen minutes, my scantily clad Mistress returned to the room
and removed the bag from my groin. The cool air of the room felt like an
oven around my cock. She started to blow on my genitals and the shrunken
appendage began to respond immediately.

"Well, that was the first of the night. Let's see how quickly I can take you
to the brink with a nice sloppy blowjob," she said seductively as she
started the lick the length of my now engorges penis.

She took all five-inches into her mouth and sucked me like a professional,
stopping occasionally to swirl her tongue over the sensitive head of my
dick, driving me wild. After three minutes, I had a pool of her saliva
laying at the base of my cock where my pubic hair used to reside. I felt my
balls begin to tense but she continued to engulf my throbbing cock with her
warm mouth. I tensed my muscles tighter than I ever had to stop the cum from
starting its travel up my cock.

"Please stop!" I cried out. "I can't hold back much longer."

She spit out my dick, slapped my balls hard, and threw the baggie of ice
water on my cock again before blowing me a kiss and leaving the room. It
took five minutes before I was able to bring my breathing under control. My
abdominal muscles hurt from being flexed so tightly and my privates once
again endured the chilling sensation. It was at least twenty minutes before
she returned again.

"This baggie of ice water really does the trick," she said after removing
the bag." I can't believe how much your cock shrinks, I mean, it's nothing
but a stub sticking out after I remove the bag. You wouldn't be able to fuck
a mouse with it."

My cock started to harden in response to her talking about how small my dick
was. I won't say that humiliation is a huge turn on for me, but the part of
cuckolding where the wife compares the large size of her lover's cock to her
husband's small penis does get me worked up.

She lubed up her hand again and began stroke my hardening cock again, doing
it extremely slowly, each pump lasting ten seconds or more before pausing
for about thirty seconds and continuing. She took this time to talk to me.

"I bet this feels really good baby, doesn't it?" she asked me.

"Yes Mistress, it feels absolutely wonderful even though I know it won't
result in an orgasm for me," I replied truthfully.

"Well it could result in an orgasm for you," she said looking at me with a
devilish grin. "You can spray your load if you want to, only there are
consequences for doing so. You have been denied for three months. You can
cum today but then you will have to go four times as long and, of course,
deal with whatever Sara would do to you."

My mind was quickly turning to mush. She was trying to tease me to cum so
she could punish me. My brain kicked the idea back and forth like a devil
and angel sitting on each shoulder. I had to resist the temptation to shoot
my load. Just two and a half months to go until release.

"No Mistress," I told her with a determined voice, "I do not want to fail
the task of going five and a half months without an orgasm that you asked me
to complete. Even though it feels so good, and I know my balls will begin to
ache soon, I have to hold myself back for you."

She straddled my hips and pulled her transparent panties to the side. She
began to rub my sensitive head against her slick pussy lips, just a fraction
of an inch from entering her pleasure hole.

"Here is your last chance baby. Just say the word and I will sink myself
down on your cock and ride you until you spray me down. What if I wanted you
to cum tonight just so I could make you endure zero orgasms for an entire
year? Would you change your mind then?" she asked me deviously.

"If you wanted me to cum tonight," I began, "there is little I can do about
it. You will prevail no matter what I decided. However, I humbly request
that you allow me to complete five and a half months before I can cum. If
you wish for me to go one year, you can make my next period of frustrating
denial as such. I personally think one year is too long and will not be as
much a turn on for me, but what I think does not matter. The only thing that
matters is your desires."

She dismounted me and continued to slowly masturbate me as she looked into
my eyes, evaluating my last comment. Her other hand started to gently
squeeze and massage my ball sack, the pressure once again building in my
nuts. She stopped stroking and threw my cock to the side moments before I
reached climax, utilizing the freezing cold bag to bring me under control.

"Congratulations hubby, you passed the test," she commended me before
leaving me and my shrinking erection to ourselves. My balls now began to
ache as if someone was constantly squeezing them. I knew right away that
this was the beginning of blue balls.

Twenty minutes later, she returned to the bedroom. She removed the ice, now
mostly melted, and lubed up her hand. As my cock began to grow again she
started to jerk my cock furiously, so fast that only thirty seconds passed
before my sore balls began to throb again.

"Stop! Please don't make me cum! Please stop Mistress!" I begged and

"If that is truly what you wish," she said letting my throbbing cock fall
unfulfilled to my stomach. "Just remember this. You asked me, nay begged me,
not to make you cum hubby."

She stormed out of the room without using the baggie and turned off the
light, leaving me lay in darkness, the slightest movement making my balls
feel like they were being punched. I was now blue balled and was thankful to
be left alone, as time was the only thing to cure the pain.

About an hour later she finally returned to the bedroom carrying a small
canvas bag with a string tie at the top. When she shook the bag it sounded
like small rocks clicking together.

"How do your frustrated balls feel honey," she asked me in a c***d like

"My balls are causing me pain Mistress," I replied honestly. "The slightest
movement feels like they are being squeezed in a vice or being punched by a
boxing glove. You have officially given me blue balls."

"Good," she said shortly, "I hoped you would learn what it feels like to
have your balls so full of pent up sperm that even air can hit you like a
cannon. What I have in my hand is a bag full of marbles. When you came in
the house today you left your clothes in a pile near the door and now your
swollen nuts will pay the price."

"Oh shit," I thought. What she was saying was true, I had finally slipped up
on something.

She slipped the canvas bag over my ball sack and pulled the strings tight,
yanking them in opposite directions and trapping my abused testicles within
the bag. Tying the strings alone had me in agony, but as she began to move
the marbles around in the palm of her hand, I learned what agony was. I
screamed out and strained against my restraints as I experienced what it
would feel like to have ten sets of fingers squeezing each testicle at once.
She giggled as she worked the marbles around each tender testicle.

"Struggle all you want hubby," she told me harshly. "You will endure this
for as long as I deem necessary. You will learn not to make mistakes or I
will help you learn. If I need to get really rough, I will take you to see
Madam Sara. You have no idea of the wild things she tells she has done to

After ten minutes, I could not stand anymore and was at my breaking point. I
was about to tell her I wanted to end our chastity agreement when she
suddenly stopped and removed the bag. I wheezed as I tried to draw in
breath, my stomach a series of tangled knots, and a severe urge to vomit
that I quickly brought under control. With the painful stimulation
dissipated, did I still want to end our agreement? The answer was no. I
wanted to continue being chaste but I was sure that I would endeavor to make
no more mistakes.

"Lesson learned!" she scolded me before giving me a deep kiss and leaving me
in a dark room again.

It took two hours before my balls felt normal again, perhaps a bit swollen,
but without the pain. Shortly after Jana locked my cock back up in the cage
and released me, kissing each reddened piece of flesh where I was
restrained. She rolled me over on my stomach and began to lovingly massage
my back. I was sure that Madam Sara had put her up to this and she was
feeling a bit sorry about doing it. I loved her so much that I would not
allow this to bother her, even though what she did to me really hurt like

"I am sorry for leaving my clothes on the floor," I began sincerely, "and I
am sorry for making you punish me. I understand that you had to do it and I
promise I will try to ensure that you don't have to do it again."

"Thank you," she said perking up immediately, "I am so happy that understand
why I did it. I know it was intense. How much more do you think you could
have taken?"

"A split second" I told her, "merely a heartbeat."

I rolled over and she melted into my arms as we made out like newlyweds
before drifting off to sl**p.

About a month and a half later, I was working on the computer in my office
when Jana walked in wearing her naughty nurse's outfit. My fingers stopped
pecking away at the keyboard as my mind went blank. Seems like a good night
to have my balls drained. My sexy wife gave me the 'come here finger' and
walked towards the bedroom with me in tow. When I entered the bedroom I was
shocked to see Christina sitting in the chair next to the bed, dressed only
in a hot pink thong, her huge globes hanging freely and her nipples quickly

Jana had me assume the position on the milking table as they both began to
attach cuffs and tie me down. As usual, my wife did a good job at limiting
my mobility and Christina, with a few helpful pointers from my wife, did
equally as well. I strained to get hard in the cage knowing that Christina
would watch me get all my stagnant cum extracted by getting my prostate
massaged. It also hit me that she would watch me lick up everything that
streamed out of me. I figured that my wife told her about the progress we
had made, but it was something else to know she would witness it.

"Wow, you were k**ding Jana," Christina gasped in amazement. "He eagerly
hopped right up there."

"Of course he did s*s," my wife answered her proudly. "This is the only way
he has available to get the cum out of his body and reduce the swelling in
his tender balls."

"Oh you poor baby," she said with mock pouty lips. "How long has my evil
s****r kept your poor little dicklette locked in that cage without allowing
you to have an orgasm?"

"It has been four and a half months since I last had an orgasm, and a mighty
good orgasm it was," I replied with a smile on my face.

"He is actually proud that he has gone this long without cumming," she said
to Jana.

"Of course he is," my wife told her calmly. "He is being a good little boy
and achieving a goal I set before him, because I desire it and nothing

"Well I would feel sorry for you," Christina said to me, "but since you
brought this on yourself, you have no one to blame but yourself. Alright,
let's get this party started."

Jana wasted no time snapping on her gloves and lubricating my arse before
inserting the enema nozzle and letting it flow. After waiting for a time,
followed by expelling the liquid, I was restrained again. She had Christina
remove my CB-6000 as she lubricated two fingers, inserted them into my ass,
and started to massage my prostate gland. Christina watched closely as my
wife worked her magic. Thanks to having an audience, it took no time at all
for precum to begin glistening at the tip of my raging hard prick. Jana
removed her fingers, inserted the milking wand, and continued with the
process. After a few minutes, my wife allowed her s****r to try it and
before I knew it, Christina was working the wand, hitting all of the right

As the small amount of pressure began to build in my nuts, Jana took over
working the wand and began a quick, rough stimulation of my prostate. I had
learned to control my muscles expertly with all the practice I received over
the past few months and kept them still as a pond as my saved up sperm and
seminal fluid rapidly drained from my cock, landing in the tray below me.

"Look at all that nasty jizz just flow out of him!" Christina exclaimed.
"You are right. It doesn't spurt at all. It just runs out like a leaky
faucet. Oh my god this is making me wet!"

She wasn't lying. The crotch of her panties was so wet that it appeared they
would begin to drip like my cock at any second.

Jana kept at it for another ten minutes as they witnessed a random drop
escape and hit the pan here and there. With a final down stroke of my cock,
freeing the last remnants of my balls, Jana turned to her s****r.

"Wait until you see this," Jana said confidently. "If that made you wet,
watching him eat it will open the flood gates."

Christina picked up the try and placed it below my face. "Here is your
dinner Chasty. Be a good boy and show me how you swallow all of your cum.
Lick it and eat it!"

I no longer hesitated in completing this task. It was like second nature to
me. I quickly licked up large globs of my man goo, bringing it inside my
mouth and letting it slide down the back of my throat. I watched Christina
as I continued to consume my mess and she couldn't keep her fingers out of
her panties. I finished licking every drop as both the sexy women
complimented my performance.

"Thank you for not disappointing me hubby," my wife said cutely.

"You did that like you enjoyed it Chasty. Nicely done." Christina said

My wife cleaned my cock and balls with a damp rag before teaching Christina
how to install the cage. They untied my bonds and freed me from the table.
Christina threw herself on the bed and pleaded with my wife.

"Please let me use him tonight. After watching him eat his own cummies, I
really need to get off. It's time I collect some payment for wearing this,"
she said holding up the silver key on the chain around her neck.

"Be my guest s*s," Jana said in a carefree manner , locking my wrists behind
my back and walking out the door. "Feel free to use him as long as you wish,
just don't break my toy."

Even though my balls had just been drained, knowing I was about to go down
on my wife's s****r made my cock snap to attention. I watched her lying on
the bed, tweaking her own nipples as she stared me directly in the eyes.

"Make sure you have swallowed all of that cum," Christina ordered me. "I
don't want to get pregnant from any leftover sperm that might be swimming
around in your mouth."

I swirled my tongue around my mouth ensuring that all my jizz had been
swallowed before crawling between her legs, immediately smelling her excited
juices. I used my teeth to grab hold of her cotton panties and peeling them
down her legs. As my tongue traced its way back up the inside of her thigh,
I began to feel the massive amount of heat radiating from her pussy. Seeing
her sex for only the second time, I saw that she had shaved most of her
pubic hair, leaving a thin strip similar to way my wife groomed her curlies.

As I slowly inched closer to her sodden cunt, she suddenly jammed it right
into my face, taking me by surprise and jeering my neck. Regaining my
senses, I immediately shoved my tongue between her slit and up her slippery
hole, straining myself as deep as I could go. With just one lick she started
to moan in ecstasy. I pulled my tongue out and bit her clit, using my tongue
to push the portion inside my mouth against the back of my teeth. She
screamed and bucked causing me to tug on her clit even harder.

"Holy fuck!" she screamed out loud. "I can't believe I am cumming all over
my s****r's husband's face. Oh my god, Oh fuck, Oh FUCK!"

Her voice trailed off into illegible sounds before she came down from her
monster orgasm. As she tried to pull away, I held her clitoris tightly
between my teeth, causing her to rebound from the jolt through her, now
extra sensitive, button. She tried again and I held fast before she gave up.
Once she settled I began to run my tongue up and down her moist slit before
flicking it against her clit. As she tried to draw away again, I simply
followed her up onto the bed, slithering my way like a snake due to not
having the use of my hands.

"Oh my god," she said giggling, "you have to stop. I don't know if I can
take anymore. Every time I try to pull away your tongue just follows me and
hits the right spots all over again."

"Stop moving or I will tie you down s*s," my wife surprised us from the
doorway. "I will tie you to the bed with your legs spread and inviting like
a slut and make him pleasure you all night long."

I wonder if she watched the entire time. Oh well, who cares. Christina
finally stop trying to escape me and I began to focus my talents. I
continued for the next forty-five minutes as she melted to mush below me,
enjoying two more orgasms before I had to stop, my jaw throbbing and my
tongue swollen.

Christina lay there regaining her breath and five minutes later she was
asl**p. My wife removed my restraints and had me remove her nurse's outfit
before we crawled into bed, joining her. That night I slept between, and
cuddled with, two very sexy women. I know I have cuckold fantasies, but I
don't care who you are, being sandwiched between two naked women is hot.

Over the next two weeks, Christina visited more often, mostly to help my
wife tease me mercilessly, but often times to collect additional payments
for holding onto one of two keys to my belt. Even though I wasn't able to
achieve orgasm, I was having the time of my life, satisfying two women at
their whim.

One evening, shortly after I reached the five month mark since my last
orgasm, Jana came down the stairs in a gorgeous red evening gown with a slit
up the side then went all the way up to her hip, her usual straight blonde
hair done up elegantly in waves and curls, and her make-up meticulously

"Go put on a nice suit baby," she told me sweetly. "It is time for us to go
on a date. I made reservations at your favorite restaurant and dolled myself
up for you."

"You look amazing Bella. I won't even ask what the special occasion is. You
dressing up like that is good enough for me. Give me ten minutes and I will
be ready," I told her with a kiss.

We enjoyed a nice dinner in each other's company and happily spent the next
few hours dancing as we did many years ago before our lives became so busy.

After we got home I put on some music and opened a bottle of wine so we
could continue the romantic evening in the house we had made a home
together. I realized that for the first time in months, I was wearing
clothes inside the house. I suddenly got nervous that I was going to be
punished for doing so.

"Oh my god, baby," I apologized, "I am so sorry for not removing my suit
when we got home. I was so mesmerized by you and this wonderful evening that
I simply forgot I was wearing a chastity belt. Please allow me to correct
that error right now."

"It is ok Hubby. Tonight was a night for us, but perhaps we both should get
a little more comfortable," she said as she undid the tie behind her neck
and her dress effortlessly floated to the ground, revealing and equally
elegant thin red silk bra and panty set.

I quickly removed all my clothing before retrieving our clothes and taking
them upstairs and hanging them in the closet. When I returned to the living
room, Jana was sitting on the couch and tapping the seat next to her,
inviting me to join her. I sat down and wrapped my arms around her.

"Do you still enjoy being in that chastity belt?" she asked me nervously.

"Yes, I still enjoy being locked up and focusing my efforts on you," I said
after a moment's pause. "There are times when it is really tough, when I
want to just tear the cage off and ravish you, but the way you kiss me and
hold me close to you reminds me that you love me, and my little bit of
suffering does not go unnoticed. Do you still enjoy our game?"

"You have no idea how much I enjoy our lifestyle," she confessed, "perhaps
even more than when we first started. I love the fact that you will do
anything I tell you to do. Do you realize we haven't had an argument since
we started?"

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "I haven't thought about it, but you are right. Maybe we
found the secret to marriage," I laughed.

"Well I am not sure most men would agree with you," she giggled. "Do you
miss having sex and having orgasms?"

"Of course I do baby," I answered her. "Any man would miss being able to
orgasm when he wanted and any man would miss making love to you, but I
realize that it takes more than me having sex to give you what you deserve.
It really sounds like you want it to end though."

"I don't want it to end," she told me grabbing my caged cock, "but that is
also part of the problem."

"I don't understand baby," I answered confused.

"Well hubby, the problem is that I am so god damn horny for a good fucking,
and I don't mean you eating me or a romp with Leroy. Those just won't
scratch the itch. I want to fuck a real living cock, to feel it pulse as it
shoots off inside me. I had no idea I would miss it so much and I know it
sounds selfish, as I at least get to cum on a nightly basis. Not only do you
miss out on the sex but you don't have the privilege of orgasms either," she
confessed, her voice cracking.

"The way I see it," she continued, "I can either unlock you early and have
my way with you, which I really don't want to do, or I can leave you locked
up and go without the one thing that I truly need right now, a good solid
fucking. Either way I have to give up something that I want."

The thought of her cuckolding me rocketed through my head. Did I want her to
try it? If so, this was the perfect time to breach the subject. She already
had all the cards lying out on the table. All I had to do was make the
suggestion and see if she went for it. So many 'what ifs' had my mind
spinning in circles, but in honesty, the only way they would ever be
answered was if I grew a pair and broached the subject of my most secretly
guarded fantasy. It was now or never, I decided.

"Well honey," I began nervously, my hands starting to shake, "it seems you
may have missed an option that would allow you get everything you want."

"I'm listening," she said curiously, her eyes perking up.

"Well," I said, clearing my throat, "you could always get fucked by another

"What?" she said loudly as she jumped out of my arms, her mouth wide open.

"The only way for you to get fucked and still keep me locked up is to find
another man to fuck you with his cock." I told her truthfully.

"You mean to tell me that you would let me to cheat on you and allow some
other man to put his cock in my pussy, the pussy that I have kept for only
you since we married, just so I can keep you in chastity? You will let
another man fuck me while you sit at home, locked away, not even able to
jerk off?" she asked me looking like she was in shock.

"Bear with me for a few moments and please don't be mad at me. Let me tell
you the whole truth about my feelings on it," I begged, getting her
attention. "I am devoted to giving you everything I can to keep you happy.
If that means sexual satisfaction by another man, I can live with that.
Besides, it isn't cheating if you do it with my permission. It has long been
a fantasy of mine to watch you with another man and I have known since we
locked my cock in chastity that there was always a possibility you would
want more than I can give."

"I don't know if I could do that to you hubby," she told me, shying her eyes
away from mine. "What if you resented me for sharing myself with someone
else? What if taking another man into my bed ruined our marriage? I don't
know if I could ever make that gamble. You mean far too much to me."

"The only fear I share is losing you. I could not resent you for getting
laid if I am the one that told you to do it. I can guarantee that it will
not ruin our marriage as long as you grant me a few conditions," I reassured

"As long as one of them doesn't involve you fucking another woman, I am
listening," she said giving me all her attention.

"No baby," I said calmingly, "None of them involve me having sex outside our
marriage. If I am not allowed to orgasm with you, then I don't need to with
anyone else. If you are interested, do it once and tell me all about it in
great detail. See how I react before you do it again. Once again, I will lay
no blame at your feet, but if I don't enjoy it, I ask that you don't do it
again. I think I have that right as your husband."

Jana stroked her hand down my cheek, "Of course you have that right. I love
you darling and I don't want to do anything that you don't enjoy in some
way. I have to say that you have me interested but I am still afraid
something could go wrong. What if I inadvertently fell in love with the guy
I was fucking?"

"If you stuck with the same guy, you would have to view him as someone that
just fucks you, uses your body for his pleasure and you use his cock to get
off. Either that or constantly have new lovers. You would have to make me a
promise. If you started to have feelings for the man fucking you, you have
to break it off right then and there. No exceptions. No waiting to see where
it might lead. That is the only possible way you could betray me with this
arrangement," I told her being very serious.

"I easily agree with that baby," she said, once again being able to look me
in the eye. "I hope you are sure about this because I am willing to try it.
Here is what I want you to do. Every morning you will encourage me to go out
and find someone to shove his cock in me and treat me like a slut. If you
can convince me that you really want me to do it, I will go out on Friday
night dressed like a woman looking to get laid and see what I can pull. Now,
all this talk has me so god damn hot. Lay down on the floor so I can sit on
your face and you can get me off."

I lay down on the carpet as she finished removing her bra and panties. She
straddled my face and sunk down to her knees, placing her wet pussy over my
waiting lips. As I ate her ferociously, she played with my caged cock and
balls, licking my scrotum and taking my plastic encased penis into her
mouth. She enjoyed her pleasure as I enjoyed my torment until we were both
exhausted and my cock was leaking precum.

The next morning she joined me for breakfast and as she enjoyed her coffee,
I followed her instructions, given the night before.

"Honey, I really hope you feel up to going out on Friday night. If you do, I
want you to go out and pick up the hottest guy in the bar and follow him
back to his place. I will be so happy if he tears off your clothes and gives
you the rough fucking you have been missing for the past five months. I bet
he can give you at least four orgasms before he sends you home to your
waiting husband." I told her smiling.

"Not a bad start hubby," she told me before she kissed me and headed off to

I said similar things to her over the next four days and soon enough Friday
morning had arrived. I had planned what I was going to say for the past few
days and I hoped it would drive her over the top.

I got down on my knees before her and began, "Jana, I realize that I have
not always been able to give you the sex you deserve. I know my cock is
smaller than average, and try as I might, I will never be able to venture as
deep as you would like me to get. I understand that my little dick had to be
put into a chastity belt in order to allow you to receive everything that
you deserve. I hope that the lucky guy you pick tonight is very well
endowed, allot larger than what I can offer, so you can experience a better
fucking than what I could give you. I want you to be free of guilt when you
fuck him, knowing that I will be at home, nestled safely in my cage,
patiently waiting for you to tell me all about how much you enjoyed getting
split by someone you just met."

She smiled as she looked down at me, "I love you baby, and I think you are
going to get your wish tonight."

We left for work, both confident that tonight was going to be a completely
new experience. I was sure she was primed and ready to get the fuck of her
life. I just hoped that whomever she picked was worth a damn. How bad would
it suck if she picked a dud, someone worse in bed then I am. That could
really put a damper on my fantasy.

After a day at work that seemed to last forever, I entered the front door
and was greeted by my beautiful wife, fresh out of the shower and wrapped in
a short towel. Already having stripped off my clothes, my struggling
erection was clearly visible inside the clear tube.

"I guess we are both looking forward to tonight," she teased. "Christina is
coming to pick me up in about an hour and she is taking me to a club she
knows of. I want you to stay downstairs while I go get ready. I want to
surprise you with the outfit I am going to wear tonight."

I watched her walk upstairs and resigned myself to watching a little TV,
hoping to calm the swelling in my groin. So far the fantasy was as hot in
real life as it was in my imagination. About an hour later, the door bell
rang. I opened to door to find Christina dressed in a short black mini-skirt
with a loose fitting sheer blouse that clearly showed her black bra beneath
it. She wore high heels with black stockings, the tops of which could easily
be seen, thanks to the dangerous length of her skirt. I invited her in and
closed the door.

"You know you don't have to knock anymore," I told her jokingly. "It's not
like you are going to walk in on anything you haven't seen before."

"Oh I know, but I love the fact that you have to answer the door naked. The
neighbors must have seen you by now," she said laughing.

"If they have, they are too embarrassed to tell me," I admitted.

As I turned around, I witnessed my wife coming down the stairs. She was
dressed exactly like Christina, only everything was pure white. Coupled with
her teased hair and pale skin accented with just the right amount of
make-up, she looked absolutely delicious.

"My god. You look good enough to fuck!" I said drooling.

"Well that is the point, isn't it baby," she replied giggling and raising
her short skirt to show me the sexy white thong that she wore underneath it.

"Are you ready to go Jana?" Christina asked.

My wife nodded and they headed toward the door. Before they left, Jana
turned back to me.

"Are you sure about this hubby?" she asked me. "This is your last chance to
change your mind. Once I walk out this door, I won't be coming back until
another man has seen me naked and dipped his cock into my married pussy."

I stood there as if I was in a trance.

"Very well. I hope it is everything you imagined in your fantasy. Be a good
boy and don't jerk off while I am out getting fucked, not that you could,"
she said loud enough for anyone on the street to hear and laughing with her

"Don't worry Chasty," Christina joined in on the fun. "I will make sure your
wife is taken care of tonight."

They walked out the door and I closed it behind them. Everything was in
motion and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it if I changed my
mind. That option was now gone. It is strange to watch your wife go out
dressed like a slut in order to find someone to fuck her. It is one of those
things that can never be explained. If you have never had the desire to
watch your wife have sex with another man, you would never understand the
feelings coursing through my mind.

My mind wandered everywhere throughout the evening. Nothing could distract
me from thinking about where she was and what she was doing. I constantly
imagined strange cocks bigger than my own, doing things to her that I
haven't done for a long time. I wondered if she would make him wear a condom
or if she would take him bareback. We never did discuss that so I guess I
would have to live with her decision.

By twelve o'clock, she still had not come home and I was going crazy with
lust. Jana never stayed at a bar this late so I knew she had to be in
another man's arms by now, perhaps for the second or third time this
evening. I was fighting a never-ending erection that stretched my balls to
their limit. My cock seemed to use any room available these days when he
wanted to get hard. I couldn't blame him. The fantasy I kept hidden for so
long, unsure if I wanted it to happen or not, was coming true tonight. But
what if it wasn't. What if my wife and her s****r just planned a night out
to tease and test my resolution? Perhaps they were cooking up a good story
right now, just to see how I would handle it. I knew I would believe
anything she said so it was a moot point.

At a little after one O'clock in the morning, a pair of headlights pulled
into the drive. After two minutes the car left the drive and I could see my
wife slightly staggering up the walkway. When I got a look at the car in the
street, I saw that it was not her s****r's car.

When she walked through the door, she looked like she had fun. Her hair was
out of place and most of her make-up was gone. Her clothes looked like they
had been carelessly donned after being crumpled up and laying in a pile on
the floor for a few hours. Her skin had the glow of a women how has enjoyed
multiple orgasms. Her huge smile told me the rest. She hugged me and gave me
a passionate kiss, shoving her tongue halfway down my throat before leading
me to the living room.

I started to speak but she put her finger to my lips to stop me.

"Thank you so much for giving me permission to fuck another man," she said
happily. "It was just the thing that I needed. I love you so much for
putting my needs before yours. You are a wonderful husband and I will never
leave you. I hope you believe that. No other man could ever dream to steal
me away from you. In your arms is where I feel loved and comfortable and I
would die before I ever left you."

She continued to hug and caress my naked body. I did believe her. No other
man would love her as much as I loved her, not to mention let her find
satisfaction in another man's bed. As long as she could show me how much she
loved me, I would do anything she asked to keep her happy.

"I am going to tell you everything that happened tonight, but before I do
that, I want to get you tied down. Go get a chair from the kitchen while I
go get the restraints," she told me, heading upstairs.

I was back in the living room sitting in the chair before she glided down
the steps, dragging rope and leather cuffs behind her. She quickly had me
secure to the chair, unable to move anything but my head and my still hard
caged cock.

"I am going to blindfold you in a moment to allow you to focus all your
attention visualizing what happened this wonderful evening. But before I do
that, I want to show you something," she said, proudly lifting her short
skirt and letting it bunch up around her waist.

The sexy white panties she was wearing when she left tonight no longer
existed. I was treated to the sight of her beautiful pussy, her lips swollen
and red, her clit engorged and glistening, and her hole still holding
slightly open from being stretched. It looked so good after being used and I
gasped for air as I dealt with the reality of my wife fucking another man.

"As you can see hubby," she began, her eyes wild, and her smile radiant, "I
don't have my panties anymore. The man I fucked kept them as a trophy. The
man I let use my married pussy wanted you to know that he kept them. The man
that gave me this," she said, holding up a used condom, tied off at the end,
"kept the thong that you bought me in order to remember the time he had his
way with another man's wife."

The clear latex condom was bulging at the tip with the sheer amount of sperm
being contained inside of it. There was a huge amount of cum, piled at least
three inches high, ballooning the used rubber. I sat in amazement as I
realized that the condom contained at least three times as much cum than I
could ever produce. With my mouth still gaping open, she placed the bulging
rubber inside my mouth and lifted my jaw before sealing it with duct tape
and trapping the filled condom behind my lips. I tasted the flavor of her
pussy on the latex bag resting on my tongue. It felt like a water balloon
inside my mouth slightly bulging my cheeks. She then placed the blindfold
over my eyes and proceeded to tell me everything.

"When we got to the club, I took three quick shots to loosen up my
inhibitions some before starting to scout the room for the lucky man," my
wife began as I listened attentively and let my mind form its own images.
"After a few minutes, I noticed a guy checking me out. He was tall and very
handsome. As I stole quick glances his way every now and then, I noticed
that he couldn't take his eyes off me. After catching me looking, he started
to head across the room towards me. I almost chickened out and bolted for
the door but Christina talked me into standing my ground."

"He introduced himself," she continued, "and we tried to talk loudly over
the music for the next five minutes, mainly flirting with each other,
throwing compliments in each direction. I suddenly noticed that Christina
was no longer standing next to me, and had gone off to find someone to play
with. Without even asking, he took my left hand, my wedding ring gleaming in
the bright colors of the club lighting, and led me onto the dance floor. We
bumped and grinded against each other, making me so horny that I wanted to
tear off his clothes and ride him, right there in front of everyone. I could
tell it had an equal effect on him. I could feel his large cock getting hard
as he pressed himself against my ass."

She leaned in close to me and pressed her bare breasts against my back as
she whispered in my ear, "He asked me if I was wearing panties and I told
him I was. He told me to take them off and give them to him. I was so hot I
would have given him all my clothes. I started to walk towards the bathroom
but he grabbed my arm and told me to do it right there in the middle of the
dance floor. I reached under my skirt and peeled them down my legs. As I
stepped out of them, I saw my s****r watching me, and she just gave me the
thumbs up. I realized that they were soaking wet as I handed him the only
thing shielding my married pussy. He brought them to his nose and smelled
them, smiling as he put them into his pocket."

"We continued to dance as his hands roamed all over my body," she confessed.
"He constantly squeezed my ass and mauled my tits before finally pulling my
head back by my hair and shoving his tongue down my throat. He was so
demanding and I was loving every second of it. I had no doubt that he would
have me naked by the end of the night. After a few more songs, we left the
dance floor and walked outside. He invited me back to his place and I
eagerly accepted his invitation."

She was kissing the back of my neck intermittently and running her hands
over my naked chest as continued her tale, "Once we were in the car, he
asked me if he had to worry about an angry husbands gunning him down,
gesturing towards the rings on my finger. As he drove, I explained our
agreement to him and reassured him that he had nothing to fear. At that
point, he put his hand on my thigh and over the next few miles, kept inching
higher and higher until his fingers finally made contact with my moist slit.
I just about came right then and there; knowing that my pussy was being
touched by the first person other than my husband since the day we married."

"Once we made it inside his house," she went on in a voice full of lust, "he
was all over me. Within thirty seconds, he had my skirt, blouse, and bra
lying in a pile on the floor. I stood in front of him, wearing only my
garter, stockings, and heels while he remained fully clothed and his eyes
investigated my entire body. I could see the bulge in his trousers begging
to be released so I removed his shirt, dropped to my knees, and unbuckled
his belt. As I tugged down on his pants and boxers, his cock sprang free and
was pointed directly at my face, just inches from my mouth."

"He was very well endowed," she admitted, "a few inches bigger than you and
slightly thicker. As he kicked out of his slacks, I wrapped my hand around
it and began to explore every bulging vein in his shaft. He grabbed me by
the hair and pulled me into his hard-on and I opened my mouth invitingly. I
sucked the first four inches of his dick until he was so hard he could
hammer a nail through a board with it. He was perfectly content to settle
for nailing me."

She continued, tugging on my balls and chastity cage, "He helped me stand up
and led me into his bedroom before throwing me down on the bed and lying on
top of me, licking and biting my nipples, which had hardened into
diamond-tipped drill bits. He rubbed his giant cock against my slick pussy
lips before I stopped him and asked him to put on protection. He obliged,
grabbing one from the nightstand and rolling it on. He once again positioned
himself at the entrance to my pussy and with a gentle shove, embedded the
initial five inches into my sloppy cunt. He worked it inside me slowly as I
adjusted to his size. Luckily, it wasn't too painful thanks to our sessions
with Leroy. Once he got six-inches inside me, my body rocked with a powerful
orgasm, adding more natural lubricant to my pussy. By the time I came down
from cumming, he was balls deep inside your wife."

"He roughly fucked me for a while before pulling out of me and leaving me
gaping open," she told me, rubbing her tits in my face "He lay down on his
back and I straddled him, impaling myself on his magnificent cock and
sinking all the way to his sack. I rode him like a whore, fast and hard,
grinding myself back and forth as my body responded with another wave of
pleasure. By the time it ended I was exhausted and collapsed on top of him.
He rolled me over and pulled out before making me get on my hands and knees.
He continued to ram his cock into my cunt, making me squeal as the bed shook
in response to him pounding me."

"In total, he fucked me for over an hour before he finally tensed up and
began to cum. I responded in kind, as I felt the condom expanding inside me
as he filled it. As it kept growing bigger, I started to worry that it would
bust and flood my pussy. Finally, he stopped moving and breathlessly
collapsed on top of me, his cock still resting inside me. Overall, I had
five orgasms, each one more powerful than the last, while he fucked me," she
admitted proudly.

"That is when he told me that he was going to keep my panties," she
confessed, "and to ensure that you knew why. I told him that he could keep
them as long as I can keep the used condom with all his cum inside. He
carefully slid it off his shrinking cock, milking the last few drops from
his cock, and tied the end before handing it to me. We got dressed and he
gave me a ride home to my waiting husband. When we pulled into the drive, he
gave me his phone number in case I ever needed a good pounding again."

"Now that we have taken care of that," she said coldly as she removed my
blindfold, "we have another order of business to attend to."

I thought she meant that she was going to allow me early release, that is
until my eyes adjusted to the light and I noticed the TV screen playing a
slide show. 'Oh shit', I thought. It was all the interracial cuckold porn
that I stored in my hidden folder. All of the 'talkies' that I downloaded
and kept for a rainy day. All of the big black cocks splitting open tiny
white women.

"When Christina found your chastity folder," she revealed as the pictures
scrolled across the screen, "we also found your other folders, the ones
containing your cuckold pictures. I knew since that day that you wanted me
to give myself to another man, but I wanted you to ask me to do it."

All of a sudden, there was a picture on the screen that I didn't recognize.
When the next picture appeared, it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was my
wife, on her knees, with a large black cock inside her mouth and her left
hand cupping his large balls. My cock hardened immediately, pulling on my
balls so hard that I clenched my teeth and screamed through my gag in
response to the pain.

"That's right hubby," she said laughing as she stared at my straining cock,
"I went out and found me a big black cock to enjoy. Jerome wanted to take
pictures so you would know how much he enjoyed fucking a white wife."

The next picture appeared and showed his black cock, just millimeters from
the entrance to her white pussy. Suddenly, I began to taste the familiar,
but different, salty bitter flavor of cum in my mouth. Without realizing it,
I must have punctured the rubber when I clenched my teeth. A black man's
sperm was now slowly leaking into my mouth, and since I was gagged with duct
tape, there was only one place for it to go. Barely capable of eating my own
cum, I was going to have to endure eating another man's, a black man's load.
Anytime I moved my tongue, more sperm leaked out of the swollen rubber.

"I am so glad we found that hidden folder," she told me stoutly. "There are
so many crazy ideas tucked away in those captions and they make me so
fucking hot. The reason I always came so fucking hard when you ate me out is
that I had all those thoughts of letting black men make a slut out of me. I
couldn't wait for you to finally broach the subject of sharing me with
someone else so I could find out what it felt like the let a black man use
me, and I wanted to make your most secret fantasy a reality and see if it
was what you really desired."

As she talked, my cock continued to try and stretch, constantly putting
pressure on my swollen nuts, the ring behind my sack leaving a red mark
where it rubbed against the scrotum. I gritted my teeth through the pain as
I tried to adjust. As I moved my jaw to loosen the muscles, the tip of the
condom must have torn wide open, as my mouth was suddenly flooded with the
massive load that Jerome gave to my wife. The taste engulfed my pallet,
causing me to become slightly nauseous. I struggled to swallow it all
quickly, taking three large gulps, in order to rid myself of the taste. Even
with most of his jizz in my throat, tiny amounts continued to drop out of
the dirty rubber.

"I loved how he just took control of me," she disclosed, her eyes blank and
somewhere else. "It was just like some of those stories you saved that
describe wives giving themselves completely to dominant black men to use as
they desire. Jerome was like that. He didn't love me, nor did he care about
what I wanted. He just wanted to get my clothes off and use my body to get
his rocks off and he tried to do it without a condom. He would have done it
if I hadn't stopped him. He would have fucked me bareback and sprayed his
cum inside my unfaithful cunt, just like those pictures you have."

"I guess I could ask you if you enjoyed becoming a cuckold, but your cock is
telling me everything I need to know," she stated, dropping to her knees in
front of me.

The skin on the head of my cock was pushed through the slit at the end of
the tube as precum oozed freely from the exposed urethral opening. She used
her finger to gather a drop ready to fall to the floor and smeared it on her
left nipple, still standing tall like a traffic cone.

"Now, you were scheduled to have an orgasm in less than a week," my Mistress
said with a note of vengeance, "but you are going to be punished for not
being honest and telling me you wanted me to become a Black Cock Slut. Think
about all the strange cock I could have been getting all this time. You
unintentionally denied me pleasure by keeping your little dirty secret.
Another two weeks is added onto your period of chastity. That's right. You
will be going an entire six months without experiencing an orgasm. If you
keep this up, you would only have two releases this year. Wow doesn't that
sound interesting?"

She stood up and slowly removed the tape from my mouth. Any moment now, she
was going to find an empty condom and I would have some explaining to do.
The truth has worked so far so lying was pointless. I was sure I would
endure a little bit of jarring, but what else could I do, keep the condom in
my mouth forever?

She told me to open my mouth and began to withdrawal the damaged condom from
behind my teeth. Her eyes grew wife, and her jaw dropped to the floor when
she saw what was left of the once full rubber. It took her about fifteen
seconds to come out of her state of shock.

"What the hell happened?" she asked me holding up the torn, empty condom.

"Honestly," I said turning redder by the second, "when I saw the picture of
you with his black dick inside your mouth, my cock sprang up like a
firework, causing me a great deal of pain. When that happened I bit down in
instinct and it must have torn a small hole in the condom because I started
to taste it. I think the hole continued to get bigger as the heavy cum
bulged against the latex," I told her as I now saw the entire front tip torn
three quarters of the way around and hanging freely. "At one point I moved
my tongue and the tip must have finally ruptured because my mouth was
suddenly full of Jerome's sperm."

"And you swallowed it? You actually have another man's cum sitting in your
stomach right now?" she asked me in astonishment.

"Yes Mistress," I replied, feeling ashamed of myself. "I didn't have any
choice. There was so much that my cheeks were distended. With the tape
covering my lips, there was only one other way to get it out of my mouth."

She smiled at me and kissed me, laying the empty Trojan on top of my
chastity belt. She scooped up another large drop of precum and coated her
left nipple with it before pressing it between my lips and having me suck it

"Perhaps a little bit of your own will help wash it down," she giggled. "So,
what do you think about your fantasy now that you know the truth about
everything that happened tonight?"

"I feel a slight pang of jealousy," I told her in seriousness, "but not
really in a bad way, enough to make me realize that I love you so
desperately that I will do anything to keep you happy. It really has me so
damn horny that you actually fucked a black man and enjoyed doing it. I
never knew for sure if I wanted you to really cuckold me, but now I do. Are
you going to do it again?"

"Well," she said, bringing her face close to mine, "that depends on you. As
it stands, it is a onetime deal. When I finally allow that little cock of
yours to squirt your cummies in a little over two weeks, that is assuming
you behave and don't have to be punished again, I am going to ask if you
want me to go out and get more black cock. Since your real feelings will
shine through right after cuming, I will know how you truly feel about it.
If you beg me to find another black cock to use me, you are going to find
that I will become a changed woman. I will become the slut you want me to
be. That's the only way I can be sure that it won't ruin our marriage."

"May I ask one thing Mistress?" I asked with pleading eyes.

"Of course hubby," she answered, starting to undo my bonds.

"If you become a slut for black men to use and it becomes too much for me to
handle, will you stop if I ask you to?" I inquired.

"Hubby," she said, staring into my eyes, "if I had a choice between being
with you and having mediocre sex versus having the best sex of my life and
not having you to come home to, I would pick you any day of the week and
twice on Sunday. If you remain honest with me, I think we can both be very

"I can live with that," I said smiling.

She finished freeing me and we headed to bed. We lay together and I caressed
her ravished body as she drifted off to sl**p, her head nestled to my chest,
feeling her breath across my skin.

"Yeah, blacks may get to fuck her, but they will never know the felling of
this," I quietly whispered before joining her in peaceful slumber.

I awoke the next morning with an unbearable case of morning wood, my
engorged testicles trying desperately to painfully wiggle their way between
the clear plastic sheath and ring that kept me securely in my chastity belt.
The previous night's events vividly invaded my dreams and continued to
occupy every thought in my head. I fought to press the cage towards my body,
offering the slightest bit of relief, as I stared at my still slumbering
wife, my unfaithful wife who spent last night getting her married pussy
pounded by a large black cock. I watched her milky white breasts, the same
breasts that got mauled and suckled by a man she met just hours before, rise
and fall with each slow breath as her body recovered from being savagely
taken by her lover.

I silently inched my way out of bed, careful not to disturb my sl**ping
goddess, and made my way to the bathroom, hoping that emptying my bladder
would allow my unwanted erection to go soft and shrink to the small size the
cage would comfortably allow. It had been months since my body overcame its
good sense and made an attempt at morning wood that most men experience
without any trouble what-so-ever, at least those that haven't given up their
right to cum and volunteered to have their cocks locked into a chastity
belt. Like many other things to come, my hot wife's adventure in sexual
freedom helped change that.

As I started out the day, what I truly considered the first day of my new
life, I sat at the kitchen table in my normal household attire and reflected
on the sea of fresh thoughts swimming through my head while sipping a cup of
coffee. Now that my cuckold fantasy had come true, was I capable of living
with the knowledge that my wife got fucked by another man or is the fetish
something I should have kept locked away in the dark closet of my
imagination? One thing is for sure, I cannot undo what was done. I saw the
pictures of Jerome's cock inside Jana's pussy. I saw the picture
unmistakably showing her face with his dick inside her mouth and her tongue
licking his large balls. There was no dramatic play to create an illusion
that she shared herself with another. No, she jumped at the opportunity to
go out and get laid and had no shame in her eyes coming home to me
glimmering with that after sex glow. So how did that make me feel? Did I
feel betrayed? Angry? Hurt? No, I smiled to myself, I feel excited, even
happy. It turns me on so much officially being a cuckold in chastity that
the anticipation of her going out again causes another feeble attempt at an

After reflecting on my thoughts for a while, Jana walked into the kitchen
and rattled me free of my trance. Her hair was a mess and she was stark
naked, her pink nipples as hard as pencil erasers and the aroma of her sex
quickly filling the room.

"Oh my god hubby. I feel so sexy that I don't want to put a shred of
clothing on today," she said as she grabbed her own cup of coffee and sat
down at the table with me. "My pussy is still spread open from Jerome's big
black cock. God he screwed the fuck out of your wife. You need to come look
at what he did to me."

Her brazen words made my cock stir, attempting to fill the cage again and
trying desperately to escape. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled
across the floor until my face was between her thighs and my eyes focused on
her slightly parted lips and the small void beyond.

"Well, aren't we feeling a little bit submissive this morning," she giggled.
"I guess knowing that your sweet innocent wife willingly fucked some
stranger will do that to a man. Not only did I do it with your permission,
but you begged me to do it. Get your tongue in there and feel what my lover
did to me. I feel like such a slut and I need to cum like one."

I did not waste time with words. I immediately shoved my tongue deep inside
the slick gash as far as it would go. She wasn't lying. Her pussy felt alien
to me, as if it was some other women but I knew her flavor, her scent. I
continued to eat her pussy with my face pressed against her cunt, pausing
only to breathe. My lips found her swollen clit and I bit down lightly as my
tongue flicked the hood and I began to hum, the vibrations sending her over
the edge.

"Jesus fucking Christ," she screamed aloud, the sounds of her orgasm
carrying out the open kitchen window for anyone in the neighborhood to hear.
"Eat my fucking pussy cucky. That's it. THAT'S IT! Taste me as I CUM ALL

My face was soaked with her juices as I fought the pain in my stomach from
my locked up condition. I looked up to see her eyes closed tightly and her
chest rapidly rising and falling in shorts gasps of breath. I knelt there
silently below my Mistress for five minutes while she regained her senses.

"We need to do some talking today but right now I want you to crawl out of
here and give me some time to myself," she ordered me.

As I turned around on my hands and knees, she gave me a nice hard slap on my
ass that startled me. I just looked at her and smiled as I padded off into
the living room, shaking my ass as I went. I spent the next hour or so
relaxing and watching TV while she enjoyed her privacy around the house,
reflecting, I surmised, on her own thoughts and feelings. After a while,
Jana came into the living room wearing nothing but thigh high patent leather
boots with a sharp five-inch heel and a choker collar to match. She sat down
next to me and I immediate shut-off the television and turned my full
attention to her.

"Last night I made another one of your fantasies come true," she began in a
proud but calming voice. "I slept with another man and made you a cuckold.
Now I need to know how you feel about it. Please tell me that you are not
angry with me. Please tell me I didn't screw up the greatest thing in my
life," she said with pleading eyes.

"You didn't screw anything up baby," I said, placing a reassuring hand on
her shoulder. "No matter what my feelings were this morning, I told you I
would not be angry with you if you tried it. We agreed on that as a way to
protect our life together."

"Yes, I know we agreed on that," she interrupted me, "but what happens in
talk compared to real life doesn't always match up."

"Well let me tell you about the reality of it," I said smiling. "Knowing
that you went out dressed like that had me climbing the walls in
anticipation. Watching you walk up the driveway looking like a mess had me
drooling like a dog. Listening to your detailed account of how he used your
body and how many times he made you cum made my cock fight to gain an
erection. Seeing the pictures and finding out that you chose a black man to
cuckold me with made me so hard that I almost split this plastic cage in

"That was last night in the heat of the moment. How do you feel about it
this morning?" she asked me.

"This morning I woke up in extreme pain because my dick was still trying to
get hard," I confessed to her. "It has been months since that happened but
apparently my body was too aroused to realize the no-win situation it was
in. It took forever to bring it under control. Right now, I wish I could
tear this damned chastity belt off and slam myself into you to feel what my
tongue felt this morning. My desire to cum has never been stronger."

"Well cucky, I know your balls must be getting full by now, but there is no
way I am going to let you cum until your release day," she told me sternly.
"What sense would it make if I released you today after I spent yesterday
letting another man do it for you because you were in your belt?"

I got off the couch and onto my knees, "Mistress, I did not mean to imply
that you would release me. I was merely telling you how turned on I was.
Please forgive me."

"I love this so much," she said laughing, "I am the one that went out last
night and got the shit fucked out of me by a black guy who really knew how
to use his big cock and you are the one on your knees begging for
forgiveness. You are such a good cuckold slave. I can get used to you being
this submissive. Kiss my boots and work your way up to my pussy. You can
lick me to another orgasm as penance."

"Gladly," I said as started at the pointy toe of her right boot and slowly
glided my tongue up the shiny smooth material, leaving a trail of my saliva
in its wake. When leather gave way to her tender pale flesh, I took my time
kissing her inner thigh causing goose bumps to develop on her skin. I
reached the soft folds of her damp pussy made short work of bringing her to
the second mind splitting orgasm in under three hours.

With the weekend behind me, the next week thundered by quickly with little
more than the blink of an eye. When I arrived at home on Friday, my wife and
her s****r met me at the door, their curvy bodies encased in matching powder
blue leather corsets and tiny little G-strings. I quickly stripped off my
clothes and put them into a tiny pile at my feet while wife held up the key
to my cock tube and Christina held up the long points of intrigue for my

"Your wife was telling me about this precious little device for your
chastity belt and I am just dripping at the thought of seeing them in
action," Christina deviously explained to me.

"You see slave, you are going to wear the spikes for the entire weekend,"
Jana said with an demanding tone, "and since none of us have anything to do
this weekend, we are going to put your dick through hell and make you earn
that long awaited release next Friday. Now let's go upstairs so we can get
rid of the stubble and clean you up."

Christina grabbed me firmly by the balls and tugged me forward roughly,
practically dragging me forward. In the bedroom, the restraints were already
out and waiting for me and they made quick work of strapping me down
securely. My wife then unlocked the tiny padlock and freed me from my
prison. Realizing the uncommon chance for freedom, my cock quickly snapped
to attention and prayed for attention. Christina had disappeared for a
moment but now I followed her sensual strut when she reentered the room and
noticed what she carried with her. In her left hand was a can of shaving
cream and in her right hand was a straight razor, sometimes called a
hitchhiker's helper. I instantly began to sweat in panic. Even when I shaved
my own pubic hair, I would never have dared to use a straight razor, but my
wife's s****r, who never missed a chance to cause me discomfort, was about
to have the sharp blade on my most delicate flesh where the consequences of
a mistake were unfathomable. Noticing my fear, my wife quickly came to my
side and tried to set me at ease.

"Don't worry baby," she whispered into my ear, "she knows how to use it. She
actually uses it to shave her legs and I made her shave my legs to ensure
she wasn't lying. However, if I was you, I would lie completely still and
don't flinch if you desire to keep all of your parts attached."

I did exactly as I was told as the shaving cream was spread around my groin
and I felt the first smooth flick of the blade. I could feel her breath on
my dick as she expertly removed the pubic hair from my groin and then
continued on my scrotum, pulling sections of the wrinkly skin as tight as a
bat wing giving me my closest shave ever. With the task complete, they
released my bonds and e****ted me to the shower where I endured a freezing
cold shower that made my cock shrivel up to almost nothing.

"Wow Jana," Christina said bursting with laughter, "look how small his dick
is. I am not even sure we can call it a dick when it looks like this. It's
more like a tiny nub. That is pretty pathetic s*s."

"I know," my wife conceded, "right now you could probably use two fingers to
jerk it off."

If it weren't for the cold water still cascading over my groin, my cock
would once again have been hard as a rock. They wasted no time placing the
ring behind my shriveled balls, securing the points of intrigue and clear
plastic sheath and finally snapping the pad lock closed. They finished
drying off my body and then produced a thick black collar and a second small
brass padlock.

"We want you to spend the entire weekend in servitude," Christina said to me
as she placed the collar around my neck and closed the hasp on the lock.

"Most of the time, we are going to keep you in some bondage to keep you in
control like a good little slave," my wife stated as she drew my hands
behind my back and clasped linked leather cuffs around my wrist.

I immediately dropped to my knees and planted a kiss on each smooth
triangular patch of leather covering there sodden cunts before accepting my
fate and bowing my head before the two sexy seductresses.

"Jana, it never ceases to amaze me," her s****r admitted. "You keep finding
ways to surprise me with the things you can get him to do. I wonder how far
you can make him go."

"As long as I control when he gets spurt his filthy load, I think the sky is
the limit. If I ask and he doesn't obey, I simply add time to the clock. I
guess time will tell if he hits a breaking point," Jana said as they left
the room.

My two devious key holders truly intended to torment me all weekend long.
For the most part, I was kept in some sort of bonds, always exposed and
vulnerable to their frustrating touch. To ensure that I remained in a state
of constant arousal, they constantly changed into different sexy and
revealing outfits and kept interracial porn videos playing on the television
24/7. I struggled as images of beautiful white women being pounded by huge
black cocks were displayed before me, bringing my thoughts back to my own
wife's pussy being invaded by another man. In no time at all, the skin at
the base of my cock was tender from the constant prodding of the three dull
points reminding me of my predicament. The scantily clad s****rs used my
tongue relentlessly to enjoy countless orgasms, all the while teasing me
about my inability to enjoy spilling my seed.

By Sunday evening, I was swimming in a different world, immersed into a
completely new dimension. I have never been this deep into my own
submission. Even being f***ed to lick up my own ejaculate failed to humble
me as much as this weekend of torment had accomplished. Even with my current
state of mind, I was ill prepared to endure the grand finale.

It started when I was called into the bedroom and I noticed the large eye
bolts screwed into the ceiling. My devious wife, wearing nothing but her
smile and a thin strip of blonde pubic hair above her swollen clit, roughly
attached two leather cuffs to my ankles and secured them to a long spreader
bar that kept my legs spread apart. My hands were released from behind my
back, rope threaded through the rings of the thick leather shackles, and
raised above my head until my muscles were strained tightly. As Jana knelt
before me and began to remove my cock cage, I watched Christina, gorgeously
adorned in red latex garter and stockings with a matching swath of material
stretched tightly over her huge tits, spit on a large black latex butt plug.
About the same time I felt the rush of fresh air around my hardening penis,
a sharp pain rocked my tender hole as it continued to stretch before finally
slamming shut around the base of the plug. As I adjusted to the stretching
of my anus, I looked down and noticed three small bruises from the points of
intrigue. Thank god they were dull because any type of point on that
devilish device would have surely broken the skin. Jana suddenly grabbed my
balls in her fist and began to squeeze tightly. I moaned in a mixture of
pain and pleasure as my legs grew week, adding strain on my extended arms.

"Since you have wanted to play like a submissive cuckold husband," my wife
began still holding tightly onto my jewels, "we thought we would show you
just how celibate, little dicked slaves get punished. If you want to be our
little toy, you need to understand that you don't even have to do anything
wrong to be punished, you just simply have to submit to whatever we desire.
Do you understand?" she said roughly, as she gripped down and throttled the
pressure on my nuts with a quick squeeze.

"AHHHH....YES MISTRESS. I understand," I screamed as the knot in my stomach
hit and began to dissipate.

Christina whispered in my ear from behind, "You see, we stopped by and saw
Mistress Sara on Friday for some new tools and a little bit of advice. Your
loving wife was paying particular attention to the hands on portion and
judging by the grip she has, I think she enjoyed the lesson."

I flinched as I felt the first of many lashes from the thick suede flogger
land across my buttocks. My cock was staring straight into my wife's face, a
drip of thick precum glistening at the tip as Christina continued to let the
lash lick at my reddened skin. Jana continued to squeeze my scrotum and I
moaned as she dug her fingernails into the sensitive area just behind the

"You should feel how swollen his balls are s*s," my wife said giggling like
a mischievous pixie.

Christina came up from behind and rolled my testicles between her fingers,
"I guess that is what happens when you don't allow your husband to get off
for six months. I wonder how much cum these will produce next week."

When my wife had her fill of making diamonds out of my fleshy orbs, she
stood up and bent over, allowing my stiff rod to join the strip of her
G-string between her ample ass cheeks. When she stood up, I saw she was
swinging another flogger in her hand. This one was smaller than the one
Christina was using but it had many thin strips of leather flowing off the
beautifully crafted handle. She raised her hand and quickly brought the whip
down, each strip announcing contact with a crack as they bit into my
erection. After a few skillfully placed strikes, my still engorged penis was
covered in tiny red welts causing me to feel like it was on fire. I was
breathing heavily as my mind-processed sensations I have never experienced
before as the vixens alternated blows for a few minutes. After they stopped,
I saw Jana nod to Christina and I was not prepared for what came next.
Without warning, something solid came up between my legs and slammed into my
exposed nads. My legs went limp and I struggled to catch my breath with my
stomach as tight as a guitar string.

Jana lifted my head and looked me in the eye, "That is what it feels like to
take a four inch high heel shoe in the balls.... And this is what it's like

She reared back and brought her naked foot between my legs, the top of her
foot finding the target and almost making the world go black. I listened to
the click of Christina's heels as she followed Jana out of the room, leaving
me alone to recover for the next two hours.

When Jana returned wearing a long red silk robe, she was no longer the
demanding Mistress but my sweet loving wife. She gently placed the CB6000
back on my flaccid penis and the echoing click of the lock once again
reminded me of my position in the household. As she undid my leather cuffs,
I rubbed my wrists to restore feeling into my hands.

"Did you enjoy yourself tonight baby?" I asked her with an amused tone.

"God, I loved the power of having your nuts in the palm of my hand," she
said as she removed the spreader bar from between my legs. "Feeling you
wince, feeling them compress as I squeezed had me in a euphoric state. You
had better be careful hubby. I am becoming a power greedy bitch and your
balls are my favorite target. I hope we didn't hurt you too bad."

"No, It wasn't too bad," I said as she laid me down in bed. "The squeezing
and whipping had me kind of floating in sub space and kept me aroused,
wanting more. The kicks really brought me back to reality. I don't think I
could have handled anymore of those. You really wound up for that and I am
guessing Christina didn't hold back either."

"You should have seen the smile on her face as she brought that red heel
forward," she told me laughing. "When she connected, she was jumping around
like a cheerleader. However, enough of that. I am sure you need to get some
rest after this weekend."

I barely heard her finish the sentence as I drifted off to peaceful sl**p
and perverted dreams.

The next week seemed to crawl by at the slowest imaginable pace. Minutes
seemed like days. Hours felt like weeks. The anticipation of being able to
fulfill one of man's most basic instincts made this last week feel longer
than the entire five months and 3 weeks that preceded it. When Friday
finally arrived, my mind was complete mush. With the inability to keep any
constructed thoughts together, I had to fake an illness to leave work early.
I tried watching TV to keep my mind off tomorrow but the slightest glimpse
of a woman in a short skirt or tight fitting blouse had me straining for

After dinner, Jana led me up to the spare bedroom where the bed was already
adorned with the leather jewelry I have come to know all too well. After
strapping me down, she removed the plastic cage and turned on the
television, revealing more interracial pornography.

"I am going to let you out of your cage all night so you can prepare
yourself for tomorrow," she sexily whispered in my ear. "To help you pass
the time, I set up a few movies for you to watch. I hope you can control
yourself and not have a wet dream tonight. If you cum in your sl**p, that is
all you are going to get. Sweet dreams hubby," she said as she turned out
the light and closed the door.

I spent hours trying to ignore the feast of flesh before me. Even when I
closed my eyes, I could still hear those tiny blondes calling out for the
cock they need so badly. Finally, after being tormented by images of my own
fantasy I drifted off to sl**p.

I awoke to a panic. My penis was standing straight in the air and I fought
against my bonds, struggling to ensure that my stomach wasn't covered in my
own juices. Thankfully, I seemed to make it through the night will my seed
still contained. Jana entered the room wearing her long housecoat, and after
a quick inspection, released me from my confinement and e****ted me to the
bathroom to take a piss. Once I was done, she allowed me a quick bite to eat
and a cup of coffee before taking me back to the spare bedroom and leaving
me secured and alone again.

After spending a few more hours in seclusion, I began to wonder if she was
going to make me wait until the late evening for my release. She always took
pity on me and allowed me an orgasm early on my release day in the past. My
entire body felt like it was resting on needles waiting for my reward,
needing the end result. My god, I hope she never makes me go a year for
release, I thought. My grip on reality was slipping fast.

Finally, there was a knock on the door and my wife entered fully clothed.
Immediately I thought she was going to make me wait even longer but then I
saw Christina come through the door behind her wearing nothing but a
seductive grin.

"I have to run out to the store," my wife said to me, "so Christina is going
give you your reward today. I made her feel guilty over that punt she gave
you last weekend and decided it's only fair that she gets you off in

"Are you sure about this honey?" I asked my wife, hoping she wasn't going to
do something she would regret.

"Of course I am sure about it," my wife said with a smirk on her face.
"Besides, Christina is your key holder too and if she wants to share in
tormenting you, she will have to jerk you off every now and then. Don't you
go cheating on me now. I don't want that tiny cock in her pussy or you will
wait years to cum again."

"Don't worry s*s. Your husband is in good hands," Christina laughed.

My wife turned and left the room as her s****r began her sexy strut around
the bed, wagging her ass teasingly. She got to the head of the bed and bent
over, dangling her large tits in front of my face. I extended my tongue and
flicked it across the already stiff nub surrounded by the pink areola. She
lifted them up just out of my reach and I strained my neck hopelessly trying
to take one of her nipples into my mouth. She bobbed up and down making her
jugs jiggle before me, daring me to get a hold of one. I wanted my hands
loose so bad so I could grab one of her milky white tits. "I'll bet you
would love to maul my breasts," Christina whispered in her c***dlike tone,
"That is why we had to tie you down. You are like a wild a****l right now
and there is no way I would be able to hold you off. So much testosterone in
those swollen balls of yours, but don't worry; we are going to take care of
that soon. But first, I think I need a little encouragement."

She quickly straddled my head and lowered her meticulously groomed pussy
onto my lips, her sweet nectar running down her sex and coating my lips. My
tongue darted out immediately seeking the sensitive spot I have come to know
all too well, I flicked my tongue as she began to grind her hips against my
face. I felt her lean forward and jumped as her warm fingers wrapped around
my already hardened cock.

"You like me jerking off that little cock of yours don't you?" Christina
asked me as her hand began to slowly pump my meat.

"MMPHHH" was all I could reply with her juicy cunt covering my mouth.

"Well congratulations," she said giggling, "You went 6 months without an
orgasm and your ultimate reward is nothing more than a hand job."

She continued to tug at my dick with a tight fist, her strokes hard and
rapid. At this pace, I knew I wouldn't be able to last very long. Her breath
began to quicken as her legs began to shudder, all well-known signs of her
impending explosive orgasm. My balls began to constrict when suddenly she
cried out in ecstasy, removing her hand from my throbbing cock and rocking
her body against my jaw. She ignored my desire to spray my imprisoned semen
as she rolled onto her back and recovered from my lip service.

After a few minutes, she came back to reality and straddled my waist,
reaching under and standing my erection up in line with her waiting honey

"What do you think cucky?" Christina said mockingly, "Is getting inside my
pussy worth years of missed orgasms? Do you want to feel what you have been
missing all these months? Come on, just one little thrust up and you will be
in heaven."

Her steamy cunt hovered less than an inch away from my hard-on. I could feel
the heat of her crotch radiating on the head. So many thoughts collided
inside my head rendering me confused and unable to speak.

"Just give me the word and I will impale myself all the way to your balls in
one fell swoop," she said laughing and taunting me, "I think my legs just
might give way. I feel so weak. Come on cucky, tell me to fuck you. Tell me
to ride that tiny cock."

It took every ounce of control I had not to thrust my hips upwards. Inside
my mind was screaming yes but I knew the cost of my betrayal would be more
than I could bear. I cared more about how devastated my wife would be than I
did about surrendering more orgasms than I could count. My god, it would
have felt so fucking good to be inside Christina, but I had to resist. I
could not give in to this sadistic bitch no matter what I was sacrificing.

"NO!" I screamed as I tried to pull away from her. "God I want it so badly,
but I can't, I can't do that to Jana. Please don't tease me any more."

She was laughing so hard as she let go of my penis and slip her body down
mine, her right nipple dragging along the underside of my cock.

"For a moment there I thought you were going to crack," the devil said to
me. "I know you love my s****r but I wanted to see if I could break you."

She spit on my hard prick and wrapped her tight fist around the shaft, the
lubricant allowing her hand to slide up and down, slow at first but picking
up speed soon enough. She teased me by dragging her red polished nails
across the head or gently squeezing my swollen and tender balls. She would
take me close to the edge before backing off and allowing the impending
orgasm to subside.

"You know my s****r needs more cock than you could give her?" Christina
began in a calm, hypnotizing voice. "This small dick just isn't enough to
get her off. She used to defend your size saying that it was enough to get
the job done, but let's be honest. You saw the size of Jerome's black cock.
That is the kind of cock that a woman wants to fuck. We want to feel it all
the way to the hilt. I know that she really enjoyed being fucked by his
monster cock. Do you truly think you can satisfy her now that she knows what
a real cock feels like?"

"No," I answered honestly, my breathing rapid. "I have always felt that I
didn't have the equipment to give her the pleasure she desired."

"So you agree that it's your duty to let her fuck other men?" she asked me

"Yes, it is my responsibility. I need to offer her the sexual freedom she
deserves and support her in any way that I can," I answered looking into her

"I am so glad you know your fucking place cucky," she moaned biting her
bottom lip. "Let's finish this up."

She spit in her hand and attacked my cock like a mad woman, stroking it
quickly with two hands. In less than fifteen seconds I felt my balls begin
to tense and my cock throbbing, allowing my stockpiled cum to travel up my
urethra. As the first shot of my load erupted from my cock, Christina let
go, my dick falling onto my stomach with a loud slap.

"Oh My GOD! Please stroke it! PLEASE FINISH!" I begged her as I thrust my
hips into the blindly trying to fuck the air, the second shot of cum oozing
out the head and dripping onto my stomach.

"Sorry cucky," she laughed deviously, "That is all you get from me. I hope
six months in chastity was worth it."

With that, she turned off the light and walked out of the room, closing the
door behind her. I screamed in frustration for relief that would never come.
I lay on the bed restrained for hours, my balls still feeling full and my
sexual desire unfulfilled. I struggled against my bonds, praying that my
bondage would break and I could bring myself to a full orgasm.

Finally, the door opened and the light was turned on, the sudden burst of
light temporarily blinding me. As my eyes began to refocus, I saw my wife
standing at the foot of the bed looking down at me spread eagle on the bed
with dried cum on my belly.

"Oh look at the mess we made," she said grinning. "Well, let's go get you
cleaned up so we can lock up your cock for the next year."

A year? My mind screamed. I thought about protesting, telling her that I
wanted to end the agreement. I was robbed of my orgasm and if I had to go
another year, I would go insane. Hell, most people would already think I am
crazy making the sacrifices I have to this point. The only thing that kept
my mouth shut was knowing my wife would be disappointed if I spoke what was
on my mind.

She undid my restraints and led me to the bathroom where she supervised me
taking a shower, giving me no time to masturbate. Given the chance, I
probably would have. Once I was clean and dried off, I followed her into the
master bedroom where my CB-6000 was waiting for me on the bed. I watched as
she seductively removed her jeans and T-shirt, revealing a matching hunter
green bra and panty set trimmed in black lace. I watched as she reached
behind her and unhooked the bra, letting it effortlessly fall to the floor
and unleashing her gorgeous tits. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband
of the sexy panties, pulled them off her hips, and shimmied them down her
legs by wiggling her toned ass.

"Did you enjoy your hand job today baby?" she asked, picking up my plastic
cock tube.

"To be perfectly honest with you Honey," I began hoping she would not see
this as complaining, "I did not enjoy it all that much. I would really have
preferred your gentle touch."

"I know all about it hubby," she said, unable to keep a straight face any
longer. "What you don't know is that I had the video camera set up and
watched the entire thing on the TV downstairs. You don't really think I
would have left you with my naked s****r unsupervised did you? I almost
busted through the door when she was teasing you to fuck her but I knew you
would make the right choice. I didn't know she was going to ruin your orgasm
though. She absolutely loves to put you through hell. I think she enjoys it
more than I do. Poor hubby. I listened to you screaming when she left you in
mid stroke."

"Do you have any idea how close I was to losing my sanity?" I asked her, not
knowing whether to laugh or cry.

"A few strokes if I had to venture a guess," she said still laughing at my
predicament. "Oh, the thing about being locked up for a year was a joke

I breathed a sigh of relief as she lay back on her elbows before me,
throwing the CB-6000 onto the bed and curling her index finger, beckoning me
to her.

"Let's give you a proper hand job, shall we, and get all of that jizz out of
these nuts that you kept in reserve for me," she said, using my deprived
cock as a leash, pulling me forward until I was straddling her luscious

She slowly twisted her right hand as it traveled the length of my erection
and used her left palm to gently cradle my engorged testicles. I relished
looking her into her hazel eyes as she stared up at me, her talented hands
doing their best to relieve six months of frustration. I was in bliss as I
enjoyed every tender stroke and she kept it nice and slow, allowing me to
savor every moment. She released my cock, loudly spit into the palm of her
right hand and encased the head of my prick, quickly swirling the head, the
tickling sensation causing a moan to escape my lips and an involuntary
reaction of wanting to pull away. My impish wife giggled helplessly as she
continued to tease the sensitive edge of my erection, using her left hand
around my balls to tug me back in with each retreat.

"Somebody is extra sensitive tonight," she roared in laughter. "You better
quit pulling away if you want me to finish jerking you off."

I used all self control I could muster to overcome the body's natural
reaction. After enduring her tease for a few tense moments, she resumed
expertly working my swollen shaft. I closed my eyes as I drifted into
nirvana. Her sweet voice brought me back to reality.

"I bet this feels really good," she commented, licking her lips. "You really
deserve this for being such an entertaining hubby slave. You have been so
good to me, enduring frustrating chastity under constant teasing, not to
mention allowing me to venture out and get my pussy pounded by a highly
skilled black man. I hope you are still enjoying this because I do not want
it to end. To be honest, I feel like you opened up something primal inside
me. I have this instinctive desire to go on the prowl for more black cock."

Her desire to cuckold me again brought me to the edge so quickly. When she
felt my balls begin to contract, she pointed my throbbing cock at her bare

"That's it baby, cum all over my titties. Cover them with your stagnant
sperm," she goaded me on as she began to rapidly pump my dick with a tight

"THANK FUCKING GOD!!" I screamed as the first jet of hot jism burst forth
from my loins and splattered against the top of her right breast. The first
was followed by five more strong shots of cum that covered her heaving chest
in the whitish fluid. I could almost feel my balls deflating with each shot
of freed fluid and my knees seemed to go weak. I screamed out a primitive
echo that would have scared off Tarzan as she continued pumping my meat with
gusto, allowing the rest of my load to dribble onto her already coated

When she finally released me, I knelt like a wobbling statue, my chest
heaving and my abdominal muscles feeling like they were the victim of five
thousand crunches. Never have I felt so spent. Going six months in chastity
was a challenging hell but I couldn't dispute that fact that it made for an
earth shattering orgasm.

"Holy shit!" Jana exclaimed as she looked at the massive load coating her
pale breasts. "That has to be the biggest load you have ever shot. I am
literally fucking covered in your spunk. Alright, you had your fun, now
clean up this nasty mess you made all over me."

My mouth gaped open in surprise. In hind-sight, I should have known what
would be expected of me but after having a real orgasm, the thought of
eating my own load seemed more humiliating than usual.

"What are you waiting for slave?" my wife asked me, her voice no longer
playful. "Just because it is a release day doesn't mean you get to bypass
your cleaning duties. If I let your sperm out of those testicles, I want it
properly recycled. Bon Appetite," she said as she grabbed my hair and pulled
my face into her soiled chest .

It's not like I haven't come to withstand the taste of my own sperm, so I
really couldn't understand why I even hesitated. Praying that she wouldn't
punish me for my stupid hesitation, I greedily lapped at her soft skin. My
load was thicker than normal and as I pulled away slightly to let each lick
slide down my throat, a trail of my jism trailed between the tip of my
tongue and her still hardened nipple. Even after ingesting every drop of
goo, I continued to retrace my steps over every inch of her tender glands,
ensuring no trace of my pent-up orgasm remained. When I rolled off her she
was smiling from ear to ear.

"Excellent job slave," my sultry wife commended me. "There is no way you
left anything behind. I don't even think I need a shower. Alright, let's get
down to brass tacks. I have two questions for you and I want them answered
immediately. Now that you have experienced six months in chastity, do you
want to continue giving me control of your cock and denying you orgasms?
Before you answer, know that I will continue to deny you at my whim and any
release will be through my graciousness, which should be obvious at this
point, will not be very often."

I thought for a moment, knowing that she spoke the truth, considering each
day she seemed to take more pleasure in making me suffer. The truth of it
was the sadist in me enjoyed it as well. I loved when she stepped into her
mistress roll, teasing and tormenting me. The thought of being locked up
again had my cock standing erect again so I guess I had my answer.

"Yes Mistress," I answered with my head bowed, "I need you to lock me up and
control when I can cum. I want to be your slave and submit to your every
desire. I know you enjoy teasing and denying me the pleasure of free release
and I love giving you that power over me. If you will accept it, I humbly
submit ownership of my cock and orgasms to you."

"Of course I will take ownership of those precious orgasms," She told me
smiling. "The second question is one I ask as your wife and not as your
Mistress. I told you before that after you had a chance to experience a full
orgasm, I would ask you a question. Now that your perverted mind is docile,"
she began after a short pause, "do you want your wife to venture out
trolling for more cock? Before you answer, realize that this is the last
time I will ask for your blessing. Say yes now and you will be my willing
cuckold. I will become a hot wife and fuck whomever I want whenever I want.
I will go out when I feel like getting pummeled by some random black man and
return home to you used like a slut and wanting more. Are you ready to be a
cuckold in chastity?"

"Before I answer," I said looking deeply into her eyes, "I have one question
for you. Are you truly interested in sl**ping with other men or are you only
doing this to indulge me in my fantasy?"

"Baby, I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings," she stated softly, "but you
know the saying 'Once you go black you never go back', I am afraid it is
very true. Right now, I am craving a big black cock tearing into me. You try
very hard in bed but to be honest, you are no match for a real man in the
bedroom. You work wonders with your mouth, but your dick is much smaller
than I thought it was before my adulteress encounter. However, I love you so
much that I would forever stay faithful to you if you asked me. So tell me,
are you ready to give me away to other men?"

"I know I am no match for black men. I have known it since the first time I
looked at those pictures so many years ago. I knew then that I couldn't give
you all the pleasure you deserved," I answered truthfully. "I cannot be the
selfish bastard to deny you all the joys of life. You have my permission to
sl**p with any man you desire as long as you always come home to me and the
previous rules remain in effect. I want to give you the world but I cannot
lose you."

"Thank you so much hubby," she said bouncing up and giving me a smothering
hug. "You have no idea how happy you have made me. The cage can remain off
for the night but I don't want you touching my property. Disobey me and
there will be consequences. I hope you enjoy being a cuckold because you
will be....Often!"

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