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My 18th Birthday Present

When I was boy my parents divorced and my mom fell out of contact with me leaving my dad to raise me by himself. We always got by, often moving from appartment to appartment. My dad and I had a very special bond, sometimes it seemed like he was more my best friend then dad.

We did a lot together, we went out to see a movie every Friday night, we went on hunting and camping trips with one of my dad"s friends and we always had competitions to see who was better at what sport. Since we were so active we stayed in great shape, both of us having 6 pack abs, rock hard pecs and we could easily bench press our own weight.

My dad was a little taller than me, standing around 5"10, always had a short, clean hair cut keeping his chocolate brown hair in check and had piercing hazel eyes. He was kinda hairy, he had short chest hair but he kept his facial hair shaved.

Me on the other hand had my mom"s straight, bleach blonde hair that I grew out but still had my father"s hazel eyes. Unlike my dad I have very little chest hair and didn"t have a hair on my face.

Since our car was in the shop I had to walk home from high school, but I didn"t care because it was a perfect day outside and I had been stuck inside all day. The walk from the school to my house was a few blocks so I made it home fairly quickly.

Unlike past years I told my dad I didn"t want to have a party on my birthday, I told him I wanted it on the weekend when I could get more people to show. He agreed to it and it seemed he kept his word when I got inside our appartment.

I tossed my back pack on the couch, kicked off my shoes and shouted,
"Dad? Dad I"m home!" but there was no answer.

I looked around for him when I saw a card envelope with my name on it which was my dad"s hand writing style. So I quickly tore it open and read it to myself:

I have watched you grow from a little boy into a man. I couldn"t be more proud of you if I tried. I wanted to mark your birthday with a special treat, one you will never forget. When you are ready come into my bedroom for your treat.

My heart began to race with the possibilities of what my treat could be, just about everything I could think of raced through my head as I walked towards the hallway where our rooms were. At the other end of the hallway I noticed that my dad"s bedroom door was shut and despite the bright sunshine there was no light coming from the bottom of his door. I could feel each of my heart beats as I opened his door and walked inside.

It seemed that he had drawn all the blinds closed and had the curtains on each window pinched together too. I walked in the dark room and heard someone rustling in his bathroom.
"It"s me Sam, sit down on my bed, I"ll be out in a moment."

So I walked over to his bed and flopped down on it and waited until I heard his bathroom door open. I couldn"t fully see him, I could only see his outline as he walked over, shut his bedroom door, turned around and walked back to the foot of his bed. I sat up next to him and asked,
"So what do you have for me dad?"
"I"ll get to that in a minute, but first," he said as caressed my cheak with the back of his hand, "Sam I"m so proud of you. I have watched you grow up before my very eyes from my baby boy to my full grown son. You might have your mother"s hair, but you act so much like I did when I was your age which is why I knew you would like your treat. I know you haven"t had an eye for the girl"s like most guys your age do and I think I know why. Sam give me your hand." he said putting his hand out in front of me. I moved my right arm from his bed and placed my hand in his hand. "Trust me Sam, you will like this." he said as he grasped my hand and moved it toward his chest.

He gently pressed my hand against his left nipple, slid it slowly down to his six pac which he went over with our hands one by one before moving down to his waist. I thought to pull away at first but I began to feel aroused from what he was doing so I let him continue. He moved our hands from his chest and placed mine on the bed next to me.

He got off the bed, went over to his dresser, grabbed something off of it and clicked it revealing it was a lighter and the dresser was covered in candles which he quickly lit. In the dim glow of the candles I saw tha my dad was butt naked! My first instinct made me look away, but then an impulse consumed me and made me look back at him. He had his back to me and I just couldn"t help to let my eyes slowly move down his back from his shoulders down to his perfect ass. The sight of his ass just made me even more aroused and I laid back slightly on the bed and began to rub my chest before taking out my cock and jerk off. He finished lighting the candles, set the lighter down on the dresser and turned around to give me the shock of my 18 year life.

His cock was a monster! I had to be at least 8 inches long, definitly uncut with veins visible through his foreskin which stretched all the way to the head of his shaft leaving a small hole at the end of it. He walked back to the bed, leaned over me and began to kiss me on the lips! I couldn"t believe how great of a kisser he was! I simply closed my eyes and placed my left hand on the back of his head as he continued to kiss me!
"We have to get you out of those clothes." He said in between kisses.

I smiled at him as he reached down, grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it over my head. The moment it cleared my head I pushed myself closer to him and began to kiss him. I could tell he was shocked at this but he quickly regained his composure as he began to return the favor whil he slowly unzipped my jeans zipper. When he had them unzipped all the way he pulled them off with ease before placing a hand on my chest and gently pushing me into a laying position. I realized what he wanted so I let his hand move my upper body back onto his bed.

He slid his body up onto me and kissed me again before he slowly slid back off the bed. He stopped at my pec and licked it until he found my nipple which he playfully sucked and nibbled on before sliding even more off the bed and kissing every inch of my chest from my nipple to my waistline. When he got to my boxers he gently caressed my raging boner through my silk boxers before he started to lick and suck on my shaft through them.
"Oh yeah dad suck on my shaft!"

He stopped sucking on my boxers and I felt him yank them off of me causing my 6 inch uncut shaft to flop upwards onto my lap. Dad stood up slightly, sniffed my boxers, rubbed them over his face and tossed them onto my chest. I grabbed them and mimiced my dad before tossing them onto one of his pillows above my head. Dad then knelt back down at the foot of my bed, grabbed my shaft with his lips and moved it so it was closer to him before he slid it into his mouth and began sucking on it! He slid my shaft further into his mouth before moving his head back until my shaft fell on my thigh but dad simply began to lick and suck on random parts of my shaft all the way down to my balls.
"Suck it dad!"

He quickly lifted my shaft back up with his hand before pressing it against his lips and moved his head forward causing it to slide back into his mouth.
"I"m about to shoot!" I shouted as I felt the pleasure mounting as I neared my climax. Dad pulled my shaft out of his mouth and began to suck on my balls which caused the pleasure to mount quicker until I felt my cock throb and unleash the first of my shots into the air. Dad continued to suck on my balls until I stopped shooting. He stood up, wiped his face with three of his fingers and licked them clean. He then walked around the bed, sat down next to me, leaned over and gave me another kiss on the mouth. The taste of my shaft, balls and load were still in his mouth so I couldn"t help but feel aroused again as we continued kissing until he said,
"Now it"s my turn Sam."
"What are we going to do now?" I asked him eagerly.
"Well I"m going to give your treat, straight up your tight ass." He said with a nihilistic smile as he pinched my right nipple playfully.
"Alright! I"m ready!" I shouted.
"Okay, I want you to get up, walk to the end of the bed and you can either bend over onto the bed or you can lay on your back with your legs in the air."

Both choices made me hard just thinking about them but I chose another idea.
"Why don"t we both lie on our sides, me in front of you and you can fuck me that way?"
"That"s a great idea, but first I want to clean your ass off."
"With what?"
"My tongue of course." he said which made me smile. "Roll over onto your back so I can clean off your ass."

I did so before he finished his sentence. Dad sat up, moved closer to me before leaning over and spitting on my ass as I seperated my ass cheeks with my hands. He spat again and moved his finger around my asshole. He then moved his face closer and began to lick my ass crack around my asshole before moving to my asshole itself. He licked it bare before lifting his head slightly, kissing me on my ass cheek and saying,
"Okay Sam roll over onto your side." I quickly rolled onto my side and pushed my butt out to him. I turned my head and watched from over my shoulder as he jerked his dick until it was fully erected. He then moved closer to my ass with his cock in hand, he playfully slapped it against my ass before rubbing it up and down my ass crack until I said,
"Fuck me already!"

With that hes swung his top leg over my waist and pulled me even closer until I felt his shaft was pressing against my ass. Dad guided his dick until he felt my asshole and lined his shaft up with it. He moved his hands from his shaft to my shoulders and moved his upper body closer making it so I could feel him breathing right against the back of my neck. With a grunt he thrusted his cock forward and into my ass,
"Oh my God Sam your ass is so tight!" he said between thrusts and grunts.

As my ass was being torn a new one I gently caressed my chest causing me to feel aroused again. Dad must have felt what I was doing so he joined in too, first starting with my pecs, then my six pack until he got to my shaft. He grabbed onto the base of my shaft and each time he thrusted his cock the f***e of it made my cock move forward and back in his hand jacking it off as he fucked my ass.

Soon after dad started picking up the pace of his thrusts and I knew his climax was near. He thrusted a few more times before I heard him say,
"Uh, uh, uh!" and with one final thrust I felt his cock and balls begin to throb as he shot his load deep into my ass. As he was cumming he lend closer to my head and kissed my neck before leaving his lips on the spot where he kissed as he finished shooting his load.
"I still have an boner dad."
"I"ll take care of that." he said as he kissed the side of my neck once more before sitting up on the bed, grabbing a bottle of lotion off of his mantle, pouring some on both of his hands and spreading it.
"Move down the bed so your feet are hanging over." he said as he stepped off the bed and took his spot at the foot of the bed. I quickly moved so my feet were hanging off the bed with my shaft standing straight up in the air. He knelt down in front of my shaft, grabbed a hold of it with one hand and pushed three of his finger on the other up my ass. He began jerking my shaft very fast while his fingers were in my ass. The feeling of his fingers up my ass just made the pleasure mount until I shot my second load onto my chest.

When I was done cumming dad wiped the lube off of his hands and laid next to me on his bed. The next day he called me in sick at school so we could have an all day fuck fest. We continued having sex with each other until I moved out but I still went back every week for two days just so we could have our father-son fuck sessions.

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