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Hardonis Academy P-10

Well cum to the Academy P-10
By Victor Lavay

Billy arrived at his dorm room after a great introductory day. This school was a dream come true for any horny young man. Sure there was some bizarre stuff he did not look forward to learning, but overall it was great. So many cute girls and so many chances to see them naked, he was sure he would be getting his cock into some nice hot pussy soon. In particular he thought about the pair of girls he had spent most of the day hanging with; the outgoing dirty minded Sandra and the shy submissive Magan.

Like all dorm rooms at the Academy his was small but comfortable, giving no privacy from the roommate. Although it was a co-ed school, Hardonis segregated girls and boys into different buildings and the rules said they should not invade each other’s territory. Billy had just sat down on his bed and was wishing the room had a TV, when the door opened.

“Hay dude. You’re here, great. I got you a welcome surprise.” said the voice from the doorway. A second later a pair of giggling girls was pushed into the room. “This is Brenda and Ana. Yea, and Im your roomy, Zack.” explained the older student.

Zack looked to be a few years older than Billy, tall and well tanned he wore the school uniform with the shirt unbuttoned most of the way and instead of the usual shoes he wore beach sandals; a classic surfer dude. It was tradition at Hardonis for new students to be put into rooms with those in higher grades, who could act as mentors.

Brenda had big tits. That’s what Billy noticed first. She was dark skinned and very curvy, a sort of Jamaican brown rather than jet black. Ana was almost flat, a well tanned short haired blond, she looked hard and athletic not soft and cuddly. Both girls smiled and said “Hello.” Then they pulled up their skirts to flash him. Brenda was smooth shaved; Ana had a small patch of golden pussy fur.

“Wow, I mean; Hi there.” Billy said, after a second of wide eyed admiration. The girls giggled some more.

“So dude, you know hoe to fuck?” Zack asked.

Billy gave a nod, “Yea, Iv done it a few times.”

“Who did you do it with?” asked Ana, as she sat down next to the new guy. “Yea tell us all about your first time.” Brenda said, sitting on the bed directly across from Billy.

“Well, like every time I saw my cousine Stacy during summer, we always use to play doctor and games that got us naked. Stacy is three years older than me, by the way. I guess a lot of what happened was her idea.” As Billy spoke Brenda leaned forward to listen, giving him a great view down her shirt. “Eventually she started giving me blow jobs and got me to lick her pussy. We did it a few times before I actually started to squirt. The first time I came in her mouth, she looked so surprised, I thought she was going to kill me. But then she said it was ok, she was happy.” Ana licked her lips remembering the first time she had gotten a young boy to cum in her mouth.

Billy looked from one girl to the other; the felling of sexual excitement in the room was clearly climbing. “The first time we really did it was two years ago, on my birthday. Stacy said she wanted to be my first. I dint realize it until later that she had already been having sex for almost a year. Well we got naked and started kissing. No games this time, we were both real horny. Soon her hand was pulling on my cock and my finger was slipping into her hot wet cunt. My cousine climbed on top of me and then slowly sat her-self down onto my dick. It was the most amazing felling ever. I thought getting a blow job was good, but this was better.” As he talked, Billy u*********sly dropped one hand to rub the growing woody he was sporting.

“Did it feel anything like this?” Ana asked with a smile. Then she pushed Billy down onto his bed. Brenda giggled, knowing exactly what her friend was up to. In a flash the athletic blond teenager had her skirt off and was climbing on top of the new student. She took his cock in hand and guided it into her moist little pussy. “ohh, I bet your bigger now than when you first fucked your cousine.” Ana purred as she slowly pressed down onto the boy.

“So what happened next?” Zack asked as he put his legs around Brenda and opened her shirt fully. His fingers playing with the dark nipples made the girl moan. Brenda loved to be put on display like this. Having her tits played with was always fun, but having someone watch was the real turn on.

Billy was finding it hard to talk, hard to think, because the felling of his throbbing cock inside this amazingly tight pussy was quickly driving him to the edge of cuming. Ana could tell the boy was distracted so she sank herself all the way down onto his shaft and stopped moving. “I think i****t is really hot.” She said with a wicked smile. “I often wished I had a little b*****r, so I could suck his cock seven times a day.”

“He could be out little b*****r.” Brenda suggested, as she rubbed her self with one hand then spread her pussy lips wide for Billy to get a good look at her pink place.

“Yea sure.” Billy gasped. His hips thrusting all on their own; his cock needing to feel the slippery in and out movement. But Ana was not going to let things be that easy. She pushed down on his chest and lifted herself up, so at the top of his thrust just the tip of his cock was in her cunt. If he lowered his hips or tried to move he would pop out of her. “Say it, call me big s****r and tell me how much you want to fuck me.” The athletic blond girl demanded.

“I want you, you’re my big s****r and I want to fuck you.” Billy managed to say as he looked up into the older teenager’s eyes.

Ana smiled a wicked smile, “Silly little b*****r, you can fuck Brenda all you want, you can use every hole she has, but Im the one who fucks you.” Having said that, she slammed herself down onto him then leaned way back. Her strong fingers rubbing her hot clit, faster and faster until she started cuming. Billy gasped and wiggled as her cunt squeezed him. The boy wanted to cum, it felt like his balls were on fire, but in this position it seemed like her could not. Zack and Brenda watched excitedly from the other bed.

After her first warm up orgasm, Ana leaned forward again into the classic ridding position. “Grab my tits Billy and hang on, squeeze as hard as you like.” She said then started to ride the boy hard. He was cuming almost as soon as the short haired teenager got going. But she didn’t slow down when she felt him start to squirt inside her. Ana knew what she was doing. “More little b*****r, give me more cum, you can do it, your big s****r wants you to fill up her tummy with your cumy.” She gasped.

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