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Daddy teaches

His daughter was growing up and soon would becoming sexual. He figured it was his job to teach her all aspects of great sex. Her body was developing and the boys were beginning to notice her. He was noticing her sexy body. She had nice big tits and an ass that swang when she walked. She was like a female sex machine.

Her mom was gone for awhile taking care of her mother so the dad called her to his room to tell her he needed to teach her how to fuck and please a man. He told her to undress and get naked for this lesson. She pulled her t-shirt over her head and he was surprised to see she was not wearing a bra Her tits were large and firm with great big round nipples. She had nice big tits like her mom. She then removed her pants and was wearing the skimpiest thong he had ever seen. It covered none of her pussy which he could see she had shaved. She then removed the thong. He turned her around so he could see her sweet ass. He was going to love teaching her about sex.

He sat on the bed and had her stand between his legs as he started to rub her tits. Her nipples soon got hard and he tweaked them to make them even harder. He took his hands and lifted her tits feeling how heavy they were. She seemed to like having him fondle her tits and nipples. He then took a nipples in his mouth and rolled it around his tongue feeling how huge it was. He sucked one nipple as he played with the other between his fingers. Then he would switch back and forth till both nipples had grown in size. He kissed all over both tits and licked them before he grabbed a nipple between his teeth and pulled on it. The daughter arched her back loving his mouth on her tits.

He then spread her legs and started to rub her pussy. Her pussy lips were thick and full as was her clit. She had a nice sexy pussy that called to be fucked. He played with her clit feeling it swell as he rubbed it and then he found her hole. He rubbed a finger around the outside of it and soon inserted his finger in her. She was tight and wet. He moved his finger in and out as he heard her moan. He kept the finger in her hole as he rubbed her clit and sucked a nipple. Soon she started to climax.

He layed her on the bed as she wanted to eat her young pussy and lick her cum. He spread her legs far apart as he put his head between them. First he kissed her smooth pussy and then licked it all over. She started to moan and squirm. His daughter was enjoying this and there was so much more to come. He sucked her big puffy clit and then licked down to her hole. As he licked around the hole, it was wet and he could taste her cum. She had a sweet taste for him and he wanted more. He took his hands and spread her open and then stuck his tongue into her hole. He now could taste her and loved the flavor of his daughters cunt. He then pushed his tongue in and out of her pussy cunt. She got so excited and was moving her hips wanting more as he tongue fucked her tight hole. Soon his tongue was covered with her pussy juices. He sucked all of it from her cunt.

He next started to lick her ass. He spread her wide and found the round bud with his tongue. He licked around the hole before he inserted his finger into her ass. Her ass was young and tight so he only used one finger. She moaned as it was not comfortable but he let her know that men like this and she needed to learn to accept her ass fucked. He finger fucked her ass as he then sucked on her clit once again. Soon she was bucking and moaning with the pleasure.

He stood up and removed his clothes showing her his large cock. He explained most of the boys did not have a cock as big as his so she would feel more comfort with them but she would also learn to love a big thick cock. His cock was poking in the air. He put her hand on it and taught her to rub it. He showed her to rub the balls. Later he would teach her to suck it. He loved his cock sucked, but today he was going to enjoy fucking her tight cunt.

He knelt between her legs and rubbed gel onto his cock and her cunt. He wanted to make it as easy as he could when he rammed her with his huge cock. He then placed his cock to the entrance to her cunt and told her, that it may hurt and be tight but she had to learn to be fucked. He told her guys like to fuck their gals many times. The better she can fuck, the more they will like her. He started to push into her. He had forgot how tight a young girl is. He had to go slow but he knew once inside her hole it would feel so good. He pushed inside and felt the protective skin break and she cried out when this happened but he assured her it would now be better. Taking his time he finally got his cock all the way in. She was tight and he could feel the walls all aound his big cock. He told her to move her ass up and down and fuck his cock. As she moved her hips he loved how tight she felt and he wanted to fuck her hard. He told her to move faster and harder and she obeyed. She was adjusting to him quite well so he then began to fuck her hard and fast. He pulled out of her cunt then pushed back in deep. He did this many times loving her nice warm wet pussy. Soon he heard her moan and felt her cunt pulse and knew she was cumming. He plunged in deep and now he was cumming with her and filled her tight hole with his warm cum. He told he,"You did good baby doll. That was the best fuck I have had in a long time. It will get easier each time we do this."

He planned to fuck her as often as he could. He would teach her to suck his huge cock and let him fuck her ass. He loved the tight cunt and knew the ass would be just as good a fuck for him. She was built to tittie fuck also. She did not wear a bra so he could play with her tits as much as he wanted running his hands under her shirt and even down her pants. She would be his sex baby girl and he would make her his nympho.

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