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Mommy (Public Pool Visit)Pt.1

One very hot summer day mom suprised me by telling me that we were going to go swimming at the public pool. I was thrilled because everytime we go we have so much fun and do lots of unordinary things! We arrived around 10a.m. just when they were opening up, we paid our entry fees and then we recieved our locker room keys! Mom gave me a kiss on the lips and said she'll see me outside by the mens locker room door. I went inside to change into my trunks and while I was doing that, I just kept thinking about how hot my mom was going to look in her bikini! I was thinking about her long toned legs, and her lovely heart shaped ass, her tight flat tummy, and her round d-cup hooters! I could picture her pretty face and her blonde hair glowing and glistening in the hot sun licking her ruby red lips to keep them juicy and moist! I worked myself up while undressing and those thoughts had given me a big throbbing erection! I just had to stroke it for a little while because my erection was so big and intense. I closed my eyes and thought some more about my sexy milf mother and her smoking hot body until I heard, "WOW k**! What has gotten you so hard?". Here it was an old man who swims in the mornings to stay fit with his hands down his shorts watching me play with my hard cock.

No sooner than a split second after he asked my mother walked in wearing red pumps and her red two piece string bikini and smiled! "Oh I see now k** what has got you so excited!" "Hi hunny, who's your friend?" mom asked. I was so surprised when I seen my hot mom that my jaw dropped and I couldn't say a word! "Hi there babe, I'm Charlie! Quite the boy you have there!". "Oh yes he is quite a big boy if you know what I mean!" mom replied. "Hi, I'm Linda and this is my son Franklin! Hey Charlie, I bet you'd be up for a little bit of fun wouldn't ya?" she asked. "Sure sugar mama what do you have in mind?" Charlie asked. "How about you stand there and stroke your big fat cock while I put my trunks on my son?" Charlie nodded his head yes, then pulled his trousers down and started stroking his big fat old cock! My mother squated in front of my and took my trunks in her hands and hung them on my rock hard cock! She blew me a kiss and then wrapped her hand around my trunks and cock and started pumping my wrapped meat pole! Charlie wacked his prick real fast and furious while my mom tugged me nice and easy! She made me part my legs a little and tickled my asshole with her finger and that's when old man Charlie started spunking his big hot thick load all over the floor! Mom almost made me cum too, but she said that she wants my load a little later. So she took my trunks and placed them at my feet and then had me step into them. She pulled them up to my young hot nuts and stopped for a moment before opening her mouth and taking me back into her throat to give me a good quick short clacking! "Hey thanks you two for the show, It's been awhile since I shot a good load! See ya's around!" Charlie exclaimed.

We were dressed and ready for some hot fun in the sun, mom gave me a nice little spin to show me her backside and damn it was hot! I didn't realize until then she was wearing a thong bikini, so I gave her hot tight ass a quick pat and said "beautiful!". We held hands while we walked out of the locker room and down the hallway to the entrance of the pool area. As soon as we stepped on the cement all eyes turned to us, because one my mother was smoking hot and two I had a big pointy lump in my trunks! Everyone was whistling and hootin' while we walked to find a spot in the grass to lay our towels out! Mom tossed hers down then got to her hands and knees to spread it out while giving the crowed a good look at her naughty hot ass! She shook her tail and gave everyone a little peek at her pink puckered asshole! Everyone became quiet because mom was turning them on, I think mom's intention was to have a orgy pool party! "Isn't this exciting hunny? All these cute sexy people enjoying themselves out here taking a dip?" Mom asked. "Yeah, I sure mom!" I replied. "Oh my hunny look at this boy, he's coming this way and he has a hard on in his trunks!" Mom had him so hard that his balls could be seen because of how far out his erection pulled his trunks. "Hello mam, I'm James and I was wondering if you'd like me to rub some oil on you today?" The boy asked. "Hi James, you can call me Linda and this is my son Franklin! That would be wonderful James I sure could use some thank you!" People came to their towels and sat down in close proximity next to us three to get a good look! "Start with my feet James and work your way up sweetie!" Mom instructed. She laid on her back and handed the boy a bottle of cocoa butter oil. "Rub it in real good hunny!" He took her red pumps off and squirted a ample amout on to her legs and feet and started massaging it into her soft skin! "Hey mom, his hard on is thumping hard in his trunks!" I said to my mother. Mom look down to see for a few seconds and gave out a moan before telling me, "Reach down and pull it out for me hunny pie!". I did what she wanted and pulled his trunks up and over his big stiff throbbing boy sausage! "There mom look at it bouncing up and down for you!" I said while working my hands down my trunk to play with my own meat stick. Mom looked down again and moaned louder before saying "James squirt some more just on my feet hunny I've got some relief for you!" She pick her feet up slightly and he shot some cocoa butter oil on the arches of her feet. Mom spread her legs and bent her knees and took hold of James' young pride and jerk him off with her oily sexy feet!

Meanwhile I took a good look around and saw that everyone was enjoying the show, they were masturbating and even fondling each other! Some of the girls and women were sucking cock and a few were getting fucked! Moans could be heard from every direction with a few sounds off people cumming! "Franklin, come here and give mommy some oil in my hand! Good now whip your big hard cock out for mommy!" mom demanded. She gripped my red hot throbbing cock and oil everything up and started pumping my cock! "Someone give me a big fat hard cock, someone older please, I need a old daddy's cock in my mouth!" Mom shouted! This big hairy old man knelt in front of my mom's pretty face and pulled his trunks up and over his big clean shaven rock hard erection and stuck it right in her cock hungry mouth! She moaned as she work on three big bones gasping for air frequently! "Daddy has a big cock doesn't he mommy!" I said while getting thoroughly jerked off! "Mmmhhhh....oh ye he dosh ba-be!" mom muffled. I guess James likes hearing moms talk with a big cock in their mouths, because mom had him spewing cock cum all over! Mom took a hold of my hand and placed it on daddy's big rock solid cock and had me jerk him off while she reached down to pull her bikini aside and with one hand she diddled her clit and with her other slid her middle finger into her trimmed wet slit! Her moans were muffled while she chugged his dick, I was masturbating two hard cock one of which was in my mom's horny mom, and she was getting her love buttons off herself! Daddy was moaning that he was going to cum so mom pulled her mouth off and started requesting "Cum on daddy, show our baby how it's done cum on mommy's face and in mommy's cum thirsty mouth shoot that hot silky spunt down mommy's throat! Yeah!!!!! that's it Franklin pump that nut for mommy and daddy! Yeah....! Oh, ummm.....nuuummm.....mmmmmm....yeah oh mmmmmm.......ummmmmm!!". As mom took heavy spews of hot juicy jizz! I took my free hand and smeared all the cream into mom's mouth while I held daddy's cock helping mom polish him off!

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